Attract Abundance & Wealth By Aligning With Feminine (Yin) Energy

In the previous blog we discussed how. to use Yang/Masculine energy and the power of Feng Shui to attract full-spectrum abundance and wealth. But did you know that you can also become a money magnet / manifestation machine simply using the power of your mind and heart?

We discussed various ways to align with Source energy, and now it's time to align with Self!

Self-healing is an integral part of attracting and building wealth- incorporating supportive and holistic practices and tools to expand your energetic frequency to one of abundance and love, not scarcity or fear.

“The way we do money, is the way we do everything.”

Kendall Summerhawk

Learning how to trust your inner voice can. be difficult when we've be so conditioned to respond to things outside of us. Aligning with Self requires that you surrender the belief that being “reasonable” is the best way to create success and abundance. Truth is, if reasoning was such an effective tool for creating abundance, most of us wouldn’t be struggling.

Get ready to match the frequencies of wealth through Feminine rituals of receiving, reflection, intuition, healing and celebration. Call in your highest self and magnetically bring more money into your life! .


Having deep self-awareness and acceptance can allow you to

  • understanding how you think, feel and behave financially.

  • earn more money based on your natural strengths and unique gifts

  • overcome money challenges and blockages


The open or undefined centers in your HD chart are where you pick up or borrow energy (including thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, philosophies, stories) from others, and more than likely those teachings go against your natural energetic signature and feelings of enoughness or security. Open energy centers leave us vulnerable to outside narratives about money. These centers are usually tied to our sense of self-worth, which, when low, results in financial deprivation, scarcity - or the opposite end of the spectrum overconsumption and greed.

Get familiar with your Not-Self, so that you can recognize and catch when you may be slipping into a conditioned pattern. Our open centers can create a lot of limiting beliefs:

  • Head/Crown - Mental pressure ("I need to know the secret of money in order to make more money")

  • Anja/Mind - Mental awareness ("I need to believe harder in order to make more money")

  • Throat - Self-expression ("I need to be loud and visible in order to make more money")

  • G/Identity - Self-understanding ("I need to know my purpose and direction in order to make more money").

  • Heart/Will - Motivation - ("I need to work harder and prove myself in order to make more money")

  • Spleen - Security ("I need to take risks in order to have more money")

  • Solar Plexus: Emotional awareness ("I need to feel abundant and joyous in order to make more money")

  • Sacral: Pleasure ("I need to work harder and faster in order to make more money")

  • Root - Evolutionary drive ("I need to act quickly and under pressure in order to have more money")

As you can see with the majority of these beliefs, we need to remove the power from the masculine. Of chasing, doing, pushing. Remember, money responds best to the energy of receiving, of doing nothing except waiting, expecting, surrendering, trusting and allowing.


The Attachment Theory of psychology can help you examine the spending and savings patterns that were modeled by your earliest caregivers, thereby shaping your own fears and behaviors around money.

  • SECURE - positive view of money + self, typically have an adaptive, healthy way of handling money, a sense of self-assurance with finances, strong financial boundaries for themselves and with others.

  • AVOIDANT - negative view of money + self, an aversion to improvement or development of wealth or self, a denial of reality. Manifests as lack of money management

  • ANXIOUS - positive view of money vs negative view of self. Low confidence and self esteem limits their potential with money. Manifests as overspending or overgenerosity.

  • DISMISSIVE - negative view of money vs positive view of self. Low perceptions about money, closed off to new opportunities for future


Why do you desire money? Knowing your values and associations with money is important step in understanding your spending patterns and setting intentions for the future. Within these are different money "personality" archetypes which identify how how you think, feel and behave financially.

  • LOVE- a desire to bring joy, lightness or relief to others or self. You want to spend recreationally and to boost mood or relieve fears or anxieties. The possible downside of this "retail therapy" is that the benefits are often fleeting and can result in frequent over-spending or living outside of one's means.

  • The Nurturer / Sponsor - Puts others before self.

  • The Connector / Networker - You put people and relationships first.

  • FREEDOM - a desire for autonomy and adventure. You want to feel independent and self-sufficient, having many choices, options and opportunities, living on your own terms, unbound by convention. The possible downside of "thrill seeking" motivation is that money could be used as a tool to escape obligation and provide a sense of thrill, rather than a device to enrich their consumer desires.

  • The Alchemist / Idealist - Transforming situations with money magic.

  • The Maverick / Rebel - Unpredictable and more risky with money

  • SECURITY- a desire for safety and protection. You want to feel in complete control and confidence, not worrying about the future, assuring all needs are met. The possible downside of this is minimal risk-taking or spending for enjoyment, focusing on strict budgeting, saving, reducing debt, making investments.

  • The Accumulator / Banker - You have a natural ability to create financial stability.

  • STATUS- a desire to impress others. You want to feel admired/envied/respected/recognized, spending on luxuries and top-tier goods and experiences. The possible downside of this value is that it is very superficial and vanity-based.

  • The Celebrity / Big Shot - Spends money to enhance self-image or status.

  • The Romantic / Hedonist - Always in pursuit of luxury and comfort

  • POWER - a desire to influence change. You want to achieve your goals through planning and acting, feeling successful, driven and ambitious. The possible downside of power-seeking is that if morals are not in alignment to the greater good, this could lead to abusive or patriarchal dynamics.

  • The Ruler / Builder - Thrives on creating, innovating and producing something of value


Scarcity Mentality is one of the most common money blocks. It is rooted deep in the subconscious, established during childhood and even prior in gestation or absorbed from previous generations who faced hardship, struggle, pain or in chronic "survival mode". We pick up programming from our caretakers in their own money habits and perceptions.

When you have a subconscious lack mentality, You are operating from past programming, not future potential. This thinking influences all of your thoughts, feelings and actions. You carry low-vibration energy when you experience feelings of:

  • guilt

  • shame

  • fear

  • anxiety

  • insecurity

  • doubt

  • jealousy

  • suffering

With each of these feelings you emit a lower frequency. You subtly communicate to the Universe that you don't deserve, shouldn't want, or can't possibly have what you desire.

  • Excessive frugality - You rarely pay full price for things, you only buy off-brand/discounted items, spend any money outside of necessities/bills

  • Overall feelings of guilt, shame, fear, or anxiety around money.

  • Worrying you’ll never have enough money and resources.

  • Judging or ridiculing other peoples’ spending habits.

  • Holding conflicting beliefs and philosophies about wealth

  • Getting highly stressed by unexpected bills and expenses

  • Needing to reciprocate favors or gifts from others

Another common pattern is simply Money Misalignment. This manifests as "Dog Paddling" - grasping franticly at desires, feeling lost and looking to copy what others are doing, doing what you think you "should" be doing, rather than being true to self.


What do you like to spend your money on? How do you like to earn your money? These things make up your Authentic Money Code. The clarity you get through your knowing and living in alignment with this code will help you shift into your truest form of identity. and worth. Journal on the following to narrow the core essence of your soul's desire:

  • What are the top 3-5 things you spend most of your money on? Is this what you authentically WANT to spend it on?

  • What are the top 3-5 things you are you saving for?

  • How would you spend your time and your days if you were completely financially secure?

  • What are your core needs (things, services, activities, etc. that are non-negotiable expenses)?

  • What tasks or perks motivates you or light you up most in your career? Title, money, perks, teams, work environment, status, freedom

  • If you had your ideal number in savings and checking, what four things would you invest in?

"Money is essentially a physical expression of victim consciousness. It represents human fear. Our relationship to money is therefore our relationship to fear. There is nothing that reveals a hidden agenda more quickly than the subject of money.

Richard Rudd


Practicing shadow work and getting to the root of past traumas and wounds around money is crucial in reprograming and writing new future of abundance and wealth. Before we can begin to move forward, we must forgive and accept responsibility for our past circumstances (out of our control), and our choices (in our control), both conscious or unconscious. From here, we can make decisions from a place of truth and authenticity. We are the authors of our own stories.


Try as you may to separate and release them, also love and befriend them. Your deepest fears and insecurities are an important part of you, and only toxic if you let them hold you back. This step is essential because it draws attention to the internal demons that hinder your progress. The only way to overcome the shadow of doubt in your mind is to identify it first, acknowledge its existence, and undo it with compassion and love.The love you show this emotion returns to you and opens your heart to receive.


The energetics of abundance, resonating with universal love and light, involves both manifesting/attracting AND surrendering/offering. There are various spiritual and somatic practices that can support you in finding closure and completion from the past and heal our money wounds and scars so that we can move forward with success.

  • VISUALIZE (or literally re-enact) shedding former layers of your self and subsconscious so that you can fully step into the next chapter of your life - completely cleansed, refreshed, renewed and resolved.

  • EXHALE and detach from the old: limiting beliefs, past conditioning, negative self talk, stress/worry, myths/illusions about poverty, scarcity or lack, survival mode, past stories, patterning, ego/lower self.

  • INHALE and embody the new: positive self talk, dreaming and doing, abundance consciousness, thrive mode, self-worth, financial wealth identity, higher self,

  • OFFER foods and gifts to your ancestors who may have had struggles with money, extending forgiveness and compassion.

  • PRACTICE E.F.T or Tapping to process and release negative narratives

  • REPEAT AFFIRMATIONS about a healthier, more productive past which will align with your desired future.


It's imperative to rewire your mental patterns and habitual thoughts - any that carry doubts, shame or guilt, or imply struggle or fears.

Free your mind of any negative, unhelpful or limiting thoughts that conflict with your desire such as...

  • "you do not deserve this life"

  • "none of your family members live luxuriously, why should I?"

  • "you are fine and have enough already - why are you still not satisfied?"

Our conditioning likely tells us that we should accept the bare minimum, limiting ourselves and shying away from appreciating and loving money so as not to appear garish or extravagant. Rid your mind of these self-defeating thoughts and convince yourself that you are worthy of the best, grandest things in life.

Repeatedly write or say to yourself that opposite of the belief you hold. Affirm that you have let go of limiting thoughts for good. Do this frequently, until you feel less and less resistance in your subconsciousness.


Our relationship with money is like any other important relationship in life. Scarcity mindset can show up in similar ways as our relational patterns based on our attachment styles. Think of someone you love and how you interact with them. If you exhibit behaviors of control/manipulation, avoidance, anxiety then the relationship would surely suffer and end. Start treating your relationship with money like a relationship with someone you deeply care about, showing it attention and care - as well as

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Honor

  • Celebration

  • Sharing

  • Gratitude

  • Intimacy

  • Connection

Practice using your primary/dominant Love Language, but also venture into other, less familiar languages to activate new energy pathways!

  • WORDS OF AFFIRMATION - speak positively, gratefully, hopefully and respectfully about money to yourself and others, no matter how "little" you have

  • PHYSICAL TOUCH - write your financial goals down, touch money or credit cards lovingly, dance or walk eight times in a figure 8 in the wealth or health guas of your home

  • ACTS OF SERVICE - help someone in need, make a financial donation, act quickly to pay bills, holding gratitude for the utilities and service providers that help support your life.

  • QUALITY TIME - schedule weekly or monthly money dates to review spending and savings

  • GIFTS - set a money savings goal and when you achieve it, splurge on something special for yourself or a loved one.

Similarly to the above you can communicate with the Spirit of Money. Start a conversation and let it know how you plan to welcome it specifically for good.

"Money, if you come to me, you will become anything and everything we want on the menu! You will become the delicious wine we drink, the incredible food we eat, the appreciation we give our server, and the host of the celebration we are having. We are going to have so much fun and I am excited you are on your way to join us!"


Money is the currency of self-worth! Practicing self-love, compassion and understanding your own value is the #1 key in attracting abundance. You must whole-heartedly believe you deserve success, greatness and fabulosity. You must feel worthy to be wealthy!

Love and money are always connected in the manifestation process. This is because both are tied to our sense of security and our earliest attachments, and also our life experience and desires/visions of the future. Typically when we are blocked in one area, we can have a very similar block in the other. And the one you’re more desperate for/insecure about will be the one that usually presents you with more tests.

When you begin to set and hold high standards in love and relationships, you will no longer settle for what doesn’t serve you. You learn how to give love (or money) properly, and how to receive love (or money) and both parts of your life will begin to feel in flow and abundance. As you step into your worth and deservingness around security in one area, it allows you to build your trust and confidence muscle in the other.


Wealth and health are nearly impossible to separate. Your money-attracting abilities are directly tied to your personal energy, your health! Of course, healthcare costs money, and making money is a lot easier and simpler when you're healthy. Prioritize preventative medicine and healthy habits like a balanced diet, exercise, or sleep.


Through meditation, breathework, hypnosis or other mindfulness exercises. Once you've stated your desire, then it's important let that desire go and permit abundance into your life. This act of detachment and release frees your mind of any resistance caused by doubt or contradicting beliefs.


Be your own best friend and cheerleader. We must learn to treat ourselves with compassion, patience and encouragement. Loving and nurturing self- talk and daily mirror affirmations go a long way! Motivational playlists, books and podcasts are a great source for positivity too!

I deserve good things

I am important and I matter

I have so much to offer

I am allowed to make mistakes because I am learning from them

I believe in myself


You will only receive what you feel safe to receive. And feeling safe is an inside job, but can be practiced somatically. Using deep tissue massage, yoni egg, pelvic floor exercises or other feminine healing practices, you can begin to heal your nervous system so that it softens, opens, releases and trusts more. Stop holding tension in the body. Aim to move through life with an open heart and surrendered body so you can manifest what you're meant to.


Diffuse or inhale high-vibe scents that are associated with wealth and prosperity: citrus, cinnamon, rosemary and frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, palo santo, sandalwood, rose.


Our mind will always try to convince us that the state of life/happiness/future is determined by the state of our bank account. We are conditioned to believe that if we have money to pay for our basic needs of food, shelter and entertainment, we are content.

From that perspective it makes sense to think that we need to prioritize these basic needs, and cut back on 'luxury' things like coaching or self-development work. But then we stay in a cycle of stress, just enough, and living paycheck to paycheck. For the rest of our lives, exhausted and in survival mode - not THRIVING mode.

When we're operating from that place, then we're missing a key truth: that the better we understand ourselves and the more we work on our internal processes, the more likely it is that we will have that money for the basic needs but also so much more!


You may be subconsciously, energetically limiting or blocking your money magnetism by not stepping into your individual worth. You may be holding onto apologetic, small, "inferior" energy if you are..

  • Staying in a relationship mostly to be financially secure

  • In a job with a low-authority title, or one that is treating you poorly or keeping you stuck or stagnant

  • Supported by or dependent on family money or spousal support

  • From a family of immigrants who carry philosophies from original society or culture

  • Surrounded by a friend or family group of people who live in lack and suffering

  • Are living in secrecy or dishonesty about a lifestyle, a relationship, etc

  • Are accepting and settling for projects that aren't fulfilling or serving you

  • Playing small. or shrinking yourself in front of others

All of these scenarios describe an energy of self-suppression, settling or insecurity. It's time to step into your power and magnetism! It's time to be SEEN!


Look at your Throat Center in your Human Design chart and see if there are any defined gates or channels, meaning your energy flows most naturally here. Each of the gates in the throat has a unique and different voice. Try changing the root or stem of the affirmation to connect with the right words/phrasing for you, which change it's energy frequency and thus manifestation potential. Which ones FEEL best to you based on your chart?

  • 62: "I think my life is abundant"

  • 23: "I know my life is abundant"

  • 56: "I believe my life is abundant"

  • 35: "I feel abundant"

  • 12: "I am capable of abundance"

  • 45: "I have abundance"

  • 33: "I remember the feeling of abundance"

  • 8: "I contribute by being abundant"

  • 31: "I lead by being abundant"

  • 20: "I am abundant now"

  • 16: "I identify with abundance"


A common limiting belief is that you must must "get rich" in order to be financially free... to be able to live/be/do what you want, when you want, how you want. And in order. to get rich you have to work hard. You then put all your energy into making as much money as possible, but this masculine approach actually creates the opposite of what you want: stress, exhaustion, and a lack of time. When you're burned out energetically you stop attracting new opportunities and instead attract stagnation and stillness.

So what if we reverse-engineered this. Focusing on freedom and fulfillment FIRST? Remember all of the areas of your life where you already are wealthy (health, family, career, etc). See what magic unfolds when you "live in the end", with the feeling of complete security and enough-ness because you have begun to define success YOUR way, around YOUR values.

No sacrifice or struggle necessary!


  • PLAY money games for abundance - finding coins, cashing checks

  • DANCE or sing along to a playlist of Yang (empowering, energizing, high-vibe) songs about wealth and abundance. Activate even more feminine energy by doing this in the mirror!

  • IMAGINE whatever color you most associate with wealth and visualize it washing over your body, and through every part of you. Gently and compassionately, it even settles over the parts of you still in resistance.

  • DECORATE your community and the world with symbols of wealth such as coins, or $1 origami butterflies, each anointed with essential oils and intention or prayer.


Spirit, universal wisdom, does not worry about money - so why should you?

  • LISTEN TO INTUITION. It's time to getting out of your head and into your embodied wisdom. We all have a unique way of making decisions, and connecting to our intuition, our true inner knowing. What does that sacred "yes" feel like to you in your body? Your mind will limit you, your heart however, has the ability to open up to what is truly possible and attract that into your life.

  • OPEN TO RECEIVING EFFORTLESSLY. Position yourself to receiving without earning, hustling, grinding and every other masculine action that society has conditioned us to think is required of building wealth. Release yourself from the pressure around money, in order to manifest. So if strict and formal budgeting and some other masculine money practices actually creates a lot of stress and tension in your body, then skip it! Lean into the flow, the energetics and embodiment instead: Energetically saving, spending, investing, and receiving.

  • ASK FOR SUPPORT. Solicit your spirit guides, angels and ancestors for support, wisdom, focus and clarity through the power of gratitude. Avoid using the word "want" as that embodies a feeling of lack. And do not be desperate, impatient or expectant as each carry scarcity energy that can work against you. Practice true heart-centered gratitude and appreciation and eventually you'll be able to call upon it on demand. and status sends signals to the universe, which in turn delivers" more abundance to your life. It'll feel like you're receiving rather than earning. Thank them for

  • wealth in the fastest, highest timeline possible.

  • barriers to your success be removed.

  • meeting all of your needs (even if deep down you do not feel they're met yet.)

"Be mindful of your self-talk — it’s a conversation with the universe"



You've probably tried the countless strategies recommended for “getting in alignment” and "changing your mindset” on your journey to manifest the life you desire. But it's important to remember that there is no single "frequency of money" or "frequency of the Quantum". There is no-one-sized-fits-all way to manifest abundance.

Instead, we each carry our own personal "wealth frequency" - unique to us and only us. Once you crack that code, the world of opportunity and abundance opens. You can then create your reality, your vision of prosperity in your own special, heart-centered way.


In Human Design, the Abundance gate (55) holds the energy of being RECEPTIVE, or receptive. This means to create more money you often have to learn to surrender, allow, “let go” and wait, which is counter-intuitive to what most of us have been taught…

In fact, the very question “How do I manifest more money?” comes from a masculine place of striving and pursuit. Time to shift into the feminine!

Our ability to make money is directly connected to two key centers in the body, These are your central magnet for your manifestations!

  • G-Center: Our desires. Open your heart to connect, calibrate and attract! Dream big and bold!

  • Heart Center: Our self-love, self-worth, self-value. You are deserving of supreme greatness!

Human Design can teach us to invest in our selves: learning, growing, developing and doing the things that light us up and feed our soul..

Every HD type has a human birthright to abundance. We're all here to FEEL wealthy, regardless of the actual amount in your bank account.

We each came here with a unique, blueprint - a very distinct frequency that allows us to feel and receive abundance in our own way.

  • Manifestors: The frequency of Peace

  • Generators: The frequency of Satisfaction

  • Projectors: The frequency of Success

  • Reflectors: The frequency of Surprise

Each of these are feelings demonstrate how you experience abundance personally. And these feeling are fully and readily available to us every day, with barely any effort OR a single penny to invest.

When you align with this unique personal wealth code/ vibration you automatically begin to shift into a more passive, receptive mode. You start to do work that makes you happy and fulfilled. Your heart fills, and your mind quiets because everything in life begins to fall into place, feel good ….and from that place of FREEDOM abundance finally flows.

The key is to live & serve others intentionally from our zone of genius and to trust that the right amount of money will always find you in the right time. THAT is the key to full-spectrum wealth: getting clear on your soul's mission, your life's purpose, your golden path and aligning with your signature frequency. So follow your type's wealth theme! Simply do what you love, and the rest will follow!

Lastly, at the heart of Human Design and the Gene Keys systems is the belief that we are experiencing a global awakening, a great shift in human consciousness. And the place where this "mutation" is occurring is Gate 55, which is innately more Yin/feminine than Yang.

Within the Gene Keys, the 55th Key informs the wisdom of the 63 other keys because it's where deep change and transformation lies, and yes - life and death. The key represents the process of moving from Shadow to Light, from low vibration to high vibration, from Victimization to Freedom.

Within the Human Design system, this translates as Gate of Abundance. It is associated with Expansion and Fullness - especially emotionally. This gate reminds us about the inevitable cycles and rhythms in life, and how we can navigate them, which is effectively representative of the entire manifestation process.

  • Patience - acceptance, detachment, learning, faith, trust

  • Persistence - embodiment, visioning, inspired action

  • Prosperity - becoming a vibrational match for the abundance we desire

In the search for enlightenment, there is an ever-present certainty that there is more to do, someone else who holds the secret, another state to attain. In the finding of it, there is the comical revelation that not one of those things was ever true.

Wei Wu Wei Ching, Gate 55


Writing, through journaling, lettering, scripting and spell-binding, is a powerful manifestation tool. It challenges us to go inward and be brutally honest with our selves. Establishing clarity/truth and authenticity/acceptance about our past, present and future, our full-spectrum desires. and is one of the key foundations of full-spectrum wealth creation.

  • List of light (strengths, talents, skills) vs shadows (flaws, imperfections, weaknesses)

  • List of limiting beliefs and then their abundance alternatives

  • Letters of forgiveness for old money patterns.

  • Gratitude lists

  • Wishlists lists- manifestation bagua (I AM, I HAVE, I FEEL)

  • EFT Tapping Scripts

  • Money mantras

  • Financial goals

  • Affirmations of self-worth and compassion

  • Money prayers

  • Future "to-do" lists (as if you have already achieved your wealth goal- what are you doing, buying, etc?)


Write various levels of money that you're interested in manifesting onto a piece of paper. Using a dowsing pendulum, see which level has the most noticeable reaction. This is likely the level that you're currently attracting, or just above. So keep working (through EFT, inner child and shadow work) on breaking down the inner blocks to those higher levels.


Be the person you aspire to be - live with expectancy and assumption that it's already happened, today - not in some distant unknown future.

  • Create a "mock" /fantasy bank statement or money management spreadsheet to depict the bottom line of what your desired checking, savings, and investment accounts will look like. Even write itemized "wish lists" of items or opportunities you've spent on. When you can mentally grasp the big picture of the amount of wealth you're manifesting, that amount - which previously felt unfathomable or intimidating, feels much more natural and practical. It also shows the universe how responsible and ready you are!

  • Feel wealthy from the inside, out! Picture a specific image or something you associate with great wealth and complete execution. It can be something tangible, experiential or material - or simply a feeling of inner safety and warmth. Get very specific with your vision, and embrace it as a full-body sensory experience inside of you. Hold and carry that feeling throughout your day and these thoughts will begin to translate to your physical reality. Envisioning the goals creates a space for you to enjoy the emotional benefits of success without having to wait for the reality of it.

  • Don't limit yourself - dream big! What do you want, what would your life look like once you're thriving in abundance, well beyond 'survival mode"? Adopt the inner dialogue of your future self - would they be consumed with thoughts of worry, stress, or ones of peace and privilege? Adopt all of their thoughts of ease and joy, and of course- gratitude!


Know that you have more an enough for your hearts desires, and that you'll be overflowing to share this abundance when called to. Know you have everything you need and are taken care of, and that everything beyond that is icing on the cake. Trust that the flow of money will always come and go exactly when and how it needs to. Don't think about the journey (the 'how'), just the destination (the 'what' and 'why'). Plant the seeds of your desired feeling and water them without obsessing or fixating on the when or how they will grow. Your job is simply to keep your mindset and income channels open.


Creating sacred spaces and altars is a powerful way to call in Feminine energy. You can add a variety of transcendental, metaphysical or traditional cures to call in more money. Altar space can be an extremely powerful tool in manifestation work. Consider the following in the wealth gua of your home, or in individual rooms where you spend the most time:

  • ACTIVATE YOUR MONEY BOWL. Create a Metal, ceramic or wood bowl filled with the items below that resonate most. Make sure to nourish feed or rearrange your money bowl regularly - constantly adding new additions so it's energy doesn't fall stagnant.

  • A gold, green or purple candle etched with a money sigil and anointed with an essential oil that. you associate with abundance

  • Crystals of citrine, pyrite, amethyst- charged under new moons and full-moons.

  • Chinese gold coins or mystic knots

  • Cinnamon stick rolled in glitter or wrapped in red string

  • Bay leaves with abundance-related words in gold pen

  • Other accents: A money butterfly, small round mirror, pearls, sand dollar, wallet or credit card.


  • Animals: Jade money frog/three-legged toad or "dragon turtle/tortoise" statues, goldfish bowl, artwork depicting dogs, cats, or horses

  • Symbols: gemstone tree, bonsai tree, clear vase or bowl filled with gold painted acorns, money management books, laughing buddha statue,

  • CREATE A WEALTH VASE: This should be a solid/ceramic container stored out of sight. Fill with symbolic items of wealth and prosperity:

  • Business cards, unused lotto tickets, a faux check for. large sum, copy your credit score (either your existing score if it's strong, or one you're working towards, etc),

  • Glitter, magnets, foreign coins or cash

  • Salt, dried rice or lentils, glitter, cinnamon, rosemary


  • Desires: Vision board of images or graphics of your future life,

  • Gratitudes: Keep a list or photo collage of all the things that are working in your favor. Add to it weekly. Whenever something triggering comes up look at the board to snap your thoughts back into a more productive cycle. The vibration of Gratitude is a powerful attractor.

  • PRACTICE MANIFESTATION RITUALS. Create rituals that involve the earth elements, moon cycles, the seasons and other rhythms of nature.

  • Ignite all stove burners in your kitchen for 9 minutes each week while meditating on the abundance coming to you.

  • Anoint your finger with cinnamon, rosemary or peppermint oil and trace a figure 8 on your credit or debit card

  • CHOOSE WISELY. When furnishing and decorating your home, don't forget to fill it with whatever YOU value, love and cherish. These special items, clothes, art, furniture, and housewares that "spark joy" emit powerfully positive Chi that is perfectly vibrationally aligned to you. Every time you keep something you don't fully align with, it lowers your vibration - and your homes frequency. So bring in more of what you love and let go (donate, sell, etc) what you do not.

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