“May I be the tiniest nail in the house of the universe, tiny but useful.”

June 14, 2017




Approaching the 6 month mark of this simplicity journey. It is just the beginning of this grand adventure. Day to day, I still have so much work ahead of me. There are countless life improvements and habits I aspire to try but there are never enough hours in the day! However it is somewhat reassuring to know that there is no final destination, no finish line. This pursuit of is never-ending and there is always room for improvement. There is no perfection- only progress. 


That being said, there are several measurable goals in mind. Complete self-reliance and sustainability are the ultimate long term objectives of a minimalist lifestyle. Again with so many paths to get to a point of 'mastery', this could, and likely will, take a lifetime to achieve. I just have to keep my eye on the prize!


To say I am a 'beginner' is an understatement. But I am conscious and curious, and that is the perhaps the most important step. Without the spark, there is no fire.


Reflecting on my ideal end-goals of this life, in order of practicality and feasibility:

  • capsule wardrobe- 30 key basics

  • digital clutter-free

  • debt free

  • minimal food waste- no packaged foods, composting or reusing scraps

  • local, seasonal, organic diet 

  • foraging for natural edibles

  • zero waste- no single-use plastic or other 'disposables'

  • bicycle or public transportation commute

  • one car household

  • travel-based living- van or RV

  • tiny home

  • off the grid- solar and wind power, rainbarrel or passive water.

All of these efforts will benefit my body, my mind, my family, and most importantly- the planet. That's the best thing about minimalism- it is always about the Greater Good, not The Self. It is about finding your own higher purpose or unique way to give back. In the end, isn't that the reason we're all here? To go forth, and follow that inner compass.


Love and light (and less)






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