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Are You Spiritually Hygienic? Your DIY Guide to Personal Energy Protection & Clearing

As we go through our lives we exchange energies with all of the people, places, circumstances and situations that we come across. We each have a magnetic energy field surrounding us which determines our health and happiness.

If the energy we encounter and engage from another is heavy and thick enough, and we are impressionable or vulnerable enough, we will absorb and pick up the same low frequencies over time. - their negative emotions, wounds, traumas, physical illnesses, stressors and other remnants of their personal struggles and challenges.

This psychic "debris" or impurities are collected by our own aura and inadvertently ends up affecting our own well-being and power. We may begin to lose our personal vitality, our magnetism and even our identities. Thankfully this energetic clutter or pollution is not permanent- it can, and should, be remedied!

Clearing the energy in your personal auric field or space is an essential self-care step. It is a practice that can allow you to create a life where you feel balanced, grounded in yourself, and protected from outside harm and influence. And the farther down your spiritual awakening journey you are, the more sensitive and aware you are to all energies and realms.

The goal of energy clearing is to transmute toxic, lower frequency vibrations into higher frequencies- ones that are healthier and more productive for all. To do shift from Shadow to Light, there must be movement. There must be an evolution, shift or CHANGE internally and externally.

There is danger in staying in our old patterning. Our familiarity and comfort, our predictability, our routine and repetition, energetically, is actually stagnation. And over time it is toxic.

Are you ready to jump into the unknown? This doesn't have to be scary. It's simply a place of new opportunity, of exploration, of flow.

It's time to take ownership of your energy, your life! A regular energy-clearing practice can allow you to live as your authentic abundant self and be able to fulfill your purpose, giving back the best version of yourself to the world.

Check out the simple and straightforward methods below to cleanse your space, and your self. These rituals can be done daily, or less regularly, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.- depending on our circumstances.


These practices are good for everyday spiritual hygene, or in times of transition.

  • Before and/or after sleep or sex

  • Before and/or after divination or light work or spirit work (spells, rituals, prayer, meditation

  • Before and/or after moving into a new space or life stage

  • Before and/or after going into a crowd or other intense social situation

They can be done anywhere, although the best environments will be quiet, peaceful and neutral (such as in nature) or calm and comfortable (such as at home). All you need is clear focus and a specific intention.

These practices are great for balancing the chakras and gaining clarity and connecting/unification with higher self and spirit.

  • Step 1: GROUNDING - connecting with universal energy through both feet on ground and visualize a white light cord connecting you to the earth and up to the sky as these channels dispel negative or anxious energy and absorb positive energy.

  • Step 2: CENTERING - achieving complete sensory presence and self awareness through deep and purposeful breathing and mindfulness in order to connect only to the safest and most solid energy within. Aim to access and acknowledge all 5 senses in your surroundings...

  • five things that you can SEE

  • four things that you can TOUCH

  • three things you can HEAR

  • two things you can SMELL

  • one thing you can TASTE

  • Step 3: SHIELDING - blocking outside energy, especially negative vibrations (thoughts, worries, doubts) by creating a protective orb force around bodies, spaces or items/tools.

  • Step 4: CLEANSING- purifying of items/tools, bodies or space by expelling old, negative energy and blessing it with new positive energy.

  • Step 5: CHARGING - infusing a body, tool/item or space with positive and powerful light energy, either through moonlight, sunlight or soil so that it can be used for the highest good of all.

Your Self

As we go through our lives, we will inadvertently pick up the energies of those around us, especially from

  • Lovers

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Coworkers

  • Collective society/humanity

We also come into the world carrying energy from our ancestors and past lives.

If you're an HSP, empath, intuitive, healer, or someone who is sensitive to or easily perceives the pain or suffering of others, then you're especially vulnerable to outside energies. Similarly, if we are ever under the influence of drugs or alcohol, our protective barrier is weakened further and makes it more susceptible to other peoples frequencies.

There are tell-tale signs that you may have picked up some negative vibes from someone close to you. You may be in need of a personal energy re-set if you're inexplicably feeling "off" ...

  • drained, depleted, or disconnected

  • tired, achy or unmotivated

  • insecure or depressed

  • irritable, reactive, anxious, unsettled

  • foggy or confused

  • nausea, sore throat or loss of appetite

  • the need for isolation or solitude

  • unable to access intuition or spirit guides

Other signs

  • communication "glitches" - drpped calls, error messages, returned mail

  • losing or misplacing personal items

  • behaviors that are out of character such as overspending or overindulging

Experiencing a combination of these in a short amount of time is a clue to tune in closely.

Left uncleansed, this build-up of energy in your body can lead to physical imbalances and stressors like health issues and disease. Trust your body - it is your greatest measurement tool!

And what about being blocked? The signs will be more subtle. You will feel stuk in the same thoughts, fears and beliefs and thus repeating the same patterns or experiences, going in circles with little progress forward.

Unfortunately energy thieves and parasites are common. It's imperative to be mindful of who you let touch you so you can protect your energetic body from unwanted influence. Your spiritual, physical and emotional being are all sacred and worthy of radiance, safety and purity.

Cleansing or Clearing Methods


Use the power of water to wash away the energies of the day. Try to incorporate the other 4 earth elements as you set your intentions.

  • FIRE: candles

  • EARTH salt, charcoal soap

  • WOOD: flower petals, petals

  • METAL: milk


You can also practice a "dry bathing" ritual using only your hands to clear your body of negativity - crossing them over your chest and then wiping down your arms, repeating 3 times, especially upon arriving home or before starting a new task. Add in reciting affirmations to set the intention as needed.


Reset your personal energy by listening to Solfeggio frequencies or Gregorian chanting. Attend a Sound Bath or create your own. You'll simply need a comfortable mat or cushion, a soothing guided meditation, the instrument of your choice, lavendar essential oil, chakra stones, and smudge sticks.


Massage a cleansing oil with a carrier oil around your chest. You can also make a cleansing spritz to spray all over your body and around your energy field.

  • Lemongrass

  • Cypress

  • Frankincense

  • Lemon

  • Eucalyptus

  • Juniper