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Sisters in Circles: What To Expect at a Women's Moon Circle Gathering

"The circles of women around us build invisible nets of love that carry us when we're weak and sing with us when we're strong."


The first time I attended a women's circle was in the midst of my divorce. I didn't know what to expect and felt completely out of my comfort zone, despite me loving all things "woo." I tend towards introversion and shy away from vulnerability with strangers. It all sounded in one word... intimidating.

I am glad I took the risk. Turns out, dancing and crying in someone's living room was exactly the kind of therapy I needed at the time. I proceeded to attend the monthly gatherings off and on for a year and each meeting served as a mirror of my life, a moment frozen in time.

It also shifted my perspective about group healing. There is certainly a place for more private and personal practices like journaling and meditation, but something about processing pain (or celebrating joy) with others feels completely different in the heart and body.

Circles are for feeling heard, and also hearing others. You don't feel so alone on your path when you realize there are others also struggling and suffering, going through their own seasons of life. Your intentions for the future also hold more meaning when heard and held by others. It's a beautiful thing. Afterall, connecting in community is in our blood. Togetherness is like a deep grounding, a return home.

As a healer (and a self-healer) I resonated so much with these gatherings, but was hesitant to host my own because I lacked confidence and courage. (Hello imposter syndrome!) Over the years I kept receiving signs that I was meant to extend this offering. I kept serendipitously attracting and connecting with other women who were desperately in need (without even knowing it) of this type of community and ceremony. Eventually I was finally found myself in a space, physically mentally and emotionally to be able to give back.

I am grateful for this opportunity, this blessing, this gift to share.

“Although many things are good and nutritious for the soul, most fall into Wild Woman's four basic food groups: time, belonging, passion, and sovereignty. Stock up.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

What are the origins of women's circles?

Across cultures of the world, Women have been gathering in groups since the beginning of time. Circles with a collective spiritual purpose are an ancient tradition, some of the oldest forms of socialization. This sacred practice was almost always rooted in the Rhythms and Cycles of Nature, of reverence to our Mother Earth.

  • Moon phases

  • Seasons

  • Menstruation

Over time these traditions have faded as the patriarchy felt threatened by feminine power in mass. Women still craved connection, so they evolved to be more discrete in modern times, disguised under more informal themes of

  • Book clubs

  • Sewing and quilting circles

  • Tea parties

  • Religious studies

  • Clothing swaps

  • Recipe swaps

Women's circles have made a resurgence with this new era of spirituality and personal development. Today we can call them whatever we want, as long as there is an intention of connection and healing.

  • "Sacred Circles"

  • "Manifestation Circle"

  • "Meditation Circle"

  • "Divinity Circle"

  • "Goddess Circle"

  • "Women's Wellness Circle"

  • "Moon Circle"

  • "Healing Circle"

  • "Divine Feminine Circle"

"Circles are living entities: a full-bodied presence that we create together. They’re the mother of methodologies and are based on the fires that our ancestors gathered around to build tribe and clan."

Diana Lindsay

Why are Moon Circles valuable?

Women gather in groups for a variety of reasons.

  • To set intentions and plant seeds for the future

  • To clear energy from the past

  • To support eachother in life's transitions and uncertainties

  • To find peace, clarity or grieve during a time of loss or challenge

  • To overcome loneliness, depression, rage, anxiety

  • To share stories, traditions, medicine, wellness wisdom and resources

  • To discuss individual and collective healing - social justice, activism, allyship

  • To worship and honor Spirit, Source, divinity, higher intelligence, the cosmos.

  • To mark the passage of time

  • To connect with themselves

  • To connect with the earth and its elements

  • To connect with spirit team

  • To connect and collaborate with each-other.

  • to BELONG.

"Shame dies when stories are told in safe places."

Ann Voskamp

These are opportunities for like-minded souls - daughters, mothers, and grandmothers, female friends, family and neighbors to come together to connect, teach, learn, grow and heal.

These gatherings then become tiny quiet revolutions, helping to

  • Experience true heart opening and transformation

  • Elevate the collective vibration

  • Encourage the world to slowly shift towards consciousness, balance and sustainability.

The best part? Women's Circles are a judgement-free places where you can come exactly as you are - messy and imperfect. They are the rare safe spaces where you are accepted and embraced as is. Where the patriarchy and oppression has no place. Here our divine feminine energy can circulate and rise.

Your pain

Your sadness

Your shame

Your guilt

Your anger

Your joy

Your grief

All of you is welcome here.

What Can I Expect at A Women's Moon Circle?

Moon circles are as varied as the women who host and attend them! Every gathering is different and becomes a tapestry of new faces, personalities, themes and ideas. Some are serious and solemn, and some are more fun and whimsical. All of them are magical and vital.

The Time

Womens circles are typically scheduled during any period of change or transition as they are grounding and supportive.

  • Monthly New Moon - best for reaffirming and reflection on manifestations for future

  • Monthly Full Moon - best for releasing limiting beliefs, stagnant or stressful energy of past

  • Quarterly Solstice or Equinox - best for renewal

  • Blessing a birth

  • Honoring a death

They are usually held in the mornings or evenings, for no more than a few hours

The Place

Women's circles can be held anywhere that is safe, private, and peaceful. Examples include