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Sacred Sounds: The Power of Mantra, Chanting & Tones for Harmony & Healing

"The healing power of sound is the energy of the Universe, the connective tissue of creation. Chanting is a way to attune to this cosmic force and bring harmony to our lives."

Ann Dyer

For centuries, sound has been recognized as a potent force that could deeply influence the human psyche and connect us to Source energy. Across diverse cultures and spiritual traditions, the practice of chanting mantras, or ancient sacred prayers, has been regarded as a powerful tool for personal transformation, empowerment, and inner peace. This age-old tradition lies at the core of our human existence and essence.

Music has power to heal, so when we combine the healing vibrations of music with the sound of our own voice AND the power of our intentions, we multiply the benefits tenfold. Mantra is a powerful tool for inner transformation and creating a more compassionate and enlightened world.

In this post, we delve into the transformative power of chanting and uncover the profound impact that mantras can have on our inner world.

History of Chanting

The word "mantra" is Sanskrit. Sanskrit is an ancient Indo-European language that is considered sacred to Hinduism and some Buddhist traditions. Many of the most well-known and widely used mantras are either in Sanskrit, or in Tibetan. Its purpose is in guiding the mind to a state of calm stillness and focused awareness, hence the translation of the word to mean "mind instrument" or "mind vehicle,"

The history of mantra chanting dates back thousands of years to India, Tibet, Egypt and Greece, from 1500 BCE to the 6th century CE. In these cultures, mantras were revered for their sacred vibrations, believed to carry the essence of cosmic wisdom and energies. They were chanted during rituals and ceremonies to connect with divine forces and seek blessings for various aspects of life.

Passed down through generations by enlightened sages and spiritual masters, these sacred syllables, words, or phrases were chanted with devotion and intention, invoking the divine presence and aligning practitioners with the universal, natural rhythm of life.

Today, the art of chanting mantras continues to transcend cultural boundaries and resonate with people from around the world and from all walks of life. It has found its way into a variety of modern spiritual and wellness practices, and contemporary meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Purify Ego

Purify Jealousy

Purify Anger

Purify Ignorance

Purify Greed

Purify Hatred

Benefits of Sound Healing

The sound of chanting mantra is of course, beautiful to the ear, but also tremendously beneficial for the rest of the body and mind.

  • Regulate the endocrine and nervous systems

  • Induce comforting and uplifting feelings like love and gratitude

  • Transmute negative emotions like fear or anxiety

  • Release stress

  • Connect to the Divine flow of life, Holy light and/or present moment

  • Boost compassion for self others

  • Increase resilience

  • Cleanse and clear stagnant energy of the space

  • Activate throat chakra

  • Open heart chakra

  • Bring balance and harmony to all levels of existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Calm the mind from constant flow of thoughts

  • Invoke peace, compassion and wisdom

  • Resolve inner conflict

  • Balance and harmonize the heart with the mind

  • Clarify life's purpose

  • Guide one back to True Self

  • Remove obstacles or negative energies (grief, depression, worry, fear)

  • Builds resilience to navigate and transcend life's challenges problems and difficulties

  • Transform chaos into clarity and calm, suffering into highest good

  • Achieve enlightenment

  • Send luck and blessings for new beginnings

  • Circulate pure Divine energy throughout our bodies

  • Increase illumination and awareness

  • Express gratitude and appreciation

  • Realize the hidden radiance within ourselves, and all

  • Channel the essence of Buddha and become One with all

  • Understand the interconnectedness of all things

  • To cleanse the energy of a space and provide overall spiritual protection.

In a world where we are always thinking, planning and doing, give yourself the gift of subtle energy vibrations through chanting. Together all of their sounds and meanings encapsulate all of Buddhas universal teachings: infinite love, beauty, compassion, peace and harmony.

"Chanting is a way of invoking the divine presence within."

Deva Premal

Tips & Tricks

Chanting mantras does not require a beautiful voice or even an understanding of the words. This is because the vibrations themselves have profound healing effects on our mind, body, and spirit.

Repetition is key. Aim to say the mantra at least 108 times to achieve their full benefit.

Why? The frequency of 108 is the hidden pulse, or rhythm that is the essence of the living mathematics of Nature, the Fibonnachi Sequence. It is a sacred number worshipped by Buddhists, which is why its also incorporated it into the mala beads they hold when they chant their mantras.

Make every word count. Each syllable carries its own intention to invoke a specific healing energy or entity. There is symbolization, signification, representation or prayer for every small word.

Mentally visualize the sound vibrations and frequencies circulating in the body as the mantra progresses. Practitioners visualize the healing energy through themselves or the person they wish to heal.

The beginning of the mantra will be in the Root chakra and then move upward into the belly, spine, throat, into the back of the head and going back into the belly. With practice, you will effortlessly begin to absorb the meaning and energy of the sounds.

As practitioners repeat the mantra, they are encouraged to contemplate its meaning and cultivate a loving open heart, recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings and striving to alleviate the suffering of others as well as their own.

Afterwards, allow some time to sit silently in reflection or stillness after.

With any mantra, the power lies not only in the meaning and vibration of the words themselves but in the intention and devotion with which it is chanted. Chanting is a potent tool which can allow you. to tap into the universal healing energies and align with the divine flow of life.

"Chanting is a way of getting in touch with yourself. It's an opening of the heart and letting go of the mind and thoughts. It deepens the channel of grace, and it's a way of being present in the moment."

Krishna Das

Ancient Healing Mantras

There are numerous mantras in different spiritual traditions, each with its unique purpose and significance. Each mantra contains one or more sound syllables, which when put together create a healing song or prayer.

Here are some popular mantras for chanting, along with their meanings:

Om (Divine Consciousness)

This is the simplest and most sacred and fundamental mantras in Hinduism and Buddhism.

It means the Universe or Eternal Divinity and represents the primordial, cosmic sound, the vibration from which the universe originated, believed to bring harmony, balance, and peace to the mind and body.

"Om Shanti Shanti Shanti"

  • "Shanti" translates to "peace" or "tranquility." on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes.

Gayatri Mantra (Prayer for Enlightenment)

"Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ

Tat Savitur Vareṇyaṃ

Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayāt"

  • "Bhur" - the physical realm (earth)

  • "Bhuvaḥ" symbolizes the life force or the mental plane.

  • "Swaḥ" represents the spiritual plane, the celestial realm of light.

  • "Tat" signifies "that" or the ultimate reality, the Supreme Being.

  • "Savitur" refers to the Sun, the source of light and wisdom.

  • "Vareṇyaṃ" means "adore" or "worthy of worship."

  • "Bhargo" symbolizes divine radiance and spiritual splendor.

  • "Devasya" refers to the divine reality or divinity.

  • "Dhīmahi" means "meditate" or "contemplate."

  • "Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayāt" is a prayer to bestow wisdom and guidance.

The Mother Mantras

"Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundayai Vicche."

"Om Aim Hreem Shreem Tripuraev Namaha."

  • "Aim" - the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, to be felt from the root chakra

  • "Hreem" or "Shreem" - the goddess of wealth, abundance and prosperity.

  • "Kleem" - the goddess of empowerment and transformation.

  • "Chamundayai" - the powerful and ferocious form of the Divine Mother.

  • "Vicche" - "to cut" or "to dispel,"

  • "Tripuraev Namaha" - invoking blessings and guidance from Goddess of Feminine Beauty

Siri Gaitri Mantra

A powerful healing mantra in Kundalini Yoga, believed to connect the soul to the vibration of the Universe for healing and seamless positive change. The mantra consists of sacred sounds representing the cosmos and the merging of vibrations, ultimately signifying the essence of creation.

"Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung"

  • "Ra" - Sun

  • "Ma" - Moon

  • "Da" - Earth

  • "Sa" - Sky/Infinity

  • "Say" - God, Universe

  • "So Hung" - merging, unity, creation - I am Thou.

Maha Mantra

"Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna,

Hare Hare,

Hare Rama,

Hare Rama,

Rama Rama,

Hare Hare"

  • "Hare" is a form of addressing the divine feminine

  • "Krishna" refers to Lord Krishna, who is known for divine love.

  • "Rama" refers to Lord Rama, who is known for divine masculine

Mantra of Compassion

Om Mani Padme Hum

  • "Mani" - jewel

  • "Padme" - "lotus"

  • "Hum" - unity of wisdom and compassion.

(The Jewel in the Lotus, or the Hidden Wisdom in Challenges)

Moola Mantra

"Om Dum Durgayei Namaha"

  • 'Dum' - divine presence and protection.

  • 'Durgayei' - the goddess of divine feminine energy

  • 'Namaha' - deep reverence, devotion, and surrender to the divine.

The Miracle Mantra

"Nam Myoho Renge Kyo"

  • 'Nam' - to devote or dedicate oneself.

  • 'Myoho' - mystic law

  • 'Renge' - lotus blossom.

  • 'Kyo' - eternal truth

"Chanting is no more holy than listening to the murmur of a stream, counting prayer beads no more sacred than simply breathing."

Deng Ming-Dao

Other Types of Sound Healing

Sound healing encompasses various practices that use sound frequencies, vibrations, and music to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Here are some common examples of sound healing practices and tools:

Sound Baths: These sessions involve participants lying down or sitting comfortably while being immersed in various sound frequencies produced by various instruments and sound tools. Sound baths aim to promote relaxation, stress relief, and overall well-being through immersion in healing sounds.

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Gong Therapy

  • Didgeridoo Healing

  • Drums

  • Chimes

Binaural Beats: These are auditory illusions created when two slightly different frequencies are presented separately to each ear. Binaural beats are believed to influence brainwave patterns, potentially aiding in relaxation, meditation, and improved focus.

Solfeggio Frequencies are a set of ancient musical tones believed to have healing properties and spiritual benefits. These frequencies are often associated with a specific numerical sequence and correspond to specific vibrations believed to influence different aspects of the mind, body, and spirit.

Here are the traditional Solfeggio frequencies along with their associated healing and harmonizing properties:

  • 174 Hz - reducing pain and stress,releasing physical and emotional tension.

  • 285 Hz - healing tissues and body cells, promoting rejuvenation and general healing.

  • 396 Hz - liberating from fear and guilt, clearing negative thoughts and emotions.

  • 417 Hz - facilitating change, breaking negative cycles and bringing about positive transformation.

  • 528 Hz - Rthe "Love Frequency, associated with DNA repair and transformation, enhancing feelings of love, harmony, and balance.

  • 639 Hz - improving relationships, fostering forgiveness and empathy., encouraging communication.

  • 741 Hz - awakening intuition and self-expression, problem-solving and self-expression.

  • 852 Hz - enhancing spiritual awareness and intuition, connecting with higher realms, expanding consciousness.

Wrapping it All Up

By harnessing the power of sacred sound, we can tap into the depths of our being, opening channels of healing energy and spiritual transformation. As we immerse ourselves in the rhythmic vibrations of mantras, we invite harmony and balance into our lives, fostering a connection with our Higher Selves and the divine essence that flows through all of us.

Remember, healing is a collective journey, and you need not walk this path alone. Let us join hands and hearts, working in unison to create a harmonious world filled with inner peace and profound healing. Embrace the power of chanting mantras, honor the ancient wisdom that resonates within you, and step into the flow of divine energy. Together, we can unlock the gates to Universal Love and bask in the blissful radiance of our interconnectedness.

If you are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and alignment, I invite you to take the next step and experience the benefits of reiki energy clearing or a human design reading. I offer both of these services as powerful tools for releasing blockages that may hinder your growth. Whether you choose the gentle touch of reiki or the illuminating wisdom of human design, these transformative modalities can complement your mantra chanting practice, amplifying its effects on your own well-being, and the greater good of all.


Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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