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The Ultimate Guide to Attracting & Manifesting Your Desires (Part I: Clarify, Ask, Align)

Today Manifestation is an overused buzzword that most have heard through the lens of social media and reality television. It's often misunderstood and oversimplified.

Manifestation involves the universal Law of Attraction ('like attracts like') but the process goes far beyond the simple "Ask, Believe, Receive." that we learned from The Secret. We also must Clarify, ALIGN, and ACT.

In between each of those steps there is a microcosm of more subtle activity.

Sound complicated? It doesn't have to be!

What is Manifestation?

At its core, the concept is about taking something that is immaterial (such as an idea, a vision, a dream, a feeling, a desire) and making it concrete, material, and visible.

Manifestation is simply the Physical Embodiment of your Will. When there is a will, there is a way! When there is a desire, there is a path.

It is identifying a desire, experiencing it through your senses, and then creating that in your 3d world.

As a powerful, sacral energetic being, you can tap into your fullest potential by putting what you want out in the world and attracting it like a magnet.

In other words, manifestation is our way of transforming fantasy into reality using our minds, bodies and spirits.

To activate the energy of manifestation, you must ...

SELECT it - clarity

PROJECT it - visualizations, embodiment, inspired action

EXPECT it - patience, belief without pressure or attachment

COLLECT it - receive what you want, or something even better

Self-Illumination, Self-Understanding, Self-Healing and Self-Mastery are the cornerstones of the Manifestation.

How does Manifestation work?

Manifestation occurs as a result of Energy Alchemy - shifting the vibrational frequencies in you and around you through the unification of opposing energies. Neither Yin/feminine or Yang/masculine can flourish without the other and bother are equal parts of a whole.

You can create a measurable, palpable movement of energy- either a TRANSFER or TRANSFORMATION, which serve as the catalyst to achievement, success, and whatever you desire.

Most people don't realize that we are manifesting all the time. You are manifesting every time you are...

  • Listening and following your intuition

  • Playing and experiencing pleasure

  • Saying yes to something... or no to something

  • Speaking your desires outloud

  • Praying, grounding or meditating

  • Visualizing or daydreaming

  • Earning money or spending money

  • Being joyful and happy

  • Doing work that energizes you

  • Understanding and integrating your shadows

  • Feeling and accepting your emotions

  • Facing your fears and taking inspired action

  • Researching, learning and expanding your mind

  • Practicing gratitude and holding the frequency of love

All of these things are you DOING THE WORK and stepping into your highest potential.

Remember, manifestation looks different for everyone because everyone has a different energetic vibration. Your manifestation style is all your own. Pay attention to any patterns in your life of how you have manifested in the past - those can be clues to your future success too!

"Hold a thought for 17 seconds and the Law of Attraction kicks in. Hold a though for 68 seconds and things move. Manifestation has begun."

Abraham Hicks

It's possible to manifest from the mind, but the heart is even more powerful. It has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, 60 times greater than the brains’. and is our connection with the Universe and our Higher Selves. Our hearts are the true CEOS (Chief Energy Officers) and know our deepest purpose and our passion, but often we're not conditioned to listen.

We manifest from the Heart, not the Mind.

The Cosmic Trinity


According to Feng Shui philosophy we manifest from one of three areas of our life. According to this rule, most of what happens in life is determined equally (33%) :​​​​​​​by the following factors

  • Heaven Luck – Peace, Self-Given Destiny (Birth date and time, Past lives)

  • Human Luck – Productivity, Self-Directed Effort (Actions, Choices, Decisions​​​​​​​​, Purpose)

  • Earth Luck – Purpose, Self-Healing Tools (Feng Shui, Meditation, Forest Bathing, etc)

​When each of these pieces are working together, we have the highest potential of manifesting our dreams and desires and living up to our full potential. .​​​​​​​So, rest assured, most of our lives is well within our control!



There are several Key Foundations that are universal to the manifestation process, but HUNDREDS of methods and techniques within those. Remember, your specific manifestation process will be unique to you and likely to involve a lot of trial and error.

Ready to align with your truth, live out your birthright and attract omnipotent abundance? Let's get started!

"It is your birthright to live a fully expressed life.”

Debbie Ford


What can you manifest? Anything really!

  • Material Items or Possessions: A new house, car, clothing, financial savings .... What do you aspire to own, borrow or possess?

  • Long-term Opportunities: A promotion, friendships, relationships, business connections... What do you aspire to have?

  • Short-term Situations or Experiences: Vacations, Adventures, Concerts, Hobbies ... What do you aspire to do or try?

  • A feeling: confidence, freedom, attractiveness... Who do you aspire to be?

If you can think it and feel, and it's meant to be yours, then it WILL be yours.

Make sure to craft an intention, desire, vision or goal that is ...