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"Life does not get better by chance.  It gets better by change."

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What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is the ancient practice of creating energetic movement, balance and harmony in our spaces. 

Originating in China over 4,000 years ago, today feng shui is used as both an art and a science to inspire healing and change for the greater good. 

The name Feng Shui translates literally to "wind - water."


Since the beginning of time, ancient cultures and civilizations have understood that a gentle breeze and clean water are associated with good health and harvest. Feng Shui encourages us to replicate this vital synergy of nature, channeling and uniting both Spirit and Source.

As a certified Feng Shui consultant I believe that all things are alive with vital life force energy, called Qi or ChiWhen we influence the flow of this energy in our spaces in a productive way we can enrich our minds, bodies and spirits- and from there also support our families or communities. 

What is Feng Shui used for?

Feng Shui for a space or property works in the same way as acupuncture does for the body and mind: it involves identifying elemental imbalances and then prescribing remedies to move the Qi, regulating and harmonizing the environment to its optimum state.

This leads to a vibrational frequency shift which effectively "heals" the energy of the spaces, and their inhabitants- inside and out.

Applying feng shui to your space is like a much-needed reset so YOU can run more efficiently. Kind of like

getting a therapeutic massage, updating the operating system on your smart phone , getting your oil changed or wedding your garden. It's essential for flow and function!

What can Feng Shui help you with?

Feng Shui is one of many powerful tools in the holistic wellness toolbox.


There are many ways of applying feng shui to your life. I practice an intuitive and holistic approach, fusing both traditional and contemporary principles, quantum/metaphysics and modern psycho-spiritual modalities. 

Is your home's energy in tune with your own personal energy, and vice versa? You'd be surprised to know how common misalignment is! 


Feng Shui may be right for you if you are consistently experiencing or feeling...

  • Stuck

  • Stagnant

  • Sluggish

  • Sick

  • Depleted

  • Distracted

  • Dim/Dull

  • Disconnected

  • Drama

  • Disorganized

  • Doubtful 

These all are MAJOR indications that you would benefit from an attunement! 

Think of your home as a mirror reflection of your life, but also as your 3D vision board, a powerful tool for manifestation. Regardless of where you live or work, your everyday surroundings can help you not only visualize the life you want, but also identify what is holding you back.


Getting unstuck can open up new opportunities and allow you to move forward and thrive in all areas of life- from relationships and career, to wealth and health.

We can use Feng Shui to improve your:

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Relationships

  • Career

  • Confidence


Feng Shui can be applied to spaces of all types:

  • Houses & Homes

  • Properties & Landscapes

  • Apartments & Condos

  • Offices & Businesses

  • Gardens & Yards

What can I expect from a Feng Shui Attunement?


Attunements involve making essential adjustments and optimizations to the basic safety and comfort of your space, balancing the five earth elements and the feminine/masculine energies. These simple remedies can lead to expansions in the areas of your life that you feel stressed or drained in 

Feng Shui Attunment $530*

Each session includes:

  • Comprehensive Home Health Self-Assessment (pre-consult)

  • In-person or virtual Home Assessment (2 hour maximum)

  • A personalized, keepsake digital Home Health & Optimization  Guide with valuable in-depth information including your:

    • Numerological Address report

    • Geographical Assessment

    • Earth Element identification

    • Bagua floor plan analysis

    • Harmony room analysis

    • Classical and Contemporary Feng Shui remedies that are unique to your space

  • On-going remote support and guidance for up to 1 year later!​

*Price is based on spaces that are 2,500 square feet or less, within Buncombe County, NC.

Additional fees apply for larger homes/offices or those outside of service area. 

***Asheville locals, receive 10% OFF a feng shui attunement with your annual Go Local card!***

I am a proud member & certified consultant under the International Feng Shui Guild.

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Your Home's Health is YOUR Health.

You deserve a sacred space where you feel...






Ready to begin?

"If you're desiring any level of change in your life, your home is showing you where to focus and how to breakthrough." 

-Kimberly Garner

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