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Harvesting Lunar Energy: Essential Monthly Rituals for Your Self & Your Space

The Sun loves the Moon so much that he dies every night to let her breathe, and in return, she reflects his love.

Jeffrey Fry

Each of us has a ancient sacred relationship with our natural world, As children of Mother Earth and Father Sky we are magnetically tied to its family of celestial bodies - Our Sister Stars, Brother Planets, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon.

Unlike the Sun - simple, steady, consistent with Yang energy- the Yin moon is in constant transition and movement. It's powerful vibrational frequency that is proven to impact both planet and people- shifting the sea tides, affecting animal behavior, and even influencing our own human bodies, moods and emotions. It provides magic for the soul and light for the senses.

Each astrological sign is ruled by a celestial body. As a "Double Cancer" both my sun sign and moon sign ruled by the moon, so to say I am sensitive to the lunar phases is an understatement. I have a lifetime of first hand experience in seeing their ties on the heart, soul and spirit.

Across the course of history, different cultures and people - farmers, witches, sailors, philosophers, light-workers, mediums, mystics and beyond - around the world have incorporated moon phases into their spiritual ceremony and metaphysical rituals.

If you'd like to boost the effectiveness of your own manifestation practices look no further than the earth below, and the heavens above. And even if you're not doing manifestation work, aligning, harmonizing and synchronizing your energy with the cosmos is a great practice for overall wellness and spiritual connection.

.When worldly troubles and everyday hardships bring confusion, sadness or stagnation, it is completely natural - even instinctual- to look towards the moon for sanctuary and solace. Some people are so dedicated to the cosmos that they will plan major life events such as marriages, births, and surgeries and business launches around the movement of the planets and moon phases.

"The moon does not fight.
It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others.
It keeps to its course.
But by its very nature, it gently influences.
What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore?
The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished."

Deng Ming-Dao

The Moon as Your Mirror

Each phase of the moon can reveal different parts of yourself, and allow you to flow in a greater emotional and spiritual journey.

The eight phases of the moon represent various natural cycles in life: birth and death, beginnings and endings, openings and closings, inhaling and exhaling, retreating and expanding. Our lives ebb and flow along with these rhythms- always changing, growing and evolving and eventually repeating.

A New Moon and a Full Moon in particular are opposing yet complementary celestial events and each can be used to harness different energies for your life - the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Their transitional days create a powerful vibrational frequency that can support your personal wisdom and ascension.

The Yang (masculine) aspects of the moon represent your ideas and intuition, and turning your dreams into reality whereas the Yin (feminine) aspects of the moon represent your shadows and wounds- both the repressed memories and hidden beliefs buried in your subconscious mind, and the traumas of the individual or collective past.

Lunar energy allows us to safely and gently...

  • Work out what’s on our hearts and minds

  • Connect with Spirit and receive insight and messages

  • Release heavy subconscious energy and emotions instead of burying them inside you.

  • Imagine, dream and plant seeds of intention

  • Explore the steps you need to move forward in your life without full commitment or action

When you become more aligned with the natural rhythms of cosmic you will begin to feel more vibrant, creative - guided and supported by the Chi all around you.

Tuning In

"We do spiritual ceremonies in order to create a safe resting place for our most complicated feelings so that we don't have to haul those feelings around with us forever, weighing us down. We all need such places of ritual safekeeping"

Elizabeth Gilbert

You can easily monitor the Moon’s natural cycle by keeping a calendar or subscribing to digital one. Plan ahead to set aside time for your self on the days of the full moon or new moon. You can also harness the same quality of energy for up to a week before or after these phases.

To begin tuning into the moon's energy you can consider keeping a moon journal. Every week simply draw a circle on a page, representing the moon but also YOU. Outside the circle draw what you currently feel in your life. Sometimes this will be negatives and sometimes positive. Inside the circle write (or draw) what you want in your life, or what you want to feel. Focus on bringing those desires inside of you to the forefront.

Another way to tune in: Your menstrual cycle! There are four different cycles a woman can synchronise with and each phase holds it own energy... Which one you Align with?

  • WHITE MOON CYCLE : You Bleed on/around a New Moon and ovulates on/around a Full Moon... If you flow with this Moon Phase, You are connected to the earth, fertile and are ready to birth children or new projects...

  • RED MOON CYCLE: You Bleed on/around a Full Moon and ovulates on/around a New Moon... If you flow with this Moon Phase, You are a healer, high priestess or shaman...

  • PINK MOON CYCLE: You Bleed on/around a Waxing Moon and ovulates on/around a Waning Moon... If you flow with this Moon Phase, You are ready for transformation and growth...

  • PURPLE MOON CYCLE: You Bleed on/around a Waning Moon and ovulates on/around a Waxing Moon... If you flow with this Moon Phase, Your life is becoming more peaceful and quieter...

Rhythms and Rituals

Rituals and ceremonies are powerful tools to use as they help to communicate to higher spirits and create an energy of trust, faith or protection. Over time these rituals can even become habitual, built in to our everyday systems.

Moon rituals are a sacred practice that date back to ancient cultures of the east who were intimately tune with nature's systems and cycles. The New Moon and Full Moon are powerful energetic days and no matter how we decide to spend them, it should be focused on self empowerment - either internally or externally.

The following practices incorporate the care of your self, your space and the spiritual realm so you can experience a holistic approach to self-development and mastery. These can be completed in solitude in the privacy of your home - perfect for addressing challenging emotions that you don’t necessarily feel safe exploring publicly just yet. Or for the most powerful shift, practice lunar rituals in community, together with like-minded spiritually-aligned friends or family members.


The New Moon is the start of a new rotation around earth, a beginning of new lunar cycle. This is when the moon sits directly between sun and earth so from our vantage point it manifests as full darkness in the sky. This clarity allows for an energy of openness and opportunity.

Despite the lack of visible light you can consider a new moon as a beacon of hope and guidance. The new moon, along with waning moon phases, embody receptive, absorbing Yin energy. This means it is the perfect time to perform rituals that invite us to go inward and those that relate to new beginnings.

A new moon is a time for rest and introspection, looking inward, practicing patience, trust and building potential for what's to come. Who doesn't love a fresh start?

Use the new moon to...


Visualize and act upon your soul's wishes. First, imagine and define your greatest potential for joy (a dream). Then turn those dreams into individual targets (goals). Next, break your goals into smaller steps (a plan). Lastly, take one step at a time (action!)


You are a creative force and meant to thrive. Become your own biggest cheerleader, prioritizing and advocating for yourself with confidence. Know you are deserving of your desires, and open yourself to receiving them (or perhaps something even better), You are enlightened and evolved, exactly as you are.


This is a time to revisit and reflect deeply on your next steps in life: what your larger mission, passions or purpose is, what is something nagging away that you've been meaning to accomplish, what choices or decisions are needed to move forward, or what new things are free to start in your life.

In your journal write or draw out the following prompts and review them as daily affirmations for one week following the new moon. Aim to be as specific as possible!

  • I am ready to be/do/have...

  • I desire to be/do/have...

  • I dream of being/doing/having...

Write your top 3 intentions down and seal them in a red envelope kept by your bed at night. Do not open the envelope until the following new moon.

Remember that intention must then be followed with some ACTION and follow-through! It's imperative to think about (and ideally make a list of ) exactly HOW can you achieve what you've intended. The new moon is a perfect time to send emails, make a call, book an appointment or reservation, purchase tools, ask for help or do whatever small or simple tasks that will help get things in motion and further you you closer to achieving your goals.

For extra energetic power, place your to-do list in a prominent place in your home or within your calendar so you'll be reminded daily to take action, no matter how small or insignificant it seems.


Wear all white clothing to represent the purity and wisdom of your sacred inner mother. Look into mirror with unconditional love and acceptance of all parts of your being, both the light and the dark, strengths and weaknesses. Appreciate your outer and inner beauty, including all of your emotional and spiritual growth thus far. Write a letter to your inner child to acknowledge all of your needs. as a way to overcome attachment wounds and heal from past traumas - burning it in a fire for added release. Also reflect on your role in the bigger picture- your purpose in the relationships around you. Strive to shine brightly and wholly - just like that moon is, regardless who is looking, regardless of circumstances and seasons outside of itself..


Light a white candle in the darkness. Put on ambient, binaural beats or solfeggio sound frequencies. Slow your thoughts and center your heart with breath-work and meditation. Be mindful and thankful of the present moment, exactly where you are today. Then let all worries and anxieties melt away, as if what you have asked for is already yours. In the candlelight, write down as many things, small and large that you are grateful for in your life. Continue to add to the list throughout the month and keep it accessible to refer to when feeling low.


Draw a spa-like and spiritual bath complete with all five earth elements - either in color or in Ayurvedic property.

  • Water: soap bubbles, diffuser of essential oils

  • Wood: lavender sprigs, rose petals, lemon or grapefruit slices, coconut milk

  • Fire: tea light or pillar candles, music speakers.

  • Earth: healing crystals, epsom salts or sea salt

  • Metal: candle holders, sparkling hardware, baking soda


Consume luxurious foods and drinks such as crystal water, moon water, herbal teas, dark chocolate, fresh fruit and champagne. You can have a full-body spirit-expanding sensory experience by doing this in the pitch dark night!


Explore archetypal psychology beyond your astrological sun and moon sign. Do you embody the Maiden, or the Queen, the Warrior, the Magician? You can gain additional insight through personality and self-discovery tools such as Human Design, the Enneagram, Myers Briggs, Dosha Types, Aura Readings and more.


Follow what feels good. Honor what flows. Draw, paint, craft, sing, dance, practice yoga, especially yang-types like hot yoga, explore sound healing. Special bonus if any of these can be done outdoors in nature!


Explore energy therapies such as Reiki to transmit universal healing across your body through touch. Find a certified practitioner in your area. Write your wishes for love, abundance, prosperity, health and beyond on a bay leaf and burn them in a fire.


Spread love and abundance by volunteering, donating or providing other acts of service in your community. Pay it forward, so that positive energy spreads far and wide, and eventually back to you.


Create a vision board complete with images of both your short and longterm goals.


Set your phone/wallet, keys, cellphone or computer or favorite crystal in a window beneath new new-moon "light" (ie dark). For major earth energy, write a wish on a small piece of paper and place it inside a geode crystal "box".


The new moon energy will allow you to reflect, absorb wisdom and information better than other times of the month. Seek the advice or counsel of a healer or medium. Consult an oracle deck tarot or psychic reading to gain deeper insight that you might be overlooking, Complete any love or wealth "spells" you've been meaning to try.

Just like the moon you will go through phases of light and dark, and everything in between. And even when you dont appear with the same clarity and brightness you are always whole.

Rituals For Your Space & Surroundings


Wash your mirrors with vinegar and a white cloth, Change your bedsheets, or spray linen spray on them to freshen. Turn on a diffuser of peppermint, lemon and lavender.


Hydrate your houseplants with moon-water, or start a garden of native wildflowers or plant kitchen herbs in pots.


Amidst the glow of candlelight, moonlight, or sunlight, share offerings of salt, dried rice or lentils, seeds, wine, living water, flowers, incense, stones and lucky charms in exchange for guidance and support from your spirit guides, angels and ancestors. Include a frame of your favorite mantra or inspirational quote, a photo of a cherished loved one, or an illustration of your family tree.

"I ask for nothing as I have plenty, and in gratitude I share this offering"


Set up a pot of hot water to simmer on the stove or outdoor fire. Add fragrant edibles like citrus slices or peels, cranberries, apples, vanilla extract, cinnamon sticks, star anise, allspice, fresh clove, ginger, mint, thyme, rosemary or lavender sprigs, pine needles or cones, sage leaves, or fresh flowers. On bay leaves write your power words, affirmations or manifestations. Breathe in the fragrance all around your house and give gratitude for your abundance.


  • As you dip amethyst in bowl of water:

“All of my experiences have shaped me and made me strong. I honor my past and who I have become. The memory from my past that stands out the most to me right now is (Insert whatever first comes to your mind). I honor that this memory came to me. I honor that it has something to teach me. I release it and let it go, I release it so I can grow. The time has come for me to move on."

  • As you dip quartz in bowl of water:

“I love myself and my life. My present is who I am. I no longer have to accept things that don’t fill me up or make me feel aligned. I honor my responsibilities, but I also honor my heart. I am so proud of myself for (Insert proud moment here) but I also know I need to stop (insert here- go with whatever comes to your mind first!). Dear Universe/Spirit/God, please guide me towards joy by releasing this from my life. Please reveal to me the next steps so I can bring closure and healing to this situation.”

  • As you place a flower and salt in bowl of water:

“My future is bright. My dreams are coming true. I ask the Universe’s help in bringing (insert) into my life. I ask the Universe to guide me to the steps I need to take in order to make this dream a reality. I trust that all I desire will unfold in the perfect timing and in the perfect way.”

Place the bowl outside or by the window under the dark of the new moon for at least 30 minutes. In the morning, take a sip of the water, anoint your third eye with it or sprinkle it in your hair. To close the ritual, return flowers to the earth and keep the crystals under your pillow for the next 3 nights..

“I am ready to enter into the new. Mind, body, soul is balanced. I feel aligned.”

"The moon is a reminder that no matter what phase you're in, you're still whole"



During the full moon the moon is opposite side of earth from sun, so it manifests from our perspective as light in the reflection of sun. This opposition of forces creates inflammation in our bodies and a tension in the atmosphere - one that results in a greater liklihood of accidents, births and more.

The full moon represents completions and closure so its the perfect period to release anything from your physical, mental, emotional or energetic realm that no longer serves you.

Working with the full moon can allow us to remove stagnation or those low-vibration people, circumstances or beliefs in life so that we make room for the high-vibration opportunities and thoughts by the time the next new moon rolls around.

If there are any challenging or daunting tasks that didn't happen during the new moon this is the ideal time to engage with them. During the full moon and waxing moon phases you’ll be full of confidence and clarity - powerful Yang energy that will give you strong abilities to manifest your desires.

Use the Full Moon To...


Silence your inner critic of doubt and fear. Trust your judgement and intuition. You have an inner knowing, a compass, that will never steer you wrong. Surrender to the divine timing and order of all. Believe that you can and will get what you ultimately want or need, and visualize yourself releasing that desire into the world. Ask for only love, peace and harmony, and release the control of everything else. Remember to avoid surgeries on the full moon - but say yes to social events.


There is all sorts of conditioning which prevents us from seeing "reality" in our selves and lives. Whatever you want to call it - recontextualization, deprogramming, deconditioning, dissolving- the full moon allows us to illuminate and bring light to your dark sides and shadows- whatever our ego has held onto because they're a part of our "identity", our traditions, or simply because they feel familiar and safer than the unknown.

We all have repressed selves we have chosen to hide, and even subconscious triggers that were passed down to us at birth from someone in our lineage. These are all things seemingly out of our control that we hold in our bodies at the cellular level and therefore our auric fields, affecting the way we think, believe, and act. With self-development work we have the power to erase and re-write these original imprints.

This is an ideal time to examine anything old, stale, stressful or unsupportive - both in your "3D" real life and your "5D" energy field. This includes subconscious resistances, repressed emotions and hidden shadows, toxic thoughts or relationship patterns, ancestral wounds, inner pain, past-life memories, or any limiting energetic cycles you picked up in childhood or in the conventions of society that are in the way of you living your best, happiest life. This type of self-awareness is very healing and balancing because it literally shifts the energy - taking the power back from things that have left you powerless.

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself with all of this; full reprogramming can take years or even lifetimes, so just focus on brining awareness and loosening grip. Remember to release all expectations about how this deep work should feel or look, or how long it should take.

"I release. anything that...

binds me in fear

burdens me in anxiety

buries my passions

boxes my creativity

blocks my voice or expression."

Rituals For Your Self & Spirit


Mindfulness allows us to gently see and let go of layers of psychological conditioning and projections. Consider what is holding you back or what have you outgrown. This can be everything from people, to be longings to situations to beliefs, ideas or thought patterns, and even certain fantasies we have for our lives. If you cling too tightly to anything then you restrict the Universe from properly acting in your favor. Repeat or journal the following affirmations for one week following the full moon

  • I release myself from ….

  • I cleanse myself of ….

  • I free myself of ….

  • I forgive ….

  • I let go of...

  • I will stop...


This is a time to let go of any negative energy you’re holding in your aura, in your heart towards others. What are the negative emotions you find difficult to deal with? What life situations keep you in your comfort zone? Whatever patterns and processes you are ready to part with - write the words individually on a bay leaf or small piece of paper and burn it, focusing on feeling of lightness and freedom. Examples include:

  • Insecurities & self-doubt

  • Criticism & rejection

  • Grievances & grudges

  • Depression & sadness

  • Guilt & shame

  • Grief & loss

  • Resentment & rage

  • Regret & remorse

  • Illusions and delusions

  • Anxiety & fear

  • Attachments & co-dependencies

  • Addiction & disease

  • Perfectionism & people-pleasing

  • Overworking & Busyness

  • Overanalysis & Overthinking

  • Comparison & competition

  • Avoidance & aversion

  • Judgement & apathy

  • Scarcity mindset & lack mentality


Consider if there are any tasks you've been avoiding, delaying or resisting and commit to overcoming the ego to complete them. For example, finally speaking to someone you've held a grudge with, Ask for help on a project you've been putting off, or take a healthy, reasonable risk that you've been too scared to try. Taking emotional and physical risks, letting your guard down is extremely therapeutic, and the ultimate sign of strength! Watch the obstacles in your path clear away just by saying 'yes' to more. Another way to receive spiritual closure and release limiting beliefs or past conditioning is by writing a letter to your inner child, or your ancestors. Be vulnerable and acknowledge their unmet needs with deep compassion and empathy..


Explore alternative/complementary healing such as Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly referred to EFT or Tapping or the Ramos technique. Find a practitioner in your area, or view the countless therapeutic sessions on Youtube - for free!


What toxic or dull habits have you been meaning to break? Think of new ways to revitalize your everyday routines, and even to reinvent your appearance or style. The full moon is a great time to purchase a new piece of jewelry or to get a haircut. This is also a time to practice spiritual fasting - spending a day to hydrate and nourish the body only with moon water, or just to eat extremely light.


Rejuvenate your spirit with a cleansing and detoxifying sacred shower Before stepping into the shower, take a dry brush across your whole body, visualizing wiping away any dust and debris in your aura. In the shower, continue to cleanse and exfoliate with body scrubs with salt, charcoal of or clay, imagining any low-vibe or doubt-filled self-talk or negative outside projections of yourself dripping off your body and flowing down the drain. If it happens to be raining on the full moon, then make sure to collect the rainwater to supplement your regular shower water.


Practice a 30 minute moon-gaze meditation - wearing white and staring deeply at the full moon. staying completely in the present, clearing the mind and letting stress and inflammation fall away. Be mindful and thankful of the present moment, exactly where you are today, all that you have, and all that you've become.


The full moon's intense Yang energy can be highly draining and overstimulating to some, especially high-sensitive empath and intuitive types. Remember to downshift so that you can preserve your own Chi. Ideas:

  • Yin / Restorative Yoga

  • Diffuse clarifying and purifying essential oils like eucalyptus or tea tree,

  • Free-form writing or "brain-dumping" in a journal

  • Scrying - divining images and intuitions from still water


Ecstatic dance, quaking, shaking, and auric combing are great ways to cleanse your energy field where the dust of your old ways, and the negative energy of others, can linger. Do a cardio workout that gets your heart-rate up, gets blood moving and encourages toxins leaving the body. The best examples of "sweat equity" include hot yoga, a sauna, a trail run or a series of 108 Sun salutations.


Consult the I-Ching for deeper wisdom you might be needing. This is also a great time to complete any cord-cuttings, banishing or protective spells.

Rituals For Your Space & Surroundings


Get in the habit of parting with unwanted, unused or undesirable clothing, housewares and more with a monthly re-sale purge, donation drop-off, or curbside giveaways. Go through those forgotten mementos in storage and if they don't bring you joy, then say thank you and goodbye. The STUFF of our "past lives/selves" carries stagnant or stuck energy that is not good for the future life/self you're wanting to manifest. Don't forget to remove dead or decaying parts of house plants or garden growth, and even your digital devices- photos, contacts, files and more.


Deep clean your home, with mindfulness - focusing on those dingy areas that are often overlooked, corners, carpets, drapes, drawers, cabinets and window sills. Complete a laundry load of delicates or items to be bleached. Dust the front entrance with a thin layer of sea salt and then sweep it away. Mop the floors with moon-charged water or 'holy' water such as rose water or florida water. Rinse your water-safe crystals then charge them beneath moon. Dump and refill your salt bowl or satchels. Don't forget to also clean out your car - an often overlooked space in our lives!


Wave a wand of selenite, incense or (ethically-sourced) sage or palo santo across your home, focusing on corners where stagnation accumulates. You can also do the same thing across your body, focusing on chakras that are depleted or weak, or areas where you carry your stress/tension. Open your doors or windows and physically and enthusiastically sweep and push the energy out over and over until you feel a release.


Say these powerful affirmations (or a version that resonates with you) three times, paired with the corresponding motion.

  • As you smudge your body with spray or sticks:

“I release any dense energy around me - anything that is less than love. I cleanse and remove all that keeps me weighted. I let go of all negative associations, memories, and emotions that no longer serve me. I send back energies that aren't mine, with gratitude. The energy around me flows with gentle grace. My energy is restored, and I feel renewed. I am anchored. I am present. I am light. I am clear.”

  • As you light three white candles:

“I remove all stagnant energy from the past. My home is clean and cleard, safe and protected. A fresh new energy may now enter, one that is light and free. I am happy here. Goodness fills every corner of my home, bringing abundance, prosperity, peace, and love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

The full Moon - the mandala of the sky.

Tom Robbins

Connecting Past with Future, Individual with Collective

Both the full moon and the new moon are ideal times to address your own personal fears and phobias, as well as those of the larger humanity - shadows which manifest as the heavy, oppressive aspects and injustices seen in systems of power, control and manipulation.

Use these powerful moon phases to consider your own shadows and your personal role in social justice - delving into the darkest parts of humanity - past hate and discrimination, racism, ableism and more so that you can be a part of a healthier and more hopeful future for all. Look deeper at your individual social conditioning- hidden prejudices and implicit biases, and the toxicities that have resulted from generations of capitalism and colonialism.

It's time to your power back from the patriarchy or other institutions seen in government, healthcare, education, media, agriculture, industry, or transportation or the environment. It's time to uproot tired traditions and let these old paradigms finally become a part of history.

Remember to both reflect (Yin) AND act (Yang). We can do this by living by example every day - embodying human dignity and holistic wellness, spirituality, creativity, autonomy, sustainability, equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion. What does this look like? Anti-racism and allyship, Intersectional environmentalism, Charitable Giving, Teaching, Rallying, Activism, Advocacy and Amplification,

"The moon is your old friend, when you understand it and know how to lean on it, it won’t let you down."

Anthony William

Universal Alignment & Unity

As humans we are just one small part of the whole of Nature. Moon rituals offer an unconventional way to explore the interconnectivity of life: within the natural world, and in our collective humanity. They also allow us to activate our innate personal power. with acts of intention that bless our spaces, benefit our lives, fuel our spirits and feed our hearts in ways that simply can't happen through other healing or cleansing modalities.

There are also endless opportunities to use the five elements of the earth in creating rituals and rhythms, systems and spells.

Did you know...

When the Sun aligns directly with a new moon it results in a Solar Eclipse (visible during the day), and when it aligns with the full moon it is a Lunar Eclipse (visible at night)?

Eclipses are about divine order and embracing the ultimate energy of Nature- complete surrender, adaptation and flow. It asks us to evaluate the Yin and Yang of our lives- the balance of masculine and feminine, giving and receiving. Eclipses represent the alignment with your true soul's direction so with these intensified emotions it is best to refrain from any rituals or spellwork.

Channeling lunar energy and aligning with cosmic flow is perhaps even more important than ever as humans are becoming more disconnected from Spirit & Source. The Moon reminds us that Nature is our ultimate spiritual and emotional support system - always there, always available and ready to meet our needs.

The moon is a powerful reminder that we can be beautiful no matter how much of ourselves we choose to bare. That we can be cherished even when we change-when we regress and when we grow. That each of our phases are worthy, but we are at our most remarkable (unforgettable) when we are full and wholly ourselves.”

Becca Lee


Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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