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January 2, 2019



2019: Change is a' comin...


As promised in my last post, I'd like to announce my Grand Idea for this year. Drumroll, please!


Over the next month, I will be begin to transition this site from a professional organizational service (that never fully launched) to an online resource database for all things intentional and minimal in Asheville.


Picture the next edition of The Happiest Camper as a "one-stop shop": An all-in-one lifestyle community and  resource directory with product recommendations, business reviews and life-optimization guides- all curated by a trusted friend. A simple and creative way to connect and help people live their best life. An ever-growing list of high-quality, goods and services that can make life easier for yourself, your family, AND the planet. 


The Basics

I am envisioning two sections: One guide for the every-day essentials that we need for survival of the self and the environment, and another guide for the "luxury" businesses and services that make life more beautiful.


The directory will start locally first, but if all goes well it can expand to cover regional and national resources. Imagine searching this site for YOUR city and finding everything you need to live more conciously, all in one place.


If I was to dream big (as I do) I can forsee endless opportunities: an LLC, a like-minded business alliance, a Happiest Camper "seal of approval", a searchable database, advertising opportunities, not-for-profit certification,  a digital app!


It's a simple idea- but those are always the best ones, aren't they?


But Why?


Because there is a need. I can't tell you how many Facebook groups I am a part of where, almost daily, someone is asking for a recommendation on where to find x- minimalist-inspired service.


Because now is the time. This simplicity movement is here to stay- and our planet and families depend on it. So while it is more of a fringe "trend" now, hopefully one day soon we will see it as part of the mainstream culture.


Because I can. As we all know by now, I LOVE organizing. This includes information too! From the initial research process to list-making and categorizing, sorting and systemizing data brings me great joy. And if all of this can provide a service to the community and work towards the greater good? Well, that's a win-win!


Because it's a fit. On a personal level, this type of website would allow me much greater flexibility and work-life balance, something that I value tremendously right now (and probably forever). Also, as this is purely a passion project I am not expecting to quit my day-job for it. I can start small and grow it organically. Lastly, since the work will be more cerebral in nature, I won't have to worry about wearing myself out with too much physical or emotional demands that coaching or consulting would bring. (#introvertproblems).


So, friends- what do you think? Are you with me, or are you with me? I'd love to hear your ideas and feedback! This is all new to me.


Love and Light (and Less)





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