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Grounded by the Earth: How to Use Lithotherapy (Healing Crystal Energy) in Your Feng Shui Home

Lithotherapy, or crystal healing, is an alternative medicine system that uses stones and minerals to harmonize bodily systems. For centuries these ancient pieces of earth have been used in rituals and ceremonies, ingested to the body with elixirs and powders, worn as jewelry and carried as totems in cultures and civilizations around the world.

Even though crystal therapy is considered alternative medicine or metaphsyical pseudoscience, it's popularity still continues to grow, especially as understanding expands for chakras and energy systems. Healing stones are generally affordable and easy to find, available to anyone who is looking to remove physical and psychological stress, release emotional blockages and increase consciousness or awareness.

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.

Nikola Tesla

The healing quality of crystals comes from their chemical composition, color and character. They formed billions of years ago in the depths of the planet, infusing them with utmost power of the Earth's planetary Ch'i. They naturally bring us back to center, elevate our mood, and connect mind, body and spirit.

Considering their healing properties, immense history and beauty, it is no wonder that crystals are considered one of the nine traditional feng shui cures. It is common to find ancient Chinese amulets or carvings made from these magical earth elements. And of course we can't talk about crystal healing without mentioning Feng Shui's most known cure: the faceted crystal.

Also known as a hanging crystal ball, swarovski crystal, crystal sphere or prism, they are clear crystals 30-50 mm in size, often tied with a silk red string. It is commonly hung near doorways or hallways, areas of transition where the chi needs to slow or speed up, or to remedy a poison arrow. They can also be placed according to the bagua for everyday boosts to attract new opportunities and good fortune.

Crystals Can....

  • Purify and cleanse negative energy, including toxic EMFs

  • Provide protection and strength

  • Attract new opportunities, ideas, or connections

  • Release limitations caused by stagnant or stale energy

  • Dissolve negative Chi and nourish positive Chi

What areas of your home, and your life, can benefit from an energy boost? Check out the top feng shui crystals below, each matched with the bagua map or area of your life where intentions can manifest.

For Overall Well-Being (Yin/Yang): Jade

Appearance: Rainbow of Colors, Shiny and Strong

Properties and Symbologies: Growth, Wisdom, History, Harmony, Balance

For Love/Relationships (Yin/Yang): Rose Quartz

Appearance: Light Pink

Properties & Symbologies: Attract Romance, Open Heart, Deepen Connection, Heal Heartbreak, Compassion, Joy, Forgiveness, Peace, Acceptance, Self-Acceptance

For Knowledge/Wisdom (Yin/Yang): Clear Quartz Appearance: Transparent, Prismatic, Illumination

Properties & Symbologies: Spirituality, Mental Clarity, Universal Healing, Versatility, Cleansing & Purification

For Fame/Reputation (Yang): Carnelian

Appearance: Orange to Red

Properties & Symbologies: Activation, Nourishment, Reassurance, Warmth, Power

For Wealth/Abundance (Yang): Citrine

Appearance: Yellow, Orange

Properties & Symbologies: Grounding, Build Self Esteem, Improve Health, Sunlight, Currency

For Family/Heritage (Yang): Amethyst

Appearance: Lilac to Dark Purple, Cluster or Geode

Properties & Symbologies: Relieve Stress, Improve Sleep, Deepen Intuition, Purification, Cleansing, Meditation, Relaxation

For Career/Purpose (Yin): Pyrite

Appearance: Metallic, Gold

Properties: Attract Prosperity, Boost Discipline, Increase Security, Currency, Abundance, Intuition, Clarity, Concsciousness, Protection

For Travel/Helpful People (Yin): Tourmaline

Appearance: All Colors

Properties & Symbologies: Protection, Vitality, Joy

For Children/Creativity (Yin): Selenite

Appearance: Cloudy White

Properties & Symbologies: Shift Aura or Vibration, Decrease Anxiety, Infusion, Illumination, Uplifting, Soothing

How to Choose & Use Your Crystals

Keep Exploring. This list is not of nine crystals is by no means exhaustive. There are HUNDREDS of other popular stones out there that have healing qualities for your space. Each person, and practitioner, will gravitate towards their own unique stones based on their personal vibrational resonance. You can't go wrong if you choose a stone that you're naturally drawn to. For a place to start, explore these other feng shui favorites: Flourite, Jasper, Hematite (for Calming), Black Tourmaline, Tiger's Eye, Black Onyx (for Protection), and Malachite, Lapis (for Manifestation).

Guard & Protect. Store your crystals in pouches, silk bags, or keepsake boxes to maintain their protective power. If you choose to keep them out on display then remember to charge and cleanse them more often. Remember, there is no "wrong" place to put your crystals. It can be based on the bagua, the room's purpose, or just where you intuitively feel something is missing. A stone's ultimate power comes from the intention behind them. The magic lies in YOU, so listen to your heart.

Get Creative: There are a multitude of functional ways to hone crystal energy other than displaying them in your home. Jewelry, window suncatchers, office paper weights or book ends. You can even add tiny crystals to your homemade elixirs and rollerball products.

Charge your Crystals. At least once each season it's important to immerse them in the elements to re-activate and cleanse old energy.

  • Earth - bury them, or store them near quartz

  • Water* - salt water, rainwater,

  • Fire - sunlight, moonlight, candle flame,

  • Wood - smoke from smudge stick

NOTE: The following crystals are NOT water-safe: flourite, malachite, selenite, calcite, hematite, turquoise, halite, pyrite and others ending in "-ite."

Honor them. Think of your stones as sacred living beings, much like your houseplants, and treat them with care and respect by talking to them, caressing them and visualizing them surrounded by love and light and in return they will give the same respect and reward back to you.

Choose Quality. It is important to be cautious when shopping for your stones as there are many synthetically-made, heat-treated replicas or faux crystals out there. Shop with a reputable supplier and research the origin of your stones before making your purchase. Hold it in your hand and feel it's energy before bringing it home will intensify it's feng shui effectiveness that much more.

Focus on Portal Areas. If you would like to super-cleanse, guard, ground and protect your home place your crystals around your doors and windows, the exact places where Chi enters the home. You can keep them on windowsill, in a small tabletop dish, suspend them from ceiling or curtain rods, or hidden above door or window trim.

Grid Them. In some forms of metaphysical practice and ritual, crystals are laid out following patterns of sacred geometry, to give their power and energy an additional boost. Use a cloth or board with pre-printed design (spiral, wheel, triangles, pentagons and more) or make your own symbolic or symmetrical shape. Once the crystals are placed with intention (either through thoughts, verbal affirmations or by writing them on paper beneath the stones) they are aligned and channeled with the divine energies of nature to bring about healing and manifestation.

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Love, Light (and LESS)


Erin Bowers is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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