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The Ultimate Feng Shui Buyer's Guide & Biz Directory for Homeowners in Asheville, NC

After a feng shui consultation and attunement, my clients are often left wondering where to shop, and which other experts to consult with to optimize their space. My mission is to serve, so I have compiled this list as an ever-evolving reference and resource for feng-shui friendly homegoods and services in the Asheville area and beyond.

*indicates that I have personal experience with them!

Decluttering & Organization

Home Organization


Recycling & Waste Removal

Zero Waste AVL | Asheville Greenworks | Junk Recyclers | 777 Junk | Hard to Recycle Events | Danny's Dumpster | Curbie

Remodeling & Design

Interior Designers & Architects

Professional Color Consultants

Interior & Exterior Painting

Bradley Paint Co* | Interior Painting of Asheville* | Palmer Kennedy Paint | Continuous Colors 

Indoor Air Quality

Additions & Enhancements

Repairs & Maintenance

New Home Furnishings

Consignment/Secondhand Furnishings

City of Asheville Surplus | UNCA Freestore

Online Shopping

Elemental & Transcendental Cures

Curious how to incorporate the 5 earth elements into your space? Check out these Amazon "wishlists" for inspiration!

  • Wood

  • Fire

  • Earth

  • Metal

  • Water

9 Universal Remedies

Looking For More?

Check out my exclusive local Lighter Living Guide - Simple and Sustainable living for Asheville's people AND planet. You can also join my Facebook group for even more recommendations and resources in the area!

Have a business to add?


Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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