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Human Design 101: The Ultimate Reference Guide to Reading Your Chart —and Knowing & Loving Yourself!

First there was Myers Briggs, then astrology, then the Enneagram, and now... Human Design and Gene Keys.

Hooray for this modern age of self-awareness/understanding, psychospirituality and personal development! In the Human Design framework, your "life path" or birth chart is displayed in a complex visual called a Bodygraph. This chart depicts how to use your unique energetic frequency to reach your full potential and can reveal everything about your true, most aligned self including your

  • life purpose

  • innate personality

  • talents and gifts

  • ideal method of decision making

  • ideal relationship style

  • ideal dietary regimen

  • ideal environments for living

Overall, Human Design is a wonderful tool which reminds us that...

  • Our energy, our vibrational frequency and field, is our greatest asset, our vital path to success and therefor MUST be protected and honored.

  • We're all wired in a completely unique way. Just because one formula or narrative works for some, does not mean it will work for all.

  • There is no such thing as good or bad in Human Design, just different. We are all perfectly imperfect!

  • The Body holds so much more wisdom and knowing than the Mind.

  • When we take the power and authority away from our conditioned minds we align with our truest, most aligned and abundant selves.

"Your Job, now and forever, is to heal your true nature and let it thrive."

Martha Beck

What do Human Design and Gene Keys systems have in common?

“The Magic of Being”

Human Design and the Gene Keys overlap in wisdom in several ways. They both are universal frameworks and complementary self-awareness systems for understanding the karmic and energetic forces at play in your life. Each can help...

  • SYNTHESIZE multiple streams of modern and traditional science and philosophy including Astrology, the IChing, Chakras, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Jungian Psychology, and epigenetics/biochemistry

  • EXAMINE the exact locations of the celestial bodies at time of our imprinting in the womb, and at our time of birth to communicate the wisdom of the cosmos and our genetic predispositions/currents which shape our lives.

  • OFFER profound insights to how our spirit/soul bodies navigate the material world - exploring how we make decisions and interact with others and our surroundings

  • HELP us realize and understand our unique nature and the recurring themes in our lives which lead to higher (or lower) states of consciousness and mental clarity

Why are these systems so valuable?

The Human Design and the Gene Keys systems hold valuable insights which can transform our awareness and understanding of our selves, and the world! They...

  • REVEAL what Shadows (blind spots, core wounds, challenges, curses) that we are destined to be victims of and and what Light (innate gifts, creative genius, blessings) we are empowered through

  • TEACH us how to accept/embrace, integrate/transform or overcome our Light and Shadows, the lessons we’re meant to learn as routes to transcendence and our highest potential

  • UNCOVER ways to achieve permanent open heartedness and attract seamless positive change and what is truly meant for you

  • GIVE permission to embody our deepest truths, to express our whole selves and live in our full potential as we were built and wired to

  • SHARE areas, opportunities and tools to achieve individuation and live intuitively by separating from the limiting mental paradigms and systems which create resistance, and cause dysfunction, suffering, stagnation or strain

  • ALLOW us to access and align with the liberation of our true selves, unlocking a life of clarity, authenticity, joy, freedom, purpose, prosperity, self-actualization and soul ascension

Illuminate. Explore. Immerse. Embrace. Evolve

How are Human Design & Gene Keys different?

HUMAN DESIGN “The Science of Differentiation”

GENE KEYS “The Art of Transformation”

  • Founded in 1987-1992 by Ra Uru Ha

  • More Masculine/Yang approach - A transmission of wisdom that is more fixed/static, practical, logical, mechanical and strategic

  • The “Why” of your Life- An instructional manual with detailed Parameters, Profiles, and Archetypes

  • Visual depiction called Bodygraph Chart which reveals how the Gene Keys work in the body

  • Simple awareness tools for accepting, overcoming, releasing or shifting lifetimes of conditioning and colonization,

  • How to optimize, receive and transmit energy most efficiently by examining the Conscious and Unconscious selves

  • Quantum Journey’s: Initiation (Mind), Civilization (Form), Duality (Relationships), Mutation (Spirit)

  • Founded in 1987 by Richard Rudd

  • More Feminine/Yin approach - a transmission of wisdom that is Experiential and Evolving, Emotional, Spiritual,

  • The “How” of your Life- An Interpretive Storybook or Road Map of your Self Development and inner being

  • Visual depiction called Hologenetic Profile shows 11 Spheres of Life, plus corresponding Spectrums of Consciousness

  • Knowledge that is designed to break through your self-imposed limitations, activate your inherent genius and raise frequency of your DNA and manifest true higher purpose

  • Golden Path Sequences: designed to activate, integrate, and liberate your true self in the physical, emotional and mental realms of your life.

What are the differences between your Design and your Personality?

We each are part of an evolution of human consciousness. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm of building an entity, something much larger than ourselves.

Our Personality conscious is the one that comes back lifetime after lifetime. When we die ("correctly") we return again after being “updated” with the frequencies of our new experiences. However who we are is different each time because of our Design unconsdious..



  • Activated UNCONSCIOUS Planetary Gates

  • Formed in Pre-Natal life- approximately 3 months/88 days (end of 2nd trimester) before birth

  • On left side of HD biograph, usually in red

  • Second number of Profile

  • How others see you

  • What/Who you really actually are

  • More subtly felt or experienced, more mysterious until age 28-30 (Saturn Return) and age 44 (Uranus Opposition) when they become more apparent

  • Qualities you’re less aware of - your bio-genetic inheritance and unresolved ancestral traumas, blind spots in your wiring

  • Linked to physical, and intuition and our True, Authentic, Natural Self.

  • Living within this alignment leads to ease, fulfillment, comfort

  • Activated CONSCIOUS Planetary Gates

  • Formed at birth and through childhood, depicted in Natal birth chart

  • On right side of HD biograph, usually in red

  • First number in Profile

  • How you see yourself

  • What/Who you think/believe you should be

  • More readily felt, apparent and obvious themes in your life

  • Qualities you’re more aware of - preferences, natural tendencies, triggers, childhood wounds, unresolved/repressed traumas

  • Linked to mental body and reasoning/logic, as well as Ego self, Not-Self, False self, Shadow Self

  • Living within this noise/static often leads to dis-ease, disatisfaction, and dysfunction

We are 99.8% the same molecularly, but that 0.2% variation is what makes each one of us unique. There is no one else in the world who is exactly like you. You have your own fingerprint, your own anatomy, and your own constitution that affects the way that you present yourself to the world. That is your Dharma.

Deepak Chopra

Why is 'Deconditioning' so important in Human Design?

The HD journey is less about self-development and self improvement, and more about self understanding and self-ACCEPTANCE .

This begins with an un-doing, de-conditioning, or deprogramming of what we thought was the Self. These concepts began before birth and were programmed through age 7.

When we talk about conditioning in Human Design, we are talking about taking in energy through our open gates, channels, and centers. Across our lives, each of us has become homogenized by absorbing other people's narratives and programming about what is needed for belonging.

Our social conditioning comes from all energy (including thoughts, beliefs, narratives, stories) outside of our selves and our colonization. This absorbed energy gets translated into programming in the form of thoughts in our minds and thus behaviors and choices in our lives. Usually this absorbed energy is incorrect/misaligned for us and only causes us suffering and self-destructive patterning.

The deconditioning process, also called Differentiation, is the path to our purest selves, fully embracing the way we were born. It begins with becoming aware of who you are and who you are not and involves playing and experimenting with various strategies and tools within your day to day experience.

Once we separate ourselves from the noise of the Mind and outside influences we experience what the Self really is - the holy presence and truth within the Body. The deconditioning process also breaks down into two kinds of work: behavioral change and identity change.

Thankfully every Human Design type has a specific Strategy and Authority for which, if honored and followed, will result in the most flow and abundance in life because it aligns you with the creative Source of the Universe. Source does not want you to suffer or struggle, or constantly feel in survival mode.

Remember, deconditioning takes time. It takes the average person seven years to decondition after they've learned their energy type. When we can live according to our authoritative design, that is when we are able to get into our flow The key is to first have Awareness and recognition when we are out of congruence with our True Self.

"Don't tell me how I should go. Don't tell me to go that way. I'm not going that colonial way just to please you.
My way is not one of destruction, power and domination. My way is of creativity, art, knowledge, love, respecting the beings, nature and freedom.
I go my decolonial way, my Indigenous way, my ancestral way. I'm going only that way. I only go where my essence's steps take me. I hope we'll meet along the Decolonial Way."

Eloy Bida

How do I get my chart?

There are a variety of sites that allow you to generate your free chart using your birth date, time and location.

The problem with these sites is that these do not provide an interpretation and analysis of the chart, just the chart themselves. You'll either need to spend some time studying and learning the systems and language on your own, or invest in a personalized chart reading with a qualified specialist.

Human Design A-Z


The Human Design system divides individuals into four or five life-force energy archetypes:

  • Manifestors (approx 9% of population)

  • Generators + Manifesting Generators (approx 70% of pop)

  • Projectors (approx 20% of pop)

  • Reflectors (approx 1% of pop)

Each of these aura types has several key characteristics to how they approach life.

  • Definition

  • Profile

  • Incarnation Cross

  • Strategy

  • Authority

  • Signature Frequencies or Themes

  • Energetic Needs- Connection, Contribution, Collaboration, Community, Co-Creation

By experimenting with these characteristics, you can begin to align yourself with who you really are and with the world around you,

Each type has a unique higher purpose, but Regardless of type, it is everyone's universal mission to master the following for the collective highest good:

  • AWARENESS: To know yourself, to tune in and trust own feelings and truth.

  • ACCEPTANCE: Trust in the journey, allow life to unfold, stay in the present- You are exactly where. you need to be!

  • AUTHENTICITY: To master your personal joy and energy environment and then show others

  • TO SERVE: To share your unique gifts!

When a type is living in its healthiest, most mature state they will be floating through life, living in their mastery of service, fulfilling their higher purpose, impacting the greater good and contributing to the collective.

  • Influence & Impact, Implementation: Synthesizing and Systemizing, Organizing, Optimizing, Working, Building, Shaping, Solving, Sharing, Productie

  • Passionate: Expressive, Emanating, Creative, Courageous, Resilient, Determined, Enthusiastic, Visionary

  • Responsive: Flexible, Fluid, in Flow, Adaptive, Spontaneous, Expiremental, Adventurous

  • Social: Magnetic, Connected: Leading, Visioning, Advising, Managing, Mentoring, Guiding, Generous, Approachable, Inclusive

  • Self-assured, Empowered, Confident, Visible

  • Present: Mindful, Self Aware, Intuitive, Intentional Introspective, Reflective, Contemplative, Observant

  • Compassionate & Caring: Listening, Patient, Empathic, Accepting, Comforting, Understanding, Non-Judgemental, Soft, Gentle, Nurturing, Sensual

  • Safe: Anchored, Grounded, Firm, Structured, Boundaried, Protected

  • Peaceful: Lighthearted, Relaxed, Joyful, Abundant, Playful, Grateful

  • Honesty, Open, Transparent, Vulnerable

  • Integrity: Mature, Reliable, Wise, Humble, Commited, Honest, Heartfelt, Trustworthy

  • Clear-headed: Focused, Decisive, Clarity, Concise, Direct

  • Maturity: Patient, Wise, Self Suffcient, Tuning into Body/Feelings instead of Mind/Thoughts

Ultimately they as their best self inspires others to do the same. They are spreading light and love effortlessly and trusting in divine timing and order of all.

In contrast, when they are blocked or in their Shadow state they will be plagued with feelings of

  • Insecurity

  • Inadequacy

  • Impatience

  • Inexperience

  • Unworthiness

  • Uncertainty

  • Unaware of effect on others

  • Doubtful

  • Fearful

  • Paranoia, Distrustful

  • Guilt

  • Shameful

  • Resentful

  • Scarcity mindset -pessimistic

  • Self-destructive, Self-Sabotaging - promiscuous

  • Unreliable

  • Refusing to take responsibility for actions/behaviors

  • Narrow minded

  • Exhausted, Depleted

  • Imbalance of solitude/space vs connection/service

  • Feeling misunderstood or misinterpreted

  • Projected or Projecting

  • Judgemental

  • Materialistic, Shallow

There are a variety of unconscious coping mechanisms that will manifest.

Repressive tendencies (fear of being bad or wrong)

  • People-pleasing, following obligations,

  • Not standing up for self

  • Staying in unhealthy or unhelpful situations out of fear or comfort

  • Burying your head in the sand

  • Stagnant, apathetic, hopeless

  • Withdrawn, Isolated, Alienated, lonely, avoidant, reclusive, escapist, evasive, disconnected

  • Disengaged, Disinterested , Absent,Aloof, Inaccessible, Indifferent, Apathetic, Detached

  • Diverting attention from self

  • You reject others before they can reject you

  • Clingy, Codependent

  • Bitter, Cynical,

  • Accusatory, defensive, Complaining

  • Emotionally cold, numb

  • Denial

  • Victim mentality, Self-pitying

  • Delusional

  • Uninterested, Aloof

  • Self Centered

Reactive tendencies (fearing censorship or control)

  • Rigid, Restricted, Structured, Controlling

  • Steamrolling

  • Forcing point of view

  • Bullying, Belittling

  • Manipulative

  • Stubborness

  • Authoritarian

  • Provocative, Rebellious

  • Aggressive, Angry, Harsh, Hostile, Abrupt, Mean, Disrespectful

  • Greedy

  • Emotionally overdramatic

  • Inflexible

  • Cutting others off or out

  • Unforgiving

  • Arrogrant, Condescending

  • Self Conscious

Note: these Shadow qualities also appear in the Lines of your Profile, and in Open Centers. Because all subconscious wounds are attention/connection-seeking, true Healing involves reparenting self and deconditioning. In Full Maturity & Health, you're able to clearly for yourself and then use that clarity to help others find their own independence and emotional freedom.


Your Authority is the "energy command center" of your body which you should listen to for optimum results. This voice will allow you to make the most aligned decisions and approach life with the correct direction and speed. These are the basics for moving through life with the energetic momentum to keep you in your ideal flow state.



  • ​The realm of the non-ego Mind which dominated 7 Centered Beings

  • Centers: Head/Crown, Anja/Mind

  • Strengths: gathering, processing and storing knowledge and information

  • Prone to cognitive distortions/biased thought patterns- based on mental pressure/false assumptions/generalizations formed from past conditioning not current evidence or fact

  • Weaknesses: making decisions in a productive/ expansive way, getting distracted,

  • The realm of the soul Body which dominates 9 Centered Beings

  • Centers: Identity/G, Heart/Will, Spleen, Sacral, Solar Plex, Root

  • Strengths: Making decisions from the heart and for the highest good

  • Source of divine wisdom and communication from intuition and Higher Self

  • Allows us to slow down, surrender our defenses, and value/prioritize Feeling over Thinking.

There are 7 main Authority types:

Inner Authority

  • Solar Plexus

  • Sacral

  • Splenic

  • Ego

  • Self Projected

Outer Authority Variations

  • Mental Projectors

  • Reflectors


According to the founder of HD, towards the end of the 18th century humans experienced a quantum evolution in their programming, transitioning from a primal model of 7 centered beings (also known as Chakras) to an expanded design as 9 centered beings. This mutation was actually a return to the simplicity of our ancient wiring, our internal operating system as neanderthals before the rise of civilization (industry, science, technology, media, luxury, convenience).

Seven centered beings find reward in the future, while nine-centered beings find reward in the Present.



  • Collective survival based in outer vision

  • Ruled by Leftness, Strategy of the Mind

  • Singular consciousness

  • Intellectual intelligence

  • Fear driven through the oldest survival center, the Spleen

  • Associated with Outer Authority in Chart. (Gives the authority to others, or own Ego)

  • Values winning and rulership, competition, manipulation, control, external rewards, homogenization,conformity, compliance, tradition

  • Industrial Age, Information Age. Homo sapien

  • Individual thriving based on inner vision

  • Ruled by Rightness, Receptivity of the Body

  • Binary Consciousness

  • Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

  • Pleasure driven through evolved Solar Plexus center

  • Surrendered and In flow with the natural order

  • Associated with Inner Authority in chart (Holds authority and trust within self)

  • Values individuality, innovation, creativity, and supporting, sharing, education and empowerment

  • Aquarian Age. Home sanctus or homo evolutis.

The 9 centers of the body in Human Design are

  • HEAD/CROWN - "KNOW" (What you think about)

  • AJNA/MIND/ THIRD EYE - "THINK" (How you think)

  • THROAT - "SHOW" (How you communicate)

  • IDENTITY/ ‘G’/ GRAVITATIONAL - "LOVE" (Who you are) ...former heart chakra

  • HEART/WILL - "WORK" (Want you want) ....former heart chakra

  • SPLEEN - "SENSE" (What you fear)... former solar plexus

  • SOLAR PLEXUS - "FEEL" (What you feel)... former solar plexus

  • SACRAL - "FLOW" (What you enjoy doing)

  • ROOT - "GROW" (How you're motivated)

Every energy center except the Throat have their roots either in the Mind or the Body. All Centers, regardless of being defined or undefined, hold wisdom, gifts, shadows and opportunities for learning and growth.



  • The shapes that are white/empty in your chart

  • Hold more Yin/feminine energy

  • Receptive (taking in information)

  • Where you absorb or borrow energy and programming from others

  • Indicates Innate Wounds, Sensitivity, Insecurity, Shame, Flexibility/Malleability, Vulnerability, Unsustainability, Inconsistency

  • Foundation of Not-Self/False Self/Shadow Self/Ego/Inauthentic Self

  • Strive to Accept and Re-Align these areas!

  • The shapes that are colored/full in your chart

  • Carry more Yang/masculine energy

  • Active (processing information)

  • Where you are more “evolved”/ascended less prone/receptive to conditioning or outside influences.

  • Indicates Ease, Stability, Consistency, Reliability, Resiliency, Balance, Confidence

  • Foundation of True/Authentic/ Spirit Self

  • Strive to Accept and Embrace these areas!


  • Your natural, innate tendencies and talents,

  • Where we attract others

  • Where we can teach, market, and sell from to help others

  • Looks like positive self-talk/affirmations to build self-worth


  • vulnerable to burnout from conditioning

  • Where we can relate to others

  • Where we can learn, guide and coach from to help others

  • Looks like shadow work/ integration


  • Consistent, Stable, Sustainable Energy

  • Present, Aware, Attuned

  • Mature, Independent, Resilient

  • Balanced, Calm, Regulated, Relaxed

  • Productive

  • Intentional, Self-Directed, Fixed, Focused

  • Healthy curiosity, Openness

  • Healthy Risk Taking

  • Healthy Attachment

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Emotional Agility, Compassionate

  • Inspired, Creative

  • Responsive, Engaged

  • Strengths in Centers themes

  • Confident, Comfortable

  • Self Assured, Self Validating

  • Self Motivated, Purposeful

  • Clear values, role and identity

  • Driven by heart and soul

  • Feeling whole and complete

  • Strong follow-through

  • Abundance mindset

  • Grateful, Humble

  • Influential, Persuasive, Inspiring

  • Sharp, Systematic

  • Contemplative

  • Detail oriented

  • Honest, Truthful




  • Flexible

  • Versatile

  • Intuitive

  • Empathic

  • Telepathic

  • Sensitive

  • Responsive

  • Adaptive

  • Inquisitive

  • Introspective

  • Intermittent/ Inconsistent Energy

  • Absorbing others truth or experiences

  • Mimics being Closed/Defined

Fearful/Avoidant of conflict or confrontation Overly careful or cautious Anxiety, Depression In denial of truth Judgemental, Controlling Cold, Distant, Detached Risk Averse, Stagnant, Clinging to Comfort or Familiarity People Pleasing, Approval Seeking Anxious, Impulsive, Impatient, Rushing, Reactive, Distracted Hyper Focused, Hypervigilant, Hyper Independent Acting, Speaking, Thinking in extremes Overfunctioning, Overwhelmed, Overstressed, Burnout Seeking Security, Validation, Direction, Purpose and Connection, Trying to Prove Self Trying to earn or attract attention, adoration or recognition from others, Living inauthentically, Losing Yourself in Others - Thinking, Speaking, or Acting on Others Behalf Confusing your identity, Role Insecure, Self-doubt, Timidness Low self worth Easily distracted or unfocused Indecisive, second-guessing Inconsistent follow-through, False promises, Failed commitments, over commitments Overcompensating, Overanalyzing, overthinking Scarcity mindset Pressure to Complete or Perform

As your Open Centers become full of borrowed energy it creates distortions, dysfunctioning, dissatisfaction, imbalances or blockages. Being aware of your Openness allows you to correct the focus and separate yourself from others and your surroundings in order to access true wisdom and maturity.


Channels are complete energy pathways between two Centers and represent areas of life where you are generally solid, in flow, in sync, aligned and connected to Spirit or Source. They indicate your Light (as opposed to your Shadow)- your natural gifts and greater likelihoods of mastery or strength.

Out of 36 channels the vast majority are Receptive, meaning they are optimized when invited in through divine fate and timing. This means that our social programming of "Go, Hustle, Do" is often going against our personal nature, and the universal order. In order to remove resistance we should often be in our passive energy state.

PROJECTED CHANNELS (Wait for invitation)

  • Stem from all Centers except Sacral

  • Yin/receptive/receptive

GENERATING CHANNELS (Wait to respond to an invitation, I- Inform/ask consent before action)

  • Stem from Sacral

  • Yin/passive/receptive

MANIFESTING CHANNELS (Initiate w/o invitation or response, E - Wait for emotional clarity)

  • Stem from Throat

  • Yang/active/strategic

When you examine the six circuits, you will notice that there appear to be four channels that are " missing". These are the integration channels, the past of individuation , and the most complex connective field in Human Design. These are four centers connected by four gates, giving rise to the possibility of six channels. .Since it is through the circuits that we connect to each other, these channels are resolutely individual and separate.


Circuitry in Human Design refers to the flow of energy through Channels between the Centers in the BodyGraph. Each gate and channel is part of a circuit group which holds particular themes to explain how an individual typically perceives and interacts with the world.

Your circuitry can reveal the “big picture” perspective on what your energy is about and what drives our behaviors. It holds clues about your base, most primitive mission in the world, shaping the types of relationship dynamics we prefer and seek based on our core values, principles, needs. and beliefs.

The circuits are extremely important and are a major factor in how we connect to others.People with definition within the same circuits will have a natural affinity with each other. When you see which circuits dominate in your own design, you will also see which connections can bridge the 'gaps' in that circuit. These are the places in your design that will literally pull you out towards other people.

INDIVIDUAL - Self Empowerment, Unique, Creative, Innovative., an "Outsider" or misunderstood mentality but here to inspire others by being unique. Driven by Hearing/Sounds.

  • Knowing

  • Centering

  • Integrating

COLLECTIVE- Humanitiarn Empowerment. Community Giving/Sharing, Socialization. Driven by Visuals.

  • Logic / Understanding - Reflects on Past

  • Abstract / Sensing - Projects on Future

TRIBAL- Family/Unit Empowerment, Community Safety/Support, Survival, Requires sacrifice. Drive by Touch.

  • Materiality/Security

  • Protection/Defense


When Centers are connected to each other through a Channel are activated, a Definition is formed. This structure influences how we process information, make decisions and connect/relate to others.

Your definition type is determined by the number of "splits" you have in your chart. A split refers to a gap between groupings or "ecosystems" of defined centers.

When there's a split, you will feel a disharmony or emptiness within. As such, you will naturally feel drawn to people who can bridge that split with their own centers or channels or you may absorb programming from others if you are not following your own strategy + authority. ⁠⁠

  • SINGLE - all centers connected





⁠⁠The more splits you have, the longer it can take for you to process things internally because all your independent ecosystems need to communicate with one another. ⁠⁠



Gates are the "opposite" of Channels. They are incomplete energy pathways connecting two Centers.

Your Gates or Gene Keys are the 64 numbers along the energy centers, corresponding to the 64 Hexagrams of the I’Ching and the astrological wheel. They are the 64 foundational archetypes of our universal experiences of consciousness as human beings, representing how we think, act and relate to others - just like the 64 hexagrams depict how various elements and landforms interact in nature.

Gates are experienced differently depending on how it was activated in the cosmos, and thus expressed/manifested in the chart.

When a Gate is activated/colored this represents the consistent, stable, reliable forces in your life. These gates mark the location of the celestial bodies during our conscious and unconscious imprinting and are identified along either side of the Bodygraph.

  • Gates that are shorter colored lines that stem halfway from one energy center to another are called “hanging gates” which reveal opportunities for synergy, external connection and collaboration.

  • Gates that are activated in an open center are called “dormant”

  • Activated Gates that connect two energy centers are called “channels”.

When a gate is completely empty/vacant it represents an energy of variability or a point of vulnerability to outside conditioning, knowledge which can ultimately help you develop greater wisdom and discernment.

Each Gate is made up of 6 lines, which translates to 6 days or 1 week on the planetary wheel. Across a year, we spend approximately 1 week in each gate. We can also note the Line of each gate to determine how the gate will typically manifest or be experienced in our lives - either internally/ passively or externally/actively.

When looking closer at a chart you may see a tiny arrow or asterisk next to a gate number

  • an Up arrow denotes Exalted or positive attributes

  • a Down arrow indicates Detriment or negative attributes

  • an Asterisk denotes both an exalted and detrimental state

The most important and dominant gates forces of anyone’s life are the gates of their Incarnation Cross. Other gates carry more secondary themes in one’s life.


According to the Gene Keys system, there are certain gates that are extremely important in one's evolutionary life journey. Together all these gates/themes make up your Golden Path Sequences, three interconnected processes/quantum leaps that gradually transform your mind, body and spirit, liberate your higher consciousness and unlock your true potential and purpose in life. These depict the interconnectedness of one's core talents/gifts and their alignment with an individuals magnetic field.

In order to achieve higher consciousness and optimize our attractor frequency one must

  • Heal old wounds, softening defense mechanisms, releasing attachments

  • Accept heartbreak, pain, loneliness and practicing courage, trust, patience and forgiveness

  • Follow classic paths to Truth:

    • Contemplation - Inquiry/Curiosity, Gentleness, and Patience

    • Concentration - Effort, Focus, Will

    • Meditation - Stillness, Acceptance

Each Gene Key holds wisdom based on its trinity of lines

  • Siddhi - frequency of over-embodiment, masculine/Yang

  • Gift - frequency of healing, genius and light

  • Shadow - frequency of suffering, feminine/Yin,


  • Discovering your Genius through four Prime Gifts

  • Mastering the Light and Shadows of your 4 Genius Spheres of Life

  • The developmental leaps that occur through your Challenge, your Breakthrough and your Core Stability.

  • Also known as your Incarnation Cross


  • Emotional transformation and heart expansion through relationship with Self and others

  • Mastering the Light and Shadows of your 6 Love Spheres

  • The developmental leaps that emerge through your Dharma, Karma, Intelligence, Love, and Realization


  • Third and “final” path that guides you towards your full flowering of life- aligning you with the people, places and dimensions needed to fulfill your highest destiny

  • Universal energy exchange and empowerment through your own genius and inherent gifts, How your core contribution/ purpose work, the highest possible form of service that you can offer the world, opens receiving in synchronicity with the greater whole

  • Mastering the Light and Shadows of your 4 Prosperity Spheres

  • The developmental leaps that occur through Initiative, Growth and Service


Hexagrams are synonymous with Gates or Gene Keys. They are sets of 6 lines that are either split (yin) or solid (yang) to symbolize their innate energy. The 64 Hexagrams are the foundation of the IChing. Each hexagram is made of 3 lines each, called trigrams- upper and lower.

Each hexagram is an archetype of a specific type of energy found in nature. They show how the 5 elements (Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood) interact and combine in different ways to create the world as we know it.

The Human Design Mandala is the visual depiction of all the hexagrams/gates on the planetary wheel/ Wheel of Change. Each marks 6 degrees of the circle.


Our Incarnation Cross, otherwise known as your Activation Sequence, reveals our

  • core, broad life purpose

  • overall trajectory, path, story line

  • personal genius/prime gifts

  • full expression of potential

  • natural life expression

  • what and how of your design

It is formed by the crossing polarities of both (Conscious/Personality/Natal & Unconscious/Design/Prenatal) Sun and Earth gates, which are always opposite to each other in the planetary wheel.

Your Incarnation Cross is 70% of your Design so learning it early in your HD journey is key.

Your Incarnation Cross is something that will slowly emerge over time as you follow your design (strategy and authority) and live in unison with your individualized nature. It usually comes into play around the Uranus opposition, age 38-42, when you have planted a solid foundation and have a clear direction.

Your Incarnation Cross can be made a little more specific by your particular Type and Profile, and further refined by the rest of the Gate energies you carry.


Your Profile is based on the Line or (value or degree note or or color) of the Hexagram gate. There are 6 Lines in each Hexagram, and these are either solid (yang) or broken (yin).

Lines on a gate/hexagram are read from the bottom up so the first Line is the bottom of the structure/form. Every Line or Profile type has a journey of self-healing in which they must learn to overcome their Shadow in order to fully embrace and embody their Light.



"Main floor of house" Internal/individual/personal/self focus More primitive, practical and foundational wiring Prone to insecurity, miscommunication, misunderstanding Hardscapes in Environmental Variable Leftness - an older/more primitive wiring with a Yang/Masculine approach.

"Second floor of house" External/interpersonal/transpersonal/social focus More creative, progressive and evolved wiring Prone to more security, consistency and relatability Landscapes in Environmental Variable Rightness - a newer/more evolved wiring with a Yin/Feminine approach.

  • Line 1, 3, 5: Yin, Feminine, Passive, Receptive

  • Line 2, 4, 6: Yang, Masculine, Active, Strategic

Every line will have a core need or motivation which has two opposing yet harmonious sides; both a blessing and a curse, a gift and a shadow.


While the typical astrological natal chart shows you the position of the planets at the exact moment of your birth, the Human Design chart uses two astrological metrics:

  • the position of the planets at the time of birth

  • the position of the planets their position three months prior to time of birth/88 degrees behind the birth position

These data points paint the picture of your conscious personality as well as your unconscious motivations, dispositions, and tendencies. Blending them together reveals how the many facets of your being integrate into the whole that is you.

The interaction of the Sun and Earth are particularly important in HD, but every planet holds wisdom about a certain area of your life.

  • EARTH: Yin/Feminine. Genetics from MotherWhat grounds and supports you. Your connection to this physical reality.

    • NATAL: Evolution

    • PRENATAL: Purpose

  • SUN: Yang/Masculine. Genetics from FatherSelf-Identity & Self-Recognition. Ego. Your vitality. Your personality. The gift you give to others.

    • NATAL: Life’s Work, Brand

    • PRENATAL: Radiance

  • MOON: Emotions & Feelings. Intuition and instinct. Your emotional world and unconscious motivations. The part of you others don’t see.

    • PRE-NATAL: Attraction

    • NATAL: Nodes

  • VENUS: Love & Values. Your values, ethics, ideals, aesthetic standards, relationship wants/needs. feminine/yin energy.

    • NATAL: IQ


  • MARS: Angers & Actions. Your drive, motivation, how you act, sexuality, connection to your physical body. Areas you may need to mature into. masculine/yang energy

    • NATAL: EQ

    • PRE-NATAL: Core, Vocation

  • JUPITER: Luck & Growth. Your philosophy and connection to spirit, luck, and joy. Expansion.

    • PRE-NATAL: Culture

    • NATAL: Pearl

  • MERCURY: Thoughts & Communications. Your ideas, thoughts, communication style. What you’re meant to communicate in this lifetime.

  • SATURN: Responsibility & Work. Your inner rules, perceived limitations, boundaries, life lessons, keys to growing up, truth, suffering.

  • URANUS: Limits & Innovations. Your individuality, humanitarian aspects, revolution, where you stand out and shine, chaos vs order.

  • NEPTUNE: Spirituality & Dreams. Your intuition, dreams, mysticism, addictions, spiritual genius.

  • PLUTO: Transformation & Rebirth. How you grow and evolve. Transformation, hard truths, transmutation, death, rebirth, realizations

  • NORTH NODE: What you came to master in this lifetime. Lessons and areas for growth. Begins to unfold around age 40, The Audience/Viewers of your life

  • SOUTH NODE: Talents from past lives. That which comes naturally to you. Dominates from age 1-35, The Background/Setting of your life

  • RISING: Appearances & Associations/Interactions. Your first impression. How others perceive you. The flavor of your personality.

"70 percent of the neutrinos that program us and pass through our planet are transmitted by the Sun."


Your Profile is your personality archetype based on the placements of your two Suns. Your Profile will consist of two numbers (ex: 5/1, 1/3, etc.).

  • First Number: Sun at birth (Personality/Conscious)

  • Second Number: Sun before birth (Design/Unconscious)

Since the Sun and Earth are always an exact opposition, they are always activating the same line of the hexagram gate, giving it a unique frequency or essence .

Profile, along with Energy Type, provides the simplest synthetic view of a Design. Everyone comes into the world with a specific Profile or purpose. It is through this purpose that we can see how each Type can fulfill itself.

Profile lines in HD are based on the IChing hexagram. There are 6 lines of the I Ching and they come together in 12 different combinations to reveal how we move through life towards our purpose. Your Profile is based on the Line or value or degree of the Hexagram gate.

  • 1/3 Investigator - Martyr

  • 1/4 Investigator- Opportunist |

  • 2/4 Hermit - Opportunist

  • 2/5 Hermit - Heretic

  • 3/5 Martyr - Heretic

  • 3/6 Martyr - Role Model

  • 4/1 Opportunist - Investigator

  • 4/6 Opportunist - Role Model

  • 5/1 Heretic - Investigator

  • 5/2 Heretic - Hermit

  • 6/2 Role Model - Hermit

  • 6/3 Role Model - Martyr




  • When energy is out of alignment or depleted.

  • Your lowest vibration feeling

  • Operating from outer authority/Mind Result of Shadows following false programming/conditioning/homogenization

  • Manifests as resistance, tension, suffering, and self-destructive choices

  • Signal to change course/directions . More likely in Open Centers, what to avoid

  • When energy is in full alignment, and sustainable.

  • Operating from the body/Inner AuthorityYour flow state

  • Your highest, peak vibration

  • Manifests as true success, health, happiness

  • Signal to continue onward, feeling of fulfillment to aspire to daily

TRUE SELF /ALIGNMENT Frequency: The feeling to seek or strive for in how you spend your time

NOT SELF MISALIGNMENT Frequency: The feeling to avoid, escape from in how you spend your time

This False Self is the conditioning, programming and identities that takes over after we are born to override the Trust Self. It includes negative beliefs and assumptions and delusions that you're unworthy, inadequate, undesirable, unlovable, or unsafe. If you act from these false (unhealthy, unproductive) premises, you will get equal results and outcomes.

Presentations/States of the Not-Self:

  • Repressed - self-critical, in denial, insecure, result of rejection or criticism in being self

  • Triggered - reactive, hypervigilant, tense, defensive, result of being pushed or pressured into not being self

  • Unempowered - indecisive, overwhelmed, result of not being allowed to be self

  • Victim - needy, complaining, hopeless, blaming, result of needs not being met as self

  • Superiority - self-serving, demanding, judgemental, critical, result of being shamed as self

  • Savior - pushy, invasive, result of being relied upon and celebrated as self too early

  • Societal - grudgingly following expectations of family, culture, root of not fitting in as self

The True Self is one of "God" or divinity - with infinite possibility and infinite potential - one. is beyond worthy , lovable , secure and valuable.


In Human Design, each Type has its own Strategy which allow the person to align with their correct geometry, allowing optimum energy, decision making and the manifestation of True Self. Following one's Strategy provides the energetic momentum and efficiently to keep you in your flow state.


The sun, moon and planets are always orbiting the earth and moving in rotation. There is an astrological calendar called an Ephemaris that can be used to determine the locations of these celestial bodies which correspond to the Human Design hexagram mandala. Most HD chart software will allow you to create a chart which shows all the planetary gate activations in that moment.

When any celestial body moves through a gate it “activates” the energy of that gate so that the energy is released to flow to us and temporarily influence/impact our life experience and feeling based on the characteristics/associations of that planet. The Sun is considered the most dominant and important transiting body, followed by the Moon, and then other planets based on size.

The moon cycles around Earth every 28 days, whereas the Sun takes 365 days (or 12 months/1 year)

  • Each week a new gate/hexagram is activated by the Sun because the sun moves approximately 1 line per day

  • Each month, all 64 gates are transited by the moon because the moon moves approximately 2 gates per day

  • Each year, the sun moves counterclockwise around the gates of the mandala and its corresponding 12 astrological signs.

The imprinting of the transits at our birth is their most powerful impact on us, creating our natal chart and design. But also we live in ever-changing transit energies from the moment we are born. There is always new cosmic energy being activated and affecting us.

Knowing about the transits can help you leverage certain energies that are open/incomplete/undefined in your chart. They can also reveal your energetic patterns and times when you may feel productive and times when you are depleted or stagnant.


In the I Ching there are 8 key energies the building blocks for the expression of life. The combination of these trigrams creates meaning from life's greatest phenomena- birth, death, emotion, and beyond.

  • Heaven: yang, creative, gate 1

  • Earth: yin, receptive, gate 2

  • Wind: gentle, gate 57

  • Lake: joy, gate 58

  • Water: abysmal, gate 29

  • Fire: clinging, gate 30

  • Thunder: arousing, gate 51

  • Mountain: stillness, gate 52


There are four colored arrows which correspond to the four Transformations, specific areas to look at as a way to create a natural order and harmony in your life. The Four Arrows make 16 Unique Combinations.

Variable calculations are derived from our Sun and Earth placements. They describe how you are meant to take in, process, and filter information from your outside world to achieve the optimum physical and mental functioning, performance and self-awareness.

Your Personality and Design Nodes of the Moon understand and establish the framework for your form's true potential for awareness to be developed and experienced. This way you can further walk down the path of awareness so that you have the potential to come into contact with the highest level of consciousness and cognitive functioning possible from your system.

Design Variables (Left side arrows)

Design Variables describe us on a physical level whether we are Active or Passive in our bodies. Active brains are very busy and need consistent input, fuel , stimulus and schedules to sustain a higher level of physical activity. and optimal brain functioning and wellbeing. Design variables are fixed and certain, unchanging after birth.

1. DIGESTION / DETERMINATION - diet, nutrition, temperature, media/data consumption, spending, correct conditions or circumstances for optimal brain health

2. ENVIRONMENT / GEOGRAPHY - your positioning, your ideal surroundings and situations, your most aligned living, playing and working spaces and people (Note: If you are a Reflector or have an open Spleenic Center, then your surroundings are particularly crucial to your well-being)

Personality Variables (Right side arrows)

Personality Variables describe us on a psychological level, whether you have a Strategic or Receptive mind. Our society primarily values the strategic functioning of mind and those of us with Receptive minds invariably wound up feeling less than capable when we were unable to excel or fit in, a process that begins early on at school and continues to affect us throughout our lives. Knowing how you are designed to take in information allows you to take advantage of your optimal functioning, giving you the gift of understanding so that you can relax and trust your capacity to move through life correctly. Personality variables are likely to change and evolve with age and maturity.

3. PERSPECTIVE /AWARENESS - processing information/data. Examples: Mindfulness and meditation, Journaling

4. MOTIVATION / MANIFESTATION - processing, conceptualizing the world, attracting what you wan. Examples: Deep imaginings and visioning, visioning, Scripting and spell work

There is a logical order to what to look at in your stages of Transformation.

DEPENDENT: (top arrows) - rely on Independent Variables

  • External: 1) Digestion/Determination - top LEFT arrow

  • Internal: 4) Manifestation/Motivation - top RIGHT arrow

INDEPENDENT: (bottom arrows)

  • External: 2) Environment/Geography - bottom LEFT arrow

  • Internal: 3) Awareness/Perspective - bottom RIGHT arrow

Aligning with your Variables, like Strategy and Authority, is just one part of the differentiation process. Optimal longevity, well-being and the likelihood of expressing the fullest potential of your unique purpose are highly prized benefits of operating correctly in your Variables. They are fulfilled in through a binary system of “leftness” or “rightness” in the mind or body, two different paradigms derived from the substructure of tone and color in a Hexagram line number.

  • Left- Yang, masculine, active, strategic, focused, primitive, nuerotypical, left brained

  • Right- Yin, feminine, passive, receptive, peripheral, evolved, neurodivergent, right brained



Consistency, Regularity

Structured, Stability

Logical, Literal, Intellectual



Routine, Ritual

Comfort, Familiarity

Engaged, Focused



Detailed, Specific, Exact

Clear, Transparency

Rigidity, Closed, warm, wet





natural, Consecutive


Freedom, Flow, Fluidity

Flexible, Adaptive

Versatility, Variety, Variability

Dynamic, Changing



Open, Peripheral

Analytical, Hidden meanings

Creative, Abstract

Ambiguous, Interpretive

Broad, Generalized

Feeling, Emotional, Intuitive, cool, dry







The arrow and the number in the circle is pointing to your “Color” but there is also a Second Cognition from "Tone", represented by the number in the triangle.

Tone is our Cognition – How we connect with the world. Our Authority taps into Tone to help us become aware of what is good/bad for us.

  1. Splenic (fear/survival oriented). These people need to “smell out” what is correct or incorrect for them. They are good at recognizing and are protective types, they do not like the new/unexpected, they tend to store memories well, they investigate to be aware of threats.

    • Design/Unconscious Variables: SMELL

    • Personality/Conscious Variables; SECURITY

2. Splenic. High awareness of the world, recognize something new the moment it emerges, they like to experiment, they want to “taste life”.

  • Design/Unconscious Variables: TASTE

  • Personality/ Conscious Variables: UNCERTAINTY

3. Ajna (third-eye, intuition). Strategic outer vision, they rely on their physical eyes, where the Not-Self mind comes from, they are fully aware of the world and are taking steps to control it.

  • Design/Unconscious Variables: OUTER VISION

  • Personality/Conscious Variables: ACTION

4. Ajna. Theirs is a sensory world. They take in information via their third-eye (intuition). Outer vision may confuse them. Do not rely on outer vision/physical eyes but trust their inner eyes. *

  • Design/Unconscious Variables: INNER VISION

  • Personality/ Conscious Variables: MEDITATION

5. Solar Plexus. Empathy is your super power. These people go on how something feels to them.

  • Design/Unconscious Variables FEELING

  • Personality/Conscious Variables : JUDGEMENT

6. Solar Plexus. These are the touchy feely peeps. They need to touch the world. If uncertain, touch it.

  • Design/Unconscious Variables: TOUCH

  • Personality/Conscious Variables: ACCEPTANCE

We can break it all down into the following:

"I am most aligned to my true potential when I am…

  • consuming matter that is (Color of Determination), through my sense of (Tone of Determination)

  • living and working in a (Color of Environment)-like space, which connects to my sense of (Tone of Environment)

  • focusing on (Tone. of Perspective ) in the pursuit of (Color of Perspective)

  • embracing (Tone of Motivation) while being motivated by (Color of Motivation) for the highest good of all

“And you... When will you make that long journey into yourself?”


Navigating Your Human Design Journey

Human Design is not the easiest to conceptualize. Once we finally begin to understand it in our minds, it can be even more challenging to put it into practice in our everyday lives. As such, its helpful to think. of the Grand Experiment as the "Ultimate Road Trip"

  • The Driver:

    • Your soul, as seen in your Conscious Sun gate, living within your body, your Conscious Earth gate

    • Your personality and preferences, as seen in your Profile lines and Earth Gates

    • Your reaction to driving conditions, as seen in your open (consistent/familiar) vs closed (inconsistent, unfamiliar) energy Centers

    • Your reason/inspiration for your trip, as seen in your Moon gates

    • Your decision-making abilities, either listing to Soul or backseat drivers, as seen in your Authority.

  • The Vehicle:

    • Your life path/purpose, taking you where. you need to go, as seen in your Energy Type and Unconscious Sun (the essence of the vehicle) and Earth (the body of the vehicle)

    • Non-Sacral Begins (Projects, Manifestors, Reflectors) are in an electric car, requiring planning and intentionality

    • Sacral Begins (Generator. or MGS) are in a hybrid car, saving energy by reducing output of effort. or exertion (ie going downhill, driving long highways)

  • The Passengers: your social conditioning, your childhood wounds and insecurities

  • The GPS/Navigation system: what is telling you where to go and when, as seen in your Strategy

  • Saturn is what challenges you encounter on your trip.

Another helpful analogy: Life as a theatrical play

  • your Energy Type is your rolen in the production

  • your Profile is the personality or character you bring to your role.

  • your Incarnation Cross is the plotline/story line for the character/role

Where do I begin?

When committing to your self-development through HD it may feel overwhelming to think about where and how to begin. While all of your chart carries wisdom, there is a certain hierarchy of importance. Prioritize your understanding of the following elements when you're just starting out

Your Energy Type

  • Your Strategy

  • Your Authority

  • Your Alignment Cues/Signature Frequencies

Your Incarnation Cross/Activation sequence

  • Your Body Gates

    • Conscious/Personality Sun

    • Conscious/Personality Earth

  • Your Mind Gates

    • Unconscious/Design Sun

    • Unconscious/Design Earth

Your Profile

  • Your Body Line (Conscious/Personality Sun)

  • Your Mind Line (Unconscious/Design Sun)

Other Planets

  • Unconscious Mars - your zone of genius/abundance

  • Unconscious Venus- your keys to well-being

  • Conscious Jupiter - your simplest formula for success

  • Unconscious Jupiter - who can help you fulfill your purpose

  • Conscious Mercury - what you're here to communicate/share with others

  • North Node - what you're here to learn/master

Remember, If something in your chart doesn't resonate initially, it simply means you haven't reached it yet in life or its been conditioned out of you and needs to be reprogrammed and unlocked. Eventually after living out your Human Design experiment in real life you will look back on your chart and see and realize things in a whole new light, with deeper meaning and perspective.. Once you're living in alignment, you'll be able to see more clearly how your energy and purpose are unfolding and playing out for the highest good.

Where can I learn more?

Interested in even more information - especially as it applies to YOU?

A professional Human Design or Gene Keys reading has innumerable benefits. Its can be a powerful insightful tool for personal growth and self-discovery. A professional coach or facilitator can help you

  • understand your unique strengths and challenges of yourself, and yoru family lie

  • provide guidance on how to make the most of your potential.

  • gain insight into why you think, feel, and behave the way you do

  • understand how to make the most of your potential.

  • identify and resolve hidden unconscious patterns that may be holdng you back

  • transform old beliefs into more positive, constructive ones

  • gain clarity and focus

  • set goals and priorities aligned with your unique blueprint

  • feel more purposeful and fulfilled

  • reveal your relationsional tendencies and enhance new and existig connections with others

  • provide guidance and support as you navigate the confusing process of deconditioning

  • growth.


Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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