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Raise Your Vibe: Why It's More Important Than Ever

One of the biggest lessons that the coronavirus can teach us: a healthy body and mind should never be taken for granted.

Our health is our energy. And energy is everything.

Elevate your Vibration

Increase your Frequency

Resonate Higher

Good Vibes Only

These phrases are pretty standard among the spiritually-minded hippie-dippie, woo-woo crowd. But for the average person, what do these words really mean?

It all goes back to science: Energy is Everywhere, and all energy is connected.

As a certified Feng Shui Consultant, I am trained to identify and manipulate the paths of vital energy, or Chi, in our spaces. This energy is also running throughout our bodies in channels which Chinese medicine practitioners call meridians. So just as our home serves as mirrors to our physical, mental and emotional state, our bodies are also a reflection of the same- how we feel, what we think about, as well as the foods we eat, the substances we absorb, and other outside forces in our environment.

Every cell, tissue, organ, and earth-made entity in the world has a unique vibrational resonance. We can learn so much about our health, and our place in the world, by studying the measurable energetic frequencies of these naturally-occurring substances.

The numbers detected by biofeedback machines speak for themselves:

As you can see, the substances and entities that are the most naturally derived from the earth has the highest vibration: concentrated therapeutic plant oils, followed by the organs of the human body, conditions of the body, and the foods we eat.

According to the research of Dr. Robert Becker, Dr. Raymond Rife and pioneer microbiologist Bruce Taino, a person's energetic frequency will drop if they get sick, eat poorly or begin to have repeated negative thoughts about themselves or others.

When someone's wavelength continuously falls below a certain level, you have then set the tone for disease, toxicity and invaders to enter the body and begin to replicate. And because of the law of attraction ("like attracts like"), each frequency acts as a sponge for itself. So low vibrations follow other low ("bad") vibrations, and high vibrations follow other high ("good") vibrations.

As such, your immune system is essentially an energy feedback system. People who maintain the unique optimal frequency of their body can prevent the development of illness and disease.

It has been proven that stress makes the body more susceptible to virus and disease. Of course, being human, we are bound to experience stress and challenges which lower our body frequency. So it takes consistent effort and practice to offset these stressors and attune to your ideal resonance.

We can raise our frequency regularly/daily with the right substances that are compatible at the cellular/energetic level of our being, as well as staying as hopeful and positive as possible. Indeed, science has also confirmed that an optimistic outlook boosts immune systems.

How did we get to this place of global dis-ease?

Because we are all connected, we are each experiencing this coronavirus vibrationally, if not symptomatically. Across every corner of the world there are an alarming number of people who are physically, mentally or emotionally unwell right now. Even if someone's "symptoms" are mild, it will feel magnified because of the depleted state of our collective vibrational energy.

Much of our current health has to do with what we consume, both physically and mentally. Again, it's all energy: Are we fueling our bodies with the freshest, purest plant-based foods? Are we watching images and hearing stories of health, love and joy? Are we consistently spreading feelings of love and positivity?

We attract what we think about, so just reading and talking about the virus over the last few weeks and months has intensified it even more, and led to a breakdown of vital institutions and systems. In other words, this sickness is breeding more sickness.

When many suffer, we all suffer. This macro-consciousness is created by the ripple effect of individual imbalance, negative and unstable energy reaching far and wide.

How do we overcome this global crisis?

By uniting into a higher vibration. We need to have a major shift in our individual and shared frequencies to put things back in balance.

First, work on finding as much energetic balance as possible. If you're dominant in yang (masculine, active) energy then find balance with more yin (feminine, passive) activities and elements, and if you're dominant in yin energy, work on adding in more yang to your life and your space. These new activities will probably feel different and "out of character" at first, but know that your resonance will be shifting. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary changes.

Second, work on making yourself as healthy and happy as possible. Stay as uplifted as you can in mind and body - eat well, exercise, meditate on love and stop any negative thoughts in their tracks.

If each of us can commit to fully bettering ourselves, then eventually the positivity will spread and good will return to our lives and peace will be restored to the world.

Your health is your vital life force. It is crucial to so many interconnected forces in our world. And the good news- so much of our physical and mental health is in our own control.

In the posts to follow I will be sharing dozens of practical strategies to raise your personal vibration. Together but separately we can heal this collective human trauma.

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner


Erin Bowers is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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