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Self-Love: The Most Important Manifestation Tool of All

"When we love we always strive to become better than we are, when we strive to become better than we area, everything around us becomes better too"

Paulo Coelho

No matter how attuned and aligned your home is, the manifestation of true love and partnership actually begins on the inside. Once your space is in alignment to attract a partner, you can shift your focus to the most important foundation of all: your own heart.

First off, know that you don't need another person in your life to feel loved. As a matter of fact, you only attract love based on where you are vibrating within your self.

Overall there are three energies created and exchanged during a relationship: you, your partner, and your union. Guess which should always come first? YOU! It's imperative that you preserve and protect your own energy so that you can share the best of yourself with your partner, and the rest of the world.

In other words, you no longer need to search for what you thought was outside of you. YOU are what you need to complete your life. YOU are the answer. (Remember the mantra: "Me before We.")

Focus on the energy shift- the mentality and perspective for which you lead with, from a soul-level. This requires going underneath the surface - to the invisible, the subconscious, the heart, the mind - the TRUE thoughts, feelings, and intentions. And also filtering through the ego, agendas and projections for each person.

Because this is where the foundation of REAL and True Love is.

Unpacking Attachment

Love doesn't hurt people.⁣ Attachment does.

Robina Courtin

Attachment is the way in which we psychologically bond and connect to others. As humans we are wired for attachment. We cling to people, places, situations, ideas, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, outcomes - anything to fill our voids. But the world around us is meant to mutate, change, adapt, and flow.⁣ Nothing is permanent.

When our attachment system is impaired, it means that we don't bond well and, as a result, tend towards volatile, painful, problem-filled relationships. Attachment comes in many forms:

  • Expectations

  • Codepenchdy

  • Pressure

  • Obsession

  • Control

  • Possession

When our attachment system is working well, on the other hand, it means that we are capable of creating secure, stable, loving relationships.

There are many ways to heal your attachment system in preparation for a relationship. But we can't just go through the motions of self-improvement and think that's enough. We must actually change and transform on a deep, vibrational level.

When we focus our energy within, everything changes. When we connect with our own inner being and practice self-love, we are wiring new pathways which will become the foundation of the healthy, loving relationships that await us. When we exude positive, light-filled energy, we then attract the same⁣

How can we protect ourselves from attachment?

1. RECOGNIZE it, name it, see it for what it is.⁣

2. REPLACE the feeling with gratitude.

3. RE-FOCUS on self-love. When we turn our attention and focus inward, the less control something outside of us can have.

"Wounds are formed in the context of relationship, and wounds can be healed in the context of relationship. We are intelligently drawn to those who can heal us, those who will, knowingly or not, bring up the unmet, unloved, unseen parts of ourselves, inviting the darkness back into the light, calling us to evolve, to feel more fully, to speak out with greater conviction, to draw clearer boundaries, to know ourselves more deeply. To strengthen our relationship... with Life.

Jeff Foster


Your Inner Child

Our bodies and brains are wired for connection, but also for protection. Our past conditioning can severely limit the ways in which we approach new experiences and the world at large.

So many people go through their lives without being happy or truly in love.

  • We've settled for partners who are less than ideal out of fear of being alone or facing the unknown

  • We've trauma-bonded with low-vibrating spirits because we feel they need us or you need them in order to feel wanted. or worthy.

  • We daydream and fantasize about a more loving or more compatible partner but stay because we have a scarcity mindset or abandonment wounds you'd rather hold on than let go.

We suffer in relationships with others when we are suffering in the relationship with

ourselves. Think about all the times you may have betrayed yourself through behaviors of

  • manipulation