Why do reviews matter?

A happy customer is an automatic pipeline to future business! Word of mouth is tremendous in this competitive and growing industry, however the same positive review online is even MORE powerful. Not only can it help others to feel confident about making an investment and choosing to work with me, but it also helps them find me easier when researching similar services. 


Dear satisfied clients, could you take 60 seconds to share the authenticity and blessings of your  pleasant experience with others? Simply click on the links above to go directly to these popular digital review platforms!

Not sure what to write? Start with the basics!

WHO are you and what do you do?

WHY did you need my help?

WHAT did we achieve together?

HOW did I make your feel?

My home needed to be cleared of some 'bad' energy and, together, we did just that. My session with Erin was fun, inspiring and uplifting. I highly recommend her services!"                                                         - Angela, Asheville, NC

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