SPELLBOUND: The Ultimate Guide to Attracting & Manifesting Your Desires

Manifestation is an overused buzzword that most have heard through the lens of social media and reality television. As such, it's often misunderstood - oversimplified, or even the opposite- overcomplicated.

Manifestation involves the universal Law of Attraction ('like attracts like') but the process goes far beyond the basic "Ask, Believe, Receive." In between each of those steps there must be a complete energy transfer or transformation, and due to our human wiring that process is much easier said than done.

Manifestation is the physical embodiment of your Will. And as we all know, when there is a will, there is a way. And this way is through the unification of opposing energies, which together have the power to make the impossible POSSIBLE.

Sound complicated? It doesn't have to be!

Manifestation is simply energy alchemy - shifting the vibrational frequencies in you and around you.

Ready for omnipotent abundance? Let's get started!


Create an intention, desire, vision or goal that is...


  • Relevant to the highest good, your larger sacred purpose, your calling.

  • Based in growth, service, soul-utions for your self or others.

  • Aligns all parts of your character (mind, body, spirit) and communicated by inner voice/heart knowing

  • Stems from desires of the higher self, not lower self/ego - based in a quest for connection and impact NOT control, safety, or approval.


  • Being as detailed as possible helps narrow the energetic vibration (the feeling) and your values (your guiding principles) behind them. Remember, your WHY will determine your HOW. It's not your job to figure out the path/journey, just the final destination (freedom, love, abundance).

  • These questions can help you gain clarity:

  • What brings you joy and makes you feel in FLOW (grounded, balanced but also excited and engaged)

  • What do you aspire to HAVE (own, lease, possess or occupy)?

  • What do you you aspire to DO (or try)?

  • Who do you aspire to BE?

  • WHY do you want these things? What is your bigger motivation and meaning?

  • What do you want to FEEL from what you have or who you are?

  • WHEN do you want to achieve your specific goals?

  • WHERE do you want to be in your life 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 3 years from now?

  • BIG & LOFTY: The sky is the limit so go ahead and Dream Big! If your vision seems too grandiose, illogical, fantastic or unrealistic based on your current circumstances, then you're doing it right. Setting seemingly impossible goals or challenging deadlines creates a sense of urgency, importance and accountability, which are essential high-vibe energies to success. And if you're feeling guilty for being "excessive" and asking "too much", just remember that we manifest from a mindset of abundance and energy, not from need.

  • STRONG & ASSURED. Before moving forward with the rest of. your manifestation, you must first decide that success is inevitable. Make the choice that, no matter what- you will achieve. This mindset is essential because it will help you see challenges as opportunities. and encourage you to move forward regardless. If you are not able to boldly and confidently state your intention outloud, then you're probably not truly ready to receive it. Your biggest fear/worst case scenario is still overpowering your fantasy/best case scenario so you need to continue the work in clarifying, aligning, rand believing.


Once your desire is clarified, it's time to communicate it to the universe as clearly as possible. Writing, drawing and speaking your wishes is one of the most important steps in manifestation because Words are powerful holders of energy. To use them through writing or speaking is to literally cast spells and create your desires into existence! There are several ways to state your intentions. Choose one that resonates most, or try them all.

  • RECORD a Letter to the Universe, or a Manifestation Declaration remembering to passionately believe the words in your body as you write, speak and hear them daily.

  • REPEAT your intention daily, writing down what you'd like to manifest three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening.

  • CREATE visual graphics and depictions of your big dreams with lists, mindmaps, grids, flow charts, collages, spreadsheets, or goal trees and place them where you see them regularly!

  • WRITE your declaration in a red envelope placed under your doormat or pillow: "I declare that my wishes are welcome here within the timeline that is for the greatest good."

A DREAM written down becomes a GOAL. A goal with a date becomes a PLAN. A plan backed by ACTION becomes REALITY.


You can further signal that your intention is real and truthful by inviting the universe into guidance, support and co-creation with you. When you pair your words with holistic Systems and Spells you strengthen your vision with even greater energies, which transcend both the physical and spiritual realm.

The following manifestation tools are helpful in dissolving subconscious blockages, which can help you feel more centered and aligned. Some of these practices will resonate with you more than others, and that's ok. Try them all and stick with the ones that align the most.


  • VISUALIZE your future without any doubts or fears, only pure joy and excitement. Imagine your heart and mind literally opening like a lotus flower, releasing any old energies of what you "cant" do, and letting in, receiving all of the bright light energies for the future. Focus on what you desire (the feeling, not the tangible outcome), especially in the state of consciousness just before you fall asleep. See yourself with what you want as already yours, making it a full-spectrum, sensory experience.

  • REFLECT inward through journaling, free-form writing or contemplation can help you understand what is truly meant for you, and to uncover what may be holding you back internally and externally. In this private medium, you can be truly transparent and honest. There is nothing to hide and no one to judge.

  • MEDITATE on the most calming, comforting and reassuring thoughts you can to crowd out any based in stress or worry. The vibrational frequency of relaxation and loving kindness is one of pure freedom and abundance. With a regular meditation practice, your brain and body eventually become "re-programmed" to that same energetic state.

  • THANK the universe and your spirit guides for all that you have (more than enough), and all that you'll be (more than you can imagine), where you're at and where you're going (exactly where you're supposed to). Gratitude is SO important in the manifestation process!

  • Capture your current blessings and future intentions in writing, using the bagua template as a guide.

  • Extend an offering or gift appreciation to your ancestors and angels in nature or an altar

"Gratitude for all that we have leads to abundance in all we desire."


CREATE ceremonies, rituals and rhythms to commune with nature and celebrate the earth's cycles, seasons, stars and plants, which holds the highest frequency of energy available. Strengthen your intention even more by incorporating the five Elements, the five Senses, and your own Sacred Spaces. Remember, these are all just tiny pieces of the manifesting puzzle. They are there to support your journey, but the real power comes from within YOU.

“With knot of one, the spell's begun. With knot of two, the spell be true. With knot of three, the spell is free. With knot of four, the power is stored. With knot of five, this spell will thrive. With knot of six, this spell I fix. With knot of seven, the spell will waken. With knot of eight, the spell will wait. With knot of nine, the spell is mine. With knot of ten, it begins again.”

Deborah Harkness, The Book of Life


Your ability to manifest is not a random coincidence. It is a product. of your energetic frequency which is determined by your mindset and lifestyle choices. It's a universal law that we must give in order to receive. And what you are able to give is not limited to tangible things like money or resources. It's about sharing and spreading positive and uplifting energy, however you can!

It's time to uplevel. Your manifestation demands a stronger, better version of you.


Everything you desire is already on its way to you. The question is… ⁣Are you completely open to receive it? ⁣⁣⁣⁣You may think you are, but your energy field and subconscious are not.

If you want to become a quantum creator then you will need to embrace the daily challenge/practice/process of becoming your highest self. And to get there you'll first need to "clear your crap", which is all of the energetic clutter, attachments, restrictions, baggage and weight which holds us back from welcoming new changes in our lives.

Like it or not, there is a cost to everything. It is a universal law of nature that energy can't be created or destroyed, only transferred to a different form. So in to create balance there must be a palpable movement or exchange of something (time, attention, etc)

Ask Yourself...

  • What physical, mental or emotional conditions need to be present before my desire manifests?

  • What am I willing to purge or give up, in exchange for my dreams?

  • What do I need to do in order to feel completely safe to receive?

  • What resistances - either of my own, or from outside "spectators" - am I holding on to?

  • What could go wrong once I am living in my ultimate abundance?

  • What is preventing me from either giving more of myself to the world?

  • What are the downsides of reaching or achieving my goals?

  • What areas of my life am I suffering, stagnant, settling, scared or playing small?

  • What is occupying my power instead of giving me power?

  • What are the barriers to my success, real or perceived?

  • What can you let go, purge or release in return for your desires?

Sacrifice, this act of giving up something, is an important part of the manifestation process. Rather than looking at this as a negative or lack, begin to see it as coming from a place of Love - rooted in the purest form of self-care and compassion. This bold action will show the universe just how far you're willing to go for your longterm happiness and growth.

It's imperative to make space in your life, and your self, so that the new energy can come in. Get ready to completely let go of anything that doesn't support you being/ becoming your best self! This is your much-needed vibrational DETOX so that you can rise to your fullest potential:

The happiest, healthiest, wealthiest, wisest, freest, safest, most beautiful and most powerful version of you!

Below are just some ideas. Look through the list and notice how your body reacts when you think of giving up or unlearning some of these things. There is where the magic is.

"Your discomfort is where your work is."

John Assaref


  • SERVE others. By creating, sharing and offering your sacred gifts to the world, emanating kindness, generosity and support for those around us, we carry the ultimate energy of abundance and love.

  • CHANNEL a higher vibration by repeating positive, uplifting affirmations, especially to the chakras that are weakest. When you hear the same thing enough times — while feeling the emotion associated with it — you convince your mind that it’s real. And because your mind can’t be in a state of cognitive dissonance, it will do everything it can in order to make that happen in reality.

  • EMBODY your future self with confidence and audacity. Live, breath and speak as if everything you desire is already received - no questions asked. Tune in to the exact feelings. thoughts and actions of this version of you, as if your dreams are indisputably yours, here and now.

  • FILL your cup, inside and out. Follow your inner compass of joy and what brings you health, happiness and pleasure. Take care of your body through movement and nutrition. Take care of your mind through rest - and play! It's so important to feel satisfied and grateful for your life, radiating with positive energy, even if your goal hasn't manifested yet. So smile, laugh and have FUN!

  • BELIEVE whole-heartedly that you're worthy of receiving greatness and deserving of your desires through inner child and shadow work to re-write the limiting stories from your past.

  • FOCUS on the excitement, not the fear. Focu son the possibility of what happens when it all works out, all the things that can go right. Use that enthusiasm as a catalyst to spur you on.

  • KNOW that there is limitless potential for what can happen, and our earth-minds are only capable of seeing a narrow view of these potentials. Embrace abundance thinking- trusting in your own power and a higher power, not in what others say/do or what has been observed in the past. There aer so many possible ways to manifest: Everything from the generosity of others (gifts, favors, etc), Transactions/ compensations (exchanging resources, time or skills), Spontaneous, unexpected luck (winning a prize, being undercharged), or through the unexplained mysteries from the universe- rewards for which there is no logical explanation. It's impossible to know what will actually unfold, but it can be inspiring to brainstorm the options!

  • TRUST that the universe has your back and will not let you fall. When we aren’t afraid of the possibility of failure, disapproval or discomfort we can more easily take risks. Everyone manifests differently, and there is no "wrong way". It's best to try different things until you find what works for YOU.

  • STRENGTHEN your intuition, your most powerful asset, so that you are in constant communication with your future self, as well as your spirit team, angels and ancestors who all hold guidance, wisdom for your journey. Keep asking them for signs, solutions support for clues to the next step, help from and your path will be illuminated.

  • DETACH from all expectations & outcomes. It's imperative to not be too rigid in your desires or get too attached to the specifics of a result as that creates a low-vibe energy of control. The universe is your co-creator and therefor needs to feel the freedom as any artist would! So, get to the energetic place of not caring either way, because the opposite (feeling needy, obsessed, stuck) only reinforces a vibration of lack. Whereas when you feel like you already have it internally, then it truly doesn't matter what happens externally. You'll be happy either way.

  • SURROUND yourself with positive, uplifting people - loved ones, masterminds, mentors and whoever else is in support of you and your wildest dreams. This not only creates a level of accountability, but it also amplifies the energy and intent.

  • EMBRACE your feminine. Typically we try to change our life circumstances by seeking and striving: hustling, laboring, fixing, controlling, gripping, forcing, keeping busy and chasing achievement and productivity at all costs, Unfortunately this Yang, masculine energy usually results in burnout, exhaustion, depression, or depletion and can actually block you from achieving what you want in life. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Instead try to embody more of the Yin passive energy which is about openness, patience, reflection, relaxation, surrender, and waiting to receive. From this place, you become a magnet for miracles, attracting whatever you want with barely any effort.

  • BUILD resilience. When we know, with certainty, that what we are pursuing is 100% right for us, we are filled with resolve to continue on, regardless of what roadblocks we encounter. Setbacks and obstacles have their advantages in the highest good because they result in growth and learning, knowledge: us becoming stronger, wiser, more creative and resourceful. Then we're not only better equipped to face the next challenge on our path, but we're also better prepared to lead others in return. And that supports the greater good of all.


So, Exactly HOW will you achieve your goals?

The cold hard truth: Without the essential "outer work" - an inspired vision, detailed planning AND focused, bold action there is no guarantee that your dreams and desires will manifest into reality. While spontaneous luck and effortless good fortune are possible for some, most of the time there are tangible, observable, and measurable steps that are needed to move the vibrational needle.

It is so easy to they stay in the Yin thinking/fantasizing/planning/pondering phase and hope for a quick fix or shortcut to come around. But the universe will not waste it's time on half-hearted desires or half-hearted attempts. You need to show that you're serious and committed for the long haul and willing to follow through on our end of the co-creation bargain.You must be able to follow through on your end before the universe can be expected to deliver on theirs.

Again, this is simply a law of nature: input will equal the output, and vice versa. Energetic shifts (and therefor major life changes) are a universal constant, but they needs to start from somewhere - therefor you'll have to "go for it" in the physical realm. So that means less dreaming and more doing!

It's true- getting out of your comfort zone takes courage and practice. Taking on new risks and challenges can feel scary or unfamiliar, at first - but once you do them (whether its a big leap or a baby step) you will feel begin to see their impact, feel proud and empowered in yourself, find consistency, and gain even more forward momentum.

How will you know where to start?

1) Trust your Inner Knowing. This can either be in the form of "intuition/gut" or from a more external voice such as your spirit guides, angels and ancestors. If you are listening, following, and trusting your intuition, then you are aligned with Source and guaranteed to succeed.

2) Just do it! A big misconception is that you need to be motivated and feeling confident to get started, but in actuality, motivation follows effort. So give yourself a chance at feeling good simply by starting today!

What small or simple steps you can make towards your goal? Making an intentional micro-efforts every day will lead to HUGE shifts!

Some examples of showing the universe that you mean business! If you want to manifest a...

  • Vacation- purchase a new suitcase or renew your passport

  • Owning a farm - buy seeds

  • New home - pick out your favorite paints and fabrics

  • New client - increase your rates

  • New job - buy professional attire

  • Relationship - love yourself

  • Higher income - apply for jobs

  • Bigger bank account - pay your bills eagerly

  • New hobby - buy the shoes, the gear, or other equipment needed

  • New skill - sign up for the class or training

  • New friendship or relationship - attend social events and gathering

  • Business - purchase a website domain or hire a mentor

"Your manifestations aren't happening because of your dreams & desires. They're happening because of your ability to feel worthy and whole."


Your dreams are becoming reality every day, slowly but surely. But sometimes they can happen seemingly overnight- also known as a "quantum leap". As you await manifestation, its important pay attention to the subtle signs that the universe provides to let you know you are on the right path towards your dreams and desires. Cherish these lucky cosmic "flirtations" , connectors, and orchestrations because they mean you're in complete alignment with the highest good. Continue to exist patiently, and soon what is meant to be yours will be! Enjoy the process and journey, and you can see visible growth and progress and energy shifts to powerfully move you towards your goal. And if for some reason it's not the right direction, there will be indications from the universe to tell you that too.

Having greater awareness that your desires are unfolding, offers the opportunity to deliberately choose to continue to build the vibrational momentum. Look out for meaningful phenomena, synchronicities, serendipities, symbols and sacred messages to appear from Source. When you notice any of the following, put your antennae up so that you can continue to attract similar frequencies.

  • Acquiring unexpected money (finding coins, getting raises, surprise discounts)

  • People complementing your radiance or attitude

  • Restful sleep and vivid dreaming

  • Feeling new excitement and energy activation and improved emotions

  • Seeing synchronized or repeating numbers (11:11, 333, angel numbers, sequences etc)

  • Meeting a special new friend, mentor or helper

  • Effortless flow of ideas or inspiration

  • Seeing animal totems or repeated signs of wildlife (sightings, footprints, feathers, etc)

  • Finding a previously lost item

  • Running into a dear old friend or acquaintance unexpectedly

  • Magical shifts in weather- rainbows, cloud formations, etc

  • Seeing someone else who has what you want


The speed at which you manifest is usually a series of subtle tests, clues and messages in their own right. Here's what divine timing can mean!

  • NOW: Your desires are in complete alignment with the highest good. The universe says Congrats and You're welcome!

  • NOT YET: Your desires require more to shift away first. The universe is asking for you to be patient as your go deeper into self-discovery and to continue releasing, rewiring, and reconditioning.

  • NOT THAT. Your desires are not in complete alignment with the highest good and you deserve something even better. The universe is asking you to Be open and flexible.

Remember, oftentimes when "life doesn't go as planned" (i.e when the divine plan does not align with our own) it is because the universe is doing you a favor or giving you a gift in some way. And that can be a tough pill to swallow. You will usually not be able to see the silver lining of wisdom there until you gain the perspective over time and distance. More often than not, we are always exactly where we need to be in order to learn a valuable lesson for our ascension path.

When we set our intentions and start to embark on our journey it's not uncommon for the Universe to "test" our resolve and commitment by sending a curveball or two our way. When the going gets tough, the easy thing to do is pull back into our comfort zone, or walk away. But if our desire is truly soul-aligned (see step 1) then encountering challenges is actually a positive thing. It is an invitation to go inward: to acknowledge, confront and work through more energetic blocks, to reflect on what you have vs what you want, and to overall experience greater growth, learning and depth.

So, if you hit a road block, say THANK YOU for the experience, and keep pushing forward. Take one small step at a time until eventually you're past the challenging period and will emerge like a phoenix from the ashes.

Remember, the larger purpose of manifestation is for you to become your highest self - distanced from ego and unburdened by worldly concerns or earthly limitations. When you've walked through the fire of adversity and hardship, you become a more evolved soul, and that will have a greater impact and influence for lifetimes. to follow.

At the end of the day, know that your ability to manifest is a universal law, stronger than your fears or insecurities, and more expansive than you can ever conceive.

You've got this. You deserve this. You are worthy of all of the freedom, love and abundance you dream of!

If we want abundance we have to BE abundance. It is a practice, not a hope.

"Dear Universe,

I am ready to step into the truth of who I am and what I am meant to do. In this best, highest timeline of your choosing I will (have, do, or be) in accordance with my desires and goals, which will manifest in my life in many serendipitous ways.

I am open to receive my dreams & desires so that I can experience (specific emotional needs and energy frequencies) which will allow me to serve the greater good and meet my higher purpose.

In return for receiving my dreams and desires I am prepared to give up (what I have specified) as it no longer serves me as my higher, future self. With this newly opened space in my life I will have more bandwidth to share with others, and to continue generate loving reciprocity for all.

My belief and faith in receiving my desires is so strong that I can visualize and feel these blessings already in my possession.

If any action is needed on my end, I await the sacred inspiration or idea needed to move my goals forward. I trust that any remaining obstacles, blocks or barriers will be removed to create the path of least resistance and activate seamless positive change.

I ask Source/divine forces to fulfill my desires, or something even better. In the end, I know that my life will manifest as I have dreamed of, or even more wonderful than I can imagine, and in the divinely perfect timing, order and design it's they're meant to.

Thank you for all of my many blessings, and those that are still on their way.

In grace and gratitude,

I'm yours,



Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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