"Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day."

July 19, 2017


Clutter is anything that limits us. It extends beyond our closets, cabinets, garages and basements - into our hearts, minds, and psyche. Examples include:

  • old ideas

  • bad habits

  • negative self-talk

  • toxic relationships

  • unfulfilling jobs

  • end-gaining

  • perfectionism

Throughout my life, I have succumbed to many versions of this 'abstract clutter'. Thankfully my journey in minimalism over the past few months means that in addition to parting with my material possessions, I've also started to say goodbye to many of my old ways of thinking (/worrying).


Releasing these imaginary, self-imposed limits and embracing new habits and thought patterns has slowly unveiled a happier, more productive Me. In the past few months as I have reexamined and reprioritized my life I've welcomed new job opportunities, improved my mental and physical health, and even strengthened relationships. As I continue this self-improvement journey, I am excited to see what other transformations occur. Read on for some examples of my 'out with the old, in with the new' approach, which will ALWAYS be a work in progress.

Old: Allowing other people's expectations to dictate my actions. 

New: Acting based on my own inner truth and intuition.


Old:  Staying within my comfort zone due to the fear of failure or the unknown.

New: Pushing myself to take risks, and embracing failure as a tool for learning and growth.


Old: Putting too much energy/worry towards 'climbing the corporate ladder' .

New: Realizing that success is a state of mind: being at peace and doing what you love.


Old: Allowing other people's opinions or judgements to determine my self-worth.

New: Knowing myself. Trusting myself. Being myself. Accepting myself. Loving myself.


Old: Over-planning. Over-committing. Over-doing. 

New: Setting realistic, achievable goals and focusing the majority of time and attention on the people and things that really matter or bring me joy.


Old: Feeling embarrassed by my mistakes. Hiding my failures.

New:  Learning from my mistakes. Using my failures to help others.


Old: Worrying about things I can't control or things beyond the current space and time.  

New:  Focusing on the present moment, things within my control to change.


Old: Dwelling on guilt or regret for words, actions or thoughts.

New: Accepting the past, forgiving myself, and moving on.


Old: Always wanting more.

New: Enjoying and feeling gratitude for what I have.

Just like the closet that won't clean itself, the only way to get rid of mental clutter is to deal with it head-on. The first step is to simply be aware of its presence and influence. What mental clutter have YOU been holding on to lately? Let it go, and make room for the things that matter, including the best possible version of yourself.


Namaste, ya'll.


Love & Light (and less)









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