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Attract Abundance & Wealth With These Powerful Feng Shui Remedies

Like it or not, Money influences every part of our lives and how we show up in the world.

Every day it is...

  • Shaped by our PAST: our lineage, our family origins, our culture, our values

  • Establishing our PRESENT: our work, our relationships, our environments

  • Setting the tone for our FUTURE: the legacy we leave behind

There's no way around it- money is important! People will say, "money can't buy happiness" but we all know that all areas of a joyous, fulfilling life require money, either directly or indirectly, to get ahead:

  • Physical & Physiological needs- healthy food, clean water, a comfortable, safe/secure home, rest

  • Conscious Psychological needs- belonging, love, relationships, friendship

  • Unconscious Ego needs: prestige, feeling accomplishment

  • Self-actualization- achieving one's full potential (requires time for creative freedom and self exploration)

Unless you're in the small percentile of the population who are blessed with an inheritance, trust or lottery winnings, you need to grow your wealth from the bottom up. Of course, that's not easy to do, especially amidst this era of stagnating wages, growing debt, inflation. and the overall chaos of the world.

We know money is something to value and appreciate, but that's not only because of where it brings us in material world. When used in authenticity and in alignment it can be a source of connection, creativity, and consciousness not just consumption. It can be our entry to freedom from stuff, not attachment to stuff. Money can be a spiritual tool, a medium, a means to an end which us to experience all of life's fullness, inside and out, and increase our own self-understanding.


In order to attract more money to our lives we first must understand what money actually is: Money is ENERGY. It is literal "currency", but also vibrational currency. And as energy, that means it is

  • Always present. It can't be created or destroyed.

  • Always in movement. Money is always in flow, gaining momentum and transforming itself all around us

  • Completely infinite and limitless. There is more than enough for everyone to go around!

  • A neutral and unbiased resource. Money is neither good nor bad.

  • Operating in reciprocity. It requires a cycle of giving and receiving, mutual exchange and benefit

  • Always attracted to its own vibrational match. Those vibrations are created from your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and actions!

Now think of other forms of energy...




All of these energy types are rooted in NATURE, which embodies freedom, resilience, possibility, and expansion - unstoppable forces that keep on moving, changing, giving.

"True prospiertiy includes your emotional wellbeing, mental balance, physical health and a sound financial platform."


Whether we're talking about time, health, love, nature, or money - Abundance is the natural order of things.

Money is just one of many ways for you to live your best life. Having money allows us to experience all that life has to offer: to live with joy, pleasure, peace, harmony, and most importantly purpose and MEANING - to be able to give back and contribute to the greater good.

It is a human birthright to experience life to its fullest expression. As such, we are ALL worthy of money. We all deserve to attract our desires, and to be able to live freely enough to share that positive energy with those around us.

Wealth is available to everyone. It is not soley reserved for those who

  • are born into a wealthy life.

  • have privilege and connections.

  • work extremely hard to make it.

However, Wealth IS reserved for those who

  • believe that they are and will continue to be wealthy.

  • accept the abundance consciousness within them, and the abundance frequencies around them

  • desire to contribute to the beauty and richness of the greater good

To believe money can fall from the sky or grow on trees is frankly, a delusion. But to believe that the world is abundant and that the universe is always meeting your needs- that is FACT!


There is a fine line between Abundance and Greed.

Greed reveals a darker side of human nature, but it actually has an evolutionary purpose. As a living species we are wired with the innate urge to not only survive but to thrive - to advance forward, to reach our full capability and highest potential.

Most of us possess a basic drive, a hunger to want things that we don’t have. We naturally feel restless or dissatisfied because we know we're are capable of having, being, and doing more. Instead of viewing this as a negative mindset, see it as an opportunity to improve your life, and the lives of others.

So the practical benefit of greed is that it drives progress individually, and in the collective. Once all of our material, physical needs are met we naturally then become curious about our spiritual, emotional and mental potential. Money is not only a way to improve our quality of life externally, but also internally as a tool for our growth, development and ascension. So from greed stems existentialism and a deeper sustenance.

Where does Greed start? When someone is consistently uncomfortable with their personal security it is usually due to a neglect in childhood, their social conditioning or their ancestral trauma, Their anxiety then manifests as the precursors to greed: the belief that there is not enough in the world, or that they themselves are not enough. They feel a lack of emotional and spiritual connection so they fill this emptiness with attention seeking behaviors and material possessions to compensate.

We can use the force of greed to our advantage by first recognizing where our desires stem from. What voids are you looking to fill? What insecurities do you have to work through? Awareness is part of this energy shift towards authentic Abundance.

To reiterate, Greed is not 'bad'. It simply carries a Yang energy - always moving, whereas Abundance is the Yin, feminine of stillness.

The difference between Greed and Abundance is of course, the source energy. Greed comes from a place of insecurity and not-enoughness, whereas true abundance comes from a place of celebration and secure, heart-felt enoughness.

On the outside these may look the same, but from the person manifesting it's an important internal energy shift between the two.

The takeaway is our drive for abundance should come from the heart, and return to the heart. The flow of Chi is both giving and receiving, inhaling and exhaling. Share your gifts with the world, and the reciprocity will return. Money reflects the value you give to others, how you meet the needs of the world. We should strive to become stewards of our privilege.

"True prosperity includes your emotional well-being, your mental balance, and your physical health, as well as a sound financial platform."

Michael Roades


From the feng shui perspective, wealth is not solely about financial prosperity; it is much more faceted and multi-dimensional.

Similar to the bagua map, there are eight key areas of life which influences a person's fortune. These are called the "Eight Aspirations." According to feng shui teachings, when you are truly wealthy you have an abundance of energy in the form of...

1) Helpful people, mentors, travel opportunities

2) Career & business prospects

3) Wisdom, knowledge, education, spirituality

4) Close-knit family, ancestral connections and good genes

5) Material abundance and prosperity

6) Recognition and personal fame

7) Romantic partnerships and healthy, committed relationships

8) Creativity, youthful energy and a strong environment for children

By activating and enhancing all eight areas of your life, you will enjoy the abundance of a full and balanced life – and that is the best measure of true wealth!

Society tells us to keep striving for ‘more’; but this will not benefit our happiness if we don’t know how to value what we have. We must first attain a foundational/ base level capacity for peace, calm and joy.

At the end of the day there are two ways to "get rich"

1) ACQUISITION: getting more money, increasing income

2) APPRECIATION: extending gratitude for what we already have, and for what is within reach.

"If you don’t yet have the kind of money you desire, it’s not because you don’t deserve it or you’re incapable of earning it. It’s just that you haven’t yet appreciated the money that you have already.

Kathrin Zenkina


Full-spectrum Feng Shui is a term I use to refer to the energetic alignment and healing that occurs in optimizing our physical spaces, but also focusing on our innermost metaphysical realms too. Read on for an in-depth how to guide on using feng shui holistically (externally AND internally) to magnetize more wealth into your life from all directions.

Remember, Money is ENERGY, so to attract more money, you simply need to attract more energy. And you do this through balancing the Yin and Yang frequencies in your life.

To activate YANG energy, we practice BUILDING from the Masculine. This involves doing the outer work and aligning with Higher Source - the energy rooted in Nature and Giving.

To activate YIN energy, we practice BEING in the Feminine. This involves going inward and aligning with Higher Self - the energy rooted in Intuition and Receiving.

In this post we'll cover some Yang approaches to wealth-building, and in the next, we'll share the Yin. Let's begin! But again, Money is just a piece of the abundance puzzle. There are endless other ways to feel wealthy, secure, spacious, free and fulfilled.



The universal foundation of all energy is Nature, which. is perfectly harmonious and balanced in Yin and Yang energies. By activating your environment and infusing your space with the same high-vibe energy as Nature we elevate to the energies of Wealth. Below are simple ways to bring in the Five Earth Elements to your day, to bring in more abundance!

  • EARTH - time outdoors hiking, gardening, grounding and meditating

  • WATER - dancing, movement, drinking more water and hydrating foods

  • WOOD - crafting, creating, goal setting

  • FIRE - practicing ceremonies and rituals, immersing in community

  • METAL - building structure and order in your daily life systems


Our homes are the physical manifestations to our life, and vice versa. The principles of traditional and contemporary feng shui can allow your space to flourish to its fullest potential, which will directly influence your own personal energy and wealth-attracting frequencies.


Ancient practitioners of feng shui used the bagua map to interpret areas of our life within the context of our spaces. Your home's floorplan and layout can greatly influence your fortune, as everything in feng shui is a metaphor- what is in your environment will inevitably be reflected in your real life.

PRIMARY GUAS: To locate the area of your home associated with money and prosperity, stand at the entrance of your home, which is the metaphorical/symbolic "Northern" part of your floorpan. From there, your Wealth gua is in the rear-left quadrant of your home (the "Southeast").

SECONDARY GUAS: There are several other guas which are also tied to your income potential. These include your Health (Central), Career/Purpose ("North"), Helpful People (Northwest), Knowledge Wisdom (Northeast). The other guas in the South (Fame/Reputation and Love/Relationships) also relate to one's wealth because they relate to inner feelings self-worthiness and receiving abundance/attention.

Room-Based Guas: To really amp-up your money magnetism, don't forget to apply the bagua to individual rooms as well. Aim to optimize the back left corner of each room with wealth symbols (below), or universal cures.


Ultimately we become what we create around us. Ask yourself “What would the home and office of my Highest Self (my ideal future self) look and feel like?" Visualize the space in 5D and then get to working on making that physically happen in the 3D realm.


This is the mouth of Chi, so it's the most important area to influence your financial reality and earning potential. This is in the North, which represents your "True North"- your most aligned path in life.

  • Place 8 gold-painted river rocks to create a "mountain of wealth"

  • Place 8 gold coins in red envelope sealed with intention under the doormat, or placed in an arrow shape pointing at door

  • Pour cinnamon and salt in your palm, trace an infinity symbol 3 times in it, then blow in towards your door while visualizg abundance

  • Sprinkle or spritz cinnamon oil at the door or door mat

  • Bury an egg nearby

  • Plant rosemary in a pot or ground

  • Place a fountain with water flowing towards door and 27 coins in basin

  • Paint your front door red or have pops of red in doormat, planters, chimes or flags


This is the second most important area to impact wealth. Some ideals in this space:

  • The sink or stove in command position (facing entrance/door)

  • A stove top that is clean and sparkling, with all burners used regularly

  • Fridge and pantries well-stocked, ideally decanted in containers for an upscale luxury feel (no commercial/packaged products)


  • Bowl of 8 or 9 lemons

  • Round mirror


  • Desk in command position

  • Empty red file folders to attract new work clients,

  • Piece of pyrite on stack of business cards



Use subtractions and universal enhancements to remedy areas that hold energetic resistance or blockages to new income and luck

  • Drainage or waste (ie bathrooms)

  • Clutter or unused, unloved items (ie closets, cabinets, garages, empty corners) .

  • Remnants or reminders of death, decay, damage or poverty (i.e no broken items)


The Wealth gua is governed by the Wood element, and it's supporting element of Water, so you can activate these two zones by implementing the following nature-based cures and remedies:

  • WOOD: furniture, carvings, tree artwork, lucky bamboo, jade plant, or Chinese money plant, vertical shapes, greens, browns

  • WATER: indoor fountain, fish bowl or aquarium, decor or imagery with koi, boats, rivers and waterfalls, irregular shapes, blues


Fill a bowl with water and place it over the largest currency you can afford- ideally something slightly beyond your comfort zone. For 27 days, refill the bowl with entirely fresh water. Bonus:  place the bowl in the sun for extra power!

This cure represents your bank account being constantly replenished. It works because in feng shui the Water element is affiliated with fortune, so imagery of moving water encourages the flow of prosperity into our life. Additionally, 27 is a multiple of the number 3, a number known for triggering quick change. It is also a multiple of 9, the number representing power, manifestation, and completion.

"I call in my wealth and abundance today and thank it for allowing me to step into my power, my peace, and purpose."



Call it in from the universe by being as specific as possible. Clarify every tiny detail, including the specific milestones, timelines, and amounts. Don't limit yourself, but also don't go "overboard" and be too unrealistic or unreasonable. The universe can sense when your requests are authentic and meaningful, vs when they are self-serving, superficial and ego-based. Will ALL of these desires come true to your exact specifications? Of course not. But the practicing of clarity is MAJOR in creating the vibrational frequency you are hoping to reach.

  • What do you desire, and when? Include material items, opportunities/situations AND feelings/meaning.

  • What does financial freedom really look like to you?

  • How much do you desire to have in your bank account

  • What will you have, do, or be? (include your shopping list- with prices)

  • What is your final destination/ end goal?


What does prosperity look like according to your own unique preference and personal desires, not according to what society or those around you expects? Shut out all of the outside voices and your conditioning and get honest with yourself.


Practice speaking your intent out loud with assertiveness and confidence. Call your desires into form by only thinking and speaking of what you do want, and nothing else. Eliminate these emotional weights and rid mind of doubt by making simple, direct and positive affirmations regularly. The universe is listening closely so be the hero, not the victim.

"Spirit and Source, thank you for showing me the pure experience of abundance and how fun and delightful it feels to receive or spend large sums of money."


Curating your beliefs about money is one of the core foundations of wealth-building and earning.

The impossible IS possible - and it starts with your thoughts vibrating at the highest level, then your actions following suit. Wealth consciousness is simply a growth mindset - seeing possibility and opportunity all around you. It embraces the idea of infinite expansion - that all aspects of your life, including your finances, can be completely unlimited and unrestricted. Even though it's the most pure and evolutionarily natural way of thinking, modern human conditioning has made it rare and divergent. So think big, bold, grand! It is the best, fastest way to manifest money.


Stop associating your desire with time and other human constructs. If your desire doesn't "make sense" based on the perceived of your life, then simply decide to let those limitations go. When you defy logic, you build energy. When you act on logic, you will yield logical results. Be ready for quantum results!

"Things that have never happened before happen all the time.”

Scott Sagan


Claim success as yours, undeniably and without question or doubt. Wealth is an inevitability, your fate and destiny. You can relax into more risks and responsibilities knowing that all will end well because your clear vision and belief is met with unshakeable courage and certainty. Also, Remind yourself, even if you don't necessarily believe it fully, that you can handle anything, from failed launches to income dips, to difficult conversations, to rejection, to creative blocks to bankruptcy, and every other worst case scenario. Then you will never be held back by the fear of "what could go wrong".


What does your Human Design authority tell you? This will help you pivot in every situation when something is no longer feeling aligned. Your body knows what you need, so listen!


Fear is not necessarily an indicator that you're wrong direction. Sometimes, big expansion feels natural and other times, it will scare you to the bone, ad nauseam. If you're moving yourself up or forward, not backwards, then it's always right. Guard your thoughts carefully and use them with intention. Fear can not exist when living in the presence of love!


This is the mindset of not needing it to happen right now, and still holding onto the desire of it could happen now. Knowing that as long as it happens eventually, you'll be happy.


So many of our thoughts actions are made mostly on an unconscious level, so we need to get to the root and rewire those subconscious limiting beliefs. Improve the QUALITY of your thoughts. Thinking positively will yield positive results.

  • Poverty/scarcity mindset: That's too expensive, I can't afford that.

  • Prosperity/abundance mindset: If I desire this, how can I afford that?

  • Quantum wealth mindset: How can this make me even more money?


Learn as much as you can about money management and wealth building. Practice endless curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm by reading financial books, following experts online, or taking online courses.


Heal your relationship with money, affirm your abundance mindset, build confidence and work towards your goals. Feel the words through your body and claim them whole heartedly, not just saying and hearing them. Cover them from all angles:

  • Healing from Past Money

  • Appreciating & Valuing Money

  • Attracting New Money

  • Managing Existing Money

  • Money Meaning & Purpose

"The greatest enemy of abundance is contraction".

Deepak Chopra


Abundance comes in all forms. Welcome and call out all of the blessings that find you - gifts, favors, discounts, joy, beauty, love and unexpected serendipities that work in your favor. Notice abundance all around you - while driving, while at the store, out in nature, while at home - abundance is truly everywhere, all the time! Call it when you see it, and say thank you! To protect your personal energy (your personal power!) it is also important to avoid places and media that depict the world as poverty-stricken, ugly and unsafe.

Also, while it seems counterintuitive, remember that the most abundance lies in the emptiness, the openness. Spaciousness equals Possibility and Potential, which is the most abundant energy of all.


While family, society and culture will bombard you with messages of what wealth and success looks like, ultimate YOU decide what your abundance means, and how to get there. When do you feel the most wealthy, happy and free? This could be when you're...

  • Out In nature

  • Practicing your craft

  • Spending time with family and friends

  • Moving, playing or being active

You can be in your fullest embodiment and emanating your life force and not spending a single dime!

So many of us avoid the simple activities that light us up and make our soul sing because we've been programmed to think of them as unnecessary luxuries. When we do this we betray ourselves and thus lower our frequency, attracting less and falling into stagnation.


Create energy vortexes by identifying and claiming what you'd do with your money. What would you buy? Where would you go? What would you do? Get excited and blast those "Energy Dollars" out there, far and wide!


Your financial reality is not likely to change without leaving your comfort zone and taking some serious action. Also, changing your energy will often attract new opportunitues for money, not actual money.

93% of millionaires say they stick to the budgets they make.

- Chris Hogan


Money management and traditional budgeting is the Masculine way of achieving your financial goals. It is how you can show the universe how you will handle new abundance coming in, demonstrating that you are

  • available

  • organized

  • intentional

  • responsible

  • trustworthy

  • disciplined

  • committed

  • caring

This is how we can control our money, so that it doesn't control us. Take your power back!


By addressing the following areas of your finances, you can regain control and work toward financial stability.

  1. Brand Loyalty Loyalty to certain companies may not always save you money. Brand names aren't always better. Consider store brands for groceries and explore secondhand options for clothing to save money. It's essential to shop around and compare prices to ensure you're getting the best deals.

  2. Ongoing Membership Costs and Subscriptions: Review your accounts for unused memberships and subscriptions. Cancel those you no longer need to save money.

  3. Looking at Payments and Fees: Pay attention to subtle credit card fees, bank fees, and late fees. Tackle debt and associated fees to regain control of your finances.

  4. Renting Storage: Storage units can be costly over time. Reevaluate whether you need them and whether the stored items are worth the expense.

  5. Treating Yourself: While self-care is essential, it can become expensive. Be mindful of the costs associated with beauty and self-care services.

  6. Dining Out: Eating out frequently can add up quickly. Plan meals at home and budget for occasional dining out to save money.

  7. Making Impulse Purchases & Buying Unnecessary Items: Be intentional with shopping and prioritize necessities over non-essential items to save money.

  8. Trying to Keep Up: Avoid trying to keep up with a lifestyle beyond your means. Living within your budget is essential to avoid debt.

  9. Not Having Emergency Funds: Build emergency savings to cover unexpected expenses and reduce reliance on credit cards with high interest rates.


Everyone has a different opinion, and feeling, when it comes to money management. And that's ok. The key is to find a strategy that resonates with you,

Unfortunately traditional budgeting takes time, commitment, focus and detailed tracking, and worst of all- actually holds an energy of confusion and confinement for some.

Traditional Budgets can feel limiting and restrictive because they:

  • Look backwards instead of forwards

  • Can drag you into the weeds of petty questions

  • Don’t tell you where or HOW to spend your money

  • Force you to live inside a spreadsheet

If the word or concept of Budgeting feels in any way restrictive, you may prefer to call it something else...

  • A Money Roadmap

  • A Financial Forecast

  • A Conscious Spending Plan

A CONSCIOUS SPENDING PLAN is different because it

  • Carries. the energy of abundance and expansion

  • Encourages a wealth mindset rather than scarcity mindset

  • Outlines accountability towards unified goals

  • Focuses on the Big Wins

  • Plays offense with your money, not defense

  • Allows you to spend extravagantly on the things you love

  • Encourages responsive, empowered choices rather than reactionary decisions

  • Encourages you to cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t

  • Helps prepare you for energetic downturns and pivots

In a Conscious Spending Plan, you only have to know 4 numbers to maintain control of your money:

  1. PRIMARY SPENDING - Fixed Costs - rent/mortgage, utilities, debts (50% of take-home pay)

  2. SECONDARY SPENDING - Guilt-free luxuries, dining, entertainment, clothing (30% of take-home pay)

  3. INVESTMENT - Retirement (10% of take-home pay)

  4. SAVINGS GOALS - Vacations, New Investments, Emergency Funds (10% of take-home pay)

A word of caution: If the entire concept of money management, budgeting or spending plans feels triggering, that may reveal that you are avoiding or resisting an energetic block altogether. If it brings up emotions or strong discomfort then likely thats showing it should be something you should work on uncovering and mastering instead. In contrast, if it's something you're completely indifferent to or detached from, that may be safe and in your alignment.

Do you prefer being really hands-on with your money, or do you tend to be more trusting and hands-off? The answer is revealing your core energy, so It's important to keep these Yin and Yang energies in check and balance. This is because the danger in being too passive is that you could be taking money for granted, while if you're too engaged active then you may be exerting too much rigidity and control.

Other ways to write your own rules and shift your mindset:

  • Replace “spending” with “CIRCULATING”

  • Instead of calling it an "Emergency Fund" call it a "SOLUTIONS FUND"

If a word feels safer and more exciting and empowering then it's more likely to stick longterm!

"You will have money when the Universe sees that you're ready to have money."



Clarity is power. You have to see your financial reality clearly before you can move forward. To create your Spending Plan follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Determine your Monthly Income (your take-home pay)

2) Determine your Monthly Expenses (your fixed re-occuring costs)

3) Deduct Amount #2 from Amount #1 to identify your Monthly Discretionary Income (or cushion) that you have available to either spend or save.

Talk about easy! There may be some initial shock and realization when you see what's leftover, but ultimately this will help you prioritize your NEEDS over your WANTS - identifying where you can cut costs and spend less per month by reducing a luxury or two, or in reinforcing that you need a payraise or supplementary income. Longterm a spending plan can also help you identify "lifestyle creep" or inflation and recognize any toxic (or healthy!) patterns in your spending.


During your scheduled weekly "money dates" with yourself get clarity about your financial situation- where you're at, and where you're going . This intentional, designated time can help you focus on analyzing, investing, and building your financial status and wealth. As you're paying bills or looking at your numbers, surround yourself with energy-empowering tools like your favorite:

  • supporting or grounding crystals

  • wealth scent or smudge spray

  • cinnamon stick incense

  • songs about abundance and money

  • sigils or symbols of wealth

Note: If you truly have a distaste for spreadsheets or numbers, that's ok. That may be a clue for you to outsource to a professional who has this zone of genius in money management and financial planning. It doesn't mean you should not remember to check in periodically though!


  • CLEAN out your wallet or purse each week and remove any clutter or remnants of debt to make room for more money

  • PAY your bills promptly each month and hold gratitude for the utilities and service providers that help support your life.

  • REFRAME your language and perspective when cutting expenditures: Instead of "I can’t afford that” say “this is not a priority right now” or "I am choosing differently, or releasing that since its not for my highest good"

  • CLOSE the portals for money that are not in alignment of your true worth. Look for any income sources that require you to stay small, stagnant or settle.

  • GIVE every dollar a job. Where intention goes, energy flows. So get into the habit of dividing all income into each separate part of your budget until its all accounted for.

"Money is best in a liquid state."

Richard Rudd


It's ok, and in fact good to spend! You need to be able to breathe out in order to breathe in. If you're holding your breath, no new energy can come to you.

Remember, Money is Energy and therefor it needs to MOVE and flow in balance. When feeling scarcity spend in a high vibration way to shift the energy again. The key is to spend your money in an aligned way by investing it on the things you truly value and contribute to the greater good - the longterm health or happiness of yourself, or others!

Money is a form of energy, thus should be circulated and enjoyed.

This means avoiding frivolous, fleeting and temporary impulse buys, or purchases that society or others have influenced you towards (designer clothes, luxury cars, mansions, expensive jewelry, the latest electronics or gadgets...just to name a few. )

The key is to make sure every dollar spent elevates your mind, body, spirit in some way. Ask yourself "Does this support the life I am trying to create?" I promise, you will be better for it.

The more you put money in circulation in the most soul-aligned ways, the more it flows back to you in soul-affirming ways.

“Act as if you have already achieved your goal and it is yours.”

Dr. Robert Anthony


Budgeting is about mindfulness, clarity, focus and intentionality. After all, what you measure, you grow! As you budget, think about the big picture:

  • Short term: What needs to happen to get your spending under control this week and this month?

  • Long term: What needs to happen to get you saving and investing for the future?

The goal is to live within your means not below your means. So budgeting does NOT mean...

  • constantly depriving yourself

  • being a cheapskate

  • pinching pennies

  • missing out on high-vibe life experiences

Rather, it simply means that overall, you're spending conservatively- less or equal than you're making each month.

Through a successful spending plan you may eventually fall into the spending ideal of 50/30/20 - where each of the following ratios are allotted from your take-home income:

  • 50% on needs/essentials like food and housing

  • 30% on luxury wants and desires

  • 20% on future savings (retirements, larger investments)

Here are some other tried and true ways to "Frugal down":


There are many added financial bonuses to being patient.

  • Wait for a coupon, sale or shop around to multiple stores instead of paying full price for groceries, clothing, electronics, or travel.

  • Factor in depreciation. A gently-used vehicle makes much more financial sense than buying new.

  • To get off the hedonic treadmill of impulse buying, consider the 10/10/10 Rule, asking: How will we feel about it 10 minutes from now? 10 weeks from now? And 10 years from now?

"Contentment is natural wealth. Luxury is artificial poverty"



Before buying ask yourself how you really feel about the item. Do you...

  • NEED it - part of your food, clothing, shelter, utilities, or essential living costs

  • LOVE it - your most cherished passions and things that align with your values

  • LIKE it - brings temporary and short term satisfaction

  • WANT it - mindless purchases with little reward

Spending money on "likes" or "wants", means less money for your must=haves and things that truly matter and enrich your life. Focus on needs. and loves but also possible ways to reduce those even further!


Meal planning, grocery lists and other advanced planning strategies can help reduce overspending, and minimize waste.


You get what you pay for, so for certain items it's simply worth paying more! These are goods that are made to last, as well as made ethically, sustainably and mindfully. The value they hold is much higher, so this energetic frequency will automatically transfer to your personal energy too.


You can experience wealth fully and completely in your life TODAY. This means believing, thinking, speaking, acting as if you are wealthy and high-earning now.. Claim it, from this point forward, and soon enough it will be. Little investments and upgrades can be scary, but are so expansive for your energy. Live amongst your "next stage" life even if you don't feel fully there yet. -buy the fancier toilet paper, and other things you've always fantasized about.

True Abundance is about STABILITY, not stinginess.


Money saving is a part of the abundance "long-game". It can take a long time, but that's ok. Have patience and you will eventually reap what you sow.

Saving your money is important because it's literally about saving your energy. Be conservative and discerning with where and how it's spent, ensuring that there is a worthwhile return on your investment.

What are you getting back from your output? Is it going to enhance your life or is it just wasted energy?

Become energetically frugal with your money, just like you are with your body, time, thoughts etc.

These simple, but effective tips can help you get started:

  • START SMALL but still consistently. Save just 1% of your income to your emergency fund. Over time, those contributions will add up. When you make more money, increase the percentage you put away. Remember, small, consistent efforts lead to significant results!

  • REWIRE YOUR PROGRAMMING. If you come from a "hand to mouth" or paycheck to paycheck middle class paradigm then you have to re-write those stories about how the money that comes in must go out. Look at healing any wounds and limiting narratives.

  • SPLIT IT BEFORE YOU GET IT. Automate your direct deposit income so that a percentage (ideally 20%) goes directly to a savings or retirement account that is not accessible. You can take this even further by setting up recurring transfers or dispersing checks into smaller allocated accounts - for living expenses, fun expenses, and more. Automate your savings for consistency and discipline. This habit takes the effort out of saving, making it a seamless part of your financial routine.

  • CREATE A CUSHION. Establish an emergency savings of 3-6months living expenses to give you peace of mind in case of unexpected job loss, medical emergency, or car trouble.

  • SIMPLIFY. One of the most powerful ways to increase your savings is simply to raise your humility. Stop spending money to show you have money.

  • PREPARE. Meal prepping is a budget-friendly strategy. By reducing dining-out expenses, you not only save money but can also add those savings to your emergency fund.


“Saving is the gap between your ego and your income.”

Morgan Housel


More often than not, debt is an energetic weight to us and carries toxic Chi. Debt is often limiting and holds us back from moving forward freely. Because of this, Debt carries the energy of shame and guilt, but it doesn't have to. Not all debt is negative- especially if it builds your credit history or is a part of a longterm investment plan for a better future, debt can be necessary step in your financial journey. The best way to live in abundance is to live free of debt, so avoid or limit your debts by:

  • Negotiate better interest rates

  • Consolidating debts

  • Paying off debts

  • Avoiding new debts


Creating and opening more sources for income is building wealth literally and energetically. Diversify your investments, including those in yourself! Wealth is income, but true abundance is income that doesn't consume your time. Strive to convert your income and your network into sustainable, longterm wealth-building systems, which happens through asset ownership.

Before doing this, remember to close portals that are no longer in alignment with your goals or highest potential. This is a crucial step in preserving and directing your personal energy and magnetism.

EXPAND YOUR WORTH. Focus on acquiring and developing specialized skills that are both valuable and rare. What skills are not only in demand, but somewhat difficult to teach or replace?

EXPAND YOUR NETWORK. When you hold valuable skills then you become a magnet for others with valuable skills. This becomes your network and source of opportunities for further growth.

Furthermore, its imperative to develop support systems and guidance in your areas of insecurity. or weakness. A good financial coach or support group can do wonders to help you build confidence transcend left-over self-imposed limits.

EXPAND YOUR INCOME STREAMS. Diversify your income channels to support your longterm and shorterm goals

  • EARNED INCOME (Short-term wealth): This is the least desirable type of income because it expends the most energy (your time and taxes). Seek out competitive salaries or second jobs/side hustles, although know that these are not necessarily longterm solutions to wealth, only smaller steps to saving for an investment towards passive income. The most sustainable and efficient types of wealth do not involve traditional paychecks, raises or promotions.

  • PASSIVE INCOME (Longterm wealth): Requires investing capital for assetts or time/development upfront, but results in more money in the longrun.

    • Business Income- Generating profits from selling product or service.

    • Investment Income- Builds equity to own things of value.

      • Real estate - rental or resale

      • Stocks, bonds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

      • Retirement accounts: 401(k) and IRAs.

        • Annuity contributions

        • Employee/employer match programs

Turn your skills or hobbies into an additional income stream. Put those extra earnings straight into your emergency fund.

“Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service.”

Henry Ford


Wherever there is heart and purpose, money flows. That is the path of true life. So the more aligned you are with your soul and spirit, the faster you attract limitless abundance. You have to know your WHY in life, how you contribute to the world.

There must be "Doing" to support the Dreaming. There must be commitment and consistency to accompany the clarity. When you are connected to your core and dancing with the universe, you will be inspired to act and take steps forward. The previously mundane or challenging will feel fun and easy. As you gain confidence in your financial future, and courage in your self, you'll start to be presented with opportunities for inspired action. The right steps will begin to flow through you, rather than by you.

"Nearly all money, given or received, carries a hidden ‘charge’. Only money that is given or received unconditionally has no charge attached. As money is handled in a cleaner way, it will become energetically laundered and manifest one of the great cosmic laws — that to give is to receive."

Richard Rudd


Get busy in your zone of genius! By donating your energy (your time, resources, skills and more) to others in need you can become a wealth-making machine.

Focus on heart-centered Soul-utions for your self and others. If you create massive value for others and can solve real-world problems, the world reciprocates.

Not sure where to begin? Simply start by accepting the wealth consciousness within you, channel your Spirit and Source, and then the ideas will begin to flow from there.

"Instead of asking 'How can I make $10,000?", ask 'How can I contribute $10,000 of my own value to the world?"


Our challenges are our gifts. Look at every setback or obstacle not as a failure but as opportunities for growth and learning, as preparation for what's to come as your highest future self. Your actions in the face of adversity are the real determinant of your ability to truly be a wealth creator. Stay open to listening and learning- that is the essence of the growth mindset.


It's important to also call in the support of your angels and ancestors to help protect your money.

I humbly ask for your guidance and protection in matters of money and finance. Please watch over my financial well-being, always providing my needs, supporting my wants and helping me make sound, sustainable choices.

May my finances be secure and abundant, and may I use them for the highest good of myself and others. Please guard me from financial harm and lead me towards full-spectrum prosperity and abundance. Please bless my money, keep it safe, growing and multiplying in my acounts.

With gratitude and trust, I thank you for your blessings.

The Bottom Line

The straightforward equation to wealth:

If you want GROWTH - then you need INVESTMENTS

  • Fuel your growth by putting your money to work. Whether it's stocks, real estate, or personal development, investments provide financial progress.

If you want SECURITY then you need SAVINGS

  • Establish a safety net. Savings act as a buffer, offering security during unexpected setbacks and ensuring a foundation for future opportunities

If you want FREEDOM then. you need DIVERSE INCOME SOURCES

  • Don't rely on a single source. Multiple income streams—be it a side hustle, investments, or freelance work—bring stability and enhance your financial freedom.

If you want PEACE then you need GRATITUDE

  •  Cultivate a positive mindset. Being thankful for what you have fosters contentment and happiness, making the journey towards your goals more fulfilling.

Incorporate these elements into your financial strategy, and watch how they contribute to your overall well-being.

In the next post, we'll discuss the second part of Full-Spectrum Feng Shui: using your feminine/Yin energies to magnetize wealth. To learn more about Energy Alchemy, make sure to read my two-part post on Manifestation!

"Master the frequency of abundance not just to receive money, but to embody the feeling of fullness and enough-ness throughout all areas of your life."

Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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