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How to Reprogram & Recondition Your Subconscious Mind So You Can Achieve Your Full Potential

"The mind is everything. What you think, you become."


Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize and rewire itself based on experience or consistent and focused efforts. Yes, we can absolutely change our minds, both subconsciously and consciously.

Both conscious and subconscious reprogramming share common principles :

  • Self-awareness

  • Intense Focus

  • Consistency

  • Detachment from Outcome

Both approaches aim to empower individuals to take control of their thoughts and emotions and reshape their lives in positive ways. Both approaches lead to a transformation of self-concept, helping individuals separate their true selves from past narratives and leading to powerful personal growth.

“If you dwell on difficulties, barriers or delay, the subconscious, by its very non-selective nature, accepts the feeling of those obstacles as your request and proceeds to produce them in your outer world.”

Neville Goddard

Understanding Your Programming

There are states of consciousness and brainwave activity within each part of the brain.

The Unconscious Mind is the SLEEPING mind, driven by rest, restoration and recovery.

  • Delta Frequency (0.5-4 Hz) brainwaves play a crucial role in physical healing, deep sleep/dreamless slumber.

The Conscious Mind is the THINKING or WORKING mind, driven by wakefulness, current wishes and desires. It is...

  • the realm of "effect"

  • the masculine energy - where ideas, imagination and images are generated

  • present moment awareness and alertness

  • Beta Frequencies (13-30 Hz) control active problem-solving, analytical or critical thinking, logical reasoning, concentration, focus, and mental engagement.

The Subconscious Mind, on the other hand, is the FEELING mind, driven by love or fear. It is...

  • the realm of CAUSE

  • the feminine energy - where ideas, insights, imagination, inspiration and intuitions are received and expressed

  • past, abstract or spiritual awareness

  • Theta Frequency (4-8 Hz) is linked to a state of deep relaxation, personal transformation and altered states of consciousness.

Note: Alpha Frequency (8-13 Hz) represents a relaxed, clear and calm mental state, occurring during meditation, mindfulness, daydreaming, self-hypnosis and creative activities like visualization or deep imaginings. While alpha states are primarily Conscious, the subconscious mind is still active in the background.

"The subconscious mind is far more powerful than we realize. It cannot distinguish between a real event and a vividly imagined one."

Dr. Joseph Murphy

The Subconscious is different from the Conscious because it is

  • where all the emotions of past experiences are recorded and stored

  • always operating and multitasking in the background

  • communicating to the conscious via your reactions and unconscious dreams

  • accepting what your conscious mind decrees in a directing literal way

  • built on habituation

Scientists estimate that 95% of our lives are influenced by the subconscious mind. Thus most people spend all of their waking (and sleeping) life running off their default subconscious programs that were formed in the first 7 years of life, even into the mother's womb. Some of these are due to long-forgotten events or microtraumas. Unfortunately, many of these programs are disempowering and long overdue for an update.

"You are not your brain; you are the user of your brain. The more we use self-directed neuroplasticity to rewire our brains, the more likely we are to gain mastery over our own lives."

Jeffrey M. Schwartz

Negative emotions that remain stored and trapped in the subconscious mind and energetic body and can cause imbalances and blockages, affecting an individual's overall physical and psychological wellbeing. Every emotion has its own energetic frequency which can disrupt the body's natural healing capabilities as well as contribute to self-sabotaging patterns. As such, identifying and releasing these trapped emotions is vital for one's health, happiness. and personal development.

Also, its important to change the narrative around trauma healing. It should be purely subconscious and unconscious work rather than traditional talk therapy.There is an outdated belief that we are suffering from trauma because we didn’t “feel it enough” at the time.

The body doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or imagined, so when we speak about our trauma by retelling it we are physically, mentally, and spiritually re-traumatizing ourselves, every single time.

The way to heal trauma is to make the subconscious mind understand that the event is over and we are safe now. When we do, that information processes and integrates with our current timeline. If we get the message across effectively, we can shift decades of trauma in a matter of minutes. But the subconscious is like a robotic/computer operating system - it doesn’t respond to traditional “logic”, which is why you can’t “convince yourself” out of anxiety, ruminating thoughts, or depression.

If you’ve been trying to heal trauma for years and it hasn’t been working, just know that it’s probably not you. It’s the modality you’re using. It's possible to heal trauma gently and rapidly, without prolonged suffering.

“We are not meant to stay wounded. By remaining stuck in the power of our wounds, we block our own transformation.Wounds are the means through which we enter the hearts or other people. They are meant to teach us to become compassionate and wise.”

Caroline Myss

Recognizing Self-Sabotage

Secondary gain is a psychological concept that refers to when a person subconsciously maintains their current situation because they derive hidden benefits or advantages from holding onto their conditions or situations. These covert "perks" may seem counterintuitive and can be psychologically complex.

Every on-going problem, illness/disease, or stagnant or 'downtrodden"situation is believed to have a deeper unconscious driver, supporting the Ego and allowing the person to remain in their comfort zone.

Some examples of secondary gains include

  • receiving attention (affirmation, sympathy, financial support), care or validation that was perhaps previously lacking in your life

  • avoiding responsibilities or new challenges (staying small by not pursuing dreams, letting people borrow money if you get rich, staying antisocial

  • releasing feelings of guilt (for giving minimal effort or being "lazy")

To overcome these secondary gains and shift from a stuck position, it's crucial to bring awareness to these hidden beliefs and release the fear and emotional stories your mind has constructed around them. A process of developing and building trust allows you to shatter your internal limits and pursue success more effectively.

Understanding your secondary gain is essential because it can significantly impact your healing process. Many people are not aware that they have a secondary gain, and this lack of awareness can limit their pursuit of success and affect various aspects of their lives.

"The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation."


Benefits of Subconscious Reprogramming

Subconscious reprogramming and reconditioning involves making intentional changes to the beliefs, thoughts, and patterns stored in your subconscious mind. This process can offer several benefits:

  • breaking unhealthy or unproductive habits like smoking, overeating, or procrastination.

  • boosting your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

  • changing how you perceive and respond to stressful situations.

  • improving relationships and creating healthier and more fulfilling connections with others.

  • increasing your motivation and drive to pursue your goals and dreams.

  • healing emotional wounds and unresolved traumas from the past

  • enhancing resiliency and the ability to handle adversity

  • releasing victimhood or blame

  • aligning beliefs and thoughts with a more desirable self-image

  • helping you reach your potential and become the best version of yourself.

  • promoting mindfulness and present-moment awareness

  • overcoming limiting beliefs that may have held you back in the past.

  • enhancing creativity and innovative solutions-based thinking

  • addressing the root causes of dissatisfaction and unhappiness

  • increasing energetic balance and vitality

  • accelerating spiritual growth and personal development.

“A change of feeling is a change of destiny.”

Neville Goddard

The Process of Subconscious Reprogramming

There are several steps for overcoming your engrained self-sabotaging or unhealthy patterns, thoughts, habits and behaviors. changing your brain for the better. Below is a practical framework for changing your brain for the better, breaking the cycle of automatic negativity.


RECOGNIZE your Patterns & Triggers

Identifying your unhelpful patterns or triggers is a crucial step in developing healthier and more balanced thinking and approach to life.

Bringing your patterned thoughts, behaviors and actions into your conscious awareness will allow you to recognize when they are occurring and understand their impact. As long as your fears are unconscious and unaddressed, healing will be stalled.

To identify the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back look at the areas of life where you face the most challenges or obstacles. Where are you stressed and/or stagnant? Where are you using defense or coping mechanisms to protect yourself?

Most subconscious blocks occur as limiting beliefs, insecurity/inferiority, fixed mindsets and negative self-talk in the following areas:

  • LOVE/RELATIONSHIPS - abandonment wounds, rejection wounds, betrayal wound

  • FINANCES/MONEY - lack/poverty wounds, embarrassment/humiliation wound

  • CAREER/WORK - visibility wounds, injustice wound, rejection wounds

  • HEALTH/LIFESTYLE - visibility wounds, rejection wounds, betrayal wounds

These wounds were created in your past but become the filter for your present. In these areas we will feel emotional stress or discomfort in the form of guilt, shame, blame, unworthiness, comparison, inconsistency, indecision, withdrawal, anxiety or cognitive distortions like personalization, magnification/catastrophizing, minimizing or polarizing. You may also have a tendency to complete repress or suppress your true feelings.

Acknowledging that your subconscious mind may resist change is the first step. Awareness of this resistance allows you to address it consciously.

“Sleep is the time when the male or conscious mind turns from the world of sense to seek its lover or subconscious self.”

Neville Goddard


REFRAME your Patterns

After becoming aware of your negative patterns and labeling them accurately, you can reframe them by understanding that they are not accurate reflections of your true self/identity or representations of your reality.

Create distance between yourself and your thoughts to avoid getting entangled in them and letting them define you. Reinterpret them in a more helpful and constructive light.

"To see takes time, like to have a friend takes time."

Georgia O'Keeffe

RELEASE any Resistance

The first step in releasing these subconscious fears is the WILLINGNESS to release them.

Make sure to detach from the outcome by holding a feeling of indifference to your wish. Clinging too tightly to a desire implies control and fear. By letting go and trusting the divine timeline and process, manifestations become more effortless.

Remember, you are not unlucky, bad, wrong for having subconscious blocks or wounds. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone has their own programming that creates their reality and experience. This just happens to be yours. Get curious, not judgemental!

“All great spirituality is about what we do with our pain. If we do not transform our pain, we will transmit it to those around us.”

Richard Rohr


REPLACE or REDIRECT your Thoughts or Beliefs

This step involves consciously choosing to replace your limiting thoughts, beliefs or actions with more positive ones, focusing your energy and attention on more empowered, purposeful and helpful thoughts and behaviors that align with your values and goals.

You can consciously change how you interpret and respond to triggers. Redirect your attention toward intentionally positive actions and behaviors that reinforce new neural pathways in your brain that support positive change.

The primary way to to cultivate a new internal state and positive feelings is through the practice of Creative Imagining.

REPEAT with Intention

To create lasting change. consistent repetition of your positive thoughts, beliefs, and visions is imperative, Over time the subconscious mind gradually accepts the new feeling and it begins to influence your daily behavior and circumstances. As new images are embedded and impressed into the subconscious, new scenes are revised. This is especially effective in the relaxed, receptive state before sleep or just after waking. This is when we are in a Theta wave state and are most easily "programmable"

Be very consistent and persistent with the methods you choose to install positive messages into your subconscious mind. As soon as these transformations become apparent, you’ll feel motivated to keep moving forward, but until that happens, stick with it and know that these changes are lifelong, powerful, and well worth waiting for.

REINFORCE your Efforts

In the final step, remind yourself of your higher purpose, goals and values and recognize what truly matters to you. By consistently remembering the importance of personal growth, you further strengthen the neural pathways associated with these values.

"The ordinary waking consciousness is a very useful and, on most occasions, an indispensable state of mind; but it is by no means the only form of consciousness, nor in all circumstances the best. Insofar as he transcends his ordinary self and his ordinary mode of awareness, the mystic is able to enlarge his vision, to look more deeply into the unfathomable miracle of existence."

Aldous Huxley

Integration & Synchronization

Mental programming is most effective when both hemispheres of the brain are working in harmony together. This is known as "whole brain synchronization," or brainwave synchronization and can enhance the effectiveness of subconscious programming because it creates more even and balanced blood flow.

Brainwave patterns that are in sync are associated with overall brain health: improved mental and emotional states, increased creativity, enhanced cognitive function and problem-solving abilities, and reduced stress.

  • The LEFT (masculine) hemisphere of the brain is associated with logical or analytical thinking, language, mathematical or sequential processing.

  • The RIGHT (feminine) hemisphere of the brain is associated with arts/creativity, connection, intuition, imagination, and holistic or unconventional thinking.

The gift of the right brain is knowing "what you don't know". It is our true potential, whereas the left brain is what you do know, in the present. It networks within itself. Because The right brain has access to intuition and higher self/spirit, it is the master of new awareness, new insights and possibilities. Right brain tools help us when we want to make progress and achieve spiritual, emotional or psychological breakthroughs in our life.

Different techniques can help balance brainwave activity between the left and right hemispheres. There are a few healing methods for achieving whole brain synchronization, but that. are specifically focused on stimulating and expanding the horizons of your right-brain. These practices are ideal just before bed or immediately upon waking to optimize your theta and alpha brain states.

They can help you

  • tap into your intuitive and holistic thinking abilities.

  • enhance your overall brain function and cognitive ability,

  • foster creative thinking


Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation can create a state of relaxation and heightened awareness where you can access and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. It allows you to observe your thoughts and detach from them, making it easier to introduce new beliefs and intentions.

Similarly, hypnotherapy can induce a deeply relaxed state where the conscious mind becomes less critical and resistant, allowing direct access to the subconscious. It can uncover and address the root causes of limiting beliefs and replace them with more positive and supportive ones.

A complementary practice to both meditation and hypnosis is creative Visualization. This involves using your imagination to vividly visualize a desired outcome. By repeatedly seeing and feeling your goals as if they have already been achieved, you can rewire your subconscious to align with those goals. This helps create a sense of familiarity and comfort with your desired emotions, making it more likely that your subconscious will accept them as reality.

  • Create a vision board with images and affirmations that represent your goals can serve as a daily reminder and reinforcement of your desired outcomes.

  • Vividly imagine and feel the physical sensations desired outcome/the wish fulfilled

  • Boldly accept and assume the mental state of the desired outcome/the wish fulfilled as you go about your day

  • Courageously embrace and adopt the emotional experience of the desired outcome/ the wish fulfilled during you visualization, and as you go about your day

  • Experiencing different cultures and environments through travel can stimulate your creativity and broaden your perspective.

  • Explore literature, both fiction and non-fiction, from various genres and cultures.

  • Engage in visual brainstorming sessions with others to generate creative ideas and solutions.

  • Use techniques like mind mapping to visualize ideas and connections. visual aids like diagrams, charts, and infographics to understand complex concepts.

  • Spend time outdoors, connect with nature, and observe the beauty of the natural world.

  • Question the status quo and traditional ways of thinking.

  • Encourage yourself to think outside the box and consider unconventional solutions.

Creative Exploration

Writing can be a gateway to your subconscious mind. Our subconscious absorbs vast amounts of information and ideas that may not reach our conscious mind. Writing helps you access and express your subconscious thoughts and emotions, making it a valuable technique for self-discovery.

Research indicates that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. By regularly writing down and reading your goals, you align your subconscious mind with your conscious desires, making it more likely to work towards making them a reality.

  • Painting, drawing, sculpting, or any form of visual art can stimulate your right brain.

  • Explore your imagination through writing fiction, poetry, or creative writing

  • Play an instrument, compose music, or simply listen to a wide range of musical genres.

  • Take up dancing as a hobby, whether it's formal dance classes or informal dance parties at home.

  • Experiment with new recipes and ingredients to engage your creative culinary skills.

  • Attend art exhibitions, theater performances, and concerts to immerse yourself in creative expressions.

  • Take classes or workshops related to the arts to develop new skills.

  • Allow yourself to play, experiment, and have fun without the pressure of achieving a specific goal.

  • Collaborative projects and discussions can stimulate creativity and holistic thinking by bringing diverse perspectives together.

  • Document/Journal your creative ideas, inspirations, and thoughts regularly.

Spiritual Practices

There are other common modalities for nervous system regulation and healing. The goal of these is not to erase painful memories but to "desensitize" the subconscious and clear the discomfort associated with them in a gentle way. When one can recall and discuss a traumatic experience without an emotional reaction or trigger response, the trauma successfully becomes a historical memory. Those trapped emotions have been released and dissolved.

Start by asking for help from your spirit guides, higher self, angels and ancestors.

In all timelines and dimensions,

Please abolish and release any vows, curses or contracts that are preventing me from...

Please remove any blockages or blind spots within me that are preventing me from...

Please reveal anything in me that needs nurturing or healing.

Please open me to all of the support, signs and solutions available to me to achieve my desire.

Please recalibrate my entire energy field, outside and in, to full-spectrum abundance and alignment

Somatic (Physical) Practices

Somatic healing practices focus on the mind-body connection to process and release physical and emotional tension stored in the body.

Taking care of your physical and mental health is essential. A healthy diet, regular exercise, staying hydrated, and making positive decisions all contribute to maintaining your body and mind in optimal condition. When your body is healthy, both your conscious and subconscious minds can operate at their best.

  • Movement practices that require cross-lateral emotional or mindful coordination between the left and right sides of the body like yoga, ecstatic dance, Qi Gong and Tai Chi can help synchronize the brain and also promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve focus by controlling breathing and movement.

  • Bodywork - massage therapy, cold therapy, acupuncture

  • Breathwork

  • Energy Medicine - Reiki, EFT/Tapping, Pranic Healing, Lithotherapy

  • Earth Medicine- Forest Bathing, Earthing, etc

  • Sound Healing

  • Muscle Testing for neurofeedback and biofeedback

“If you can sit with your pain, listen to your pain and respect your pain—in time you will move through your pain.”

Bryant McGill

Cognitive (Mental) Practices

Cognitive healing practices help us make sense of what happened to us and create new meaning from our story. They target the mind to identify and change dysfunctional or negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and distortions that contribute to emotional distress or mental health issues.

  • Talk therapy or counseling such as psychoanalysis

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)

  • ThetaHealing

  • Emotion Code / Body Code - therapeutic magnetic

  • Binaural beats involve listening to two slightly different frequencies in each ear, which the brain perceives as a third, "beat" frequency. The brain tends to synchronize its brainwaves with this beat frequency, promoting whole brain synchronization. Listen to binaural beats at the frequency of 6 htz. Theta brainwave states, which are associated with creativity and deep connection, are ideal for rewiring the subconscious. Bilateral brain activities such as playing a musical instrument also involve both hemispheres.

  • Positive Affirmations and Self-Talk involves repeating present-tense affirmations related to your goals during visualization can help reinforce the new beliefs you want to instill in your subconscious Its important to say these with emphasis, enthusiasm and elevated emotion. These are great to accompany with theta sound healing to communicate a message of SAFETY to the fearful subconscious mind, informing the brain's amygdala to stop releasing cortisol and thus downshifting the body to a state of homeostasis. Recording and listening to your affirmations in your own voice can be super impactful, whether awake or as subliminal audio while sleeping.

  • Self-Inquiry & Reflection involves asking a series of questions designed to help understand our triggers, challenge stressful thoughts and beliefs and ultimately find greater clarity and peace of mind. It encourages one to go deep within to find alternative perspectives and answers that live beneath the conscious.

First, write down a stressful thought or belief, and then ask the following Questions.

  • Is the thought true? Can you absolutely know it’s true?

  • How do you react or respond when you believe that thought?

    • What do you feel? What emotions come up when you think of stressor?

    • How do you act upon treat the situation and yourself, when you believe that thought?

    • What past experience mirrors that emotion or situation?

  • Who would you be without the thought?

    • How would you feel and how would your life be different if you didn’t have the ability to have that thought?

    • What benefits are you're getting from staying stuck? What "victim perks" would you lose by releasing that part of yourself?

    • What fears do you associate with succeeding?

It should be noted that the effectiveness of whole brain synchronization techniques may vary from person to person so it's essential to find the approach that works best for you. While many people report benefits such as reduced stress and improved focus, the scientific evidence supporting these claims is still evolving. It's essential to choose practices or technologies that align with your specific goals and preferences and consult with a healthcare professional if you have specific health or mental health concerns.

"We are not victims of anything other than the programs we are operating from. Change the programs you are operating from. If your subconscious programs match the wishes and desires of the conscious mind, your life will be one continuous honeymoon experience for as long as you live on this planet."

Bruce Lipton

Wrapping it Up

Our power is in our pain, our wounds are our wisdom.

The mind is the most influential tool we have to heal ourselves. Despite negative or limiting programming, we have the ability to recondition our consciousness and reprogram our subconsciousness. By understanding how our brain processes info and working and communicating with it deliberately and intentionally we can achieve the most rewarding level of health, happiness and freedom.

Don't let subconscious fears hold you back from making the positive changes you desire in your life Change can be overwhelming, so breaking it down into smaller, manageable steps can make the process less daunting, building momentum and confidence as you go. Celebrate your progress, bit by bit, and focus on the benefits that come with each subtle shift.

When we can create an inner state of peace and joy, our outer circumstances will begin to manifest in the physical world. Through commitment and consistency we can transform from the inside, out.

Don’t expect to see immediate results (occasionally that can happen). But remember, it took years to install these programs, so the "uninstallation" process may take some time. Have patience with your personal growth and healing process. Deconditioning, unlearning and re-learning takes years, even lifetimes. You got this!

“I discovered that when I believed my thoughts I suffered, but when I didn’t believe them I didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that.”

Byron Katie

Ready to unlock your full potential and flourish in all areas of your life?

Through the tools of space clearing, feng shui, and Human Design, I'm here to support you in your journey to greatness. Your path to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life starts here.



Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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