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The Ultimate Guide to Attracting & Manifesting Your Desires (Part II: Act, Believe, Receive)

Now that you've mastered the first three steps in the manifestation process (CLARIFY, ASK, and ALIGN), it's time to move to the second part, which is where the real work goes in and the real magic happens.

"If you want something you've never had, you must (be willing to) do something you've never done."

Thomas Jefferson


As discussed, the universe and you are team: co-creators and co-collaborators.

This step is the most aggressive and often challenging one of all. It is about being an active PARTICIPANT in the manifestation process. Putting it the work - visibly, tangibly and measureably. Without this essential outer work (an inspired vision, detailed planning AND focused, bold action) there is no guarantee that your dreams and desires will manifest into reality.

Before the universe can be expected to deliver on their end of the co-creation bargain, it wants to see that you're...

  • Willing to follow through on your end of the co-creation bargain.

  • Able to meet your goals halfway.

  • Capable of dreaming AND doing!

There is a cost to everything in life, even something as magical as manifestation. It is a universal law of nature that input equals output. Energy can't be created or destroyed, only transferred to a different form. So in order to create balance there must be a palpable movement or exchange of something of value (time, attention, etc)

Energetic shifts (and therefor major life changes) are a universal constant, but they needs to start from somewhere. There needs to be a spark to start the fire. Therefor you'll have to "go for it" in the physical realm.

It's imperative to be a mirror/reflection of whatever you want to receive, What needs to be given in order to justify an energy exchange?

In other words, we must GIVE in order to receive. And what you are able to give is not limited to tangible things like money time or resources. It's about sharing and spreading positive and uplifting energy, however you can.

It's time to up-level. Your manifestations demand a higher version of you and that starts with...


These are acts of giving, or giving up something, and they are an essential part of the manifestation process because they allow you to rise to your highest frequency.

Essentials for living:

Breathing In - creating for others

Breathing out - creating for Self

It is so easy to stay in the Yin/Feminine phase:

  • thinking

  • planning

  • pondering

  • visioning

  • fantasizing

Here we are often hoping and waiting for a quick fix or shortcut to come around.

But the universe doesn't waste it's time on half-hearted desires or half-assed attempts. You need to show that you're a teammate who is serious and committed for the long haul!

While spontaneous luck and effortless receiving and good fortune are possible for some, most of the time there are tangible, observable, and measurable steps that are needed to move the vibrational needle. It's imperative to also live equally in the Yang/masculine - the other half of the manifestation puzzle.

The masculine approach reminds us that we make our own luck and we write our own destiny. Successful manifestors generate their own good fortune because they are skilled at...

  • taking risks and chances when the right opportunities present themself

  • noticing potential new opportunities and making decisions from their intuition

  • having realistic expectations and a healthy, balanced perspective of the big picture

  • finding the silver lining in everything, even when things don't go as planned

  • embodying the energy of who or what they desire

  • acting in the assumption that there is always enough of everything, including time.

  • remembering that if it’s meant to be, it will!

  • trusting that things will always work out and fall into place

  • expanding their capacity for greatness and success

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity".



Embody LOVE sounds simple but its not always easy to put into play.Once we love ourselves to the fullest,

Things align. The universe GETS IT!

What does maximum self-love look like?

  • Not making excuses

  • Not settling for less

  • Not holding back your authentic self


The secret to manifesting is, YOU MUST LOVE BEING YOU. Do you love what you see in the mirror? The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation upon which your 3D reality is projected and built. Focus on and put everything you have into making your relationship with yourself the best it can possibly be - loving yourself, appreciating yourself.

"When you vibrate at the low frequency you look for the path. When you vibrate at the high frequency, the path looks for you"


How are you here to serve? What is your purpose on this world outside of yourself? What can you offer the world, that perhaps no one else can? Aim to focus and master one thing at a time, as doing too much or spreading yourself thin generates frantic, desperate lack energy.

By creating, contributing, sharing your sacred gifts and talents with the world, emanating kindness, generosity and support for those around us, we elevate our energy to one of abundance and love.

You must share abundance in order to receive abundance - what resources or gifts do you have to give?

Practice giving your energy from pure heart- with no need for recognition or reciprocation!

  • Charitable donations

  • Acts of Kindness or service

  • Words of affirmation or gratitude to a stranger or loved one

  • Emotional Vulnerability

  • Professional Knowledge or Expertise

  • Friendship or Support

  • A unique personal talent or skills

  • Material items or gifts

  • Your time/thoughts/money

  • Creation of positive moments, memories, stories or experiences.

How can you SERVE and contribute to the greater good? That is your key to manifestation!

If you want to manifest faster, take your attention away from yourself by asking, "what does the Universe or Gaia want?" If you let go of yourself this puts you in the realm of your True Self, Higher Self, where there is infinite flow, creative, love, support, resources, possibility and potential. Listen for the answer and do what comes next.


Forgive those who have wronged you. When you hold onto any anger and resentment, you hold onto negative vibrations which limit and lower your potential. To do this you could write a letter or use visualizations.


Repeating positive, uplifting affirmations, especially to the chakras that are weakest. When you hear the same thing enough times — while feeling the emotion associated with it — you convince your mind that it’s real. And because your mind can’t be in a state of cognitive dissonance, it will do everything it can in order to make that happen in reality.


Follow your inner compass of joy and what brings you health, happiness and pleasure. Take care of your body through movement and nutrition. Take care of your mind through rest - and play! It's so important to feel satisfied and grateful for your life, radiating with positive energy, even if your goal hasn't manifested yet. So smile, laugh and have FUN!


Your intuition is your most powerful asset, so that you are in constant communication with your future self, as well as your spirit team, angels and ancestors who all hold guidance, wisdom for your journey. Keep asking them for signs, solutions support for clues to the next step, help from and your path will be illuminated.


Yes, we live in a spiritual world, but we also live in a 3D world where strategy, communication and responsibility are real. Therefore, developing your personal and professional skills consistently and applying the correct skills is also a key factor.


You absorb energy frequencies from others. Surround yourself with the right people, who will literally energetically raise you up. Simplify your social network to those who

  • EQUAL your current status/identity - reminding you of your reality

  • Rockets - ADD to your status/identity/worth - expanding or radiating your potential

  • Anchors- SUBTRACT or your ego - grounding you to reality


Create or manifest a harmonious living and working space where you feel completely at ease and comfortable. Loving your surroundings is essential to energy alignment. THIS is the foundation of feng shui! Oftentimes this involves decluttering your physical environment with any reminders of a past life or phase that you are ready to leave behind. Make room for your new persona of success! Another strategy for manifestation is to create different energetic pathways by moving 27 things in your home. This can almost immediately release stagnation and shift the movement of Chi in your space, and your life.

"Exterior movement creates interior shifts.”

Laurie Pawli


Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people - loved ones, masterminds, mentors and whoever else is in support of you and your wildest dreams. This not only creates a level of accountability, but it also amplifies the energy and intent. Be extremely selective wary of who you tell your intentions to, as bringing in "outside energy" can cause a frequency shift, leading to doubt or abandoned pathways. It's ok to keep your intentions secret and sacred until they materialize.


Your reality is a reflection of YOU and your energy and your choices. Stop blaming the universe, the stars, the planets, your luck. Stop bypassing and look in the mirror. Are you staying in your comfort zone? Are you always playing it safe? Then you'll keep getting the same results.


Love and accept yourself- physically, mentally and emotionally- exactly as you are in the present!, without the urge to fix or change. Accept all of your flaws and shortcomings with compassion and curiosity. Some parts of you may evolve, and others are here to stay. All are worthy of love and abundance. Compliment yourself (including your inner child) genuinely and lovingly.

"Your manifestations aren't happening because of your dreams & desires. They're happening because of your ability to feel worthy and whole."


The universe is always saying Yes to you, but YOU might be subconsciously saying No.

You are what blocks your manifestations from coming into your reality. But thankfully you're always being shown what's standing in the way. Thoughts, beliefs, emotions...all of it, even the ones you choose to ignore, are SIGNS being given.

Our blocks, doubts, triggers show up in little ways at first. And eventually, those little things turn into big things. Because you're not paying attention to the signs the universe is giving you.

Yes, you have to take aligned action. Part of that aligned action is clearing out what is standing in your way , believing anything is possible even while in the crappiest of situations.


Rather than looking at sacrifice as a negative or loss, see it as coming from a place of Love - rooted in the purest form of self-care and compassion. This bold action will show the universe just how far you're willing to go for your longterm happiness and growth.

It's imperative to make space in your life, and your self, so that the new energy can come in. Get ready to completely let go of anything that doesn't support you being/ becoming your Highest Self! This is your much-needed vibrational DETOX so that you can rise to your fullest potential:

The happiest, healthiest, wealthiest, wisest, freest, safest, strongest

most beautiful and most powerful version of you!

With this process of "death" or falling away it's important to make space for grief and mourning the loss of the old and familiar you. You are letting go and saying goodbye to your current identity to make room for your desired reality. Compassion, gentleness and self-love are so important!

Below are just some ideas of things to let go of today. Look through the list and notice how your body reacts when you think of unlearning or avoiding some of these things. There is where the magic is.


As you take action towards your manifestations remember to do it for the experience and growth of it, not for the outcome. If you only focus on the end result then you are attempting to exert too much control and embodying the masculine


Once you're on the right path, you're going to become more magnetic. But it's important to remember that not everything that calls your attention is meant for you. To protect your energy from this magnetism your boundaries must be strong!

Saying "NO" is one of the most important actions we can take in the manifestation process. It's just as valuable as saying Yes! It's about being discretionary and selective with your energy, and of course- persevering towards your goals.

Saying no is a complete declaration of your sense of worthiness/deservingness. Imagine the empowerment of refusing any opportunity, item or people that you didn't ask for, that are not in complete alignment or that doesn't serve your highest good. Imagine having such an abundance of choices that you never have to settle for anything less than wonderful, anything less than your worth..

If you find yourself negotiating with a lot of complicated Maybe's, wishy-washy What If's, And questionable So-So's - you are being tested to see how strong and fierce your intuition is, how calibrated your heart-compass is. These opportunities are there to fail and learn from - again, for the purpose of reaching your highest self.

If you want an extraordinary life, you will need to raise your standards on ALL levels and be selective AF!!

Be exceptionally picky with...

  • who has access to your time and energy

  • how you desire to receive energy - love, money, business, support

  • the thoughts and stories you allow into your mind

  • the information you consume

  • who and what you respond to

  • what you nourish your body with

  • who you share your thoughts, feelings, beliefs with

  • the conversations you engage in.

Unless it lights you up, supports, activates or helps you be MORE of who you are, it should not

take up any space in your life.

"What you're receiving and what you're offering are the same. They are vibrationally equivalent."

Abraham Hicks


Everything you desire is already on its way to you. The question is… ⁣Are you completely open to receive it? ⁣⁣⁣⁣You may think you are, but your energy field and subconscious are not.

There are no bigger limits than the ones we create in our own minds. And the majority of these limits are illusions that fade once you simply decide to do what you love and what lights you up.

The insecurities. of When and How will fall into place once you have clarified your What- your purpose.

If you want to become a quantum creator then you will need to embrace holistic self-healing - the daily practice/process of becoming your truest, highest self. And to get there you'll first need to "clear your crap", which is all of the energetic clutter, attachments, restrictions, noise, baggage and weight which holds us back from welcoming new changes in our lives.

So much of those limitations stem from our unconscious, so we are completely unaware of them until we deliberately bring them into our conscious awareness. Until we bring our shadows into the light we will keep attracting the situations that keep us more comfortable (ie stagnant and stuck).

We attract what we unconsciously desire.

There is a powerful meditation technique called the Sedona method which can help you achieve your goals through the energy of detachment and security.

  1. Quiet your mind and concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes

  2. Bring the incident or person to mind that you want to forgive.

  3. Gently put your attention onto the story, or the person -observing from a distance

  4. Notice where the feeling is located and how it feels. in the body as sensations

  5. Then ask the following series of questions:

    • Could I let this feeling go? Why?

    • Will I?

    • When?

    • Why?

These questions on repeat are designed to help you identify and remove the subconscious blocks and resistant energies that keep you holding onto your emotional pain.

If you are doing the technique for the first time, your answers may be "No.", and that is okay, just stay with it.

And eventually the answer will be ready to release NOW!

You will come to a point when you are ready to let the feeling go -- and you do. When that happens you simply won't be able to access the feeling

Another meditation technique: Visualize your spirit-self separate from your physical body. Your body opens up so that your spirit body can clean it and clear it. Literally picture vacuuming scrubbing and sweeping away all of the cobwebs, dust and debris from your past!

What are you ready to let go of in order to birth a shiny, new version of yourself? What is no longer serving you?

  • Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices and Habits

  • Limited Thinking & Beliefs

  • Outgrown People/Relationships

  • Old Opportunities/Contracts

  • Painful Past Experiences & Stories and


Inspired Action is ALIGNED Action. It is a perfect blend of both the feminine and masculine!

  • Yin: Noticing divine signs, Listening to intuitive nudges, feels like play, backed by heart, safety

  • Yang: Strong drive and motivation. feels like work, backed by passion, risk

Together this creates a FLOW that is nearly unstoppable. You will begin to manifest easily, efficiently, effortlessly and automatically.

"You lack nothing. Use what I gave you"
Sincerely, The Universe


Take the time to write your action plan by putting together a list of larger goals that you want to accomplish, either personally or professionally. Then make a list of action steps that need to be taken along the way to reaching that goal!

What small or simple steps you can make towards your goal each day? Making an intentional effort, a measurable action, every day can lead to HUGE energy shifts and breakthroughs!

Put the lists in a prominent place or add the steps to your calendar/schedule so that you can actually begin to start checking off those boxes.


A big misconception is that you need to be motivated and feeling confident to get started, but in actuality, motivationfollows effort. So feel good simply by starting something, anything - right now!

When we listen to our heart-voice and receive instructions or "downloads" from Source or Spirit, we shouldn't ignore them. We should act immediately.

You may think there is not enough time to pursue your purpose while also fulfill other responsibilities. But there is, because time is an illusion. You may think that your desire requires that you must work hard, struggle or suffer, but that is also a limiting belief.

Stop the scarcity mindset and the "analysis paralysis" and just dive in!

A DREAM written down becomes a GOAL. A goal with a date becomes a PLAN. A plan backed by ACTION becomes REALITY.


We carry all of the energetic imprints labels and roles from our past lives. We hold every memory in our aura and the self believes it has to repeat it until it's gone. This is the root of where subconscious beliefs come from. To accelerate your process work on cleaning up any disempowering labels, accusations, and failures from other timelines. Examples include witch, damsel in distress, widow, mistress, orphan, peasant, criminal, infant. Release the energy from these old wounds, and be liberated with a blank slate. Your full potential awaits!


At the end of the day, your life is a reflection of the little daily choices and big decisions you make. These choices and decisions can ether be safe and small, or challenging and expanding. Again- You get what you give!

It's true- breaking out of your comfort zone takes courage and practice. Taking on new risks and challenges can feel scary or unfamiliar, at first - but once you do them you will begin to see their impact, feel proud and empowered in yourself, and gain even more forward momentum and consistency.

Overwhelm causes stagnation and frustration. So focus on those small, achievable baby steps and watch your world change!

Are you willing to take massive responsibility for your shadows, your wounds and healing? Are you willing. to stay committed to your longterm goals even when you feel scared or small?

If so, then Ask Yourself...

  • What old versions of myself can I retire?

  • What physical, mental or emotional conditions need to be present before my desire manifests?

  • What am I willing to purge or give up, in exchange for my dreams?

  • What do I need to do in order to feel completely safe to receive?

  • What resistances - either of my own, or from outside "spectators" - am I holding on to?

  • What could go wrong once I am living in my ultimate abundance?

  • What is preventing me from either giving more of myself to the world?

  • What are the downsides of reaching or achieving my goals?

  • What areas of my life am I suffering, stagnant, settling, scared or playing small?

  • What is occupying my power instead of giving me power?

  • What are the barriers to my success, real or perceived?

  • What can you let go, purge or release in return for your desires?

"Your discomfort is where your work is."

John Assaref

Release the unhelpful, unproductive, limiting thought patterns and everything will change! Write out all of your blocks about money, love, or whatever else you're struggling with.. Rip the paper in half and burn or tear up the negative side. Do this daily until you feel lighter and free!

Feel the Fear and Do it anyway.

Susan Jeffers


Trust your Inner Knowing. This can either be in the form of "intuition/gut" or from a more external voice such as your spirit guides, angels and ancestors.

If you are listening, following, and trusting your intuition, then you are aligned with Source and guaranteed to succeed. Your action may be completely unrelated to your goal. It could be about creating or releasing something completely separate - but which will still impact your energy field greatly.




















Many people falsely assume that you must initiate or exert effort in order to manifest. In reality, simply FOCUSING intently, maintaining presence is a form of action.

1) Focus on the greatest things in your life, so that they become your dominant thoughts. Eventually the other things that are less than great improve.

2) Focus on your vortex, the alternate universe/state of being where you exist only in complete

  • alignment,

  • abundance

  • appreciation

  • flow, ease,

  • enthusiasm

  • inspiration

  • passion

  • joy

Here your desires are already come true.

3) Create a focus wheel. In a circle write your 1 desire, and then outside of it, 12 statements/affirmations that you feel certain and confident in to support that desire. This is perfect for uncovering blocks or identifying and narrowing your true desire, You can create a wheel for multiple different things to manifest. It's also ideal for times when you realize that your current vibration is not aligning, when you are aware that you are feeling negative emotion about something and need to shift into a better space of relief.


Grant me the serenity to Accept the things I cannot change and the Courage to change the things I can.

Reinhold Niebuhr


Knowing is more concrete than belief. Belief can be subjective, personal and "open to interpretation". Belief is a choice whereas knowing is an experience. Full-body knowing is a certainty within. It means that you have proof of having it, which you should have if you've been visualizing and embodying correctly. If your “knowing” is positive then you will get more positive events, more positive thoughts, more positive beliefs, more positive evidence, and a stronger positive belief system. It is a perpetual cycle that just continues.

Remember, everything you desire is because the future version of you, the one in the Vibrational Vortex/ Quantum Field, already has it. Manifesting is just bringing it from your 5D quantum reality into the 3D tangible perception.

"When you drop your desire in consciousness as a seed, confident that it shall appear in its full-blown potential, you have done all that is expected of you. To be worried or concerned about the manner of their unfoldment is to hold these fertile seeds in a mental grasp and, therefore, to prevent them from really maturing to full harvest.”

Neville Goddard


Certainty is the assurance of knowing, without a doubt that your desires are on their way to you. Certainty ensure that all of your energy - your thoughts, feelings and actions are all in alignment towards your goal. There are no questions or doubts, no conflicted or contradicted energy - just full and complete trust.

Practice feeling the experience/vibration of certainty. Think and recite everything that is true for you -positive, negative, and neutral!

  • your name, birthplace etc

  • your likes vs dislikes

  • the sun will rise tomorrow

  • your breath continues in your sleep

Once you feel comfortable and familiar with this feeling of certainty in your body, focus on the positive, feel good statements - what you enjoy, what you already have, what you want more of. Over time your baseline energy will reprogram from is frequency of insecure to secure. With this shift you can begin to tap into that same confidence vibration with your affirmations and the things you desire, speaking them as truth.

"You can't talk yourself out of doubt. You can only talk yourself into believing."

Abraham Hicks


To WANT something is to desire it with the implication that you don't have it already, which will only perpetuate your reality of lack. Shift your language to the present I AM... I HAVE... I FEEL in order to affirm that what you desire is already yours in another dimension, and perhaps just hasn't shown up in your physical realm yet.

"You have mastered the art of manifestating when you believe what you don't see MORE than you believe what you do see."

Kully Sehdev


Visualize your future self without any doubts or fears, only pure joy and excitement. Imagine your heart and mind literally opening like a lotus flower, releasing any old energies of what you "cant" do, and letting in, receiving all of the bright light energies for the future. Focus on what you desire (the feeling, not the tangible outcome), especially in the state of consciousness just before you fall asleep.

Whole-heartedly believe that you're worthy of receiving greatness and deserving of your desires! Through inner child and shadow work you can re-write the limiting stories or toxic patterning from your past. You can cultivate thought awareness with the inner critic inside of your head - that nagging voice of judgment and self-sabotage, that primitive ego-brain that is trying to keep you safe, secure and staying in the status quo. So, quiet the critic. Decide you will be successful, imagine it has happened, and you have created your new truth, your new reality!

No matter how aligned you are, some work and effort will still be needed. Embrace the energy of Completion and Success "No Matter What". That is dedication! That. is commitment. That is patience And it comes with power, NOT pressure, force or attachment. It is the unwavering belief that all will work out for you.

As a sacred, spiritual Being with infinite potential within you and a part of Universal consciousness which carries every possibility of life across space, time, and dimensions. Begin to feel that wholeness, that completeness of the Universe within you. There is nothing outside of you. Everything is within. When you feel that you are complete and perfect, the Universe responds to this loving vibration and brings you opportunities of abundance and synchronicity.

Neville Goddard


There is limitless potential for what can happen, and our earth-minds are only capable of seeing a narrow view of these possibilities. Our minds have a way of making assumptions or predictions based on limited info which can keep us stagnant or out of alignment. Adopt a broad-scope, endlessly creative abundance thinking- trusting in your own power and a higher power, not in what others say/do or what has been observed in the past. There are endless and unimaginable ways to manifest, everything from...

  • The generosity of others (gifts, favors, etc)

  • Transactions/compensations (exchanging resources, time or skills)

  • Spontaneous, unexpected luck (winning a prize, being undercharged)

  • or the best of all- through the unexplained mysteries from the universe- rewards for which there is no logical explanation!

Listen to the wisdom of your body and intuition to know the path forward!

The universe exists within you, every possible outcome and desire is within you. The only way to project it and live it in your 3D world is to become it by using your own wonderful human imagination.

"Think about your desire until it feels good. Think about it until it feels familiar. Think about it until it feels like the most normal thing in the world to you. And when you and your new desire are in alignment - then the manifestation occurs."



Most people believe Reality to be whatever they experience externally - what they see, hear, smell, taste or feel outside of them. But this is not our actual reality. It's simply the energetic feedback, a mirror of your inner world.

Chances are you also believe that you're going to wake up tomorrow with the same life circumstances and as today. But that is only your projected reality based on your current thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It is your consciousness objectified.

So make the world as you've known it thus far fade away. Stop taking cues from your external world. Take it all with a grain of salt. Witness and accept your situation - especially any struggles, obstacles and shortcomings but don't act on them. Dont waste energy in trying to overcome them. Because at the end of the day they're just an illusion.

Your actual reality is the one within you. And you have full control over what it looks like. So step inside and create a world where everything is negotiable- where you decide who you are, how everyone responds to you, and all of your successes and opportunities. Surround your inner self with every single one of your desires, and eventually they will begin to show up in your 3d world.

Whatever money, love or success you are experiencing in your life is simply Energy that you've allowed to manifest in that form. So the more you start shifting your attitude, the more you will amplify your frequency to change what you attract.

Delusional optimism can help you level up so far that you’ll be in the stratosphere, on a new timeline and dimension where you are healthy, happy, fulfilled, fit, wealthy, successful, passionate & empowered.

This all a holographic experience. None of it is real...Every single thing that you are experiencing is an illusion. It's an absolute truth of creation that everything we're experiencing is simply Energy.

Erin Lyons

Your inner world is the real world, it is the truth. And the truth will set you free. Live, breath, think, love in this place of unlimited freedom and power and in time then your inner and outer reality will match up and align to the new vibration.

Committing to this way of thinking is a decision, a choice, a practice. But it is one of the surest paths to manifestation.

"Your life happens through you, not to you"


The word ‘Surrender’ carries two meanings. The more negative one involves Accepting Defeat - giving up, losing hope. But it's more positive connotation simply involves trust. After setting a firm intention, the next step is to surrender the responsibility of the outcome to the Universe. YOu are not clinging to an attachment or expectation. You are placing your trust in the Universe, that whatever is right for you, the Universe will bring it to you.

Unfortunately it's fairly common to not really know what we want. We may be in a stage of life where we are still learning about ourselves and changing our minds a lot.. What we want or need today, we might not later consciousness will evolve to a higher level. So to ensure the best outcome is manifested, we must place trust in the Universe by surrendering the control of how, in what form and when should that Manifestation occur.

Once you replace "why is this happening to me?" with "what is this trying to teach me?" everything shifts.

"When something really matters to you, let it go! say to the universe: ‘You know what I want. Give it to me in the path of least resistance. Give it to me the easiest way possible. Give it to me in any way I can get it.'"

Abraham Hicks


Part of knowing your manifesting is acting in the assumption that you already have what you want. There is a feeling of EXPECTATION - that "of course" or "obviously" this is how it'll be. This also serves as a way to experience the energy of "the next best thing" of whatever you are manifesting, or even better- the end result. Imagine, and even physically DO some of the things you'd plan to do after your wish is achieved.

Some examples of showing the universe that you mean business as a co-creator! If you want to manifest a...

  • Vacation/Travel- purchase a new suitcase, renew your passport, be a tourist in your hometown

  • Owning a farm - buy or plant seeds, network at the local farmers market

  • Home - pick out your favorite paints and fabrics, declutter your existing home

  • Clients or business- increase your rates, update your marketing materials, hire a business coach

  • Job - buy professional attire, update your resume or online profiles

  • High ticket item - buy a smaller replica of it, imagine holding and using the real thing, make space in your home for where it will sit

  • Relationship - love and respect yourself and the friends, family, neighbors and strangers around you

  • Higher income - apply for jobs you don't think you're qualified for, extend/offer your talents and skills

  • Bigger bank account - pay your bills quickly and eagerly, donate money, tip extra

  • Hobbies - buy the shoes, the gear, or other equipment needed

  • Skill - read a book on the subject, or sign up for a course or training

  • Friendship - attend social events and gatherings where like-minded people go

  • Weightloss - an item of clothing in desired size

The reason why it’s taking so long to manifest for you is because right now you aren’t a match for it… that may be really hard to hear and it might trigger you…

If you continue waiting until you see some sort of proof before you “feel” like is the very energy preventing it from appearing in your reality. We need to allow ourselves to be THE ENERGETIC MATCH to the desired outcome: The version of you that already has the desired thing carries themselves a little differently. So become the identity of that person through small aligned actions and shifts.

You can even NAMe this persona of yours. Who is the altar ego of your wealthiest, healthiest, happiest sexiest self? Aim to embody and become them across your day - how would they act? what would they do?

"Always do everything in the present, as though you had it. Always go to the end, as though you had it. The end is where I start from. The minute you say, "Yes, but..." then you don't believe it. You say, you need the money now" Well, I say, Assume that you have it now. Walk through the door just as though you had it. You might stumble on it out there. Live in the assumption of the wish fulfilled. Live in it as though it were true."

Neville Goddard


Access the side of you who’s already achieved your desire. Imagine that achieving this goal feels completely normal and natural -and then the vibration of that. What would my relationship to life be? Who am I in that reality? What decisions do you make for your time, your money, your lifestyle, etc. Feel it in your body and carry that throughout the day. Your decisions and actions NOW, must come from the place of already achieving it. They can not come from fear and lack, or any mistrust or doubt.

"Go beyond needing and wanting. Go beyond lack and limitation. Go beyond hope and faith into absolute knowing. The powerhouse of all creation is your absolute knowing."

Sara Landon


The energy of what you're looking for is around you in so many different forms, both unexpected and expected, planned and unplanet. Our attachment to planned and expected forms (individuals, events, actions, particular details of material reality) can hinder us from manifesting because whether we notice or not, our desires are being granted in ways we never would have thought of. When we don’t see it coming back in the form we expect or planned for, we feel powerless and scarce.

If we want to keep the ball rolling on our manifestations, we must release our attachment to form of things, the how and what. When these particulars become irrelevant we begin to recognize the energies we desire for what they are: Feelings. The way things are experienced, rather than the way things appear.

And bit by bit, life begins to look different. Forms and Appearances matter less. Energies and Experiences matter more. What we put out energetically with our being matters more.

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

Albert Einstein



Your dreams are becoming reality every day, slowly but surely. But sometimes they can happen seemingly overnight- also known as a "quantum leap". As you await manifestation, its important pay attention to the subtle signs that the universe provides to let you know you are on the right path towards your dreams and desires.

Cherish these lucky cosmic "flirtations" , connectors, and orchestrations because they mean you're in complete alignment with the highest good. Continue to exist patiently, and soon what is meant to be yours will be! Enjoy the process and journey, and you can see visible growth and progress and energy shifts to powerfully move you towards your goal. And if for some reason it's not the right direction, there will be indications from the universe to tell you that too.

"The Wait isn't punishment. The Wait is preparation."

Having greater awareness that your desires are unfolding, offers the opportunity to deliberately choose to continue to build the vibrational momentum. Look out for meaningful phenomena, synchronicities, serendipities, symbols and sacred messages to appear from Source. When you notice any of the following, put your antennae up so that you can continue to attract similar frequencies.

  • Acquiring unexpected money or gifts (finding coins, getting raises, surprise discounts)

  • People complementing your radiance or attitude

  • Restful sleep and vivid dreaming

  • Disrupted sleep and insomnia during the "witching hours" (2-4am)

  • Feeling new excitement and energy activation and improved emotions

  • Seeing synchronized or repeating numbers (11:11, 333, angel numbers, sequences etc)

  • Meeting a special new friend, mentor or helper

  • Recurring themes, songs, situations, casual references or mentions in pairs

  • Effortless flow of ideas or inspiration

  • Seeing animal totems or repeated signs of wildlife (sightings, footprints, feathers, etc)

  • Finding a previously lost item

  • Running into a long lost friend or acquaintance

  • Magical shifts in weather- rainbows, cloud formations, etc

  • Seeing someone else who has what you want

"Synchronicities are the wisdom of a thousand lifetimes waiting for lifetimes integintegrationration"

J. Mike Fields


If something isn't manifesting it's NOT because 1. You can't manifest that thing, 2. You're doing something wrong or 3. You need to 'work harder' at manifesting...

The speed at which you manifest is usually a series of subtle tests, clues and messages in their own right. Remember, everything manifests in PERFECT DIVINE TIMING, and not a moment sooner. Here's what divine timing can mean!

  • NOW: Your desires are in complete alignment with the highest good and higher self. The universe says Congrats and You're welcome!

  • NOT YET: Your desires require more to shift away first. The universe is asking for you to be patient as your go deeper into self-discovery and to continue releasing, rewiring, and reconditioning.It's not the right time - something else needs to happen first.

  • NOT THAT. Your desires are not in complete alignment with the highest good or higher self. The universe is asking you to Be open and flexible. It's meant to happen for you in a different way and that way is better than what you're trying to manifest. It could be that what you think you want actually isn't what YOU desire, it's what your ego desires (e.g. either to escape fear or lack, or to achieve status/recognition - not a truly aligned desire that would genuinely bring you joy, freedom etc.),

  • NOT THAT...YET. Your desires require a more experienced, wiser version of you, or a different level, stage or chapter. The universe is asking you to take action or "settle" for smaller mini-manifestations first before delivering the big quantum leap down the road. It could be that you're putting the desire on a pedestal and making it mean something about you or your worth, or that you're manifesting from a place of *need* and needing it to be within a certain time frame, rather than desire and placing no importance on the 'when' - trusting that regardless of when, it WILL).

Remember, Delay is not Denial. This because the Universe doesn’t work on human timelines. It works on energetic alignment., ie your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Of course it feels frustrating, sad and uncomfortable when things don’t go the way you wanted them to do on your timeline.

But the truth is the Universe is always saying YES to you. It is always conspiring for you. It just moves at its own pace.

You always get what you desire but you have to release the attachment to TIME because clocks and calendars simply don't apply in the quantum realm

So if your manifestation hasn’t happened YET, check in with your energy across your heart, mind, body, spirit, subconscious - are they all energetically aligned in the exact same direction and focus?

When you ask the Universe for something, one of two things will happen. Either you will get it immediately because you are a match to it, or you will be shown where you are not a match so that you can work on becoming one. And you will do this not by adding what is new, but through the removal of what is old. We must let go of old beliefs and wiring, past versions of our self. We must release to rise.

So if you are not yet receiving what you are asking for, start exploring the aspects of yourself that are not a vibrational match to the dream. Start asking questions such as “who would I need to be for this to happen?” or “what is in the way of me calling this in?”

Once you identify what’s NOT a match, you can begin the work to release it. You can untether from the fears, insecurities, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

But make no mistake, it’s work! It may not look like the type of work you thought you needed to do, but it’s still going to require ACTION on your part. That’s your part to play in this co-creation process.

Ask the right questions and Take aligned action.

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.”

Julia Cameron


Whatever shows up after you have set a manifestation in motion is simply FEEDBACK, a response to the energy of your intention.

Don't take it personally when things don't go your way. That is simply Spirit protecting or guiding you in some way.

When manifestations come through that don’t have everything on your list, it’s a chance to take a step back and ask yourself if the qualities it’s missing are musts/non-negotiables, or perhaps they came from ego and don’t actually matter. If you feel you’re sacrificing a core want, then this is a test to see if you can "stay the course."

Secondly, do you have conditions on when and or how what you want shows up in your life? If so, it's time to release the need for control.

Trust that the universe has your back and will not let you fall, no matter what.

Trust in the co-creation process, trust in divine timing, trust in the higher order. atplay trust in your own instincts, trust in unknown, and the uncomfortable

Trust that what is meant to be will be, and that what is truly meant for you will never pass you by.

The upside is that when we truly trust that things are going to work out for us, we become less avoidant or afraid of the possibility of failure, disapproval or discomfort and can more easily take risks. Resistance falls away. We are made free.

Everyone manifests differently, and there is no "wrong way". It's best to try different things until you find what works for YOU. This takes time, patience and practice. Practice sitting in the unknown without any expectations. This will allow more FLOW.

"If something you want is slow to come to you, it can only be for one reason: You are spending more time focused upon its absence than its presence."

Abraham Hicks


Radical acceptance is necessary for manifestation. Uncertainty is a guarantee. At the end of the day we must ride the unknowns of our reality - the unpredictable wave of life, releasing what we can't control , and trust that solutions will come when fate allows.

Oftentimes when "life doesn't go as planned" (i.e when the divine plan does not align with our own) it is because the universe is doing you a favor or giving you a gift in some way. That can be a tough pill to swallow at first. You will usually not be able to see the silver lining of wisdom there until you gain the perspective over time and distance. More often than not, we are always exactly where we need to be in order to learn a valuable lesson for our ascension path.

When we set our intentions and start to embark on our journey it's not uncommon for the Universe to "test" our resolve and commitment by sending a curveball or detour our way. When the going gets tough, the easy thing to do is pull back into our comfort zone, or walk away.

But if our desire is truly soul-aligned then encountering challenges or obstacles is actually a positive thing. It not only builds resilience, but also serves as an invitation to go inward to:

  • Acknowledge, confront and work through more energetic blocks,

  • Reflect on what you have vs what you want and releasing attachments.

  • Expand your efforts, to keep learning. and mastering your gifts, to act even more boldy.

The Universe’s only goal is for us to grow into the most whole, worthy, authentic version of ourselves. Therefore, everything and everyone that comes into your life is a mirror – an invitation to integrate, expand, grow or heal a wound or release a block.

Once you’ve cast your list (Step 1 and 2 of the Manifestation process), you've signaled to the Universe that you are ready to receive any tests you need to pass in order to show that your subconscious is in alignment with the manifestations you're calling in. This shows you trust the Universe implicitly to supply you with what you've asked for. These tests come your way to demonstrate to the Universe that you've learned from the lessons of your past low self-worth (through relationships, jobs, bosses, opportunities, etc)

The universe may send test after test for you to overcome. You'll know its a test if...

  • you're being ask to compromise on a boundary your recently set for yourself

  • you feel shame or embarrassment

  • you feel like you're settling or staying small

Dear universe, I am making the most of my life right now. I trust that everything is working out for me, even when I feel confused, stagnant or frustrated.

With each test you successfully pass (denying anything not on your list), you’re raising your self-worth and thus your magnetism, which leads you to connect with the manifestations you’re calling in. There will be no settling anymore.

You may them pass all these tests- showing that you prioritize your heart's desires. You may feel that you're building momentum but then suddenly hit a period of stillness. We can interpret this wall, or stagnation as the calm before the storm, the breakdown before the breakthrough- also known as "magic dark" or energy shadow.

Don't get defeated. In a state of panic or desperation, you may be tempted to grasp for things that are not in full alignment. But, know that this is yet another test. Continue to immerse yourself in everything that fulfills you and boosts your frequency. Know that this is yet again an opportunity to declare to the Universe that you’ll settle for nothing less than you’re worth.

"If you're in a situation that just won't shift, and if you've offered it fully an completely to the Divine, it often means there's something to learn from embracing it as it is. Allow me to let this be for now. Let me open, relax and learn the lessons You're trying to teach me."

Tosha Silver


Manifestation is like a dance... Sometimes you need to

  • ️Speed up

  • Slow down

  • Push forward

  • Lean back

  • Experiment... Play!

It's ok to Re-evaluate. Reset. Readjust. Restart. Refocus... As many times as you need to! But avoid the temptation to act from the Mind or Ego. Always ask your spirit guides for guidance, and listen to your body and soul within.

Most people make manifesting way more complicated than it needs to be.

If you’re truly doing The Work (clarifying, visualizing, casting/scripting, releasing, expanding... on repeat) but you still don’t see your desires manifesting then take some time to pause, reflect, and release.

Avoid the temptation to immediately re-strategize or revise. BREATHE, wait and know that everything is on it's way. Eventually you will receive the clarity or the energy you need to keep going.

Remember, Manifestation doesn't happen because of our rituals, tools or prayers. It happens because you are embodying your desires on an energetic level, becoming a walking/breathing magnet for them, and fully embracing the co-creating process through INSPIRED action. If the inspiration isn't there yet, then it's not your divine time to shine yet.

To Manifest: Intend everything, Accept everything, and Expect nothing.


It's imperative to not be too rigid in your desires or get too attached to the specifics of a result/outcome as that creates a low-vibe energy of lack. When we feel even the slightest bit...

  • tense

  • impatient

  • desperate

  • rushed

  • needy

  • obsessive

  • hyper-focused

that only reinforces of vibration of insecurity or inadequacy. These negative frequencies can completely de-rail or destroy the manifestation process.

This also means releasing control! The universe is your co-creator and therefor needs to feel the creative freedom as any artist would!

So, practice the zen art of non-attachment. Really try to get to the energetic place of being "happy either way," - because when you feel like you already have it internally, then it truly won't matter what happens externally.

This could look like making a list of the reasons why you "don't" want a desire, or simply saying "I dont want to be healthy/wealthy/successful because I already am."

Another great visualization exercise is to see/feel your desire as if its surrounded. by a pink bubble. Hold the bubble in your hands and then release it into the air to float away like a balloon.

The waiting time.
The meantime
The in-between time.
It all serves a purpose
Trust your process, even the delays and detours.


If you are not manifesting what you truly desire, or that you know you are capable o, then it's possible that energetically, your vibrational frequency is still not fully aligned with your true, pure nature.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you wanting this desire because of how it will make you feel in the achievement of it?

  • Are you wanting to achieve something a way to subconsciously to avoid an emotion (shame, embarrassment, failure, inadequacy) in not having of it?

If either of these are true, then there’s some inner work to be done in order for you to heal and reclaim your empowerment. You may be giving away your power to the THING, rather than letting it flow within you.


ACKNOWLEDGE the situation/circumstances of what is happening.

ACCEPT where you are as exactly where you're supposed to be.

APPRECIATE what you have fully and stay in a state of gratitude.

ALLOW what needs to come next.

"Life always feels hardest right before you level up."


If you feel as though you are hitting rock bottom in life you are simply being pushed out of the nest by the Universe. It means something big you’ve been calling in wants to come through but you need to shed the things no longer in alignment. This big disruption is meant to accelerate your growth in more than one area of your life. It can feel scary and overwhelming, but this is the moment to stay in trust!

When we know, with certainty, that what we are pursuing is 100% right for us, we are filled with resolve to continue on, regardless of what roadblocks we encounter. Setbacks and obstacles have their advantages in the highest good because they result in growth and learning, knowledge: us becoming stronger, wiser, more creative and resourceful. The universe is always preparing us with what we ask for!

So when we receive what we didn't ask for then we're not only better equipped to face the next challenge on our path, but we're also better prepared to lead others in return. And that supports the greater good of all

Remember, the larger purpose of manifestation is for you to experience the fullness of life, to grow and deepen into your highest self. It is to become distanced from ego and unburdened by worldly concerns or earthly limitations. When you've walked through the fire of adversity and hardship, you become a more evolved soul, and that has impact and influence for lifetimes to follow.

Desperation is Separation

Rejection is Redirection

Challenges are Opportunities

So, if you hit a sacred road block, say THANK YOU for the experience, and keep pushing forward. Take one small step at a time until eventually you're past the challenging period, emerging like a phoenix from the ashes.

At the end of the day, know that you are EXACTLY where you need to be. Your ability to manifest is a universal law - stronger than your doubts, fears or insecurities, more powerful than space and time.

You've got this. You deserve this. You are worthy of all of the freedom, love and abundance you dream of! Claim it!


You never manifest the wrong thing. You manifest what your unconscious shadow is aligned with, which is always the right thing and the right time. and whatever your soul needs to grow.

So to manifest your conscious desires, you need to do the work to align the two. If something is not happening in the way you wanted or expected, you need to expand your ability ie your vessel to receive.

Think about what you want vs what you're receiving. Feel into the question "who/what part of me in me wants something opposite or different?" Indulge those parts. of your inner critic and inner child with a meditation to see what the need is beneath the desire. Then when "everyone" is ready you can formulate a new intention statement taking into account your newly identified needs and how to getting your desire fulfilled in an even more creative and aligned way.

Remember that manifestation is all about personal growth and evolution. Lean into that growth edge around whatever feels uncomfortable. What's another way of looking at what I did create vs what I originally asked for - both the how and the why?

The universe is giving via the avenues that are already open for you. Celebrate that. First just be grateful that you are receiving anything, and that is a version of success. You are powerful and flowing with the universe and you're engaging, you're practicing and co-creating. The universe will feel appreciated and will continue to pour more into your life. Then ask for the guidance, wisdom, and focus to receient and implement creative solutions.


Be patient. Remember that if its somethign new for youre opening this new pathway, which means we need to give it time to grow, time to flow. Rushing to heal, learn. or grow never speeds up the manifestation process. We live in an "instant" society, but when it comes to energy, there is no such thing as space and time. Take the time to soothe your nervous system by looking at individual parts such as your inner child or inner teen, noticing those parts and asking questions and having conversations with them.


Once you receive something, avoid over-processing it or discounting it as an accident or fluke. Its ok to feel some disbelief, shock and awe initially, but then try to move quickly into deep gratitude and the affirmation that you are powerful, worthy and deserving. There should be no resistance or denial. Whether your manifestations are small or large, this mindset of "entitlement" (ie high self-worth) can create a baseline of more magnetism and allow you to become an energetic match for more greatness.


After you receive your manifestation, repeat! Ask for the DISCIPLINE and Focus to keep it in your life, and the WISDOM to multiply and maintain it.


Above all, once you receive it's important to re-commit to your life of purpose and service. What is your offering in return? How can you

  • keep the abundant energy in flow?

  • continue to spread blessings and prosperity?

  • contribute to life-giving persuits of healing, humanity, protecting the earth or giving, or sharing with others?

  • be a worthy citizen or divine vessell?

  • use your privilege and abundance to support the greater good?

Synergetic Spaces - Manifestation

If we want abundance we have to BE abundance. It is a practice, not a hope.

Dear Universe,

I am ready to step into the truth of who I am and what I am meant to do. In this best, highest timeline of your choosing I will have, do, or be in accordance with my desires and goals.

I am open to receiving my dreams & desires so that I can experience the peace, prosperity and power which will allow me to serve the greater good and meet my higher purpose.

In return for receiving my dreams and desires I am ready to give up or walk away from whatever doesn't serve my higher, future self. With this newly opened space in my life I will have even more bandwidth to share my abundance with others, and to continue to generate loving reciprocity for all.

My belief and faith in receiving my desires is so strong that I can visualize and feel these blessings already in my possession. I have this beautiful and sacred vision of my life which I hold to be true. This image, or something even better, is now manifesting for me in the most serendipitous and harmonious way for the highest good of all.

I am asking for your help in shortening the distance between my 5D vortex of desires and the 3D tangible realm. I ask for your support and guidance in fulfilling my highest potential. Please help me channel and embody the emotional frequency of my desires. Please remove any obstacles, blocks or barriers to create the path of least resistance and activate seamless positive change

If any action is needed on my end, I await the sacred inspiration or idea needed to move my goals forward..

In the end, I know that my life will manifest as I have dreamed of, or even more wonderful than I can imagine, and in the divinely perfect timing, order and design it's meant to.

Divine Source and spirit, I place my trust in you, and I surrender the control of the outcome to you. I love you!

Thank you for all of my many blessings, and those that are still on their way.

In grace and gratitude,

Eternally yours,



Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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