"Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It's your masterpiece after all"

January 26, 2017


While I have always been somewhat of a minimalist at heart, realizing that my preferred lifestyle actually had a name and an entire social movement behind it, has been exciting and empowering.


You mean there are other people who get a thrill out of getting rid of stuff too?


So, I am not the only weirdo who decided to turn their dining room into a room for musical instruments and houseplants instead?


I can let go of the guilt that my husband and I don't give eachother Christmas gifts?


It's ok that I miss my flip phone sometimes? That I wish I lived in a smaller house? That I day dream about retiring to an Airstream in a national park campground one day?


I can accept that categorizing my cell phone apps into exactly 8 folders - no more, no less- is not an act of insanity?


It's cool that I planned my wedding in 5 days, had 10 guests, and spent under $100?


Alas- FREEDOM! That's what this journey is all about. Breaking the chains of what society (or sometimes our loved ones) tell us we should do, who we should be, or what we should buy. 


This is also about self-discovery. It is my personal journey, and perhaps yours too. Let's explore all of it together.


Love & Light (and less),



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