"Love is energy, and energy is everything"

The relationship you have with the places where you spend a lot of time - whether home, work, or school - can impact you more than you realize. Buildings, and even vehicles, hold energy from stress just as our bodies do. We are subconsciously absorbing the vibrations of these spaces every day, collecting the metaphorical dust that inevitably accumulates over time.

It’s important that you not only feel comfortable and at ease in your personal or professional spaces, but that you also feel supported, inspired and energized. And that's where Space Clearing comes in! It is a powerful wellness technique which cleanses the atmosphere of a physical environment, transforming stagnant or stale energy into clear, vibrant, flowing energy.

By regularly purifying, neutralizing, balancing or completely ridding the negative energy of a space it the opportunity for positive energy and clarity to come in. Space clearing is particularly useful as fresh-start between inhabitants, during life transitions, and after stressful or heavy events. However it can also be used to clarify a room’s innate purpose or to address everyday geopathic stress, electrical radiation, EMF discharge and even paranormal activity.

I am Level 1 & II Reiki practitioner and enjoy using lightwork and my feng shui training to help dwellings of all types feel lighter, brighter and full of love. A variety of tools are used in conjunction with reiki including visualization, intentions/affirmations, light bathing, smudging, sound healing and blessing rituals to shift and transform the energy of spaces.