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The Power of WORDS: Dozens of Magical Daily Affirmations That Can Change Your Life

You've heard it all before...

"Whatever you conceive you will receive."

"Where attention goes, Energy flows."

"What you appreciate, appreciates."

"Change your mindset, Change your Life."

They all mean the same!

Basically... Words have power. Words are spells. Words are vibrations. They carry meaning and value. They hold the codes for the energy that gets transmitted into the world and creates the physical outlet for all our manifestations.

If you’re calling something in, but you express doubt when talking about these desires - you are sending mixed signals to the universe.

From a Human Design perspective, our most potent manifestation centers are connected to the Throat Center, further supporting the idea that what we say, especially about ourselves, really MATTERS.

Affirmations are positive self-talk statements that can help you make positive and lasting changes in your life. They are a way that you can use your conscious brain to reprogram your subconscious mind, reframing our thoughts and beliefs to create a new reality filled with abundance and positivity.

These statements are extremely powerful when spoken with intention and conviction because they can shift your frequency - thereby altering negative habits, thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are rooted in your conscious and subconscious mind.

When affirmations are used consistently they can literally reprogram your mind into believing the new reality of the repeated statements. From there your internal state starts to shift, and you will find yourself naturally making small changes and adjustments in your daily life which contribute to your greater good.

The Benefits of Affirmations

There are many science-back reasons to add positive self-talk to your daily routine

  • Re-wire the neural pathways in your brain

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Overcome negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Lower inflammation and reduce risk of chronic illness

  • Alter your subconscious mind to access new beliefs.

  • Help you soothe and heal your traumas.

  • Motivate you to adopt new habits and release negative ones.

  • Help you concentrate and stay focused on your goals.

  • Reprogram your mind by replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones.

  • Motivate you to continuously take action towards achieving your goals.

  • Develop a healthier, more positive attitude towards life

  • Become more resilient in the face of adversity or life's challenges.

The affirmations below have been instrumental in shifting my life towards one of peace, abundance, freedom, opportunity, and synchronicity. Repeat or write these daily, or make up your own, and see how your vibration shifts too!

Remember, what you say can impact your manifestation power. That's why its imperative to choose your words carefully, embodying those with the highest vibration possible.

"I want" or "I need" implies "I lack"

"I wish" or "I hope" implies "I'm not in control, I'm not certain and I'm not confident",

"I can't" means "I won't"

Instead try...

I am...

I have...

I create...

I appreciate...

I enjoy...

I get to/ I can...

I know that …

I trust that …

I am confident in...

I am certain that...

I am excited that...

Lastly, how you say it matters too. Use your voice! Saying words out loud as you write them carries a higher vibration than writing them silently. When your body truly *believes* the affirmation serious healing can occur.⁠

"Be mindful of your self-talk — it’s a conversation with the Universe."


Affirmations & The Chakras

Each chakra is associated with an area of your body and an affirmation structure.

ROOT Chakra (Muladhara): I TRUST...

  • grounded, stable, and secure.

  • safe and protected.

  • connected to my body and the earth

  • I have all that I need to survive and thrive

  • that All is well, even when it feels uncomfortable, unsettled or uncertain

  • that my desires will manifest as I have dreamed, or even more wonderful than I can imagine, and in the divine design that they're meant to.

  • my choices and decisions supported by Spirit and Source

SACRAL Chakra (Svadhisthana): I FEEL...

  • passionate, joyful and creative

  • sensual and sexual

  • my emotions and let them flow freely.

  • connected to my inner child

  • at one with the divine order of life

  • my emotions are my truth

  • forgiveness and acceptance for what is, what was, and what will be.- in self and out of self

SOLAR Plexus Chakra (Manipura): I DO...

  • what I feel called to do with confidence and decisiveness

  • whatever makes me feel worthy, empowered and abundant

  • courageous acts that activate my personal power

  • whatever is needed to preserve and protect my personal energy

  • not grasp, cling, or chase because I attract only the best outcomes effortlessly and easily.

HEART Chakra (Anahata): I LOVE...

  • myself and others with compassion and connection

  • myself and others freely and openly

  • myself and others through acceptance and forgiveness I forgive myself and others

  • my self, and everything and everyone that I have learned from to get here.

  • attracting the people, possessions, spaces and opportunities that support my best self through

THROAT Chakra (Vishuddha): I SPEAK...

  • my truth with clarity and authenticity.

  • my needs and desires with conviction

  • words that lift myself and others

  • words which emanate a positive vibration from the inside out.

  • my voice, and share my presence and perspective with those that matter

  • my vulnerabilities as part of my strength and power

THIRD EYE Chakra (Ajna): I SEE...

  • the wisdom, insight and truth that lies in my intuition

  • my spirit guides guiding me towards alignment with my higher self

  • a clear vision for my life

  • the full reality and truth in my self and others.

  • that I already have all that I seek

  • both the darkness and the light, and honor them equally

CROWN Chakra (Sahasrara): I UNDERSTAND...

  • that I am connected to the universe, the divine and all beings

  • that I'm receiving divine wisdom, guidance and inspiration.

  • that I'm aligned with my higher purpose

  • that everything has a season and that the journey to success and the destination of happiness is only now, in the present moment.

  • that if its meant to be mine I will receive it, or something even better.

For Reaffirming

I AM...

  • enough on my own, exactly as I am

  • a beautiful and powerful being, radiating inside and out.

  • the embodiment of feminine wisdom and masculine success.

  • a magnet for bountiful abundance, loving relationships, and inspiring experiences.

  • open and ready to receive, and be received by, amazing people and opportunities

  • free to be me without ego, armor or shields.

  • safe secure and supported at all times.

  • in both flow and stillness, open to all possibility, waiting patiently, peacefully and in gratitude.

  • beautiful, whole and complete exactly as I am.

  • worthy of true love, great respect, inner peace, supreme joy and deserving of all

  • living in harmony and alignment of my core values

  • at home in myself.

  • existing and living as my true, authentic self

  • exactly where I need to be to fulfill my greater purpose and potential

  • committed to sharing my gifts and abundance with the world

  • celebrating & blessing everything that I currently have, and everything I still want

  • always attracting exactly what is needed at exactly the right time

  • open to the flow of life and all of it's amazing and new possibilities

  • calm, confident and clear even in the chaos

  • connected to my emotions and I feel them all fully.

  • living my purpose and contributing to the greater good

  • deserving of greatness in all parts of my life

  • valuable, important, and necessary in the world with so much to offer

  • unique, special, irreplaceable and one of a kind

I am whole
I am worthy
I am important
I am powerful
I am peaceful
I am present
I am protected
I am connected
I am respected
I am supported
I am safe
I am secure
I am satisfied
I am surrendered
I am sovereign
I am strong
I am brave
I am happy
I am healthy
I am wealthy
I am wise
I am good
I am great
I am grateful
I am grounded
I am cherished
I am calm
I am clear
I am creative
I am loved
I am lifted
I am open
I am free
I am me

If you are encountering subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs due to past wounds then the most important message to deliver to your inner child is SAFETY. The idea is to emphasize an energy of unconditional love, the feeling that ANYTHING about you or your situation is acceptable as long as it feels true and authentic to you. When saying these affirmations AND their opposites you'll be able to feel if there is any tension or resistance in your body to clue you in on where your work is.

I am free and safe to...

be myself

be healthy and happy

make an impact


serve others


release/let go/surrender (or hold on)

heal (or grieve/suffer)

grow/move on/seek change (or to stay the same)

receive (or to give)

work hard (or to play hard)


adventure/have fun

feel good regardless (or feel discomfort)

love (or be loved)

laugh (or to cry)

be messy/inconsistent (or orderly, predictable)

be sexy (or dull)

be expressive/vocal/visible/extra (or reserved/hidden)

be opinionated (or mind-minded)

be single (or in a relationship)

be wealthy (or to be poor)

be average/unremarkable (or to stand out)

be secure and confident (or insecure or unsure)

be private (or be vulnerable)

be happy (or sad)

connect or get close (or to keep my distance/be boundaried)

fail/struggle (or succeed)

show weakness (or show strength)

ask for/accept help (give/share help)

remain in comfort (or to take risks/be uncomfortable)

see/observe (or be seen)

remain small (or to take space)

make mistakes (or achieve mastery)

spend (or save or invest)

protect my energy (or to trust)

thrive (or to survive)

Pronoia: The mental state characterized by the belief that everything happening to you is for your long-term benefit.

For Releasing


  • myself from the version of me I created just to survive

  • all expectations, attachments, pressure, and narratives of what "should be"

  • my worry and control over things I cannot change.

  • all troubling situations or memories from my being

  • the need to get what I want, because I know I will always get what I need

  • my fears and worries over to the universe

  • rigidity, structure, control

Note: some believe that the word "release" could hold the passive energy of you accepting again. Instead consider phrasing it as "banishing,“ridding" "letting go" or “cutting cords with” to avoid negative self-limitations.


  • to the unknown and the uncertainty of the future

  • to any setbacks or challenges which are pathways to growth and greatness

  • to the divine order and timeline of life

  • my trust to the love and power of Spirit and Source.


  • myself to be seen, heard, accepted, and appreciated by others.

  • myself to be in the flow of life - immersed in connection, community, creativity, joy, beauty

  • myself to learn and grow from my mistakes or misteps along the way

  • myself to be proud of myself and all that I have accomplished and overcome

  • myself to believe in myself and my full potential

  • myself to be imperfect and do the best i can

  • my most authentic and genuine energies to reach and resonate with whoever is it meant to

  • full-spectrum wealth, abundance, and 'more than enough' to find me

  • my health and happiness to serve as the foundation for my boundaries and inspired actions

  • my pain, anger and discomfort to show me what needs to change in my life

  • everything, every person and every moment, to be exactly as they are

  • life to unfold naturally in it's perfect pace, timing and direction

For Manifesting


  • my Source for the creativity, clarity and focus needed in my Becoming.

  • my Higher Self to embody and support me in my Being.

  • my Angels of Abundance to deliver whatever grounds me in my power, pleasure, peace and purpose.

  • my Universe for signs and solutions to lead me to the highest good

  • my Spirit Team for their wisdom, protection and support in manifesting seamless positive change

  • my Divine Forces to fulfill my desires, or whatever is more aligned with the highest good

  • the Great Unseen to remove all obstacles and obstructions from my path, and my Self

  • the Almighty Healer to help those who are in need of help and to restore them to perfect health

  • the Wise One to guide me on the path to the deepest love, joy and happiness


  • with my heart's desire, my inner loving light, my sacred joy

  • with my truth

  • with my purpose


  • on what I want to be, do, have and achieve

  • on the present moment, and the day ahead

For Gratitude & Reciprocity


  • the blessings of healing and love to those around me, and beyond so that everyone far and wide experience the same joy and freedom in life.

  • the same positive vibrational energies of what I want to receive


  • for all of my blessings showing me how easy and abundant life can be!

  • for today and all of the prosperity and peace it will bring.

  • for my healthy body, my unburdened mind, my peaceful soul

  • for my prosperity is increasing every day in every way

  • for the good fortune that follows me whereever I go

  • that the vibrational gaps are closing in all areas of my life

I Heal

I Grow

I Attract

I Flow

What other format can Affirmations be in?

To some, affirmations may be even more powerful when they are phrased in the form of a question, rather than a statement.

It is understandable if you experience inner conflict if you don’t believe the affirmative statement you are saying. That's why there could be a better way! In one study it was discovered that phrasing affirmations as a question instead of a statement drastically increased success. The study found that framing the desired outcome as a question presented a more neutral challenge to motivate the person -instead of a requirement that they might resist.

We're accustomed to asking questions when things arent going our way ("why is this happening to me? what i wrong with me?") but instead of complaining we can use questions to create awe and wonder.


  • How did I get to be so wealthy and successful?

  • Why do I have the most genuine and fulfilling relationships?

  • Isn't it remarkable that everything is always working out for me?

  • How can I possibly be so lucky and content with my life?

  • Why am I so great at manifesting?

Another approach is to emphasize unconditional self-compassion and radical acceptance, which creates a feeling of safety for your Inner Child. Avoid overlooking or "bypassing" your emotional experience by affirming that your emotions are valid, real and true.

"You're in pain and I'm here to hold you"

Make sure you're not forcing the nervous to accept a new narrative, and instead strive to re-parent the body by offering it new story and the actual experience of being loved. Let the pain transform when it's ready.

Want to create your own high-vibe abundance affirmations?

1. WRITE a list of negative thoughts or beliefs that you think or say about yourself or your life.

  • Some people may prefer a paper notebook for this, while others choose to do this in their own Google document. I personally find this method helpful because I can access and update/edit and fine-tune my affirmations from my phone from anywhere. I can also easily organize them into categories or by type.

2. REFRAME and rewrite those negative statements as positive affirmations. Avoid using ANY words that are negative in the rephrase (Examples of off-limit words: debt, doubt, worry, fear, etc)

Make sure your new positive affirmations in the present tense: I AM, I HAVE, I FEEL, I LOVE, I KNOW , etc. Even "I can' or "I will" can be less effective because it implies an abstract future. The universe operates in the NOW.

Alternatively, Scripting is a technique used to manifest goals by writing as if your goals have already been attained. Not only do they feel more accessible, but you can also discover new insights.

3. REPEAT your new positive affirmations regularly and consistently (DAILY!) even if you don’t believe the new statements about yourself for lack of evidence.

One of the best ways to do this is to RECORD yourself repeating them and store it on your phone. The benefits?

  • You can have them whenever, wherever you are.

  • You can listen to them an unlimited amount of times.

  • Your subconscious will respond better to your own voice than any other because its resonance and tone is most familiar.

Want to take your audio recording to the next level? Add background music, or set it to play as the background soundtrack of your own guided imagery meditation, "mind movie" or cinematic vision board.

Remember to speak enthusiastically and with excitement.

4. FEEL it all! The mind is electric and broadcasts the words and associated thoughts and vibrational frequencies out into the world while your heart is magnetic and draws it to you. Allow the words to resonate and penetrate your being, elevating your cells in and out.

Saying affirmations with elevated emotion is important for several reasons:

  1. Emotion Amplifies Intention: Emotions are powerful energy drivers that can amplify the intention behind your affirmations. When you infuse your affirmations with positive emotions like joy, gratitude, or enthusiasm, you send a stronger signal to your subconscious mind. This heightened emotional state can make your affirmations more effective in reprogramming your beliefs and thought patterns.

  2. Alignment of Thoughts and Feelings: Affirmations are most effective when your thoughts and feelings are aligned. If you repeat affirmations without emotional engagement, they may remain superficial and not deeply impact your subconscious mind. Elevated emotions create alignment between your conscious and subconscious minds, reinforcing the belief you're trying to instill.

  3. Overcoming Resistance: Your subconscious mind can sometimes resist changes, especially if the new belief contradicts long-held patterns. Elevated emotions help break through this resistance. When you genuinely feel the emotions associated with your affirmations, it becomes more challenging for resistance to persist.

  4. Enhanced Visualization: Emotions can enhance your ability to visualize what you're affirming. When you add emotional depth to your visualizations, your mind can more vividly imagine the desired outcome. This mental imagery strengthens the neural pathways associated with your affirmations.

  5. Attracting Positivity: Positive emotions are attractive forces. When you express gratitude, joy, or love during your affirmation practice, you're aligning yourself with positive energies and vibrations. This alignment can potentially draw positive experiences and opportunities into your life.

Heart-based affirmations help bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious minds, making it easier to overwrite limiting beliefs with empowering ones. They create a positive feedback loop that reinforces the changes you seek to make in your thought patterns and, consequently, in your life.

Wrapping it Up

We are so much more powerful than we realize. We hold so much potential to shift our vibration. The brain is able to create new neural pathways with repeated thoughts and affirmations over time. It takes at least 21 days to create these pathways so stay consistent and make them a habit.

Want to discover more about your ability to manifest through Human Design? Book a reading with me today!


Erin is a certified feng shui consultant, energy healer, wellness coach and holistic growth strategist.

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