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Creating Harmony at Home: The Best Rituals & Remedies for DIY Space Clearing & Energy Cleansing

The places we spend most of our time – our homes, workplaces, or schools impact us more than we realize.

Buildings, like our bodies, hold energy. They absorb the vibrational frequencies of thoughts, emotions, and life circumstances and experiences. As a result, our living spaces accumulate negative energy from stress, sadness, illness, fear, or grief. This lingering energy, sometimes not even our own but from previous occupants, can create a sense of stagnation, tension or heaviness that affects our daily lives.

Through the practice of space clearing, we can transform stagnant or tense energy into vibrations that are light, clear, vibrant, and flowing. Our homes absorb the energy that we bring into it. So raising the energy in our homes ultimately starts with us. In this post, I'll share some common space clearing, and protecting, rituals and remedies.

"Clearing out the old creates space for the new to enter."

Karen Kingston

Understanding Energy

When we encounter heavy or negative energy from others, especially if we're impressionable or vulnerable, we can absorb these low frequencies over time. This can include negative emotions, traumas, stressors, and other struggles they carry. These negative energies, or "psychic debris," get collected by our own aura, affecting our well-being and vitality. Our homes are absorbing all of it!

Fortunately, this energetic clutter isn't permanent and can be remedied.

A space-clearing ceremony can be helpful in situations where there has been a history of negativity, trauma or suffering.

  • illness

  • death

  • domestic disputes

  • drug use

  • violence

  • poverty

Of course, even if there was no negative event or situation, cleansing can be useful, especially in times of transition or major life change, such as breakup, birth, starting a job, selling a home or move/relocation. It can allow you create a fresh start, a blank slate to welcome in abundance, hope and new opportunities.

And we must not forget the stresses of everyday life that can pile on - parenting, work, financial worries , relationships, and more. It's about practicing good spiritual hygiene, creating peaceful environments with clear focus and intention.

The Benefits of Energy Clearing

Today, most of us are spending more time at home than ever before, it's important to regularly clear our spaces of stuck or stagnant energy.

By regularly purifying, neutralizing, or balancing the energy in our spaces, we open the door to positive energy and clarity. Energy clearing helps us

  • identify items, areas or rooms, holding negative energies

  • address stressors like geopathic stress or electromagnetic fields

  • create a conducive environment for growth, productivity, and well-being.

The goal of energy clearing is to transform these lower frequencies into higher, healthier ones. Regular energy-clearing and cleansing practices, as well as grounding, centering, shielding and protecting are essential for maintaining balance and well-being, especially for those on a healing or awakening journey.

"Energy clearing is like opening the windows of your soul and letting in the fresh air."

Tess Whitehurst

Space Clearing Methods

While white sage is one of the most common, known methods for cleansing, it's not always suitable due to various factors like pets, health issues, or housing restrictions

The simplest methods for cleansing include using sound, salt, sunlight, sprays, sacred smoke, or high-frequency plant oils. Thankfully, there are alternative ways to cleanse without smoke or flame.

Remember to open windows or doors when cleansing indoors to allow negative energy to exit. Walls can trap energy, so providing an outlet for it to leave is important.


Open all the windows and doors of the space to let fresh air circulate, neutralizing toxins and releasing negative Chi. This can be done longterm through a clearing for a sacred and intentional 9 minute span.

Sweeping with a broom is also a super common way to cleanse a space, and probably one of the most useful because not only does it remove stale and negative energy, it also physically cleans the space as well. Sweep the area using a broom first to physically cleanse the space, then ritually sweep to remove energy. Be sure to do so counterclockwise (banishing) and sweep the energy out your front door. Combine this with a chant or visualization and some salt.

A deep cleaning also has this effect. Invest in a professional home organization or cleaning service, and you'll literally feel your energy transform.


The ancient ritual of sacred smoke can shift the frequencies in the air with fragrance from the earth, releasing any unwanted or limiting energy. Focus on the corners, doors and windows and bed for greatest priority

  • SMOKE from burning natural wax candle or incense, or sustainably-harvested herbs or spices

    • sage

    • juniper

    • cedar

    • palo santo

    • cinnamon stick

  • SPRAY of high-frequency plant oils. Visualize it absorbing and neutralizing all the unwanted energies.

Open one (or several) windows for the smell and the lower energies to leave the space as you command them out. You can also move the smoke or spray over the following personal items if you sense problems or stagnation

  • Wallet

  • Computer

  • Phone

  • Bed

"Ritual is routine infused with mindfulness. It is habit made holy."

Richard Snipes


  • SALT from the Himalayan mountains, Baltic sea or another pure source, placed in small glass jars around space, or mixed with water into a spray

  • SIMMER POTS are an ancient Pagan tradition to cleanse spaces with the steam from nature's bounty of citrus peels, berries, branches, herbs and spices.

  • SAUTE the shavings of lemon or orange peel to create a pleasant and uplifting energy


Noise, sound, is a powerful and simple energy shifter and can be helpful to mark the beginning and ending of a clearing ritual. It can also "wake up" stagnant or stuck Chi, breaking up negative energies and cleanse an area. Walk counterclockwise around your space while using your preferred sound method to cleanse the space.

  • Clapping

  • Singing

  • Chanting

  • Bells

  • Finger symbols

  • Tuning fork

  • Loud clapping

  • Singing bowls

  • Drums

  • Rattles


Accumulating, hoarding or keeping anything unwanted or unused keeps you in that same energy. From clearing out the fridge, to purging the closet, there is always something to let go.

FIRE CEREMONY In Feng Shui, a fire ceremony is a ritualistic practice aimed at purifying and energizing a space by harnessing the transformative and cleansing power of fire. Fire is believed to transmute stagnant or negative energy into higher frequencies, promoting harmony and balance within the space. This ceremony is often used to clear negative energy, release emotional blockages, and invite positive energy or chi into the environment.

During a fire ceremony, you may use a variety of materials such as candles, herbs, or specific objects symbolizing intentions or desires. The ceremony may involve the burning of these materials in a controlled and intentional manner in a fire-resistant bowls or container such as ceramic or clay pots, cast iron cauldrons, metal bowls, and stone vessels. The ceremony is often accompanied by prayers, affirmations, or visualizations to strengthen the intention of the ritual.


Asperging is the practice of cleansing a space or object using sanctified water. In the Catholic tradition, this is usually holy water, but many witches use water that has been blessed with salt. The water is then sprinkled around the space to cleanse the area, usually using a tool of some sort. You can use your fingers or an herb bundle or pine branch to sprinkle the water.

You can create an ‘attractor’ for lower energies. Pour a glass of water and set the intention that lower energies that are in your field will be absorbed by this water. Keep the glass filled with water until your energy feels clear and free. Then flush the "toxic" water down the toilet or pour it onto the earth to be transformed back into love by mother nature.

Bonus; Tornado jars use storm magic to cleanse and purify a space. To create a tornado jar, combine stormwater, salt in a clear glass jar.

For added power Add cleansing essential oils

  • lemongrass

  • patchouli

  • tea tree

As well as water-proof cleansing crystals:

  • obsidian

  • black tourmaline

  • clear quartz

Swirl the jar to create a mini-tornado while chanting….

"This storm shall absorb all negativity by the power of the elements. This house will be rid of all ill intent and evil. With crash of thunder and howling winds, this space is protected and those within. Happiness and love are all that remain.'"

Place the jar in a prominent place in your home or on your altar. Give it a swirl every once in a while to gather up any stagnant or negative energy that has built up.


If you are looking to cleanse a space, open windows, and use mirrors to reflect more sunlight into the space. Decorate your space with fresh flowers.

"Just as we clean our physical space, we must also clean our energetic space to invite peace and harmony into our lives."

Tisha Morris

Space Protection Methods

Protection rituals for your space are crucial for maintaining a harmonious and energetically balanced environment. Just as we lock our doors to protect our physical space, implementing protection rituals shields our homes, workplaces, or any space from negative energies, unwanted influences, and disturbances on an energetic level.


In the air, write a power symbol or sigil on each wall of the home, as well as the floor and ceiling, using a crystal wand with a point. Selenite, Quartz or "Mystic Merlinite"/Indigo Gabbro are recommended!


Sprinkle pure salt around the perimeter of a property while repeating a mantra or intention with a traditional set of mala bead (108 beads for each)


Crystal grids can be used for a variety of protective or cleansing purposes. Create a pattern that speaks to you, or use sacred geometry to create your grid. Cleans your crystals by blowing ( physically removing dust and debris) but also fill the object with your energy and intent. Charge each of the crystals with your intent and place the grid in the space you wish to be cleansed. Allow to sit for 24 to 72 hours. You can leave the crystal grid permanently in a space, but be sure to cleanse and charge the crystals often to ensure it continues to work. The best crystals for protection:

  • Smoky quartz

  • Black tourmaline

  • Selenite

  • Obsidian

Blow out the old, blow in the new. Blow out the false, blow in the true.

Drive away harm & fear. Only peace and goodness is welcome here.

A white light surrounds this space, only divine love is in this place.

Negative energies you may not stay, today I release you on your way.

From here on out we banish thee, these are my words so will it be.

Space or Land Blessing

A space or land blessing ritual before moving, building, or inhabiting a property helps establish a sacred connection between the space and its occupants while honoring the land's history and energy. It sets the foundation for a nurturing and supportive environment, promoting peace, balance, and spiritual well-being for all who dwell within it.

The best time to do a blessing is when you first purchase a property, prior to any moving in, remodeling or demolition project. This ceremony allows you to thank and connect to the guardians of a space and work together in cooperation., ensuring a smooth transition and progress. After the energy is cleared read a beautiful heartfelt blessing or prayer. Create your own or use this one…

To my Source & Spirit, Guides & Guardians, Angel, Allies, & Ancestors

To Father Time, Mother Earth, Divine Friends and Family

Please breathe your loving energy into this space and fill the air with vitality, hope and joy.

Warm this home with heart, comfort, and companionship as each season passes.

Keep security and safety here and make all defenses strong and protected.

Bless each meal here and allow its nourishment to heal the body.

Allow rest and relaxation here to fuel us in balance and harmony

Support creativity here and the growth of dreams and new ideas.

Foster learning and discovery here in the journey to achieve the highest good.

May this doorway bring good fortune and safe journeys to those who pass through

May this floor provide stability and light the steps of all who tread upon it

May this roof hold strong to shield the bodies, spirits and mind of those within

May these corners and walls soak in rich sounds of laughter and love

May those who visit here only know the blessings of generosity and community

May those who live here only know a place of prosperity and possibility

We ask for the blessings of happiness, health, wisdom, wealth

Blessings of laughter and fun, Blessings from the stars, moon and sun

Blessings of protection and peace, Blessings from the north, south, west and east

Let kindness and peace abide. Let faith protect and guide. Let abundance grow and thrive.

Through you and in you, we bless this Home and all those who live here and visit here.

And so it is. Thank you for your divine love and pure protection in this sacred space.


Closing the Cleansing

How will you know if your energy is cleared and balanced? A divination tool like a pendulum is super helpful! You can ask it Yes/No questions, or use it as a 'meter" to read the quality of the energy.

Spin it counterclockwise to "unwind" and remove negative energy. Then keeping your hand still, ask Spirit and Source to harmonize your space, and yourself back to your highest energy state. Allow it to spin until it stops or it moves in a different direction. Then you know it’s complete.

Once the negative energy is released, don't forget to create new energy with intentions of what you're planning to attract

  • Coin activation - place in key energy center, at entrance, near stove, or under bed

  • Flower mandala- creating beauty in your space

"When we clear the energy in our surroundings, we make room for positivity and abundance to flow into our lives."

Davina Mackail

Wrapping it Up

Our homes are an extension, and reflection, of our lives. If you're feeling stuck or seeking harmony and flow in your space, space clearing could be beneficial.

In essence, cleansing and protection rituals are not only about shielding our physical space but also about nurturing our spiritual and emotional well-being. They provide a sense of empowerment, allowing us to cultivate a sanctuary where we can thrive, recharge, and cultivate positive energy amidst the challenges of the outside world.

Feeling overwhelmed? I'm here to support you. As a Level 1 & II Reiki practitioner with training in Feng Shui, I use various clearing, visualization and divination tools and techniques to cleanse, align, bless, and protect your space.

I will direct healing energy throughout our home, focusing on areas where negative energies may be stagnant or lingering. By infusing a space with positive vibrations and intention, together we'll transform the energy in your life, promoting greater harmony, balance, vitality, synchronicity, peace and well-being. Reach out to book your energy clearing session today!


Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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