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Attract Abundance & Wealth With These Powerful Feng Shui Remedies

Like it or not, Money influences every part of our lives and how we show up in the world.

Every day it is...

  • Shaped by our PAST: our lineage, our family origins, our culture, our values

  • Establishing our PRESENT: our work, our relationships, our environments

  • Setting the tone for our FUTURE: the legacy we leave behind

There's no way around it- money is important! And unless you're in the small percentile of the population who are blessed with an inheritance, trust or lottery winnings, you need to grow your wealth from the bottom up. Of course, that's not easy to do, especially amidst this era of stagnating wages, growing debt, inflation. and the overall chaos of the world.

We know money is something to value and appreciate, but that's not only because of where it brings us in material world. When used in authenticity and in alignment it can be a source of connection, creativity, and consciousness not just consumption. It can be our entry to freedom from stuff, not attachment to stuff. Money can be a spiritual tool, a medium, a means to an end which us to experience all of life's fullness, inside and out, and increase our own self-understanding.


In order to attract more money to our lives we first must understand what money actually is: Money is ENERGY. It is literal "currency", but also vibrational currency. And as energy, that means it is

  • Always present. It can't be created or destroyed.

  • Always in movement. Money is always in flow, gaining momentum and transforming itself all around us

  • Completely infinite and limitless. There is more than enough for everyone to go around!

  • A neutral and unbiased resource. Money is neither good nor bad.

  • Operating in reciprocity. It requires a cycle of giving and receiving, mutual exchange and benefit

  • Always attracted to its own vibrational match. Those vibrations are created from your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and actions)!

Now think of other forms of energy...

  • TIME


  • LOVE


All of these energy types are rooted in resilience, possibility, and expansion. They are unstoppable forces that keep on moving, changing, giving.


Whether we're talking about time, health, love, nature, or money - Abundance is the natural order of things.

Money is just one of many ways for you to live your best life. Having money allows us to experience all that life has to offer: to live with joy, pleasure, peace, harmony, and most importantly purpose and MEANING - to be able to give back and contribute to the greater good.

It is a human birthright to experience life to its fullest expression. As such, we are ALL worthy of money. We all deserve to attract our desires, and to be able to live freely enough to share that positive energy with those around us.

Wealth available to everyone. It IS NOT soley reserved for those who

  • are born into a wealthy life.

  • have privilege and connections.

  • work extremely hard to make it.

However, Wealth IS reserved for those who

  • believe that they are and will continue to be wealthy.

  • accept the abundance consciousness within them, and the abundance frequencies around them

  • desire to contribute to the beauty and richness of the greater good

To believe money can fall from the sky or grow on trees is frankly, a delusion. But to believe that the world is abundant and that the universe is always meeting your needs- that is FACT!


There is a fine line between Abundance and Greed.

Greed reveals a darker side of human nature, but it actually has an evolutionary purpose. As a living species we are wired with the innate urge to not only survive but to thrive - to advance forward, to reach our full capability and highest potential.

Most of us possess a basic drive, a hunger to want things that we don’t have. We naturally feel restless or dissatisfied because we know we're are capable of having, being, and doing more. Instead of viewing this as a negative mindset, see it as an opportunity to improve your life, and the lives of others.

So the practical benefit of greed is that it drives progress individually, and in the collective. Once all of our material, physical needs are met we naturally then become curious about our spiritual, emotional and mental potential. Money is not only a way to improve our quality of life externally, but also internally as a tool for our growth, development and ascension. So from greed stems existentialism and a deeper sustenance.

Where does Greed start? When someone is consistently uncomfortable with their personal security it is usually due to a neglect in childhood, their social conditioning or their ancestral trauma, Their anxiety then manifests as the precursors to greed: the belief that there is not enough in the world, or that they themselves are not enough. They feel a lack of emotional and spiritual connection so they fill this emptiness with attention seeking behaviors and material possessions to compensate.

We can use the force of greed to our advantage by first recognizing where our desires stem from. What voids are you looking to fill? What insecurities do you have to work through? Awareness is part of this energy shift towards authentic Abundance.

To reiterate, Greed is not 'bad'. It simply carries a Yang energy - always moving, whereas Abundance is the Yin, feminine of stillness.

The difference between Greed and Abundance is of course, the source energy. Greed comes from a place of insecurity and not-enoughness, whereas true abundance comes from a place of celebration and secure, heart-felt enoughness.

On the outside these may look the same, but from the person manifesting it's an important internal energy shift between the two.

The takeaway is our drive for abundance should come from the heart, and return to the heart. The flow of Chi is both giving and receiving, inhaling and exhaling. Share your gifts with the world, and the reciprocity will return. Money reflects the value you give to others, how you meet the needs of the world. We should strive to become stewards of our privilege.

"True prosperity includes your emotional well-being, your mental balance, and your physical health, as well as a sound financial platform."

Michael Roades


From the feng shui perspective, wealth is not solely about financial prosperity; it is much more faceted and multi-dimensional.