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Reiki Revealed: Could Energy Healing be the Medicine of the Future?

"Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well-being, well-being is freedom from disease."

Dr. Mikao Usui

Every day, often without our knowledge or consent, we accumulate stress and build tension in our energy fields. External sources of energy (people, events, the environment) can affect our health and well-being and internal thoughts. In particular, negative influences can lead to energy imbalances and chronic diseases on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Thankfully there are holistic healing tools to restore energetic balance and promote well-being. One such ancient practice gaining popularity in the last decade is Reiki, a Japanese healing technique that channels universal energy to bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. In this post, we'll explore the wonders of Reiki and discover how energy clearing can create a harmonious environment in your self, and your spaces.

"Reiki is not just a practice for healing the body. It is the art of filling the soul with light, transforming the heart with compassion, and guiding the mind to peace."


History & Origins

Reiki is a form of alternative or "biofield" therapy that originated in Japan in the early 20th century. The word is composed of two Japanese words:

rei, which means ‘hidden force or higher power,’

ki, which means ‘life energy.’"

The founder of reiki, Mikao Usui, is credited with its discovery. Usui underwent a 21-day spiritual retreat during which he experienced a profound awakening and gained the knowledge and ability to channel healing energy. He then established an organization aimed at teaching and spreading Reiki across the globe.

Reiki made its way to the Western world through Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American woman of Hawaiian descent. Takata learned Reiki in Japan and later introduced it to the United States and other Western countries. She played a crucial role in popularizing Reiki in the West and ensuring its continued practice and teaching.

Today, Reiki masters are responsible for training and initiating new reiki practitioners through a process called attunement, where the power to heal is spiritually activated.

Reiki Uses

The goal of a Reiki is to redirect or reconfigure parts of energy to help facilitate one's own healing response.. The practice is completely safe, natural and non-invasive, making it a simple, gentle, affordable and accessible method for individuals seeking a holistic approach to healing.

Reiki typically involves the positioning of hands on or above the body to facilitate the flow of Chi/Qi, or life-force energy across your biofield. A biofield is simply an electric or magnetic field that’s generated by a biological organism - ie plants, animals and of course- me and YOU!

Reiki has a wide range of uses for mind, body, spirit and spaces

  • releases stress and tension, promoting relaxation

  • encourages faster growth, progress and productivity

  • facilitates physical and/or emotional healing

  • clears negative or stagnant energy from the body or spirit

  • supports the body's natural ability to heal itself

There are different types of reiki depending on the recipient's needs and practitioner's intentions. Energy is not limited by physical distance and can transcend space and time. In Distance Reiki practitioners send healing energy to individuals who are not physically present. Recipients may experience the same benefits that in-person sessions bring. Reiki healing may also be used in conjuction with sound bath to create a full-body sensory experience.

"Energy medicine is the future of all medicine."

C. Norman Shealy

Reiki for Health

Negative energies create blocks in the auric field, potentially causing physical health issues if unaddressed. Reiki can be used to clear these blocks, thereby can enhancing circulation, alleviating pain, boosting the immune system, and accelerating the body's natural healing response, leading to improved physical health and well-being

Because reiki is generally a restful and restorative experience, it assists the body's autonomic nervous system towards a greater parasympathetic (digestion, healing, recovery) state.

The Science

  • A 2018 meta-analysis of four randomized controlled trials (RCTs) found that Reiki produced a statistically significant reduction in pain over a range of medical conditions.

  • A 2019 review in the British Medical Journal Supportive & Palliative Care reported that Reiki therapy is useful for relieving pain, decreasing anxiety/depression, and improving quality of life.

  • A study at Bryn Mawr Hospital in Pennsylvania involving knee replacement surgery patients showed that those who received Reiki experienced significantly less pain than those who didn't.

Reiki for Spirit

Subtle forces like spirit attachments, cords, entities, and psychic attacks can create vulnerabilities in your auric field. The psychological Shadow, representing denied or repressed aspects and unconscious fears and projections plays a role in attracting these negative energies to your biofield.

The term "spirit releasement" is used to describe the healing work involved in clearing negative energies from your biofield. Benefits include releasing attached negative energies, repairing the energy system, addressing root causes, and providing immediate symptom relief.

Reiki for Spaces

Just as individuals can accumulate unwanted frequencies in their personal energy fields, so too can the spaces we inhabit. Energy clearing may use reiki in conjunction with tools like smudging or crystals to dispel stagnant or negative energies from a specific room, or your entire home.

Reiki Principles

The Reiki Ideals, also known as the Five Principles, are a set of ethical and spiritual guidelines integral to Reiki practice and philosophy. These ideals are typically recited by practitioners during Reiki sessions to help promote mental and emotional balance wellbeing,

Just for today, I will not be angry

Just for today, I will not worry

Just for today, I will be grateful

Just for today, I will do my work honestly

Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing

They serve as a moral compass, encouraging mindfulness and compassion, and living in harmony with others and the world around them.

"Your ancestors outnumber your fears. Feel their power"

Sarah Tawai

Hands-On Healing: What To Expect in A Reiki Session

During a Reiki session, individuals can expect a calming and relaxing experience aimed at promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

First, the practitioner creates a peaceful and comfortable environment conducive to relaxation and healing. This may involve playing soothing music, dimming the lights, and ensuring that the client is comfortably positioned on a massage table or chair.

Next there is an introduction and discussion between the client and practitioner, understanding and clarifying specific needs, concerns, and goals for the session and establishing trust. They will start by scanning the client's energy field or aura to identify areas of imbalance or blockages. This can be done through intuitive observation or by using hands-on techniques to sense subtle energy patterns. In some cases they may decide to "extract" and remove old energy from you in order to make space for new energy.

The practitioner then invokes reiki energy or angels through prayer, visualization or drawing power symbols, opening a portal or column of love and light for the energy to come and go. Reiki symbols, or sigils, are sacred tools used to connect with universal life force energy, focus their intention, enhance healing energy or direct protective shields around specific areas of the body or aspects of a person's life.

The main part of the Reiki session involves the practitioner gently placing hands on or near the client's body in specific hand positions that correspond to energy centers or chakras and are intended to facilitate the flow of healing energy throughout the body.

As the practitioner channels Reiki energy, clients may experience sensations such as waves of warmth, tingling, or deep relaxation. This means that the session is working to balance and harmonize the body's energy system, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Clients often report feeling lighter, more peaceful, and rejuvenated after a session.

Towards the end of the session, the practitioner will gently guide the client back to a state of wakefulness. They may discuss any insights that emerged during the session. Clients are encouraged to drink water to aid in the detoxification process, and take time to rest and integrate the healing experience.

Overall, Reiki sessions offer a gentle yet powerful approach to healing and promoting holistic well-being. Each session is unique, and individuals may experience different things based on their individual energetic imbalances.

"Reiki is the art of inviting happiness."

Future Medicine

As research continues and our understanding of the mind-body connection evolves, the role of energy-based therapies like reiki, acupuncture, qi gong and therapeutic touch will become clearer. My self and other advocates of energy medicine believe the long-term future of healthcare will be best served with a blend of allopathic and complementary medicines, fusing the East with the West, the mainstream with the holistic.

"Reiki is not just a technique. It is a way of being, a way of living, a way of thinking and acting in the world."

William Lee Rand

Wrapping It Up

The human body has subtle energy systems that can be manipulated with therapeutic touch and other transformative modalities to promote healing and well-being.

As we navigate the complexities of modern life, it's crucial to prioritize our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Reiki offer holistic solutions to counteract the stresses of daily life.

Ready to elevate your well-being, mind body and spirit? Explore the benefits of Reiki, sound baths, and energy clearing with a specialized guided session that will take you on a journey of personal healing and transformation. Book your session today!

Dear Spirit, Source, Angels, Ancestors & Allies,

Please send reiki to all of. my energy centers and systems- my mind, body, heart, spirit and all areas of my life.

Please send your universal

Love & Light

Peace & Protection

Hope & Healing

Calm & Clarity

Repair & Resolution,

Freedom & Fulfillment

Alignment & Abundance

Signs & Solutions

to facilitate seamless positive change for the highest good of all

Please open my energy centers to receive and send

Safety and Stability to the Root

Courage and Confidence to the Core

Joy and Patience to the Heart

Rest and Wisdom to the Mind

In the days and weeks to come

Please make my words and actions pure

Protect my energy from harm

Please transmute low frequencies to the highest most positive and productive energy

Please encourage relief, ease and flow and in all situations within and without, above and below.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach, and holistic growth strategist.

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