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"Future medicine will be the medicine of Frequencies."

Albert Einstein

Everything is energy. Our homes are an extension of our energy field, thus absorbing the vibrational frequencies of the thoughts, emotions and circumstances that we carry.


If there has been any sadness, illness, fear, anxiety, anger or grief in or near your life, chances are that negative energy is lingering in your home or work space. Sometimes this energy is not even our own - and it is from strangers who lived in our spaces prior to us.


Lingering old energy can create a feeling of stuckness or heaviness that impacts how you feel and how you go about your life every day. You may even get used to these low vibrations as they continue to manifest more challenging situations in your life.


Why is Energy Clearing valuable?

The relationship you have with the places where you spend a lot of time - whether home, work, or school - can impact you more than you realize. Buildings, and even vehicles, hold energy from stress just as our bodies do. We are subconsciously absorbing the vibrations of these spaces every day, collecting the metaphorical dust that inevitably accumulates over time.

It’s important that you not only feel comfortable and at ease in your personal or professional spaces, but that you also feel supported, inspired and energized. And that's where Space Clearing comes in! It is a powerful wellness technique which cleanses the atmosphere of a physical environment, transforming stagnant or stale energy into clear, vibrant, flowing energy.

By regularly purifying, neutralizing, balancing or completely ridding the negative energy of a space you open the opportunity for positive energy and clarity to come in. 


  • Identify items and belongings that are holding negative energies

  • Activate a fresh-start during life transitions or after stressful or heavy events

  • Clarify a room’s innate purpose or intention

  • Address everyday geopathic stress, electrical radiation, EMF discharge or paranormal activity

  • Cut energetic cords connected to things, places and people

  • Break up stuck energies and create fresh circulation

  • Raise the vibration of the entire space

  • Make room for new abundance and opportunities

  • Call in sacred blessings for the occupants

  • Surround the space with protective energies

  • Improve mood, health, sleep, productivity

  • Attract more aligned situations

  • Feel lighter, happier and more prosperous

When is Energy Clearing helpful?

. Energy Clearings can be done anytime but are especially important in any of these situations:

  • Anytime your space feels stagnant or "off"

  • After any kind of extended emotional trauma in the space

  • After a breakup or divorce

  • After a prolonged illness

  • After a death in the space

  • Before selling a home

  • Before a birth

  • Before taking a new job

  • Before moving into a new space


How does an Energy Clearing work?

I am Level 1 & II Reiki practitioner and enjoy using lightwork and my feng shui training to help dwellings of all types feel lighter, brighter and full of love. I will help you:

  • CLEAR away stagnant or unbalanced energies that are detrimental to your vitality and overall potential

  • ALIGN the energies in your environment to feel lighter and in the flow of synchronicity

  • BLESS your space and set intentions for the new, uplifting energies that you’re inviting into your  life

  • PROTECT yourself and your home by creating protective and healing grid around your space

Is an Energy Clearing right for me?

If you are stuck in a certain area of your life or are simply interested in creating more harmony and flow of your space then a full Feng Shui attunement may be a better fit for you than a space clearing.

Space clearings are the more appropriate choice during life transitions, and before or after heavy events.

If you have ANY questions about which modality is best for your situation, please do not hesitate to reach out!

What can I expect from an Energy Clearing?

Upon booking you’ll complete a short intake form where you can share your recent challenges and observations.


Once our session is scheduled I will arrive to your space with an assortment of clearing and divination tools and will move through the space a few times to shift and transform the surrounding energy. Methods include reiki, visualization, intentions/affirmations, light bathing, smudging, sound healing and blessing rituals to shift and transform the energy of spaces.

Clearing sessions typically take 60-90 mins.



*Price is based on spaces that are 2,500 square feet or less, within Buncombe County, NC.

Additional fees apply for larger homes/offices or those outside of service area. 


I am a  certified Level 1 & 2 practitioner under the International Reiki Training Center.



"My home needed to be cleared of some 'bad' energy and, together, we did just that. My session with Erin was fun, inspiring and uplifting. I highly recommend her services!"     -Angela, Asheville, NC


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