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"A place for everything & everything in its place."

Dreaming of a home surrounded only by possessions that you truly love and cherish? Want to feel more productive, energized, and focused? Motivated to change your life and start fresh in a new chapter? 

What are the benefits of organization?

  • Saving and optimizing time

  • Boosting productivity & creativity

  • Decreasing stress

From moving and relocation, downsizing, major life transitions, or general household spruce-ups, there are times in our lives where our belongings need a purge and our daily systems need an overhaul. You can achieve greater happiness, joy and freedom simply by lightening and uplifting the spaces around you.


Think of me as your personal accountability coach / consultant in the decluttering process. We will start with goal-setting and visioning (what do you want, but most importantly- what do you need? ) Then, we'll work on introspection and reflection (what is holding you back, and why?)


Together we'll come up with a detailed plan to tackle each problem area in your home or office, and then I'll check in as you are empowered to follow through to solve and complete each task- from discarding and donating to implementing organizational systems and storage solutions.

Through a judgement-free process of life simplification and systemization, I will guide you in how to optimize your space to its fullest potential  - all while encouraging you to become the best version of your self too.

Each clutter management package begins with a calibration meeting at a flat rate, followed by three project check-ins.


Find your POWER and PURPOSE. Watch your home, and your life, TRANSFORM before your eyes!

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