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The Ultimate Guide to Attracting & Manifesting Your Desires (Part II: Act, Believe, Receive)

Now that you've mastered the first three steps in the manifestation process (CLARIFY, ASK, and ALIGN), it's time to move to the second part, which is where the real work goes in and the real magic happens.

Synergetic Spaces - Manifestation Process


As discussed, the universe and you are team: co-creators and co-collaborators.

This step is the most aggressive and often challenging one of all. It is about being an active PARTICIPANT in the manifestation process. Putting it the work - visibly, tangibly and measureably. Without this essential outer work (an inspired vision, detailed planning AND focused, bold action) there is no guarantee that your dreams and desires will manifest into reality.

Before the universe can be expected to deliver on their end of the co-creation bargain, it wants to see that you're...

  • Willing to follow through on your end of the co-creation bargain.

  • Able to meet your goals halfway.

  • Capable of dreaming AND doing!

There is a cost to everything in life, even something as magical as manifestation. It is a universal law of nature that input equals output. Energy can't be created or destroyed, only transferred to a different form. So in order to create balance there must be a palpable movement or exchange of something of value (time, attention, etc)

Energetic shifts (and therefor major life changes) are a universal constant, but they needs to start from somewhere. There needs to be a spark to start the fire. Therefor you'll have to "go for it" in the physical realm.

It's imperative to be a mirror/reflection of whatever you want to receive, What needs to be given in order to justify an energy exchange?

In other words, we must GIVE in order to receive. And what you are able to give is not limited to tangible things like money time or resources. It's about sharing and spreading positive and uplifting energy, however you can.

It's time to up-level. Your manifestations demand a higher version of you and that starts with...


These are acts of giving, or giving up something, and they are an essential part of the manifestation process because they allow you to rise to your highest frequency.

Essentials for living:
Breathing In - creating for others
Breathing out - creating for Self

It is so easy to stay in the Yin/Feminine phase:

  • thinking

  • planning

  • pondering

  • visioning

  • fantasizing

Here we are often hoping and waiting for a quick fix or shortcut to come around.

But the universe doesn't waste it's time on half-hearted desires or half-assed attempts. You need to show that you're a teammate who is serious and committed for the long haul!

While spontaneous luck and effortless receiving and good fortune are possible for some, most of the time there are tangible, observable, and measurable steps that are needed to move the vibrational needle. It's imperative to also live equally in the Yang/masculine - the other half of the manifestation puzzle.

The masculine approach reminds us that we make our own luck and we write our own destiny. Successful manifestors generate their own good fortune because they are skilled at...

  • taking risks and chances when the right opportunities present themself

  • noticing potential new opportunities and making decisions from their intuition

  • having realistic expectations and a healthy, balanced perspective of the big picture

  • finding the silver lining in everything, even when things don't go as planned

  • embodying the energy of who or what they desire

  • acting in the assumption that there is always enough of everything, including time.

  • remembering that if it’s meant to be, it will!

  • trusting that things will always work out and fall into place

  • expanding their capacity for greatness and success

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity".



Embody LOVE sounds simple but its not always easy to put into play.Once we love ourselves to the fullest,

Things align. The universe GETS IT!

What does maximum self-love look like?

  • Not making excuses

  • Not settling for less

  • Not holding back your authentic self


The secret to manifesting is, YOU MUST LOVE BEING YOU. Do you love what you see in the mirror? The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation upon which your 3D reality is projected and built. Focus on and put everything you have into making your relationship with yourself the best it can possibly be - loving yourself, appreciating yourself


How are you here to serve? What is your purpose on this world outside of yourself? What can you offer the world, that perhaps no one else can? Aim to focus and master one thing at a time, as doing too much or spreading yourself thin generates frantic, desperate lack energy.

By creating, contributing, sharing your sacred gifts and talents with the world, emanating kindness, generosity and support for those around us, we elevate our energy to one of abundance and love.

You must share abundance in order to receive abundance - what resources do you have to give?

Practice giving your energy from pure heart- with no need for recognition or reciprocation!

  • Charitable donations

  • Acts of Kindness or service

  • Words of affirmation or gratitude to a stranger or loved one

  • Emotional Vulnerability

  • Professional Knowledge or Expertise

  • Friendship or Support

  • A unique personal talent or skills

  • Material items or gifts

  • Your time/thoughts/money

  • Creation of positive moments, memories, stories or experiences.


Forgive those who have wronged you. When you hold onto any anger and resentment, you hold onto negative vibrations which limit and lower your potential. To do this you could write a letter or use visualizations.