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Recalibrating Your Energy During The Coronacrisis: Part 2 (Spiritual & Physical Health)

As you start to lean in to this inevitable global shift, you may begin to see new opportunities to better your life and elevate your spiritual and physical energy. This time of isolation and home-based living can be a blessing if used to improve body, mind, spirit, your relationships, your career, environment and space. We can make this "nesting period" really count towards our personal growth and development and emerge from this experience more complete and dynamic than before. This can be a beautiful rebirth.

Read below for dozens of (more) ways to feel more safe and grounded in your home and take ownership of your individual sacred energy. These collective efforts truly have the power to change the world.

Set Goals. There are bound to be countless small new year's resolutions from years' past that you never followed through on and now the universe has given you the perfect opportunity to try again. What have you always wanted to do but never had time to? It can be a big accomplishment like starting a memoir, training for a marathon or learning a new language, or something smaller such as drinking more water, being a better listener, eating more vegetables, or improving posture.

Be Still. At some point along the way our culture/society decided that having nothing to do and nowhere to be was a bad thing. More contemplation, more introspection, more observation, more patience, more relaxation, more spacing out - a precious gift to some, but a nightmare to others. The slower pace of self-quarantining feels very contrary to the American way, but boredom is actually very necessary for creativity and discovery. As our grandparents said, "it build's character". Both rest and restlessness can be equally healing and transformative.

Nourish Your Body. What you put into your body manifests into your health, both physically and mentally. Chemical-laden products, processed/packaged foods and highly acidic foods have an inherently low frequency that will eventually build up in your system. Especially now that we are all more susceptible, it is best to opt for clean, whole-food based nutrition and toxin-free personal care: Eating organic fresh snacks and meals, staying hydrated with filtered waters and herbal teas, taking high quality vitamin and probiotic-rich supplements, and using only the purest and most natural soaps, lotions and shampoos.

Get Moving. Now is the time to build in physical activity and movement into your daily routine: Going for a walk, doing sun salutation or another simple yoga sequence, or setting aside time for your cardio exercise of choice (dancing, hiking, biking, jogging etc) is an essential mood and immunity booster.

Find Your Inspiration. What sparks your curiosity and lights you up? What have you always wanted to try? What does the world need more of? This is a perfect time to learn something new about the world, or yourself. Start or join a digital book club, take an online course, listen to a new podcast, watch a documentary. Explore the metaphysical world through palm reading, pendulum analysis, the Tarot and more. Or, develop your handcrafts and practical life skills through woodworking, fiber arts, breadmaking, household repairs and more. Any new discovery or skill has the power to invigorate your personal energy, benefit your life and your community.

Keep Going: As the popular saying goes "everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end." The key to mastering difficult situations and overcoming challenges is having mental stamina and the understanding that it's more about direction than speed. Can you forge ahead no matter how bad it gets? Can you improvise, adapt and overcome? Even if it's messy and imperfect, Just keep moving! Through the slow days, and the off days, continue chugging ahead, investing in self and future. Your momentum and progress will be slower than ever but as long as your focus is forward and not back, it will end in a good place.

Get Outside. If there is one thing we need to learn (or re-learn) it’s that nature heals. It's always there, always open, always free and it is the best place to find your balance and refill your cup. If you don't have access to a yard, a garden, greenway for earthing or a remote trail for forest bathing, open all the windows and simply breath in fresh air. Find comfort in the fact that you can still rely on the flora, fauna, and elements of the earth in this time of great uncertainty.

Spread Love. Give out as much vibrational positivity as possible, both metaphysically and physically. Through visioning, prayer, meditation, mantras, affirmations, handwritten notes or letters, care packages or "kindness rocks", this good will return back to you, your home, or be sent out to others in need. If every person focuses on drowning out the darkness with light, then we can truly change the world.

Use Your Senses. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to heal and balance the body and mind. Clinical research shows that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, and other toxins cannot live. Diffuse or topically apply these oils to lift your mood effortlessly, or to treat physical symptoms if you feel under the weather.

“You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we're not. We always have the power of our minds…Claim and consciously use your power.”

Louise L. Hay

Refresh & Renew. With more time being spent inside the home, it is a place central to our wellness and happiness. Take this slower time to truly envision and manifest your dream house by creating a vision board. Then start to optimize your space with small organization projects, completing a long over-due renovation, or decluttering a room or a specific category of your possessions. Strive to only have what you need, use and love and let go of the rest. You can also shift the energy simply by rearranging key furniture pieces to be in the optimum command position.

Cleanse & Purify. Even though you're not going to be expecting houseguests any time soon, it's important to keep your space clean for YOU and your health. Dust, sweep, scrub, mop and vacuum like you've never done before. Smudge with a sage or incense. Change your air filters. Wash your sheets. Clean your refrigerator out. There are endless chores and tasks that will eliminate sources of energy accumulation or stagnation. Elevate your home's vibration (and your mood), leaving your space not only more sanitized but also sparkling with life and positivity.

Update & Elevate. The smallest addition of an earth element can shift the energy of your space in a positive way. Now is a great time to make micro-upgrades to your home. Add in more houseplants, invest in beautiful piece of artwork from Etsy, join a flower delivery subscription service, or add a faceted hanging crystal to your health gua. You can also set up an altar or meditation corner with healing stones, an indoor fountain, calming statue, candles and a salt lamp. If millions of people start to feel inspired and fulfilled in their homes, the ripples of joy will spread across humanity.

Focus Your Attention. There is one common factors in our home and lives that is a source of depleted energy: Multitasking. Parenting and Work are two important responsibilities that each require your full presence and attention, so working remotely while simultaneously homeschooling or providing childcare could actually cause more harm than good. Aim to keep these duties as siphoned as possible. It is imperative you use each room for its intended purpose and have a designated spaces for each activity: sleep, eat, work and learn/play. If your home can not accommodate distinct and separate spaces, then try as much as possible to structure your schedule to minimize interruption, such as doing said activities in shift, also known as Pomodoros technique or time-blocking.

Protect Your Energy. Another hidden source of disrupted energy is EMFs, the magnetic frequencies emitted by electronics and other forcefields in your home. Many of these are unavoidable in these modern times but there are small tweaks that can make a big difference in the vitality and health of vibration-sensitive people. Turn off Wi-fi and phones when not in use, use energy-efficient appliances and bulbs to decrease effects of radiation exposure.

Be Resourceful. As the crisis has led to shortages and rationing of food and household supplies, it will almost certainly lead to a resurgence of homesteading and self-reliance skills. There are so many ways to live more simply, sustainably and locally: home remedies, urban gardening, TP alternatives, DIY hand sanitizer and disinfectants, canning and food preservation, foraging for wild edibles and medicinal plants, buying dry goods in bulk, using lending libraries and more. Much of this "off-grid" survival-based lifestyle is based in eco-friendly choices, so there is the hidden benefit to the planet too.

Support Community. Small businesses are really suffering right now. When you choose to shop online at your favorite local boutique, or order take-out or delivery from your favorite restaurant know that you are truly making someone's livelihood possible. And don't forget to tip extra when you can! The littlest gestures of kindness go so far right now.

Give Back. Many of us have a purpose right now that is larger than ourselves. If your own hierarchy of needs feels supported, and you have the time, skills and resources to spare, there are millions who need help right now. Sew PPE masks, foster or adopt a pet, make a financial donation, spread awareness on social media, or share a (safe and distant) act of service such as volunteering as a delivery driver or remote tech assistant. Whatever gift you have to share with others will make a difference towards the greater good- today, tomorrow and forever.


As uncertain as life feels right now, we each still have power over two basic but powerful things: What you do and how you feel. Let's focus on getting these "right" so we can flatten the curve and emerge from this storm stronger. At the end we of all this we just need to know we tried our best, which means living with greater caution and care.

In between life and death, trauma and transformation, a newfound wisdom, awareness and consciousness will emerge as the silver lining in this whole experience. With prayer, hope and intention we'll walk away with one of the greatest life lessons of all: how to create lemons out of lemonade.

Did this post help you feel better? I sure hope so. Let me know!

Love, Light (and LESS)



Erin Bowers is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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