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Are You Spiritually Hygienic? Your DIY Guide to Personal Energy Protection & Clearing

As we go through our lives we exchange energies with all of the people, places, circumstances and situations that we come across. We each have a magnetic energy field surrounding us that determines our health and happiness.

If the energy we encounter and engage from another is heavy and thick enough, and we are impressionable or vulnerable enough, we will absorb and pick up the same low frequencies over time. - their negative emotions, wounds, traumas, physical illnesses, stressors and other remnants of their personal struggles and challenges.

This psychic "debris" or impurities are collected by our own aura and inadvertently ends up affecting our own well-being and power. We may begin to lose our personal vitality, our magnetism and even our identities. Thankfully this energetic clutter or pollution is not permanent- it can, and should, be remedied!

The go-to standard of cleansing in the witchy world is almost always white sage. While it is effective it is not always the best option due to pets, health issues, housing restrictions, and unethical over-harvesting. Thankfully, there are a number of other ways that you can cleanse your space and items that require no smoke or flame.

Understanding Energy Interference

There are several different types of negative or outside energies that can influence your own and create tension in your being. Most of these do not simply go away in time on their own. They must be identified, brought out to be healed or released.

  • Negative Thought Patterns or Behaviors – these can originate in wounds or traumas from childhood or from past lives.

  • Past Life Blocks – these are usually deeply hidden in the subconscious mind. They hold powerful lessons that once learned, the block gets removed.

  • Ancient Spells, Incantations or Curses – These may remain hidden for a long time and can run their course in time.

  • Entities or Spirits – These are very easily detected and removed with simple prayers and rituals

  • Psychic Attack – These are other people’s thoughts and intentions, blocking out your receiving side.

  • Contracts or Cords – These are attachments projections from the aura that connect you to objects, people and situations.

  • Negative Chi in Environment – This is also easy to understand because, it is only when you enter this space you feel drained or irritated. Other times you are alright.

Your Sacred Energy

The goal of energy clearing is to transmute toxic, lower frequency vibrations into higher frequencies- ones that are healthier and more productive for all. To do shift from Shadow to Light, there must be movement. There must be an evolution, shift or CHANGE internally and externally.

There is danger in staying in our old patterning. Our familiarity and comfort, our predictability, our routine and repetition, energetically, is actually stagnation. And over time it is toxic.

Clearing the energy in your personal auric field or space is an essential self-care step. It is a practice that can allow you to create a life where you feel balanced, grounded in yourself, and protected from outside harm and influence. And the farther down your spiritual awakening journey you are, the more sensitive and aware you are to all energies and realms.

A regular energy-clearing practice can allow you to live as your authentic abundant self and be able to fulfill your purpose, giving back the best version of yourself to the world.

Are you ready to jump into the unknown? This doesn't have to be scary. It's simply a place of new opportunity, of exploration, of flow.

Check out the simple and straightforward methods below to cleanse your space, and your self. These rituals can be done daily, or less regularly, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.- depending on our circumstances. Get ready to take ownership of your energy, your life!



  • SOUND creates vibrations that stir up energy, making it easier to remove. Negativity also doesn't like positivity, so sounds that bring you happiness and joy will force the negative energy out of the space.

  • SALT is a natural neutralizer and purifier. It is naturally antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal making it a potent cleanser.

  • SUNLIGHT is the ultimate cleanser, especially for objects. UV radiation kills bacteria and viruses, as well as removes unwanted energy by raising a space or objects vibration. Moonlight is also powerful, as the light is reflected sunlight after all.

  • SPRAYS and spritzes made with herbal infusions or essential oils from detoxifying herbs in an alcohol base.

  • SACRED SMOKE has been used across generations and civilizations to cleanse and purify the air. Strive to burn only sustainably-harvested dried sage, cedar, juniper, or palo santo and remember to open doors and windows to move the energy so it doesn't resettle.

  • SPRAY of high-frequency plant oils such as rose, eucalyptus, tea tree, frankincense or citrus to neutralize energies.

These practices are good for everyday spiritual hygeine, or in times of transition.

  • Before and/or after sleep or sex

  • Before and/or after divination or light work or spirit work (spells, rituals, prayer, meditation

  • Before and/or after moving into a new space or life stage

  • Before and/or after going into a crowd or other intense social situation

They can be done anywhere, although the best environments will be quiet, peaceful and neutral (such as in nature) or calm and comfortable (such as at home). All you need is clear focus and a specific intention.

These practices are great for balancing the chakras and gaining clarity and connecting/unification with higher self and spirit.

  1. CHARGING - infusing a body, tool/item or space with positive and powerful light energy, either through moonlight, sunlight or soil so that it can be used for the highest good of all.

  2. GROUNDING - connecting with universal energy through both feet on ground and visualize a white light cord connecting you to the earth and up to the sky as these channels dispel negative or anxious energy and absorb positive energy.

  3. CENTERING - achieving complete sensory presence and self-awareness through deep and purposeful breathing and mindfulness in order to connect only to the safest and most solid energy within. Aim to access and acknowledge all 5 senses in your surroundings...

    • five things that you can SEE

    • four things that you can TOUCH

    • three things you can HEAR

    • two things you can SMELL

    • one thing you can TASTE

4. SHIELDING - blocking outside energy, especially negative vibrations (thoughts, worries, doubts) by creating a protective orb force around bodies, spaces or items/tools.

5. CLEANSING - purifying of items/tools, bodies or space by expelling old, negative energy and blessing it with new positive energy.

6. Repeat Step 1-5 as needed

Remember, if you are cleansing indoors, to open windows or doors around to allow the negativity a way to leave. Walls also have a habit of keeping things in, even when we don't intend them to. While energy can travel through walls, it's best to give it a designated place to exit.

“May whatever is for me find me.
May whatever is not for me leave gently.
May calm and kindness illuminate the way forward.”

Jane McCann

Your Space

Our homes absorb the energy that we bring into it. At the end of the day, raising the energy in our homes ultimately starts with us. If you feel brighter, your home automatically becomes a brighter place too.

A space-clearing ceremony can be helpful in situations where there has been a history of negativity or suffering.

  • illness

  • death

  • domestic disputes

  • drug use

  • violence

  • poverty

Of course, even if there was no negative event or situation, cleansing can be useful, especially in times of transition or major life change, such as birth or move/relocation. It can allow you create a fresh start, a blank slate to welcome in abundance, hope and new opportunities.

And we must not forget the stresses of everyday life that can pile on - parenting, work, financial worries and more. Our homes are absorbing all of it!

Now that we’re spending more time at home than ever before, it's important to regularly clear our spaces of stuck or stagnant energy.

Transcendental cures are esoteric, spiritual and time-honored practices that enhance the effect of ordinary cures. These are metaphysical in nature, going beyond the realm of logic and understanding.

A Transcendental Feng Shui cure is a practice more widely taught by the contemporary BTB school or Black Hat Sect School of Feng Shui.

Cleansing Methods


Open all the windows and doors of the space to let fresh air circulate, neutralizing toxins and releasing negative Chi. This can be done longterm through a clearing for a sacred and intentional 9 minute span.

Sweeping with a broom is also a super common way to cleanse a space, and probably one of the most useful because not only does it remove stale and negative energy, it also physically cleans the space as well. Sweep the area using a broom first to physically cleanse the space, then ritually sweep to remove energy. Be sure to do so counterclockwise (banishing) and sweep the energy out your front door. Combine this with a chant or visualization and some salt.

A deep cleaning also has this effect. Invest in a professional home organization or cleaning service, and you'll literally feel your energy transform.


The ancient ritual of sacred smoke can shift the frequencies in the air with fragrance from the earth, releasing any unwanted or limiting energy. Focus on the corners, doors and windows and bed for greatest priority

  • SMOKE from burning natural wax candle or incense, or sustainably-harvested herbs or spices

    • sage

    • juniper

    • cedar

    • palo santo

    • cinnamon stick

  • SPRAY of high-frequency plant oils. Visualize it absorbing and neutralizing all the unwanted energies.

Open one (or several) windows for the smell and the lower energies to leave the space as you command them out. You can also move the smoke or spray over the following personal items if you sense problems or stagnation

  • Wallet

  • Computer

  • Phone

  • Bed


  • SALT from the Himalayan mountains, Baltic sea or another pure source, placed in small glass jars around space, drawn in a line or clockwise circle directly on floor, or mixed with water into a spray

  • SIMMER POTS are an ancient Pagan tradition to cleanse spaces with the steam from nature's bounty of citrus peels, berries, branches, herbs and spices.

  • SAUTE the shavings of lemon or orange peel to create a pleasant and uplifting energy


Noise, sound, is a powerful and simple energy shifter and can be helpful to mark the beginning and ending of a clearing ritual. It can also "wake up" stagnant or stuck Chi, breaking up negative energies and cleanse an area. Walk counterclockwise around your space while using your preferred sound method to cleanse the space.

  • Clapping

  • Singing

  • Chanting

  • Bells

  • Finger symbols

  • Tuning fork

  • Loud clapping

  • Singing bowls

  • Drums

  • Rattles


Accumulating, hoarding or keeping anything unwanted or unused keeps you in that same energy. From clearing out the fridge, to purging the closet, there is always something to let go.


Asperging is the practice of cleansing a space or object using sanctified water. In the Catholic tradition, this is usually holy water, but many witches use water that has been blessed with salt. The water is then sprinkled around the space to cleanse the area, usually using a tool of some sort. You can use your fingers or an herb bundle or pine branch to sprinkle the water.

You can create an ‘attractor’ for lower energies. Pour a glass of water and set the intention that lower energies that are in your field will be absorbed by this water. Keep the glass filled with water until your energy feels clear and free. Then flush the "toxic" water down the toilet or pour it onto the earth to be transformed back into love by mother nature.

Bonus; Tornado jars use storm magic to cleanse and purify a space. To create a tornado jar, combine stormwater, salt in a clear glass jar.

For added power Add cleansing essential oils

  • lemongrass

  • patchouli

  • tea tree

As well as water-proof cleansing crystals:

  • obsidian

  • black tourmaline

  • clear quartz

Swirl the jar to create a mini-tornado while chanting….

"This storm shall absorb all negativity by the power of the elements. This house will be rid of all ill intent and evil. With crash of thunder and howling winds, this space is protected and those within. Happiness and love are all that remain.

Place the jar in a prominent place in your home or on your altar. Give it a swirl every once in a while to gather up any stagnant or negative energy that has built up.


If you are looking to cleanse a space, open windows, and use mirrors to reflect more sunlight into the space. Decorate your space with fresh flowers.

Protecting Methods


In the air, write a power symbol or sigil on each wall of the home, as well as the floor and ceiling, using a crystal wand with a point. Selenite, Quartz or "Mystic Merlinite"/Indigo Gabbro are recommended!


Sprinkle pure salt around the perimeter of a property while repeating a mantra or intention with a traditional set of mala bead (108 beads for each)


Crystal grids can be used for a variety of protective or cleansing purposes. Create a pattern that speaks to you, or use sacred geometry to create your grid. Cleans your crystals by blowing ( physically removing dust and debris) but also fill the object with your energy and intent. Charge each of the crystals with your intent and place the grid in the space you wish to be cleansed. Allow to sit for 24 to 72 hours. You can leave the crystal grid permanently in a space, but be sure to cleanse and charge the crystals often to ensure it continues to work. The best crystals for protection:

  • Smoky quartz

  • Black tourmaline

  • Selenite

  • Obsidian

Blow out the old, blow in the new. Blow out the false, blow in the true.

Drive away harm & fear. Only peace and goodness is welcome here.

A white light surrounds this space, only divine love is in this place.

Negative energies you may not stay, today I release you on your way.

From here on out we banish thee, these are my words so will it be.

Space or Land Blessing

The best time to do a blessing is when you first purchase a property, prior to any moving in, remodeling or demolition project. This ceremony allows you to thank and connect to the guardians of a space and work together in cooperation., ensuring a smooth transition and progress. After the energy is cleared read a beautiful heartfelt blessing or prayer. Create your own or use this one…

To my Source & Spirit, Guides & Guardians, Angel, Allies, & Ancestors

To Father Time, Mother Earth, Divine Friends and Family

Please breathe your loving energy into this space and fill the air with vitality, hope and joy.

Warm this home with heart, comfort, and companionship as each season passes.

Keep security and safety here and make all defenses strong and protected.

Bless each meal here and allow its nourishment to heal the body.

Allow rest and relaxation here to fuel us in balance and harmony

Support creativity here and the growth of dreams and new ideas.

Foster learning and discovery here in the journey to achieve the highest good.

May this doorway bring good fortune and safe journeys to those who pass through

May this floor provide stability and light the steps of all who tread upon it

May this roof hold strong to shield the bodies, spirits and mind of those within

May these corners and walls soak in rich sounds of laughter and love

May those who visit here only know the blessings of generosity and community

May those who live here only know a place of prosperity and possibility

We ask for the blessings of happiness, health, wisdom, wealth

Blessings of laughter and fun, Blessings from the stars, moon and sun

Blessings of protection and peace, Blessings from the north, south, west and east

Let kindness and peace abide. Let faith protect and guide. Let abundance grow and thrive.

Through you and in you, we bless this Home and all those who live here and visit here.

And so it is. Thank you for your divine love and pure protection in this sacred space.


Closing the Cleansing

How will you know if your energy is cleared and balanced? A divination tool like a pendulum is super helpful! You can ask it Yes/No questions, or use it as a 'meter" to read the quality of the energy.

Spin it counterclockwise to "unwind" and remove negative energy. Then keeping your hand still, ask Spirit and Source to harmonize your space, and yourself back to your highest energy state. Allow it to spin until it stops or it moves in a different direction. Then you know it’s complete.

Once the negative energy is released, don't forget to create new energy with intentions of what you're planning to attract

  • Coin activation - place in key energy center, at entrance, near stove, or under bed

  • Flower mandala- creating beauty in your space


Your Self

As we go through our lives, we will inadvertently pick up the emotional energies of those around us, especially from

  • Lovers

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Coworkers

  • Collective society/humanity

We also come into the world carrying energy from our ancestors and past lives.

If you're an HSP, empath, intuitive, healer, or someone who is sensitive to or easily perceives the pain or suffering of others, then you're especially vulnerable to outside energies. Similarly, if we are ever under the influence of drugs or alcohol, our protective barrier is weakened further and makes it more susceptible to other people's frequencies. Like sponges we absorb the emotions and energies of people and environments around us. This absorption can lead to overwhelm, overload and burnout.

Are you wondering if you have any emotional clearing or cleansing you need to do? There are tell-tale signs that you may have picked up some negative vibes from someone close to you. You may be in need of a personal energy re-set if you're inexplicably feeling "off" without a clear physical cause ...

  • drained, depleted, depressed or disconnected

  • unmotivated, unusually fatigued, tired, achy

  • emotional instability - moody, irritable, reactive, anxious, unsettled

  • overwhelmed by negative emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, or sadness

  • brain fog, poor memory or confusion, unable to concentrate

  • feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy or insecurity

  • nausea, sore throat or loss of appetite

  • the need for isolation or solitude

  • sleep or appetite disturbances

  • communication "glitches" - dropped calls, error messages, returned mail

  • frequent interpersonal conflict or intense arguments

  • ailments, illness or sickness in yourself or someone close to you

  • unable to access intuition or spirit guides

  • losing or misplacing personal items

  • behaviors that are out of character such as overspending or overindulging

  • repeated patterns or circumstances

  • feeling stuck in the past or always worrying about the future

Experiencing a combination of these in a short amount of time is a clue to tune in closely and to make it a priority to process, release or tend to your energies and emotions.

Bottom line: PAY ATTENTION. Your triggers are the literal ties to the energetic parts of you that need cleansing or clearing. They hold the resistance that must be released.

Left uncleansed, this build-up of energy in your body can lead to physical imbalances and stressors like health issues and disease. Trust your body - it is your greatest measurement tool! Unresolved trauma can manifest as chronic pain, tension, or other ailments with my body internalizing the emotional pain and expressing it through various symptoms. You may also experience heightened states of stress, anxiety, or emotional sensitivity with myself and the people around me reacting intensely to situations that trigger deep, unresolved pain.

Trauma and emotional baggage are not something you HAVE to carry around and suffer with.

Emotional cleansing is foundational step in self-care. With the body’s sensitivities, for many it should be a non-negotiable.

Regular energy cleansing can help in

  • preventing burnout and overwhelm

  • bring about lightness and peace

  • enabling you to think more clearly and maintain focus,

  • aiding in better decision-making and problem-solving.

  • contributing to better physical health by releasing the stress and tension stored in the body.

  • strengthening emotional resilience, helping to cope more effectively with future stressors and emotional challenges

  • resolving and letting go of resentments, anger, and hurt,

  • fostering healthier and more harmonious relationships with others.

  • enhancing the intuitive and empathic abilities of sensitive individuals, allowing us to use our creative and healing gifts more effectively.

  • connecting more deeply with our true selves, aligning with our values, desires, and life purpose.

  • tending to or releasing pent-up emotions, stress, and negativity

  • restoring balance and harmony to the nervous system, mind, heart and body.

It is great for ressetting the energy


  • a period of grief. or loss

  • a nightmare or bad dream


  • a full moon

  • a stressful time

  • household chores


  • bringing home a secondhand item

  • meditation or spellwork

  • moving into a new home

May your hands be cleansed to create beauty in the world

May your feet be cleansed to lead you in the right direction

May your eyes be cleansed to see signs and truth clearly

May your heart be cleansed to beat with unconditional love

May your mind be cleansed to process matters logically

May your body be cleansed to emanate vitality and life

May this smoke cleanse the thoughts, emotions, memories, and energies that limit, drain or deplete

May this smoke carry all your wishes, prayers, dreams and desires into eternity

Cleansing or Clearing Methods


Use the power of water to wash away the energies of the day. Try to incorporate natural, earth elements as you set your intentions.

  • FIRE: candles

  • EARTH: sea salt, charcoal soap

  • WOOD: flower petals, petals

If you need. to shake off the energy of the day, sprinkle sea salt in a circle around the bottom of the shower and turn the water to as cold as you can tolerate. The combination of temperature and positive ions will ground your magnetic field.

You can also practice a "dry bathing" ritual using only your hands to clear your body of negativity - crossing them over your chest and then wiping down your arms, repeating 3 times. This is especially helpful upon arriving home or before starting a new task. Add in reciting affirmations to set the intention as needed.

Repeat: "I release this block and clear my journey for the highest good"


Reset your personal energy by listening to Solfeggio frequencies or Gregorian chanting. Attend a Sound Bath or create your own. You'll simply need a comfortable mat or cushion, a soothing guided meditation, the instrument of your choice, lavender essential oil, chakra stones, and smudge sticks.

Bonus: Bonus: wear a bell as a necklace for clearing on the go.


Massage a cleansing oil with a carrier oil around your chest. You can also make a cleansing spritz to spray all over your body and around your energy field.

  • Lemongrass

  • Cypress

  • Frankincense

  • Lemon

  • Eucalyptus

  • Juniper

  • Rosemary

  • Peppermint

  • Orange

  • Sage

Circle all seven of your chakras and all of your outer energy field, and even the bottom feet. As you go through each chakra, pull your arm away from that area as if you’re pulling a scarf off of your neck with one hand.


Wildly shaking your body or dancing free-form is helpful to literally shake off the negativity accumulated in your aura. Jumping, stretching, exercising work great too! You can also pat your body to shake up and loosen the energy, and even initiate the impulse of yawning.


Laughter, Joy and Play are simple and very effective tool for clearing and canceling lower vibrations. Watch funny tv or movies, skipping, prancing, singing, painting or doing anything to release stress and negativity.


A cord cutting ritual can really help separate you from someone’s energy field and reclaim your power, which is particularly useful for healing after a breakup and moving on. Simply cut a piece of rope or string, to symbolize the cord between you and this person being cut for good. Note, this may need to be repeated several times if you are unwinding deep soul bonds or spiritual contracts.

This process is used to “trick” the ego/subconscious mind to cut off the entanglement of energies..

Another method involves drawing yourself as a ‘matchstick man,’ in a child-like drawing. Below this drawing, write your first name and last name. Next to this figure, draw another figure (if you want to ‘work on’ your connections with a person, write their first name and last name below). Draw a circle of light around each representation (like a child’s sun). These circles will symbolize that you wish the best for each person, for yourself, and the other. Then, draw a larger circle of light that encompasses the first two, symbolizing that you wish the best for everyone. Next, connect each of your figure’s 7 chakras to the other person’s chakras, all the way from head to toe.Finally, the last step: with a pair of scissors, cut the paper in half, separating the two figures. Say (out loud or in your mind): ‘There, it is done!’ And that’s it! Afterward, you can do whatever you want with the pieces of paper. Keep them, burn them, throw them away, crumple them—whatever you like! Do as you please.

I release this person and this relationship with a full heart, with love and gratitude for the place they once held in my life.

I now take back all the energy that was from me and return any that I still hold from you.

To all the memories of this love I bid farewell, I choose myself and wish you well.

I appreciate, grieve and mourn this as part of my past so I can make room for. a new brighter future

May I be free from the ties that bind us together.

May all cords between us be cut, dissolved or transmuted for the highest good of all.

May we each have the forgiveness, power, and peace and to move forward.

May everyone be happy. in the next life they choose.

And so it is done.


Go out in nature to absorb the healing, balancing frequencies of the earth. Forest bathing and earthing are proven remedies for energetic release and recalibration.

  • Find a special tree or rock, hold it and ask it to pull out any vibrations in your energy field that are less than love. Build a relationship with it, talk to it and give it heartfelt thanks

  • Sit, lay, or stand barefoot on the ground for as long as posible


In yogic philosophy, fasting, going extended time (days or hours) without solid food, s encouraged because it cleanses toxins from the body and connects us with eternal consciousness. It allows energy to flow freely through our chakras and raises our vibrational frequencies by allowing the body to focus on something other than digestion.


Water is the element. of emotion and as the ultimate cleanser and healer, it will absorb whatever feeling you put into it. Transmute stress, fear, and anxiety into neutrality and purity by revealing your concerns to the water, and then releasing that liquid to the earth - that concentrated “negative” energy can be dispersed and integrated back for reuse.


When you are blocked somewhere, the signs will be more subtle. You will feel stuck in the same thoughts, fears and beliefs and thus repeating the same patterns or experiences, going in circles with little progress forward. Write your block down on a piece of paper and then choose one of the following cures to clear it

  • Pour salt in a circle around it both directions. Leave for 24 hours

  • Bury paper face down at sunset in soil or a jar with sand, cat litter, etc

  • Burn paper repeating "i release this block now. and forever"

  • Submerge the paper in water and let it float away or disintegrate

  • Place a black crystal over the paper and leave for 3 days

  • Cut the words on the paper with scissors


If you have blocked or imbalanced chakras, you might feel physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually unwell in certain areas of life. Fortunately, you can detect and clear the energy around your chakras with the help of a pendulum.

  • CROWN chakra (spirituality & openness): located at the top of your head.

  • THIRD-EYE chakra (mind & imagination): located around your forehead.

  • THROAT chakra (communication & self-expression): located in your throat.

  • HEART chakra (love, compassion, & peace): located at the center of your chest.

  • SOLAR PLEXUS chakra (confidence): located in the center of your torso.

  • SACRAL chakra (sexuality & creativity): located in your lower abdomen.

  • ROOT chakra (security & stability): located at the base of your spine.

  1. Remember to cleanse your pendulum with elements of water, moonlight, sunlight, smoke, or salt, so it can work most efficiently

  2. Ground yourself and connect with your pendulum with an intention such as “I’m here to unblock my root chakra,” or “Please help me clear my heart chakra.”

  3. Hold the pendulum several inches away over your chakra. Hold till as your chakra energy moves the pendulum. At the start, the pendulum should be completely still. After a few moments, the pendulum will start moving on its own. Wide circles or swings mean you have a lot of energy in your chakra. On the other hand, small movements mean you have low energy. Look at the direction to help you figure out your energy flow in that area.

    • Clockwise spinning means your chakra is open.

    • Counterclockwise spinning means your chakra is blocked or closed.

    • Diagonal swinging means you’re partially blocked because you’re not being assertive.

    • Side-to-side swining means you're holding in energy with a horizontal block

    • Bouncing means you're misusing energy with a vertical block

    • No motion means your chakra has no energy at all.

4. Alternatively you can ask your pendulum yes/no questions, after calibrating it first to tell you what yes, no or undecided means.

5. Clear the chakra with reiki, visualization, meditation, chanting or affirmations.

6. Test to see if the chakra has been cleared. If you still have a blockage, repeat the process again.


Sometimes our OWN limiting beliefs or self-destructive behaviors can drain and deplete us more than anything on the outside.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient and powerful Hawaiian ritual used for healing and clearing up energetic blockages. It is based on the premise that whatever happens in your reality- your career, your health, your wealth, your relationships- is a result of your own thoughts, emotions, and actions, rather than any external force. It transmutes the negative frequency of "blame" into the higher frequency of "acceptance" and accountability.

The prayer is simple, but magical and powerful. It involves an Apology, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you

These words may be addressed to anyone – to yourself, to a person, to the Universe or the Divine Power you believe in. When you are released and liberated from negative emotions or painful memories you automatically vibrate higher, as your true nature. From that space then you can naturally align to the frequency of receiving more abundance and blessings.

For example:

Think of the situation or undesirable experience causing struggle. Without judgement or resistance, List all the emotions that come up- fear, anger, nervousness, rejection, panic, loneliness, grief, shame, etc.

Now go through the prayer phases:

  • Stating Apology. Dear Universe, I am sorry for not being aware of what it is in my consciousness that brought about this situation and these feelings

  • Asking Forgiveness: I ask for pardon for my actions and request you to clear up any of my emotions, thoughts and beliefs that are causing suffering.

  • Extending Gratitude: From my heart, I thank you for clearing up all the negativity in my being that no longer serve me, and for empowering me and setting me free of the past so that I can attract the abundance and joy that is meant for me

  • Extending Love: I love you because you are my Source and I am a part of you. I love myself and accept myself exactly as I am. I accept this situation exactly as it is too.

Note that Hooponopono is a process- it won't necessarily be cleared in one session. Persistence and repetition is key, and knowing that you're clearing the old and creating your new reality every day.

Want even MORE power? Pair Hooponopono with EFT/Tapping for even stronger clearing and greater impact.


Repeated affirmations of self love can help release victim mindset. When you feel impatient, frustrated or confused, its an opportunity for forgiveness in yourself. Over time this can literally re-wire your neural pathways.

Protecting Methods


Strengthen your aura by rotating around both arms in a figure eight motion – as if you are an orchestra conductor. Start from the ground and go up as you keep rotating and then down towards the floor and in all four directions. Do this for at least one minute or longer to strengthen your aura.


Unfortunately energy thieves and parasites are common. It's imperative to be mindful of who you let touch you so you can protect your energetic body from unwanted influence. Your spiritual, physical and emotional being are all sacred and worthy of radiance, safety and purity.

Saying NO is imperative for Chronic People-pleasers and Empaths. Let go of over-explaining, over-apologizing, and the general guilt or fear of disappointing others with the following phrases.

  • Thanks for thinking of me but I’m going to have to decline right now. My plate is as full as I like.”

  • "I’m trying to break the habit of saying yes before checking in with myself. I’m not sure I can right now. Can I get back to you on that?"

  • "I don’t want to overcommit myself; I’ll check my schedule and get back to you soon."

  • "I’m not 100% certain that I can do that, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I know."

Bottom line: Hold your ground. You can assert your boundaries in a way that feels comfortable and respectful, prioritizing your own needs and preferences.


Accept the responsibility of your own energy by closely guarding how you spend your time and focus your attention. The following practices and habits can allow you to recharge and recalibrate to your healthiest and most natural baseline.

  • keeping your social circle small - not giving wide access to your body, mind, heart for those not worthy

  • surrounding self with high-vibration people who uplift or inspire you, those who are positive and productive achievers

  • prioritizing relationships that make you feel safe, loved, heard, seen, trusted, respected

  • avoiding low-vibration people with a scarcity mindset or a fixed thinking/approach to life

  • unfollowing content that leads to sadness, shame, guilt or comparison

  • avoiding gossip or drama or those who drain energy

  • ignoring opinions that don't enhance your life

  • listening to intuition when something doesn't feel right