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Heart-felt Finances: Attract Abundance & Wealth By Aligning With Feminine (Yin) Energy

In the previous blog we discussed how. to use Yang/Masculine energy and the power of Feng Shui to attract full-spectrum abundance and wealth. But did you know that you can also become a money magnet / manifestation machine simply using the power of your mind and heart?

We discussed various ways to align with Source energy, and now it's time to align with Self!

Self-healing is an integral part of attracting and building wealth- incorporating supportive and holistic practices and tools to expand your energetic frequency to one of abundance and love, not scarcity or fear.

“The way we do money, is the way we do everything.”

Kendall Summerhawk

Learning how to trust your inner voice can be difficult when we've be so conditioned to respond to things outside of us. Aligning with Self requires that you surrender the belief that being "logical" is the best way to create success and abundance. Truth is, if reasoning was such an effective tool for creating abundance, most of us wouldn’t be struggling.

Get ready to match the frequencies of wealth through Feminine rituals of receiving, reflection, intuition, healing and celebration. Call in your highest self and magnetically bring more money into your life! .


Manifesting money will look different for everyone because we each have a different energetic frequency and wiring, and thus different conditioning about financial concepts.

Having deep self-awareness and acceptance can allow you to

  • understanding how you think, feel and behave financially.

  • earn more money based on your natural strengths and unique gifts

  • overcome money challenges and blockages


The Attachment Theory of psychology can help you examine the spending and savings patterns that were modeled by your earliest caregivers, thereby shaping your own fears and behaviors around money.

  • SECURE - positive view of money + self, typically have an adaptive, healthy way of handling money, a sense of self-assurance with finances, strong financial boundaries for themselves and with others.

  • AVOIDANT - negative view of money + self, an aversion to improvement or development of wealth or self, a denial of reality. Manifests as lack of money management

  • ANXIOUS - positive view of money vs negative view of self. Low confidence and self-esteem limits their potential with money. Manifests as overspending or overgenerosity.

  • DISMISSIVE - negative view of money vs positive view of self. Low perceptions about money, closed off to new opportunities for future


Why do you desire money? Knowing your values and associations with money is important step in understanding your spending patterns and setting intentions for the future. Within these are different money "personality" archetypes which identify how you think, feel and behave financially.

  • LOVE- a desire to bring joy, lightness or relief to others or self. You want to spend recreationally and to boost mood or relieve fears or anxieties. The possible downside of this "retail therapy" is that the benefits are often fleeting and can result in frequent over-spending or living outside of one's means.

  • The Nurturer / Sponsor - Puts others before self.

  • The Connector / Networker - You put people and relationships first.

  • FREEDOM - a desire for autonomy and adventure. You want to feel independent and self-sufficient, having many choices, options and opportunities, living on your own terms, unbound by convention. The possible downside of "thrill seeking" motivation is that money could be used as a tool to escape obligation and provide a sense of thrill, rather than a device to enrich their consumer desires.

  • The Alchemist / Idealist - Transforming situations with money magic.

  • The Maverick / Rebel - Unpredictable and riskier with money

  • SECURITY- a desire for safety and protection. You want to feel in complete control and confidence, not worrying about the future, assuring all needs are met. The possible downside of this is minimal risk-taking or spending for enjoyment, focusing on strict budgeting, saving, reducing debt, making investments.

  • The Accumulator / Banker - You have a natural ability to create financial stability.

  • STATUS- a desire to impress others. You want to feel admired/envied/respected/recognized, spending on luxuries and top-tier goods and experiences. The possible downside of this value is that it is very superficial and vanity-based.