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Why A Professional Feng Shui Consultation Is Worth Every Penny

"Energy flows where intention goes.”

If you're like most of us, you have probably invested in dozens of wellness products and services in your self-improvement journey over your lifetime. The question is, which have produced a lasting, sustainable impact in your personal development, and which have left you feeling stagnant or empty?

Rest assured, a professional feng shui consultation will NOT be another one of those temporary quick-fixes, throw-away splurges, or time-wasting "dead-ends" from your past. In fact, if you ask most feng shui clients, they would all agree their consults have yielded an immeasurably high return for the longterm and were in in fact, the value of a lifetime- and even 'priceless'!

For me, thousands of students/practitioners and millions of clients around the globe who have experienced results and impact from this art/science, then feng shui is REAL and powerful. Unlike most psuedo-sciences, it works whether you believe in it or not.

If the commitment or cost of a professional feng shui attunement or consultation is giving you reason to pause, I invite you to read on for perspectives that may allow you to see the experience as a worthy investment in your future happiness and full potential. Hiring a feng shui expert will pay off for years to come, and here are just a few of the reasons why!

1. Because Feng Shui is COMPLEX

Maybe you've read a book or two and think you know feng shui. Think again. Feng shui is such an in-depth and complicated discipline, you could actually study it for years and still learn something new each day.

Many do not realize that feng shui goes well beyond floor plan, furniture layout, home decor and design. It also factors in the the buildings history, geography, configuration, location, construction, and so much more. And each of these things is interconnected and working in relation to another.

The art and science of Feng shui goes well beyond basics and best practices. Countless rules and tips can be written from feng shui’s ancient body of knowledge, but when we add in the range of teachings of each feng shui school, and the endless variations of architecture, inhabitants and time, these guidelines can triple in scale.

Feng shui is so much more than what is outwardly visible, tangible, obvious. There are so many other hidden, subtle or discrete factors that go into the energy of a space, and only a certified consultant will have the expertise and training to address these. Their tools and considerations include, but are not limited to...

  • Bagua map application

  • Earth element personalities

  • The 5 element cycle

  • Auspicious land forms

  • Facing Directions

  • Poison arrows and Sha Chi

  • Traditional and universal remedies

  • Elemental cures

Furthermore, across its 4,000 year history there are many feng shui misconceptions, myths and misunderstandings that have arisen over time and across cultures. Only trained experts are really able to filter these untruths out.

Feng shui is an oral tradition – meaning that like a foreign language, it's really best learned through real-world experience and practice. To really grasp and understand all of feng shui's concepts and intricacies, it's best to learn in a classroom setting where you can ask and hear questions from others, as well as learn from different instructors with different perspectives.

If you do not have a background as a healing practitioner and choose to pursue a feng shui independent study or "self-consultation", please be forewarned this may take much longer, and will likely NOT have the same outcomes as hiring a professional who has proper training and experience. An amateur's attunement is likely to result in inaccurate or incomplete diagnoses and remedies, and could even cause more harm than good.

If your feng shui information is only from one source, then it means you are only working with pieces of the whole, and may mistakenly overlook key considerations of the bigger picture. And because energy is interconnected, it is a common occurrence for one feng shui cure to affect another - neutralizing it or even exacerbating it further.

While a question such as: “is my aquarium placed correctly?” or "where do I apply the bagua?" may seem simple and straightfoward to YOU, to a feng shui expert, it is so much more and would be nearly impossible to answer without acquiring more information from you, and physically seeing the full picture.

So much of feng shui is about knowing specifically where to look for hidden energy toxicities and where, how and why to apply cures to these areas. Can you find a book or website that can answer detailed questions, give custom advice and provide genuine examples that relate to your home and life?

2. Because Feng Shui is INDIVIDUALIZED

A proper feng shui consultation should be highly personalized and customized - not something you could easily gleam from a book, a website or even a course. Practitioners seek to understand which areas of your life are causing stress, and then investigate where this could be manifesting and reflected in your space, which is often not what is expected.

Feng shui consultants are natural intuitives who can quite literally "read the room", sensing subtle vibrations that you may not be conscious of. They are also energy alchemists - manipulating, transforming, cleansing, clearing or neutralizing negative frequencies and infusing positive intentions and blessings in their place. They are able to literally shift the air, the feeling of a space so that it is more in alignment. Can YOU do this?

Hiring a skilled, trained expert is really the only way to see the full picture of your space and address the most pressing issues for YOUR unique living situation. Why is that?

First, because we don't see our own stuff. It is easy to become blind or biased to the "flaws" and quirks of our own homes and lifestyles. A neutral, third party such as a coach or consultant can help you see a birds eye view of your life and recommend adjustments that had never crossed your mind. Even feng shui consultant hire other consultants, for this very reason! To get out of the box.

Another reason is because everyone’s situation (home, neighborhood, circumstances, karma etc) is different. Most feng shui remedies are not one-size-fits-all silver bullets that be applied to several situations with the same results. In other words, what works for one person may not be the best option for someone else.

3. Because Feng Shui is HOLISTIC

Most people understand that feng shui can directly benefit your home or work by

  • reducing chaos and clutter

  • improving functionality and flow

  • boosting beauty and aesthetics

But many do not realize that the benefits of feng shui go well beyond the physical. A feng shui attunement won’t just help you feel better about your surroundings, it will also help you achieve greater balance and harmony overall. This is because each physical shift in your space will translates to an equal energetic shift in your life. Feng shui is multidimensional, uniting ALL parts of the whole, so regardless of which areas of life you prioritize most - they'll all benefit and support the highest good. Imagine feeling less stressed, less stagnant/stuck while at the same time attracting success in love, health, career and finances. It's a win-win, and you simply can't go wrong!

As tempting as it may be to "skimp" or cut corners and only remedy one or two rooms in your home, it is not recommended for true, lasting results. A feng shui consultation should be in-depth and comprehensive because if only part of the house is remedied, the Chi will not be enhanced to its fullest potential.

A professional consult will usually take a few hours, because practitioners must have a full tour of your home before they can advise you with the most appropriate, meaningful and impactful cures.

Feng shui is also not "one and done" process. As circumstances of life change and evolve over time, so should your adjustments and enhancements.

When You Work With Me...

You're hiring a PROFESSIONAL

Hiring a professional ensures TRUST that all training and skill criteria is met so you can confidently go forward knowing that your home, your LIFE, is in capable hands. As a certified practitioner of feng shui and reiki, I uphold high standards of practice, ethics and integrity, which are agreed upon and maintained through the most widely recognized professional associations in their field, the International Feng Shui Guild, and the International Reiki Training Center. Within the IFSG I also hold the highest certification as a Red Ribbon professional, and under the IRTC I am Level 2 certified.

So what defines my professionalism beyond the accolades?

  • Skill - natural talent, ability and drive

  • Systems - organizational business processes for pre and post consult - scheduling, terms, payment and more

  • Responsibility - ethical obligations to work only within my scope of knowledge and expertise, ensuring complete confidentiality and respect, communication of my process and offerings, and to maintain fair and transparent billing practices

  • Education - earning credentials and certification from a credible, authoritative source

  • Preparation - data-gathering, tools, and beyond

You're supporting a SMALL LOCAL BUSINESS

The price of a feng shui attunement is much higher than the price of a book or