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Heart-centered Q&A with the Founder of Synergetic Spaces + Damselfly Digital, Erin Marie Ratliff

If you're anything like me, selecting a coach or consultant to bring into your life requires hours of research, scrolling and "stalking" to find that perfect fit and vibe. So if that's what brought you to this page, then to you I say "HELLO!" with open arms. It's so nice to meet you!

The purpose of this post is to provide deeper insight into ME. As an introvert I tend to shy away from the spotlight and any self-promotion so this post is not a comfortable task. This isn't going to be your typical website Bio Page. You'll get to know my quirks and inner workings so that you can understand me better personally and professionally.

I aspire to be open and vulnerable as possible in the hopes that YOU will be able to do the same when we work together in the future, whether that is through an upcoming energy attunement in your home, or a marketing project for your growing business.

Whether it's in your Self or your Space, I believe that TRANSPARENCY opens the doors for TRANSFORMATION.

First off, my Personal Disclaimer

As a coach and consultant, you may see me preach and project the ideal of achieving a "perfect" life but as we all know, true perfection is unattainable. There is no such thing as a perfect home, perfect office, perfect job, perfect partner- just like there is no perfect person. We also each set our own definition of 'perfect'. That feeling, that energy of genuine joy is completely, entirely up to you.

I have worked really hard to create a life that feels in perfect alignment with my true and authentic self. But I am also dedicated to the LIFE-LONG journey of self-healing, self-discovery and cultivation. I don’t claim to have all the answers, and am committed to learning every day and every way. In other words, I am allowing myself to change and grow while empowering and helping others do the same.

We are ALL a giant work in progress - evolving and growing every day. Change is a beautiful, and completely natural thing! I believe that we should try our best every new day. And I also believe if your great ascension doesn't happen in this lifetime then you are always given the opportunity to try again in your next one ;)

Like an onion, I have many layers...

Neurospicy Witchy Mama

Multipassionate Multipreneur

Feng Shui Fairy

Soulful Biz Coach

Energy Healer

Conscious Copywriter

Personal Development Junkie Autodidact meets Aesthete Remote Work Enthusiast

High-functioning AuHDHDer

Divergent Thinker

I am also a human paradox- a living, walking set of contradictions.

  • A plant mom with a black thumb

  • A foodie who can't cook

  • A homebody who loves to travel

  • An adventure junke who avoids risk

  • A workaholic who procrastinates

  • An eco and social justice warrior who shops on Amazon

  • An intellectual who watches reality tv

  • A health nut who loves wine

  • An introvert who loves to socialize

The list goes on...

Note: I self-identify as a high-functioning, high-masking Neurodivergent. I am not officially diagnosed with Autism or ADHD, but I do exhibit many of their traits (many of them gifts, not weaknesses!)

Being cognitively different, non-conforming, hyper-curious, multi-passionate, multi-dimensional is both a torturous yet wonderful existence. And like the Yin and Yang I must accept and embrace it all. Life is so much richer and interesting this way!

From the outside looking in, some people are not quite sure what to make of me, and that's ok. At the end of the day I am like everyone else- much too complex to be put in a box.

Cheers to all of the polarities in life! The dual nature of my personality, needs, talents, and interests manifest in my career as an entrepreneur as well. Because I despise the term "Life Coach" and "Digital Marketer" is far too vague - here are some more clever job titles I have come up with as a "Free-Spirited Freelancer"

At this point, you are either completely confused and overwhelmed, or very intrigued. Keep reading if it's the latter! :)



Established 1983

My childhood was kind of ideal: happily married parents, one lovely younger sibling, a supportive extended family, an amazing public education, a minimalist modern home in rural Virginia, defined by decades of immersive nature experiences and outdoor adventures.

My teenage years were a different story. I spent lunchtime hiding in a bathroom stall because I was suddenly ostracized from my peer group and had too much social anxiety to find new friends. I felt a deeply depressing sense of un-belonging and misunderstanding. So when I finally mustered the courage to put my self out there, it was not a genuine and authentic version - it was what I thought people wanted of me. Unfortunately this toxic pattern of people-pleasing continued well into my adulthood- until my Great Becoming.

As a Geography major, I originally wanted to be an urban planner (yes- a scientifically accepted version of feng shui!), however at that time after college I knew I would get restless with an office job. My inner camp-counselor took over and I began to pursue a career in Environmental Education, getting certified by both federal and state institutions to present outdoor curriculum-based programming to youth and adults. Those years in nature were fun and formative, but I longed for a more "adult" job.

The irony is that years later I eventually wound up with that dreaded cubicle job that I ran from! For over a decade I worked as a digital marketer specializing in social media, SEO, ORM, and PR for agencies and nonprofits, all the while exploring my passions (nature, service work, and storytelling) in my own way and at my own pace.

All of these things have come together today to manifest in my two primary creative business ventures. Synergetic Spaces and Damselfly Digital. Two different industries that share one thing in common: encouraging others to learn, grow and thrive in their journey to abundance by deepening their connection to Self and the Earth.

Looking back on my career I've done it all... From Retail to Hospitality & Tourism to Education to Marketing & Events, Non-profit, For-profit, the list goes on... I am grateful to have had a winding, expansive and diverse career path full of so much professional growth and development.

I can be a bit insecure about my seemingly apparent "lack of clarity, focus or direction" but on the other hand, I wouldn't be who I am today without all of those varied experiences! I have mastered the art of the PIVOT and now I am someone who proudly refuses to be put in a box.

Like everyone, I've been through my fair share of trauma, pain and loss. I am working every day to overcome the past and be my best self for the future. I am a big believer that we are meant to pour from our own cup into others, but we can't do that if we're empty.

Today I practice what I preach to my clients in my own life: always seeking to adapt, improve and grow, trying new things and not settling for anything that doesn't serve the highest purpose and potential.


My Purpose

Ikigai: The Japanese term for "your reason for being”

To create something from the source of my inner spirit that is purposeful and powerful enough to impact the greater good.

My Soul Mission is to help other souls rise to their full potential. To help them elevate, optimize and improve their energetic spaces: their homes, their health, and even their online presence.

This manifests as content creation and coaching relating to personal and planetary healing:

  • Energy alignment and alchemy, elemental wisdom

  • Personal and professional development, self-actualization,

  • Practical spirituality, depth psychology and psychoenergetics

  • Holistic wellness, lifestyle design and environmental sustainability.

Check out my official Manifesto for more...

Favorite Mantras & Mottos

  • "LOVE, LIGHT, and LESS" This is the phrase I coined to encapsulate my mission of personal and planetary healing. It's ultimately about Spiritual Connection, Minimalism and Mindfulness

  • "Leave everything better than you found it." To me this wisdom goes deeper than my obvious line of work. It's about integrity - doing the right thing even when no one is watching, always putting the greater good above the self.

  • "She turned her CANTs into CANs and her dreams into plans." This quote resonates with because I am a dreamer, a doer, and a thinker. I see possibility and potential everywhere I go and in whatever I do.

  • "Do what you love and the money will follow". This is true in almost all cases, but the key is to know what that "love" really feels like. It comes from your deepest core, and takes a ton of self-discovery, introspection, reflection and uncovering.

  • "Work smarter, not harder" I thrive in efficiency systems and organizational effectiveness. I am always looking to optimize my time and productivity - learning how to save energy and create the path of least resistance (and burnout). I wish the rest of the world valued creative intelligence and simplicity in this same way.

  • "If it's not a resounding Yes, it's a No." This has been a game-changer in the way I move through life, work, and relationships. I no longer settle for mediocre, so-so or luke-warm. It's simple: the choices that inspire complete clarity and confidence are the ones worthy of my time and energy. I manifest and wait for the BEST and greatest, so that there is no "deciding".

  • "Do what you can, where you, with what you have" This is an awesome mantra I use for manifestation. It reminds me that I already have everything I want, even if it's not yet in the 3D. Ultimately the delivery schedule is out of my control and up to the divine so in the waiting/downtime I just need to make the most of what I have in front of me.

  • "All you have is all you need." Similar to the above quote. It's a great reminder that every situation, phase or chapter of our lives deserves gratitude. Even if it's an undesirable circumstance then it's gift is clarity, learning or growth.

  • "Buy Less, But Better" This is all about choosing well. and prioritizing Quality over quantity. It's so applicable in our modern capitalistic society where the endless pursuit of STUFF can rule our lives. I strive to only support the brands that live this philosophy too!

  • "Work hard, Play harder, Rest hardest" This phrase advocates for a balanced life, emphasizing the importance of diligence in work, enjoyment in leisure, but prioritizing deep rest and rejuvenation above all. It is radical stillness that ultimately allows us to heal and restore so that we can give and share the best of ourselves with others.

I Geek Out on...

All things process and systems related- whether it is frameworks and schools in feng shui, or marketing theory or content strategy.

My favorite part of my job is...

Creating real and lasting change in people's lives, while also impacting the larger collective.

I strive to live my life and operate my business with... Integrity, Authenticity and Compassion.

"Awkward in Small Talk, Fluent in Soul Talk"


Cancer Sun. Cancer Moon. Aquarius Rising

Translation: Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Like the moon, and all female-bodied beings, I am a cyclical being, ruled by nature's cycles, My mood, energy and desires shift every day, week and month. I feel radically different from day to day which can at times be disorienting.

Human Design

Generator 3/5 (Multi-passionate, responsive, and creative but prone to frustration when not in alignment/flow or when acting without clear and direct inspiration)

Myers Briggs

I am a full-on INFJ, aka “the Mystic, the Counselor, the Dreamer," What does that mean?

  • Introverted: individualistic, reserved, cerebral

  • Intuitive: idealistic, complex, perceptive

  • Feeling: sensitive, heartfelt, empathetic, visionary

  • Judging: consistent, conscientious, contemplative

Humble brag: This means I am in good company with the likes of Ghandi, Carl Jung, and Audrey Hepburn. Indeed, this is the rarest MBTI type, occupying only 2% of population, (which explains why I often go through life feeling so misunderstood by others - the Empathetic Introvert is truly a mystery to most!)


6/"The Skeptic or Loyalist followed closely by 3/ "The Achiever" 4/"The Individualist" and 7/The "Extremist"

People often describe me as...

“Calm”. The irony is that I almost never feel like that on the inside! I am really great at looking like I have it together but my body and mind often feels quite the opposite: whirling and distracted. This hyper-viligence spikes when around others, and is what psychologists refer to as "high-functioning social anxiety". Yay!

My "Double-edged Sword"...

My intensity. I operate in extremes. I am at both my best and my worst when I am over-achieving and over-functioning: overthinking, over-planning, over-communicating, over-documenting, over-analyzing, over-loving, overfeeling, oversensing, overstressing. I am HIGHLY sensitive, so I'm easily over stimulated. Basically, I live life in high-definition. I care and feel deeply - which may be too much for some, but just right for others. Thank you again, AuDHD!

"The world for me is always too bright, too loud, too busy, too fast, too peopley."

Amanda Ramalho

Vulnerability Share. I am constantly struggling internally with..

  • Confidence & visibility (phone-phobic, camera shy, socially awkward)

  • Math anxiety / Number blindness / Dyscalculia

  • Imposter Syndrome (ongoing self-doubt and insecurity)

  • The need for both Novelty and Routine- constantly torn between understimulated (bored, disinterested) and overstimulated (challenged out of comfort zone, too much sensory input). It is also entirely possible to be both at the same time (ie physically or socially overstimulated but mentally understimulated

  • Past Traumas... Unexplained infertility (recurring pregnancy loss and ectopic pregnancy)., Medical debt, Separation/Divorce, Job Loss/Unemployment

My Superpower is...

  • At Work: visioning, planning and follow-through.

  • In Life: grit, tenacity, resiliency and determination.


I Learn Through: researching, writing

I Love Through: teaching, sharing

I Laugh Through: dancing, exploring

Greatest Fear: Loss of autonomy, self-sovereignty and/or living my life on someone else's terms.

Greatest Accomplishment: My daughter, Wren. I MADE my best friend!

I am a Collector of... crystals, essential oils, sacred adornments, photos and memories.

Fastest Way to Get to Know Me: My Goodreads or Pinterest accounts

Never Have I Ever.... organized the inside of my refrigerator ;)

Irrational Fears: 1) accidentally losing my cellphone in the washing machine 2) being stranded at a remote gas station. 3) Tsunamis

Favorite Word: "Throughfall" (the rain which drips from branches and leaves)

My Happy Place is... around a campfire with friends or family after a day exploring a national park or other public wildlands

I Can't Function Without ... LISTS, Spreadsheets, Mindmaps and my Labelmaker.

My Favorite Healing Modality is... Reiki or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping)

My Perfect Sunday looks like...Sleeping in, watching CBS Sunday Morning, bakery run (tea and a croissant to-go), a drive on the Parkway listening to WNCW's 'Country Gold', a scenic hike, lunch at a brewery with friends, grinding away at content for several hours, checking some errands off the to-do list, Indian or Thai dinner delivery, a David Attenborough-narrated nature or science documentary, perhaps or a few episodes of Friends or The Office, reading in bed, asleep by 10.

A few More Random Facts

1) I've been a strict vegetarian for nearly 30 years (long before it was cool!).

2) From 2007-2009 I trained for and ran a marathon and a few half-marathons. And I can honestly say I haven't run since then! The burnout was real.

3) I am a distant relative of 28th President, Woodrow Wilson.

4) I have a horrible memory unless I have written something down or have a picture of it


That’s enough about me. Tell me something interesting about YOU!

Or maybe you have a question about how my myriad of services can benefit your life? Ask away!

If any of my weirdness resonated with you, that probably means we'll get along great! So many of my clients have turned into friends. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon. :)


Erin Marie Ratliff is an alignment & alchemy specialist and holistic growth strategist based in Asheville, NC and serving clients nationwide. Visit for energetic and environmental services for earth-minded individuals who aspire to live to their full potential and happiness.

  • feng shui consulting

  • clutter counseling

  • space clearing

  • green living

Visit for freelance copywriting and communications services for holistic small businesses serving the greater good.

  • content creation

  • web design

  • SEO, PR and online business management

  • inbound marketing science + strategy


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