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The Ultimate Guide to Attracting & Manifesting Your Desires (Part I: Clarify, Ask, Align)

Today Manifestation is a topic nearly everywhere you turn. To some its an overused buzzword that most have heard through the lens of social media and reality television. To others, it's a complete life design system.

Either way, it's often misunderstood -either overcomplicated or oversimplified.

Manifestation involves the universal Law of Attraction ('like attracts like') but the process goes far beyond the simple "Ask, Believe, Receive." that we learned from The Secret. We also must Clarify, ALIGN, and ACT.

In between each of those steps there is a microcosm of more subtle activity.

Sound complicated? It doesn't have to be!

What is Manifestation?

While many believe "To manifest" means to attract, or to create, it actually means to show, to reveal or to display. This is important to remember as there is a hidden potential. in you waiting to come out.

Here's the thing: we are always manifesting. The difference is whether you manifest something intentionally or unintentionally.

Manifestation is simply the Physical Embodiment of your Will. When there is a will, there is a way! When there is a vision and a desire, there is a path.

The key to call something from our 5d into the 3d realm is simply to identify your desire and then experience it through your senses and vibrations.

At its core, the concept is about taking something that is immaterial (such as an idea, a vision, a dream, a feeling, a desire) and making it concrete, material, and visible.

As a powerful, sacral energetic being, you can tap into your fullest potential by putting what you want out in the world and attracting it like a magnet.

In other words, manifestation is our way of transforming fantasy into reality using our minds, bodies and spirits.

To activate the energy of manifestation, you must ...

SELECT it - clarity, intention

PROJECT it - visualizations, embodiment, inspired action

EXPECT it - patience, belief without pressure or attachment

COLLECT it - receive what you want, or something even better

Self-Illumination, Self-Understanding, Self-Healing and Self-Mastery are the cornerstones of the Manifestation.

  • CLARITY - A clear visualization of what you want

  • DESIRE- an intense excitement and enthusiasm for what you envision

  • BELIEF. - understanding that what you desire is possible

  • ACCEPTANCE - accept your belief and abilty to manifest

  • INTENTION is getting/ being absolutely doubtlessly clear on what you want and WHY. Your reason can be material wealth, inner reward, contribution, or collective impact - you decide!

  • SURRENDER means you trust infinite intelligence to organize in a way that is right for you. It requires turning off your rationalizing mind and letting the unified field handle the details. This can be active - in the form of courage, risk, or passive- in the form of waiting to receive.

  • EXCHANGE requires honoring the process of value creation/delivery and accepting the gift of abundance. Unless you're born into it, or you win the lottery, you're going to have to create wealth. This means you're going to have to create something of value in order to attract exchange - your value for other people's energy or money.

  • ACTION - act and behave like your desire has already manifested

  • ALLOWANCE - detaching from outcome, holding no expectation

"Let love radiate without concern for results. Bring your voltage without worrying about what is coming back. Have faith in the flow of love like you have faith in your breathing. Because if you do not, you shut down. You have no voltage with which to live your life."

David Karchere

How does Manifestation work?

Manifesting does not follow the logic of “good things come to those who wait” or “those who are kind, or hardworking. It follows the logic simply, “good things come to those who believe fully that they already have them.”

Manifestation occurs as a result of Energy Alchemy - shifting the vibrational frequencies in you and around you through the unification of opposing energies. Neither Yin/feminine or Yang/masculine can flourish without the other and bother are equal parts of a whole.

You can create a measurable, palpable movement of energy- either a TRANSFER or TRANSFORMATION, which serve as the catalyst to achievement, success, and whatever you desire.

Most people don't realize that we are manifesting all the time. You are manifesting every time you are...

  • Listening and following your intuition

  • Playing and experiencing pleasure

  • Saying yes to something... or no to something

  • Speaking your desires outloud

  • Praying, grounding or meditating

  • Visualizing or daydreaming

  • Earning money or spending money

  • Being joyful and happy

  • Doing work that energizes you

  • Understanding and integrating your shadows

  • Feeling and accepting your emotions

  • Facing your fears and taking inspired action

  • Researching, learning and expanding your mind

  • Practicing gratitude and holding the frequency of love

All of these things are you DOING THE WORK and stepping into your highest potential.

Remember, manifestation looks different for everyone because everyone has a different energetic vibration. Your manifestation style is all your own. Pay attention to any patterns in your life of how you have manifested in the past - those can be clues to your future success too!

"Hold a thought for 17 seconds and the Law of Attraction kicks in. Hold a though for 68 seconds and things move. Manifestation has begun."

Abraham Hicks

It's possible to manifest from the mind, but the heart is even more powerful. It has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, 60 times greater than the brains’. and is our connection with the Universe and our Higher Selves. Our hearts are the true CEOs (Chief Energy Officers) and know our deepest purpose and our passion, but often we're not conditioned to listen.

We manifest from the Heart, not the Mind.

The Cosmic Trinity


According to Feng Shui philosophy we manifest from one of three areas of our life. According to this rule, most of what happens in life is determined equally (33%) :​​​​​​​by the following factors

  • Heaven Luck – Peace, Self-Given Destiny (Birth date and time, Past lives)

  • Human Luck – Productivity, Self-Directed Effort (Actions, Choices, Decisions​​​​​​​​, Purpose)

  • Earth Luck – Purpose, Self-Healing Tools (Feng Shui, Meditation, Forest Bathing, etc)

​When each of these pieces are working together, we have the highest potential of manifesting our dreams and desires and living up to our full potential. .​​​​​​​So, rest assured, most of our lives is well within our control!


Manifest Your Way

There are several Key Foundations that are universal to the manifestation process, but HUNDREDS of methods and techniques within those. Remember, your specific manifestation process will be unique to you and likely to involve a lot of trial and error.

Some experts swear by specific formulas but the reality is that we must each come up with our own system that works for us.

Ready to align with your truth, live out your birthright and attract omnipotent abundance? Let's get started!

"It is your birthright to live a fully expressed life.”

Debbie Ford


What can you manifest? Anything really!

  • Material Items or Possessions: A new house, car, clothing, financial savings .... What do you aspire to own, borrow or possess?

  • Long-term Opportunities: A promotion, friendships, relationships, business connections... What do you aspire to have?

  • Short-term Situations or Experiences: Vacations, Adventures, Concerts, Hobbies ... What do you aspire to do or try?

  • A feeling: confidence, freedom, attractiveness... Who do you aspire to be?

If you can think it and feel, and it's meant to be yours, then it WILL be yours.

“Instead of asking “What do I want from Life?” a more powerful question is- “What does life want from me?””

Eckhart Tolle

Make sure to craft an intention, desire, vision or goal that is ...


Our manifestation process begins when we get clear on our desires. We don’t have to do anything, we don’t have to act on the desire, we just have to get clear on it. This will automatically begin to draw this thing toward us - this is the power of our energy field.

Being as laser-focused, direct and detailed as possible with what you want helps narrow the energetic vibration of your desire.

For some this specificity will be tied to the intricate details - the full sensory experience, the exact timeline, and any stipulations or constraints. For others, it will be more about the broader, abstract vision - the final end goal.

Regardless, it's imperative to nail down the larger motivation and meaning behind your desires.

Remember, it's not your job to figure out the route, path or journey, just the final destination: freedom, love, abundance. Your WHY will determine your HOW.

After you've narrowed EXACTLY what you desire to have, be, or do then ask yourself deeper questions for gaining clarity .

  • What brings you joy and makes you feel in flow?

  • Where do you want to be in your life 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 3 years from now?

  • How do you want to feel with what you have or who you are? Consider all senses!

  • When do you want to achieve your specific goals?

  • How can you go about achieving your goals?

And what if you don’t know what you want?

Fear, avoidance and procrastination are a result of uncertainty. Ask yourself...

  • What am I afraid of? What fear comes up around developing clarity?

  • What is this telling me that I need?

    • Respect - Acceptance, Communication, Equality

    • Recognition - to be seen and heard fully, Appreciation

    • Love - Affection, Appreciation

    • Safety - security

  • Where in my life have I most needed this and from whom? (ie. in childhood, adolescence, early twenties?)

  • Can I trace this back to a specific memory where this need was very apparent and painful?

Then simply ask the universe to manifest you as your sacred highest self: the truest, healthiest, happiest, wisest, most powerful, most magnetic and most authentic version of YOU.

Ask the universe to remove barriers to your growth and ascension - yours fears, doubts and insecurities, timelines. As the universe to support your BEING and BECOMING, not in your desiring/wanting, which come from the false-self/ego.


Your desire must come from your Higher Self, not Ego self. Who is your Highest Self? Imagine the best possible version of you - a complete and beautiful blend of your idealized childhood self and your idealized adult self. Someone who was raised by idealized caretakers in an idealized environment, and who across life faced very little stress or struggle with all physical, and emotional needs met. The desires of this person will be uninhibited from ego - free of the need for control, safety or approval/validation.

Your Higher Self is from another dimension and as such, they have a bird’s eye view of your life, a bigger picture map of the experiences that will fulfill you, and all the possible ways something can happen.

Once you recognize this person, the truest and most favorite version of you, you're able to formulate a desire that is...

  • RELEVANT to the highest good, your larger sacred purpose, your calling.

  • PROVIDING growth, impact, connection, service, and solutions for your self or others.

  • ALIGNED with your core values and guiding principles

  • CONNECTED to parts of your character (mind, body, spirit)

  • REFLECTIVE of your heart's desire

  • FULFILLING to you on a soul-level

  • ORIGINATING in intuition, communicated by inner voice/ inner knowing

Manifesting from your ego is RESISTANCE

  • what you THINK will make you happy but ultimately won’t in the long run.

  • when you're following what other people want, think, say or do

  • when you're recreating past experiences or using only existing knowledge

  • when you're looking for something external to fulfill or validate you, which is only short-term or temporary

  • when you feels something is missing or have a void to fill

  • when your happiness is dependent on whether you manifest this thing

  • a sense of urgency, need, desperation, anxiousness

Manifesting from your higher self is FLOW

  • when your soul feels fulfilled, joyous and happy

  • when you feel genuinely satisfied and grateful within

  • when you're starting from scratch in your visioning and desires

  • when you're living for or moving towards longterm, sustainable and authentic happiness.

  • when you're wishing for something in present moment

  • when you feel you already have everything you need, and simply desire extra joy

  • when your happiness isnt dependent on whether you manifest this thing

  • a sense. of pleasure, peace, calm, relaxation, satisfaction, trust


The sky is the limit so go ahead and Dream BIG!

If your vision seems too grandiose "excessive" "unrealistic" "impractical" "illogical" "irresponsible" or downright "delusional" then it probably means you're doing it right. :) These labels are based on your past conditioning or current circumstances, NOT your actual future potential. Have the audacity to ask for what you REALLY want, deep down.

Not to say you should throw all reason out the window- but you should absolutely fantasize. Let your heart (your higher self!) guide you in your visioning, NOT your mind. Setting seemingly impossible goals raises the frequencies to those in alignment with your greatest version of success.

If you're feeling uncomfortable or guilty for asking "too much", just remember that we manifest from our energy, not from need. That's why a mindset of abundance is so important.


Having a clear vision is not enough. You must also have absolute trust and certainty that it's meant for you, and that it's on its way. Your desire has to really light you up and provide you with energy, excitement and meaning- from the inside, out!

Can you, with the utmost soul-deep confidence, state your desire? Does it feel like a certainty, a sure thing? Is it something you're willing to sacrifice and fight for?

If you are not able to boldly state your intention outloud, to yourself or others, then you're probably not truly ready to receive it. Your biggest fear/worst case scenario is still overpowering your fantasy/best case scenario so you need to continue the work in clarifying, aligning, and believing.

Before moving forward with your manifestation, you must first decide that success is INEVITABLE. Make the choice that, no matter what- you WILL achieve happiness and fulfillment.

This mindset is essential because it will help you move forward regardless of what challenges come along.

Successful manifestors aren't necessarily smarter, stronger, or luckier than others. They simply have a commitment to their values, desires, and dreams - and most importantly the gumption to keep going even in the face of adversity.

Another element of this clarity involves alignment from within, from all parts of your being. Your whole SUBCONSCIOUS self must fully believe what your CONSCIOUS self is affirming.

  • You say you want to find love but part of your subconscious is scared they will abandon or betray you.

  • You say you want to money but part of your subconscious is worried you won't be liked or understood as much if you have money.

  • You say you want more clients, but part of your subconscious is concerned you wont be able to deliver the rest you promise to them.

  • You say you want a baby, but part of your subconscious is overwhelmed with idea of being responsible for another life, while still enjoying your own life and work.

You must shift your mindset and trust that your fears are mere illusions from ego. You must remember and DECIDE and that in fact you CAN have it all.

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.”

Oprah Winfrey


So, Exactly HOW will you achieve your goals? It's a joint effort between the universe and YOU, also known as the


Once your desire is clarified, it's time to communicate it to Source and Spirit as clearly as possible. Activate spirit energy and signal that your intention is real and truthful by inviting the universe into guidance, support and co-creation and collaboration with you.

Instead of sending the Universe your wish list like it’s Santa Claus, why not instead ask the Universe to guide you using their own private list for you. This is the wish list of your highest path and has the potential to serve the greatest good.

There are several ways to confidently state your intentions: imprinting them into your subconscious mind, but also inviting the contributions of your spirit team.

Your spirit team can be

  • Divine Allies

  • Light & Love

  • Universal Creator

  • Holy Mother

  • Deities (such as Deva, Gaia, Pan, Apollo, and Selena)

  • Sacred Saints

  • Spiritual Guides

  • Archangels (such as Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Uriel)

  • Ancestors

  • Any Celestial Beings or Lightworkers of the purest, highest frequencies of service

  • Your Highest Self

Whatever and whoever you believe in, visualize and FEEL their energetic presence all around you, and extending far and wide. Aim to form a relationship with them by connecting, recognizing and appreciating them daily. Avoid asking for too much help. Its best to Show respect and express appreciation to them before asking for a sign that they are nearby, or that you're on your right path.

Place your hand on your heart and take 3 deep breaths.

If you're feeling unsure about something You can ask for clarity.

Dear Universe, please send me a clear and gentle sign about ..."

As you wait for signs to come through, you should release all expectations and stay open and aware. You should also meet the Universe halfway by being a vibrational match for your desires. But remember, if it's not truly in alignment or for the highest good, the Universe won't co-sign on it.

You "should" let go, but expecting the ego to know HOW to do that is another issue. The ego will cling to comfort for its survival. This is why prayers are invaluable. Ask for freedom and detachment to accompany your manifestations.

There are a myriad of ways. to ask for a manifestation. Choose one that resonates most, or try them all. The most important part is to passionately, whole-heartedly believe the words as you write them, speak them or hear them.

Step 1: ASK. Lightly, Loosely. and with Gratitude

Step 2: The universe starts lining it up.

Step 3: While you wait, do or think anything that makes you feel good


Instead of "I want to manifest $X this month" ask "How can I manifest $x this month?"

Then list 30 possible (or seemingly impossible) ways this could happen.

The broadness of this question means you are not limited to the parameters of your current reality. Your conscious and unconscious mind will be appeased by all the different possibilities and then be on the lookout for different opportunities to make that desire a reality! Because you’re open to all these possibilities, the Universe has more freedom to give you what you’re asking for! Then after you've asked it's important to LISTEN. Ensure you’re following any and all nudges, hunches, ideas, and so on… you never know which ones will lead to your manifestations!


This could be meditation, reiki, or a MAP Coning...Whatever you call the communication with a higher being is your choice. But the idea is to be still and quiet enough that you can connect with your spirit team and ask for their guidance, wisdom and protection. So you're not asking them for the manifestation itself, but for the clarity in how you can get you closer on your own. Similarly, you're asking them to remove all obstacles and interferences in your way.. This psychic "surgery" requires stillness and presence and during it or soon afterwards you're likely to receive important 'downloads',- key clues, answers and signs will be steps forward. To confirm your ask, extend an offering or gift of appreciation.

Universal Spirit and Source,

Please send your divine love and light, calm and clarity, peace and protection, harmony, hope and healing.

I allow and receive all of these frequencies in and around my being.

I ask for your time, guidance and wisdom, especially in regard to _________________"

I ask you to leave me in safety and security and I thank you whole heartedly for this peaceful and protective energy.

Please grant me...

The power of WATER to accept what I cannot change.

The power of FIRE to take action and change the things I can

The power of METAL to know the difference

The power of WOOD to stand tall and

The power of EARTH to walk my grounded path


Writing, journaling and speaking your wishes is one of the most important steps in manifestation because Words are powerful holders of energy. To use them is to literally cast spells and create your desires into existence!

  • When first starting out, create a list for smaller manifestations that you can believably call in within the next 3-6 months. This will help you get comfortable with your manifestation practice and build your trust and confidence. Pay attention to signs and when/how tests come through. Once you watch your smaller manifestations come through, then write a list for your bigger manifestations.

  • Write a letter to the Universe, or your Future Self about all that you've accomplished, what. you have and what you've become. Say thank you, imagining you have everything you've hoped for and share updates on all of the happiness it has brought.

  • Chart it! Column A: What you're current situation is working with, Column B: what you want the end goal to be. Column C: what needs to be released to move from A to B.

  • Journal a list of the exact elements you know you want and are non-negotiable, but leave the rest to the Universe. Be sure to confirm with your soul that every component is from your soul and aligns with your values and core essence.

  • Try a scripting technique called "My next chapter". Instead of writing things as if you already have them write down how excited you are to become this next version of you and all the things you plan to shift, change, and grow into. By evoking a detailed image of the person you want to be it can help you align with a strong and grounded truth.

  • In a red envelope placed under your doormat or pillow: "I welcome my true desires here within the terms and timeline that is for the greatest good."


  • Once you "cast" your list, the manifestation is already in motion and orbit. In order to call it into the physical plane, you must move through the steps that follow.

  • This will help your consciousness start to give you ideas to make it happen. Manifestation is an ongoing process!You have to note your progress, amend what isn't working and add new goals.

  • Make sure to write your list the old fashioned way - with paper and pen. Creating your list this way uses more established neural pathways and access deeper patterns. and beliefs than if done digitally.

  • Always phrase things in the PRESENT tense, claiming them here and now! You want to attract your manifestation in this moment, not in the imaginary or hypothetical future. Avoid speaking intentions of "I will", "I hope" ,"I demand" "I wish" or even "I request". Instead try...



Writing by hand and then reading the written word/speaking it out loud to heart impacts your brain in four ways, which strengthens the energy/results. Write and say aloud what you'd like to manifest DAILY to program your subconscious pathways so that it feels like a certain reality.

  • 369 Method: three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening.

  • 555 Method: 55 times for 5 days, or 5 times a day for 55 days.

  • 333 Method: 33 times a day for 3 days, or 3 times a day for 33 days.


Creating visuals such as graphics, drawings, mindmaps, grids, flow charts, collages, spreadsheets, goal trees and other depictions is powerful, especially when activated with a pendulum or placed where you see them regularly!


Drawing illustrations with gemoetric shapes are very effective in manifestation because these shapes focus, center and amplify electromagnetic energies. Each shapes holds its own sacred energy that, once invoked, is grounded in the physical plane to impact and stimulate healing and the flow of abundance.

These shapes can help us depict how our manifestations occur in vibrations and frequency rather than time. It is a map of your world, your universe.

  • Bagua "Mandala": Draw drawing a series of 5 concentric circles, representing the 5 earth elements balancing and expanding within infinite universal energy. Divide the symbol into 8 parts to represent the bagua's 8 areas of your life and the mystical number of infinity. Then writing or drawing your goals/desires within the sections and rings. Together you have created a powerful visualization which represents the web and weaving of your life.

  • Manifestation Pyramids

    • Masculine Triangle: At the top corner, write your manifestation. On the bottom corners write 1) your "Why", and 2) your Feeling. Then within the triangle, write "Mine", "Claimed" "Here now" "On it's Way" and "Received" to fill the empty space.

    • Feminine Triangle: Draw an upside down triangle with each corner containing interconnected areas of thinking, being, doing needed to create lasting change

      • What you want to HAVE (will, desire)

      • Who you want to BE (knowledge, thinking, being)

      • What you need to DO (action, doing)

  • Infinite Lines - draw symbols with a continuous line. Hearts, Money Symbols, Spirals, Arrows and Sacred knots while repeating an intention or mantra.


To set a powerful intention is to be open to the concept of “This, OR something even better.” It’s so common to get caught up in a specific outcome, person, or place but unfortunately this closes us off to the many other limitless possibilities available. There is so much wisdom and potential that the all-knowing Universal Divine Consciousness can see, but we simply can't.

Once you realize that everything that manifests into your reality is a blessing, life becomes more connected, meaningful and engaged. So accept that there could be something even more magical and beautiful than you can imagine. Welcome it ALL!


Instead of writing a to-do list for your week, write a Manifestation List. It's essentially the same thing, but the energy and intention is entirely different because it invites in the support of universe, asking for motivation, clarity and for obstacles. to fall away or opportunities to arrive.


Journal a letter of forgiveness and loving kindness to anyone in your past or present who you feel did not value you, did not appreciate you or felt unfulfilling. Extend gratitude for what you gained from that relationship or position. You can also Journal all the hidden disadvantages or reasons you can or should not receive your desire, then disprove each of them with evidence.


Neuroplasticity is our brain's way of adapting and changing. We have the power within us to re-write our past, heal our wounds instantaneously and set us up for future success! Call forth a memory that left you feeling unloved or unsafe. Watch the situation unfold and choose a new story:

  • The Hero:

    • the idealized version of your younger self

    • the idealized version of your adult self

    • the idealized version of your parent or caretaker

  • The Plot:

    • intervening/standing up/speaking up

    • holding a boundary or walking away

    • offering comfort

    • doing whatever was needed for closure or resolution


If what you've been doing, thinking and embodying is not yielding the results you want then something’s gotta shift. There must be another way.

Think of your manifestations as an science experiment led by intuition. First, set a powerful intention of change.

“I want something different. This isn’t working. THESE are my desires. Help me get there. I’m willing to try anything new.”

Now wait. Hours later, days later, weeks sometimes, there will be hints, clues and nudges for you to investigate. Follow the path that pulls you or gives you the most energy.

If you like the results, then you keep going. If you don't you try something new until I get the results I’m looking for.


Sometimes our higher self wants something but our ego is not ready to release its grip from habit or comfort. We lack the motivation or discipline to do something we KNOW is the best for us. And we don't want to force ourselves to do anything we're not fully ready for.

The solution? Asking with specifics to occur both externally AND internally

  • Ask for obstacles to fall away.

  • Ask for it to be easy and seamless.

  • Ask for it to feel natural and in FLOW.

  • Ask for the next steps to get there.

  • Ask for your subconscious to WANT to make these changes.

Divine Spirit & Source, please just tell me what you want me to. Make it obvious, irresistible and unquestionable for me go into the direction that is best for me.

In other words, sometimes we need to ask for the DESIRE of the thing or action, not the thing/action itself. Trust the process and give yourself grace knowing that the timing and circumstances will eventually be right.

Remember, if something isn't happening easily the Universe might just be teaching you things you’ll need in order to reach that next milestone. Know that . you’re always on the right path even if it doesn’t always feel like that in the moment.


Once you’ve cast your list you've signaled to the Universe that you are ready to receive any tests you need to pass in order to show that your subconscious is in alignment with the manifestations you're calling in. These tests come your way to demonstrate to the Universe that you've learned from the lessons of your past low self-worth (through relationships, jobs, bosses, opportunities, etc) ann that you trust the Universe implicitly to supply you with what you've asked for.

With each test you successfully pass (denying anything that doesnt make you feel holistically empowered), you’re raising your self-worth and thus your magnetism, which leads you to connect with the manifestations you’re calling in. There will be no settling anymore.

"I Expect Good News Today. Today is my new Favorite Day."


"Creation isn’t forcing or commanding something into existence. It’s more of a rolling over, a good stretch, blissing out, lying on the grass watching the flowers blowing in the breeze or the clouds floating by.”

Esther Hicks

Your ability to manifest is not a random coincidence. It is a product of your energetic frequency, which is determined by both your CONSCIOUS & SUBCONSCIOUS states. And for the most part, both of these are within your control.

The following manifestation tools are helpful in dissolving both conscious and subconscious energy blockages, which can help you feel more centered and aligned. Some of these practices will resonate with you more than others, and that's ok. Try them all and stick with the ones that align the most.

"Act AS IF. Feel AS THOUGH. This is manifestation."

J. Mike Fields


  • Resistant- feeling powerlessness, making excuses, losing focus

  • Overly Yin- feeling depressed, disorganized, inconsistent focus and efforts

  • Overly Yang - feeling anxious or rushed, taking inconsistent, misaligned or uninspired action

  • In flow- balancing giving with receiving and co-creation, attuned to sacred rhythms and divine timing, detached from the outcome














Overly Yin







Overly Yang







In Flow








Journaling, free-form writing or contemplation can help you understand what is truly meant for you, and to uncover what may be holding you back internally and externally. In this private medium, you can be truly transparent and honest. There is nothing to hide and no one to judge. Go deep about your fears and negative emotions and write until you can't write anymore. Then make sure to FORGIVE and release yourself from whatever you've written.


Dwell on the most calming, comforting and reassuring thoughts you can to crowd out any based in stress or worry. The vibrational frequency of relaxation and loving kindness is one of pure freedom and abundance. With a regular meditation practice, your brain and body eventually become "re-programmed" to that same energetic state.

Imagination and abstract thought is what allows us to perceive and see into the higher dimensions. Next time you meditate, leave your mind, your body, and all of earth behind. Journey out through your heart, beyond the galaxies all the way to the Sun then ask for permission to enter. The inner Sun is feminine, pure love. Imagine yourself from there. Connect with your heart portal so that you can hear what it's telling you- what is truly meant for you. In this divine place we can download visions, impulses and instant knowings.

The key is to get out of your mind, out of your physical body and into your Spirit Body, where. you feel weightless and worry-free. This energetically is the best time to ask for a manifestation.

"Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not."

Deepak Chopra


Visualize yourself with your manifestation to the point that your body tingles. Feel electrified not just seeing the item or goal, but by interacting with it intimately - touching it. driving it, charging it, tidying it, unpacking it, etc.

Give loving thanks for your desire and hold space so you are ready to receive it when it appears in 3d reality.

Another meditation method: Visualize the energy first, then the manifestation second.

Rather than the standard formula of bringing into physicality that which we have desired and imagined, try seeing the ENERGY of the object, relationship or situation of your desire. All of its breathtakingly vivid, colors, textures, hues, its shape, essence, rhythm and even its smell.

Meet and greet this living, unmanifested energy and use your imagination to appeal to your senses. Picture the unmanifested energy as alive and interacting with us before bringing it into physical form. Open your hearts to receive this very personal energy we have designed from our yearning. Let it envelope you like a warm blanket and then eventually move into our cells, our heart and mind, connecting and becoming part of us as one!

Don't look for Love/Money/Success/Peace. BE those things. BE the change you wish to see in the world and invite others in.


When it comes to the Law of Attraction, embrace Teal Swan’s philosophy of the “Law of Mirroring,” The energy you put out into the universe is mirrored by the universe around you.

  • When you give an energy of material abundance by believing that you exist in a state of abundance already, you are met with material abundance coming into your life.

  • When you give an energy that love and connection are abundant, love and connection are received in your experience.

  • When you put out an energy of material scarcity, say, by worrying constantly about your finances, the you will be met with material conditions to worry about.

  • When you put out an energy of desperate loneliness and longing for love, you’re met with more reasons to feel lonely.

"When you ask for the manifestation prior to the vibration, you ask for the impossible. When you are willing to offer the vibration before the manifestiaon all things are possible. It is Law."

Abraham Hicks


Imagine a "virtual reality" where all of your physical and emotional needs are met. This is your "vortex", your central hub for JOY. It is from this "imaginary" place of pleasure and high vibration where we manifest best. So make it a practice to only ask from here! The following statements are perfect to use in your vortex, which you can have glimpses of real life throughout the manifestation process.

"I love this feeling"

"I am having the best time"

"I don't want this moment to end"

"More of this please!"

"What could possibly be better than this?"

"This is my favorite"

Dear Universe, please show me how my life could be even better than it already is!

How do you access your Vortex? Simply by FEELING good!

  • Gratitude & Appreciation- even the tiniest details!

  • Rest & Relaxation

  • Art & music

  • Journaling

  • Visualizations of Future Self, or Inner Energy

  • Meditation & Breathwork

  • Being around someone who makes you smile or laugh

  • Nature & wildlife

  • Laughter

  • Singing or Dancing

  • Movement & Excercise

  • Reminiscing

As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract.

Abraham Hicks


Use the monthly moon cycles and annual seasonal cycles to intentionally, mindfully time your manifestation rituals and personal growth work.

Lunar Rhythms

  • New Moons: "I ASK" (for specific material manifestations, or obstacles to fall away)

  • Full Moons: "I RELEASE" (my limiting beliefs, thought patterns and subconscious blockages)

  • Waning Moons; "I THANK" (the universe, my spirit guides, ancestors etc for all of my blessings)

  • Waxing Moons: "I LOVE" (the people, spaces, opportunities, in my life)

Seasonal Rhythms

Align yourself with the energy and flow of each season and use it to support your manifesting efforts. The equinox, the solstice and the changing of the seasons can serve as a powerful reminder to either reflect and re-evaluate our goals, or to take action towards your transformation.

  • SPRING: Rebirth, Renewal. A time to plant new seeds and set intentions. to reflect, to set clear and specific goals, and create an action plan to achieve them.

  • SUMMER: Growth, Expansion, A time to focus and take persistent, consistent action towards your desired outcomes.

  • FALL: Release, Death. A time to let go of what no longer serves us. Use this season to release any beliefs, patterns, or habits that are holding you back from manifesting your desires.

  • WINTER: Rest, Recharge, Introspection. A time to reflect on your progress, celebrate your achievements and prepare for the next cycle of growth.

"The universe does not know whether the vibration that you’re offering is because of something you’re observing or something you’re remembering or something that you are imagining. It just receives the vibration and answers it with things that match it.”

Abraham Hicks


Honoring where you are right now is the gateway for you to activate whatever next level you are ready to experience. In other words, you have to come into vibrational alignment with what you want BEFORE you can have it. This means allowing yourself to feel loved, wealthy, and safe and healthy even if the conditions that you think are necessary to feel that aren't yet present.

If you are struggling to let go of this control, these stipulations, then you need to ask yourself. what beliefs you have that make them so important. Work on releasing those attachments and exploring and practicing what it feels like to already have your desire. Inevitably and magically your external environment will start to reflect that.

"Go to your end scene, imagine your end scene, and know that it’s done. Live from that place and then you will be guided to take the action steps that you need to experience the bridge of events that will lead to your manifestation."

Nina Ferrerya

Many of us have been manifesting wrong. We focus purely on the energetics of our visualizations but not those of the embodiment in real-time.

  • Stop viewing your desired reality in the future, using language of "when,if," etc. Instead, strive to "live in the end" - as in, live your life day to day as if your desire is a reality NOW. In that energy, you don't desire or question it anymore because you already have it.

  • Manifestation starts in the mind, but spreads in the body. Activate every cell, muscle and bone. Channeling abundance in your body should feel warm, tingly, aroused, ALIVE! Exist in the state of already having what you desire! See yourself with what you want as already yours, making it a full-spectrum, sensory experience.

  • Keep your eye on the prize! Focus on the buzz of excitement, not the dampening of fear. Focus on the possibility of what happens when it all works out, when all the things go right. Live in that high vibe feeling of enthusiasm and joy! Also, focus on the process, the becoming- rather than giving your attention to "I want this, or that". Instead, ask yourself "What version of myself already has this and what does that person's daily mindset and actions look like?”

  • Think about it this way... What is the ideal future version of you stressing about? Probably nothing... because she's got...

    • money in the bank.

    • a safe, beautiful home.

    • fulfillment in her career or calling

    • amazing and supportive friends and family

    • unshakeable boundaries.

    • inner confidence

    • infinite resourcefulness

    • joy, peace, freedom, and fun!


This future version of you is completely relaxed and enjoying everything she's created and manifested.

She's exceptionally grateful for everything, past present and future. Whatever she doesn't have figured out, she knows she can figure it out. Matching that frequency NOW by enjoying your CURRENT MOMENT as much as you possibly can is how you can align to that manifested reality faster.

Stop focusing on all the ways what you have now isn't what you want. Stop focusing on all the things you don't have yet. Stop projecting your happiness into the future Instead, embrace that energy of appreciation for what loving what you have so that you can create even MORE!


It's a misconception that you have to be extremely happy and overflowing with positive energy when you manifest. The only major rule is you can't be negative or limited. But if you can at least get to neutral - where you aren't adding in resistance, you can manifest everything you want.

So how do you get neutral? Simply remember that the worst case scenario to something not happening, is that you're in the same position you're already in. Even if you're not in love with your current reality, it's something you've managed and survived in for a while, so the worst case scenario is you're still there. Best case, you succeed.

This mental shift takes the pressure off of it HAVING to happen, or placing your entire wellbeing, happiness, and success into one manfiestation. If we fixate and obsess over our manifestation it creates an energy. of tension By being neutral, you're entering the "if it happens, that's great, if not, okay.." which holds the vibration of flow, acceptance and openness.

Another way took at it:

FEELING in the positive + THINKING in the "negative" = EMBODYING in the neutral

Feeling positive looks like

  • doing what brings you joy

  • protecting your peace

  • being surrounding by love

  • practicing gratitude

Thinking "negative" looks like

  • "I have let it go"

  • "I'm ok either way"

  • "I have no desire for more"

  • "I am detached from outcome"

  • "I have stopped acting"

"Feel good, Get good."


It's beneficial to exist in a magical and endlessly creative "5D" world, where there are no rules or limitations! Live with the same energy as if you're your own fantasy character in a video game- invincible, all powerful, admired by all. It's impossible to know what will actually unfold, how or when you'll manifest. It can be fun and inspiring to brainstorm the possibilities, but it's even better to just leave it all up to the magic of Source!

Remember, You don't need to ask or strive for alignment, because everything is already aligned. If it is in your consciousness it is already yours.

“Insistence is usually the product of anxiety, while Excitement will automatically bring you the persistence you need to act on your passion and your joy.”



Letting go of control and expectations is the ultimate high-vibe gesture. One way to embody the art of "Softening your Desire" is to make a list of "cons"- things that are less than ideal about achieving your goal, and perhaps why you'd prefer to stay in the status quo. This might seem counter-productive/intuitive but it really does help you ground instead of cling, hyper-focus or obsess.

Remember, Insistence = Resistance

When we try to control, cling, grip to our vision or plans it carries an energy of limitation, of conditionality. And that is the opposite of flow and freedom.


Embodying the feeling of curiosity, fascination, awe and wonder and is also very effective. When you see something that pleases you think "I wonder what it would be like to have that - pretty cool!" Then simply continue on with your day.

"When you are in fascination with something you are in a vibration of complete connection with who you are. When you are fully appreciating yourself or something else, that's as close to love as it gets."

Abraham Hicks


Typically we try to change our life circumstances by seeking and striving, chasing achievement and productivity....

  • hustling

  • laboring

  • fixing

  • controlling

  • gripping

  • forcing

Unfortunately this Yang, masculine energy usually results in burnout, exhaustion, depression, or depletion and can actually block you from achieving what you want in life. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Instead try to embody more of the Yin passive energy which is about patience and trust, waiting to receive:

  • openning

  • reflecting

  • imagining

  • relaxing

  • waiting

  • surrendering

Similarly, instead of always seeking, wanting, coveting, desiring something you don't yet have, embrace the energy of

  • celebrating

  • appreciating

  • worshipping

  • blessing

as if you already have it NOW! From this place, you become a magnet for miracles, attracting whatever you want with barely any effort.

Remember, Manifestation is a backwards game.

You want the money, the relationship, the success, because you think those things will make you happier but the truth is that they won’t, at least, not for very long.

This is because our minds are wired to always be chasing after the next better thing.

As long as you believe that what you want is going to make you feel something (bliss, peace, fulfillment,) that you don't already feel, it will remain separate from you.

The truth is that the freedom you’re really seeking does not come from things, from the external. It comes from YOU, from the within.

When you feel those feelings of whole-ness and live them first, regardless of what is currently showing up in your life, you are then you are truly free and complete. And that's when your manifestations happen, and in. away that is far better than you could conceive.

We receive what we ARE, not what we want.



Your words hold so much energy and power. Repeat affirmations daily, regularly and eventually your thoughts will synchronize and habitualize that energy into your being. The key is to choose powerful words that embody a feeling, not just a desire. Examples

  • I am certain that...

  • I am excited that...

  • I love that...

Another tactic? Try "best case scenario journaling". Take a topic or situation that’s on your mind and describe the best case scenario working out in vivid detail.

CREATE A SIGIL A sigil. is a symbol that holds meaning. 1. Write the first letter of whatever that you're trying to manifest in the future.

2. Then draw two squiggly lines to represent energy.

3. Below this in capital letters you write your complete intention.- actions you're taking or choices to make 4. Write several words that represent the attributes or qualities of who you need to be or feel to manifest.

5. Write three to four elevated emotions you would experience when you become or achieve what you want.


Make it a practice to commune with nature and celebrate the earth's cycles, seasons, stars and plants, which holds the highest frequency of energy available. Strengthen your intention even more by incorporating ceremonies with the five Elements, the five Senses, and your own Sacred Spaces. These acts saturate our subconscious and help to get our headspace of desire.

So many get caught up in learning the "next best" technique or programs to manifestation when in reality, it's about looking in the mirror and undergoing an inner transformation. Remember, these are all just tiny pieces of the manifesting puzzle. They are there to support your journey, but the real power comes from within YOU.

"It's not about what you do, but who you are while doing it."

Melanie Ann Layer


The words "want" and "desire" infer a meaning of lack. So, when you want/desire something, you're actually in the mindset of negativity, scarcity and only seeing what you don't have. Shift your thoughts to the positive, to abundance, humbly acknowledging every single thing you have currently, and everything that is to come. Love your life as it. is so much that there is no room for any feelings of want/desire.

The fastest way to manifest is to stop trying to manifesting all together and soak up the blessings and bliss of the present moment. Live by the truth that all is perfect exactly as it is.

To give the energy you need to manifest something, you have to feel that energy truly. You have to start looking around you to all the possible sources of that energy, and focus your attention on them for what they are: sources of love, abundance, success and so on. You have to start actually noticing what you want to call in already there, around you, focus on those things, give that energy and radiate it outwards, in order to manifest it further.

  • To call more love into your life, you have to focus on the existing love in your life.

  • To call more abundance into your life, you have to focus on the existing abundance in your life.

  • To call success into your life, you have to focus on the existing success in your life.

Every day thank Spirit and Source, the universe and your spirit guides for all that you have (more than enough), and all that you'll be (more than you can imagine), where you're at and where you're going (exactly where you're supposed to). Gratitude (better known as Appreciation) is SO important in the manifestation process! It's the ultimate amplifier when you can have "one foot in desire and one in gratitude" at all times. Because what you appreciate, appreciates!

  • Capture your current blessings in writing, using the bagua template as a guide.

  • Reframe the things you "have" to do into things you "GET TO" do

  • Extend an offering or contribution to Mother Nature in thanks

"Gratitude for all that we have leads to abundance in all we desire."


When you're tuned into Source energy you'll feel the BEST version of yourself:

  • powerful

  • peaceful

  • purposeful

  • engaged

  • ecstatic

  • enthusiastic

  • invincible

  • invigorated

  • grateful

In other words, your soul will feel grounded and balanced, but at the same time bursting with energy! You'll be living your purpose and in complete FLOW:

  • Taking inspired courageous action, effortlessly - There will be nothing else you'd rather be doing!

  • Giving and expending energy only to the activities, people or opportunities that support your desires

  • Focusing on the bigger picture and no longer sweating the small stuff

"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate."

Carl Jung


Not everything you attract will be in complete alignment and meant to stay. Some of it will be tests to overcome to show the Universe that you have raised your worth

What's meant for you will linger on its own, without any effort. It will feel...

  • Natural

  • Calm

  • Clear

  • Easy

  • Grounded

  • Safe

  • Assured

  • Healthy

  • Supportive

What's NOT meant for you may resist, hide, or avoid you. It will feel

  • Forced

  • Chaotic

  • Confusing

  • Unsupportive

  • Draining

  • Depleting

Don't ignore the signs when something is not for you. Release it so that you can make room to receive what feels better.

Synergetic Spaces - Magnetize, Manifest

Remember, When you manifest from the Higher Self, there really is no need to visualize, script or create a vision board, because on a deeper level you trust in the Universe and that what is meant to be will always find a way, no matter what the circumstances are.

When you relax, release control and allow the Universe to unveil for you all it has in store, you are guided to always make the appropriate steps, in the appropriate direction and at exactly the appropriate time.

When you are truly ONE with Source, then you are your full embodiment of Yang and Yin, masculine and feminine, light and dark. In this consciousness you can co-exist alongside "negativity" (darkness, shadows) in harmony and peace. In this place, fear is still natural and present, but it's not primary. It no longer has the same limiting power over you.

So shine your light and don’t worry about the opposing forces. You can be ONE with anything you desire.


Congratulations- you're halfway there!

Check out Part 2 to learn about the second half of the manifestation process.


Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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