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Human Design 101: The Ultimate Reference Guide to Reading Your Chart -and Knowing & Loving Yourself!

First there was Myers Briggs, then astrology, then the Enneagram, and now... Human Design and Gene Keys.

Hooray for this modern age of self-awareness/understanding, psychospirituality and personal development! In the Human Design framework, your "life path" or birth chart is displayed in a complex visual called a Bodygraph. This chart depicts how to use your unique energetic frequency to reach your full potential and can reveal everything about your true, most aligned self including your

  • life purpose

  • innate personality

  • talents and gifts

  • ideal method of decision making

  • ideal relationship style

  • ideal dietary regimen

  • ideal environments for living

Overall, Human Design is a wonderful tool which reminds us that...

  • Our energy, our vibrational frequency and field, is our greatest asset, our vital path to success and therefor MUST be protected and honored.

  • We're all wired in a completely unique way. Just because one formula or narrative works for some, does not mean it will work for all.

  • There is no such thing as good or bad in Human Design, just different. We are all perfectly imperfect!

  • The Body holds so much more wisdom and knowing than the Mind.

  • When we take the power and authority away from our conditioned minds we align with our truest, most aligned and abundant selves.

"Your Job, now and forever, is to heal your true nature and let it thrive."

Martha Beck

What do Human Design and Gene Keys systems have in common?

“The Magic of Being”

Human Design and the Gene Keys overlap in wisdom in several ways. They both are universal frameworks and complementary self-awareness systems for understanding the karmic and energetic forces at play in your life. Each can help...

  • SYNTHESIZE multiple streams of modern and traditional science and philosophy including Astrology, the IChing, Chakras, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Jungian Psychology, and epigenetics/biochemistry

  • EXAMINE the exact locations of the celestial bodies at time of our imprinting in the womb, and at our time of birth to communicate the wisdom of the cosmos and our genetic predispositions/currents which shape our lives.

  • OFFER profound insights to how our spirit/soul bodies navigate the material world - exploring how we make decisions and interact with others and our surroundings

  • HELP us realize and understand our unique nature and the recurring themes in our lives which lead to higher (or lower) states of consciousness and mental clarity

Why are these systems so valuable?

The Human Design and the Gene Keys systems hold valuable insights which can transform our awareness and understanding of our selves, and the world! They...

  • REVEAL what Shadows (blind spots, core wounds, challenges, curses) that we are destined to be victims of and and what Light (innate gifts, creative genius, blessings) we are empowered through

  • TEACH us how to accept/embrace, integrate/transform or overcome our Light and Shadows, the lessons we’re meant to learn as routes to transcendence and our highest potential

  • UNCOVER ways to achieve permanent open heartedness and attract seamless positive change and what is truly meant for you

  • GIVE permission to embody our deepest truths, to express our whole selves and live in our full potential as we were built and wired to

  • SHARE areas, opportunities and tools to achieve individuation and live intuitively by separating from the limiting mental paradigms and systems which create resistance, and cause dysfunction, suffering, stagnation or strain

  • ALLOW us to access and align with the liberation of our true selves, unlocking a life of clarity, authenticity, joy, freedom, purpose, prosperity, self-actualization and soul ascension

Illuminate. Explore. Immerse. Embrace. Evolve

How are Human Design & Gene Keys different?

HUMAN DESIGN “The Science of Differentiation”

GENE KEYS “The Art of Transformation”

  • Founded in 1987-1992 by Ra Uru Ha

  • More Masculine/Yang approach - A transmission of wisdom that is more fixed/static, practical, logical, mechanical and strategic

  • The “Why” of your Life- An instructional manual with detailed Parameters, Profiles, and Archetypes

  • Visual depiction called Bodygraph Chart which reveals how the Gene Keys work in the body

  • Simple awareness tools for accepting, overcoming, releasing or shifting lifetimes of conditioning and colonization,

  • How to optimize, receive and transmit energy most efficiently by examining the Conscious and Unconscious selves

  • Quantum Journey’s: Initiation (Mind), Civilization (Form), Duality (Relationships), Mutation (Spirit)

  • Founded in 1987 by Richard Rudd

  • More Feminine/Yin approach - a transmission of wisdom that is Experiential and Evolving, Emotional, Spiritual,

  • The “How” of your Life- An Interpretive Storybook or Road Map of your Self Development and inner being

  • Visual depiction called Hologenetic Profile shows 11 Spheres of Life, plus corresponding Spectrums of Consciousness

  • Knowledge that is designed to break through your self-imposed limitations, activate your inherent genius and raise frequency of your DNA and manifest true higher purpose

  • Golden Path Sequences: designed to activate, integrate, and liberate your true self in the physical, emotional and mental realms of your life.

What are the differences between your Design and your Personality?



  • Activated UNCONSCIOUS Planetary Gates

  • Formed in Pre-Natal life- approximately 3 months/88 days (end of 2nd trimester) before birth

  • On left side of HD biograph, usually in red

  • Second number of Profile

  • How others see you

  • What/Who you really actually are

  • More subtly felt or experienced, more mysterious until age 28-30 (Saturn Return) and age 44 (Uranus Opposition) when they become more apparent

  • Qualities you’re less aware of - your bio-genetic inheritance and unresolved ancestral traumas, blind spots in your wiring

  • Linked to physical, and intuition and our True, Authentic, Natural Self.

  • Living within this alignment leads to ease, fulfillment, comfort

  • Activated CONSCIOUS Planetary Gates

  • Formed at birth and through childhood, depicted in Natal birth chart

  • On right side of HD biograph, usually in red

  • First number in Profile

  • How you see yourself

  • What/Who you think/believe you should be

  • More readily felt, apparent and obvious themes in your life

  • Qualities you’re more aware of - preferences, natural tendencies, triggers, childhood wounds, unresolved/repressed traumas

  • Linked to mental body and reasoning/logic, as well as Ego self, Not-Self, False self, Shadow Self

  • Living within this noise/static often leads to dis-ease, disatisfaction, and dysfunction

We are 99.8% the same molecularly, but that 0.2% variation is what makes each one of us unique. There is no one else in the world who is exactly like you. You have your own fingerprint, your own anatomy, and your own constitution that affects the way that you present yourself to the world. That is your Dharma.