I'm a homebody with a case of wanderlust...

Hello! My name is Erin and I am a full-time working mom, nature lover, 'interior geographer', and personal development / wellness enthusiast in Asheville, NC. Synergetic Spaces started out in 2016 under the name "The Happiest Camper." The blog was a therapeutic, creative outlet and a safe place to share the journey of self-discovery that occurred when I began to live with greater intention. I am grateful that over the years this passion-project has blossomed into something bigger - an opportunity to help others experience the transformative power of cleaner, greener and more holistic living. I am passionate about connecting with the natural rhythms of the earth and aligning spaces with the highest good of the spirit and the soul. These are the instinctive sacred places where the human potential can thrive. Thanks for following along! Let's light a spark together.

Love, Light & Less, 



To achieve universal beauty and peace in the world by implementing symmetry, simplicity and sustainability in the spaces we live, work and play.

SYNERGETIC SPACES are places that mimic the harmony and balance of natural world. These simple, sustainable and intentional interiors - our homes, offices, and beyond - unite mind, body, spirit and earth and are vital to our overall well-being. 

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