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Q & A


What led you to this work?

I've always loved and lived by the motto "leave everywhere better than you found it." However as friends and family can tell you, I was not always a clean and tidy person. The older I got, the more I noticed that my mental and emotional energies could almost always be correlated to the state of my physical space. When several personal tragedies hit, adopting a minimalist lifestyle helped me regain a sense of control and I began to feel immediate relief and healing from the process of decluttering. From there I knew wanted to help others to feel this same inspiration, using the order of homes to bring more beauty and calm into the world. At the same time, I was also exploring energy work and spirituality - a curiosity which lead me to pursue a certification as a Reiki practitioner. Lastly, as a lifelong conservationist I am passionate about spending time in nature, bringing the outdoors in, and making eco-friendly lifestyle choices. This planet is our home, so we need to treat it with respect and care just like we do our own living spaces. Various books and bloggers that I came across in my decluttering journey led me to the concept of feng shui, which was a very natural fit due to my interest in the metaphysical, eastern medicine, and the natural world. With my geography and conservation background I also resonated with the principles of geomancy and how to "read" the land and the spaces around us. I had an immediate and powerful urge to learn more and become a certified feng shui practitioner. Read more about me here.

Why is this work important to you?

Good question. I have always been dedicated to MEANINGFUL work (the intersection of fulfillment/internal satisfaction, and impact /external results). I believe that Clarity equals Power, so putting my WHY in writing was an important step to demonstrate and declare my personal commitment and professional purpose. Check out my official manifesto here.

Are you accredited?

In 2014 I became certified as an Environmental Educator through the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources. This launched my mission for personal and planetary healing.

In 2018 I became certified as a Level I & II Reiki practitioner which I intended primarily for at-home/personal use.

In 2019 I was certified as a Feng Shui practitioner by the Earth Home School of Feng Shui, which is accredited by the world's leading association for feng shui consultants and schools, the International Feng Shui Guild. In 2021 I achieved the most advance, expert-level of IFSG certification as a Red Ribbon professional. My modalities and tools range from the classical to the contemporary, with most falling under the BTB Black (Hat) Tantric Buddhist teachings, a Western branch of the Compass school. I also enjoy blending in modern and practical principles of minimalism, eco-sustainability, with my intuitive energy medicine. 

At this time I am not formally certified as a Human Design Analyst/Reader, because no such accreditation exists. I am fully self-taught through courses from Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, and books from Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd. There are dozens of amazing schools and teachers for these systems, but no governing body to set standards of education or professionalism for Human Design practitioners. Like many reputable HD readers, I am choosing to remain uncertified and follow my design. I am not against certification, I just have not found one that my Sacral Authority approves of yet. After all, putting people into boxes assigned by a (very expensive) piece of paper goes against the whole philosophy of Human Design which honors our individual gifts and differences. Each HD reader will have their own magic and approach based on their own blueprint, and that energy will resonate with their clients. If my voice and services speak to you, then it's a great indicator that we should work together and of course I am happy to answer any additional questions you have about my knowledge and experience in Human Design.



What is the purpose of feng shui?

The goal of Feng Shui is to attract positive life-force energy from nature towards, and throughout your home, office or other space. This vital energy, called Chi, will nurture and support you so you can create a life of joy, prosperity, health and happiness. ⁠


What is "Full-Spectrum Feng Shui"?

When feng shui is coupled with modern pyscho-spiritual tools and techniques, your life transformation goes even further and farther. Addressing the health of the WHOLE person (mind, body, spirit) is a unique holistic approach that I coined as"Full-spectrum Feng Shui" and covers everything from pagan divination and shadow work, to intuitive movement and healthy eating.

What makes you different from other feng shui consultants or energy healers or coaches?

I like to believe that I add a youthful, edgier and more modern and progressive approach to the practice than the consultants and coaches of the past. A problem solver by nature, I look for ways to help people that are sustainable and impactful, small and large, internal and external. I am also passionate about global social justice issues such as Intersectional Environmentalism and reflect this consciousness into my work's Mission (serving people AND planet) and Values (Love, Light and Less).


I am a trauma-informed practitioner, open and accepting to clients of all backgrounds and walks of life. I strive to hold a safe space where all humans feel free to be their authentic selves and vulnerable. I know it's intimidating to let someone into your home and life, especially when it’s your first time working with a healer, coach or consultant. I am committed to this work from a place of care, compassion, encouragement and empowerment. Whether that is gentle nudges in the right direction or more of a tough-love approach to feedback - YOU decide what kind of support you need. I offer a judgement-free opportunity for you to experiment, make mistakes and try again. I'm here, in it with you, for the long haul. 

I intend to create a  diversity-friendly and inclusive experience that is welcoming to all, regardless of background, race, orientation, preferences or perspectives. I believe in corporate and individual responsibility and that every intentional act of peace, no matter how small, will impact lives and change the world. So come as you are, with all your quirks and habits, and we'll do the work together. 


How do you determine your rates?

My rates are based on competitive market research and most of my clients find them to be fair and comparable for similar service providers in the home organization and wellness sector. I typically have two levels of pricing depending on the size of the space. Check out this blog for why a feng shui or home organization consultation is actually priceless - indeed "the value of a lifetime."

How do you accept payments?

At this time I accept payments of cash or personal check, as well as Paypal, Venmo or Zelle. I generally require a 50% deposit/partial-payment up front at booking, with the remainder paid after your consultation, and before your consult summary/written follow-up. My rates have the transaction service fees already included.


What is the first step for living healthy and holistically?

I can't say enough good things about the world of essential oils. The "oily" life opened my eyes not only to the incredible healing power of plants, but also to the concept of DIY sustainable living, which has countless trickle-down benefits for the body, mind and planet. I am proud to be a Young Living Independent Distributor (#3345550) and love to help people get started on their own path to wellness

Do you participate in any affiliate marketing programs? 

Yes! I am an Amazon Associate, as well as an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. Check out my official Disclosures page here.

Who is your ideal customer?

I serve individuals, families, professionals or business owners who have 

  • An APPRECIATION of Earth's Energy

  • A DESIRE for Change

  • An OPENNESS to Possibility

  • A WILLINGNESS to Act - Outside & In

How can I support you so that you continue to share free content?

I welcome and appreciate all donations. Buy me a smoothie or a latte using Paypal or Venmo !

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