"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done before"

February 27, 2017


The choice to become intentionally minimalist occurred after my third pregnancy loss. That was when a big shift occurred in my life and I started to have deeper thoughts about how I was living and consuming.


Some would say that minimalism was my coping mechanism, a way to feel in control of my life again. I craved a mastery in something- anything to restore my confidence. I've never been good at sports, cooking, or music but I WAS good at organizing. So that's what I did for weeks: discard, downsize, straighten and tidy.


Improving my own habits and surroundings was the only thing I could do to restore a sense of order and feel like I was working towards a better life. Decluttering my space and streamlining my schedule opened doors of opportunity and things inside of me that I never knew were there. 


And the more I researched strategies for better organization, the more the topic of minimalism would resurface. It seemed that every (small) problem I had, had a solution rooted in minimalism. Many of these solutions are incredibly obvious, but it is all about perspective and training your brain to think of "Less, Less, Less" instead of "More, More, More".


Problem: I spend too much time picking out outfits in the morning.

Solution: Have less clothes. With only your most favorite pieces in your closet, picking out an outfit or packing for a trip becomes intuitive and effortless. 


Problem: I spend too much money on eating lunches out during the week. 

Solution: Spend less. Establish a weekly meal plan and prep all meal ingredients on a set day every week.


Problem: I have too much to do.

Solution: Do less. Each day determine the priority of every task on your to-do list. If something does not contribute to health, happiness or love then it is probably not that important. If something IS important wake up 30 minutes earlier every day until it is completed.


Problem: I want to ensure that my cleaning and beauty products are safe and non-toxic. 

Solution: Make your own! There is a DIY recipe for everything from deodorant to hand soap online. It involves trial and error, but the creative process to self-reliance is fun and rewarding.


Problem: I want to lose weight.

Solution: Simple- Eat less. Drink less. BAM!


It has been a life-changing lesson to realize that if I kept doing the same thing, I would keep getting the same results. "More" is something I had always done. "Less" is something I hadn't tried. Everything clicked after that. 


There is no place for stubbornness here. You have to sacrifice something.  Take a deep breathe, try something new, and commit to making new habits. I promise, the results will be worth it. 


Love & Light (and Less),





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